223-Dragon extermination operation

 On the shore of the Lake Seimei, Emilia was explaining the operation to eradicate the dragon.

''-- That's all. Do you have any questions?

 The students of the brave academy were serious and each of them were ruminating over the strategy explained to them.
 No particular questions were raised.

Then, let's go. I'm sure you'll be able to find it. Please hurry!

"[I understand]

 Lao, Ledriano and Heine put their hands in the waters of the Holy Lake.

 They pulled up their holy swords.
 The broken blade had been restored by the magic of the Holy Lake's holy water.

''Well, I'll go on ahead!

 The Laos took off into the streets of Gaillardite in a "fresse".

'Show me your power, my holy sword, zere, zereot!

 Heine stabbed two holy swords into the ground.

 The earth begins to shake violently as particles of magical power rise up from Zele and Zeleo.
 A crack appeared in the ground, and then it split in two.

 What he is creating is a water pathway.
 As that huge channel that was building on the ground connected with the Holy Ming Lake, the water flowed in with great force.

''Guide me, Holy Sea Protection Sword. Born from a drop of holy water, Bailamente. Show me here your power, your will!

 Redriano dipped the tip of the holy sword into the Lake of the Holy Meadow.
 Then the holy water mixed in with the lake began to flow towards the channel.

 If someone with a good magic eye had looked into the abyss, the channel would have been sparkling.


 The path of water that Heine was making through the earth eventually connected to the old waterway in Gailladite.
 The holy water flowed into the usually unused area, and it quickly went downstream.

Ssshhh! I'm gonna smash the gate! Burn!

 Lao swings the Holy Flame Cutthroat Sword (Seienshiken) Galluford down as hard as he can, showering the metal sluice gates in an old waterway with holy flames.

 It is too old and rusty to be opened by ordinary means.

''Oraaah........! I'm telling you to burn!'

  The moment he could see the other side, the holy water from the Holy Ming Lake flowed into it with great force.

 A large amount of holy water poured into the small gap, destroying the sluice gate that was about to melt into tatters and snatching it away.

 The Geiradite is located in the highlands, and although the area around it is almost flat, it descends gently. If you open the sluice gate, water flows in either direction, east, west, north, south or west.

 Two thousand years ago, the fortress that defended the humans had a channel in place to bring holy water to the front lines.

The path is clear. Follow me!

 Releasing her voice, Emilia was the first to jump into that waterway.
 <Using the magic of , she descended down the Gailladite as if accelerated by the current of the water current.

 Their destination was the Trinos Plains, 30 kilometers from here.
 There they intend to set up a defensive position against the dragons coming from the Enola grasslands.

 The students of the heroic academy, who are trained in the water, are also skilled in < underwater activities (Koko), and if they were to go downstream, it would be faster to swim than to fly. 

 However, Emilia is a demon race, so she is not that good at underwater warfare.
 She should have taken the lead, but one by one she was overtaken by her students.

''You can't win the game if your teacher is late!''

 Eleonor, who came from behind, reached out to Emilia in the water.

''From ... the Demon King Academy?''

I'm human. Well, technically I'm magic, but I'm a student at the Academy for the Brave. I'm on an exchange program over there. My name is Eleonor. This is Zesia.

'....doctor I'm going to take you to....

 Zesia reaches out to Emilia as if to imitate Eleonor.

''Well I'm a good swimmer I'm good at it Zesia was born in the water...''

Then please, please...

 Emilia took Eleonor and Zesia's hands.

 Instantly the girls accelerated a lot.

''Please, Eleonor, Zecia. It would be unfashionable for them to arrive after the dragon has passed by.

 Ledoriano called out to him as he caught up.

Giggle. I've got a very special trick for you.

 Saying that, Eleonor took off his uniform.
 Then, underneath it, there is the .

 In the same way, Zecia takes off her uniform and puts on her .

''Wha.........what is that - eeeeee.......!

 Emilia's eyes peeled away in surprise at Zesia and Eleonor's rapid acceleration.

 Hmm. However, it's not going to tighten up just because the teacher is being pulled.
 Thinking that, I skip the .

I'm not going to be able to do anything about it. "Eleonor, I'll send you magic via your body. It's a little late, but it's a good opportunity. It's time to give Emilia her inauguration gift.

All right. Dr. Emilia, can we have a minute?

 Emilia turns to Eleonor.

 When I use magic via Eleonor, Emilia's body glows.
 When it popped, her clothes disappeared and she was in her outfit.

''........What are you doing?

 Eleonor holds up his index finger.

"It's a gift from Anosu-kun. <You're a very fast swimsuit.

"...from Mr. Anosh....

 Emilia looked shyly at herself in her 'supreme swimsuit (bi-kini)'.

 She shook her head, looked forward, and then swam for a while, as if to confirm the effects of the .

''I'm not sure how it looks, but it's amazing........ With this........!

 Emilia accelerates through the water at a rapid pace.

'Ladies and gentlemen! Please hold on!

 As soon as she passes in front of them, Emilia uses the magic of the "Sanctuary" and stretches it out like a rope to connect with the students of the hero academy.

 Leading the way are three girls in < Supreme Swimwear (Bi Kini).
 Pulled by their acceleration, the students of the Academy of the Brave descend the waterway at an unprecedented speed.

 We swim through and reach our destination, the Trinos Plains.

........Hey, hey, that's a hell of a lot of them. Even at this distance, you can clearly discern the magic power...

 Lao turns his gaze to the forest a little further on.
 If he could only pass through it, he would see the giant dragon. 

"Sanctuary for me, Ask. <Ledriano, I want you and Raos to be the brave.

 Emilia said as she used her storage magic to change into her vestments.
 Eleonor and Zesia had also brought their replacement uniforms with them.


 The students will first use the Brave Warrior Squad (Asra) to reinforce Lao and Ledriano.

We will place the Dragon Binding Warding Seal (De Gerias) in that forest to stop the dragon's advance.

"...but the dragon will have wings. Might it fly away on the way?

 Ledriano directs his question.

'According to Dr. Eldmead's explanation, dragons are creatures of the earth. Even though they have wings, those are essentially for activity in the soil. You don't fly for long periods of time on the ground, do you? That's what happened during the chase the other day.

 Emilia flew her .

"Heine. It's the last trump card to defeat the dragon in one fell swoop, you know. I'm counting on you.

"....well, I'll give it a shot, but that's not really my thing. I'm not really cut out for that kind of thing, you know?

 Spinning the two holy swords around in his hands, he was alone, not facing the forest, but looking out at the plain.

''I asked you to do it, so just do it.


 Heine stabs the two holy swords into the ground.

''You're rough with people, really!

 Gaga, gaga, gaga, gaga, the ground is chipped away by the power of the holy sword.
 What Heine is making is a channel for passing holy water.

 And it was trying to draw the magic circle of the .
 It was huge. The first circle alone to be drawn was still not finished, and that magic circle was going to be several kilometers long.

 Of course, they didn't have the magic power to use magic with such a large magic circle.
 That's why they drew holy water from the Holy Ming Lake to this point.

 The entire plains were turned into a giant 'Dragon Binding Warding' (De Gerias) to round up the swarms of dragons that were coming towards them. That was Emilia's plan for annihilation.

 However, the magic formula of the is complicated. If you were to draw it over a vast area, it would require a great deal of concentration and time.

 Until the completion of the magic circle, Emilia and the other heroic academies must hold off the swarm of dragons in that forest.

 If they succeed, they will be able to destroy the dragons.
 But if they fail, they won't be safe.

 With that resolve, the students of the heroic academy had come this far.

 It would be a lie to say that they had no hesitation.
 You can't say that they didn't realize that they were afraid.

 Nevertheless, with a small amount of courage, they shook off their fears and hesitations and are now standing on the battlefield.


 From the forest, Ledriano sent a steely gaze to the meadow.
 The shadows of the dragons were already faintly visible.

 If he listened, he could probably hear the sound of the dragons stomping the ground up here.

''Ladies and gentlemen, please stay alert and listen.

 Emilia sends a to the students.

''........Those of you who have been studying about the demon race will be familiar with the word, the royal family......''

 Emilia says as she draws the magic circle of the over the entire forest of the battlefield.

I was born of royalty. I never doubted that I was a noble demon with the blood of the sublime hero of Dirheid, the fearsome and noble tyrannical demon king, the blood of his perfect being.

 If she put it into words, it still hurt in her mind.

'It was a lie. I am just a nobody, a demon, and I didn't expect to be confronted with this fact by the tyrannical demon king himself. I was cursed, I lost my pride as a member of the royal family, and I wasn't even allowed to die and run away.

 Emilia may have to carry that pain with her for the rest of her life.

But I kept running away, and I kept looking away. I kept looking away. I ran and ran and ran and ran to find my place, and now here I am, standing here with you all.

 A huge dragon's head was reflected in their eyes.
 The dragon's cry echoed in their ears.

''But don't worry. It may be a convenient story, but please believe me.''

 With all her heart, she says, "I have run and run and run and run and run until there's nothing left to run from.

I have run and run and run and run, but I will not run away from this place, not even for one more step. No, I can't run away.

 Looking straight ahead.
 Looking at the advancing herd of dragons, Emilia raised her voice.

'Because this is the place I've finally found, the place I want to protect.

 At the very front, she stands.
 Where she fights the dragon head first.

'You are still the same stupid, vile, helpless students.

 Emilia's words are full of tenderness as she speaks ill of her students.

'And yet I was wrong about one thing.

 Thud thud thud, the sound of dragon footsteps began to echo.
 They must have noticed Emilia and the others and increased their speed.

You are not scum! I'll show the humans of Gailladite what you are! I want you to exterminate every single one of those dragons and other monsters that are coming from over there!

 Emilia shouted to inspire the students.

''I'm not going to die here. I'm going to make them regret licking a human being. Let's kill them to death!

 Their thoughts become one in the echoing voice.

''........Hahaha, that's good, Emilia. It's great!

Oh, come on. I'm gonna kill you!

Vermin are not our enemies, are they?

 Heine, Lao, and Ledriano raise their holy swords.

'Prepare artillery magic! They're coming...!


 <The magic of the is exercised and countless threads of magic are stretched across the forest, undermining the power of the dragon.

 A swarm of dragons is clearly reflected in front of their eyes--
 Emilia straightened and pointed her hand forward.

'--Don't shoot!

 With the command, the magic bombardment of the brave men fell on the dragons like a rainstorm.