222-Battle of pride

 Brave Academy Alkran Iska.
 The students in scarlet uniforms had gathered in the large auditorium, which had been attacked by the different dragons and was in shambles.

 The space distorted languidly and I shifted there.
 Eldmaed, Shin, and the students of the Demon King's Academy shifted in to follow suit.

''Kaka. You've been beaten up pretty badly again.''

 Eldmead uttered this as soon as he saw the devastation in Alkranjska.

 The large auditorium didn't even have a ceiling, and the blue sky was visible.
 Looking through a large hole in the wall, he could see a huge different dragon lying there, crushing the building.

''But to defeat a different dragon? And what's that? The fact that the Dragon Binding Seal is inside his body means that he jumped into the mouth of the dragon himself. Kakkakkah, this is not crazy!

 He said happily.

 The different dragons had been completely blocked from moving, using the holy water brought from the Sacred Lake, with many layers of magical wards other than the .

 Taking out the from his silk hat, Erdmeade cursed the different dragons.
 If that sand falls off, the different dragons will be killed.

 Eldmead turns his gaze to Emilia and the students.
 Then he laughed again, cackling.

''You guys, in a few moments of looking away, you've turned into a bit of a warrior's face. It's been a long time ago. It's been two thousand years since I've seen someone like that.

 Eldmead held his cane in both hands and put his weight on the floor.

'It's an emergency, it's an emergency!

 The one who raised his voice and came over in a hurry was the obese Dean Zamira.

The only thing you can do is to listen. A messenger from the palace has just confirmed that hordes of dragons are rising one after another from the Enola grassland, heading in the direction of Gailladite! If we don't intercept them immediately, the royal city will be swallowed up!

 The students gave Zamira, who said ranting, a glance with a white gaze, while the students gave a serious look at the dragon.

''This is a national crisis! The King has given an edict to the Academy for the Brave, Alkran Iska. All students of the Academy for the Brave risk their lives as brave men and women to be a shield for this country. While you all wait, the palace will prepare its army to meet the dragon. Until then, do not let a single one of them enter the capital! Good!

 The students of the Brave Academy do not reply.
 On the contrary, they don't even look at Zamira and completely ignore her.

''What's that boorish attitude? You're not going to chicken out on me, are you? You don't even have the courage to die, a brave man, hmm? It's no secret that you and Dean Diego have been plotting to overthrow the state. You want to forget that the royal court granted a pardon to you, those great criminals!

 Zamira stepped on the ground as the students refused to look at her, even though they were only trying to look at her.

''You fools! This is an edict from the king! At least try to serve your country for once!

 Emilia glares at Zamira with a snap.

''........Enough is enough. I can't listen to such orders.''

 At her words, Zamira gives him a look of displeasure.

'It is not a matter of listening or not listening. This is an edict from the king!'

Then tell that to the Demon King. I have no obligation to listen to the decree of the human king.

What did you say? Then turn tail and go home, you coward. Whether you are or not, these people are obligated to listen to their king's orders. If you disobey, I'll have you all arrested for treason!

 The students of the heroic academy all have a grim expression on their faces as a result of Zamira's rant.

It's not just a matter of time before you're ready. Is it really that scary to fight a dragon? A real brave man wouldn't have been afraid of such a thing. How dare you imitate your ancestor's face as if you were rubbing dirt on it? If it were me, I would be too embarrassed to do such a thing.

 Zamira just curses at the students.
 Emilia gives her a look that says she can't take it anymore and steps towards Zamira.

''Ho. Well said.''

 At the sound of my voice, she turned around.
 I walked loosely to Zamira.

'Two thousand years ago, human royalty always took the lead when fighting dragons to protect their people.

 I reached out to Zamira's fat-covered belly and grabbed her firmly.

''Ughhh...! Son of a b*tc*! What the hell are you doing? That was disrespectful!

"You wouldn't want to rub the faces of your ancestors in the dirt, would you? Then let's show our royalty that we are worthy of our name by being on the front lines and killing the dragon. We'll let you off the hook for your trouble.

 Zamira showed a frightened expression as she drew a magic circle on that obese body.

''.........Wait.......Wait, you.......what are you saying......? What are you going to do?

'It's going to be hard to get there on foot. I'll give you a lift to Enola Meadow.

No, no, no! No, no, don't do that, you idiot, I'm in charge.

 If you use the magic of  I flew him to the Enola Grassland.

''Ah, ah........Anosh-kun! Don't do that...!

 Emilia rushes over to me.

'Was there a problem? No way would a human royalty be beaten by a dragon that can be defeated by a six-year-old.

 Emilia looks at me with a stunned expression.

'Kakkakka, utterly and totally, utterly troubled, Anosh Porticolo.

 Erdmeade laughs away in a tone of amusement.

'But that's what children do. Let's not be too hard on ourselves, shall we? Hey, Miss Emilia.

 'Giggle,' said Emilia, letting out a faint smile.

''That's right. It's not a situation where you can worry about the safety of each person. It would be even more helpful if they went missing like this, though.

 A thud of laughter erupted from the students of the Brave Academy.

 Well, I sent them to a place about five kilometers away from the dragon.
 Even if they are rotten, the royals might be able to escape with their lives.

You can't get away with it. Let's get a strategy meeting going. What are we going to do, Emilia?


 Emilia looks back at Lao.

What? I mean... You don't know what's going on in King's Landing, do you? If you're not ready for the palace, we'll have to go there.

 Heine uttered this.

''It's not that we're following the king's edict, but the dragon is still a threat to Azation. We'd like to protect our own homeland at least with our own hands.''

 Perhaps defeating the different dragons had changed their confidence, but none of the students of the heroic academy showed any signs of fear.

''........Are you prepared to do this?''

 For a moment, Emilia thought, then asked briefly.
 They nodded dully.

 They decided to fight of their own volition, not because anyone told them to.
 That decision would have been clear to Emilia.

''I understand.''

 Emilia turned to Eldmead.

''The Academy of Heroes will now head to defeat the herd of dragons coming from the Enola Grasslands towards Gailladite.

 She says in a firm tone.

''The Demon King's Academy should stay here in Alkranisca. We can't afford to put you guys in danger during the academy exchange.''

 That's a surprising offer.

"Kaka, you don't want us to help you?

 Eldmead looked into Emilia's face as she put her weight on her wand.

'That wouldn't be a very wise choice, would it, Emilia-sensei?

 As if to test him, the Cutthroat King asked.


 Emilia replies in a tone of voice without hesitation.

'Nevertheless, this is something we must do by ourselves. It is a battle for our pride. I'm not sure when they'll come again, even if we used the Demon King's power here to fight off the dragon. We can't stay under the protection of the Demon King forever, can we?

 Eldmead grins and laughs.

'You're ready to look up. But roughly a hundred of them are crap at this point. You'll die in vain for courage alone.'

 Emilia nodded her head in agreement.
 It would mean that there is a chance of success.

I'm not going to be able to say that I'm not going to be able to do anything about it. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work. I also have to fulfill my duty to protect my students.

 It would mean that they shouldn't worry about the protection of the royal capital.
 With this, the heroic academy can only focus on destroying the dragon.

''Thank you.''

 Emilia bowed her head deeply. 
 Turning on her heel, she turned on her heel and headed for the door.

'I'm going. We don't have time. Please move to Lake Seimei.''

 Emilia and the students of the Brave Academy left the main auditorium.

''I mean, it's definitely strange to have a bunch of dragons on the ground so suddenly, isn't it?

 Sasha questions me.

"I don't think this is a voluntary act of the dragon. Perhaps it is the work of the dragon-men from the depths of the earth.

What do you want?

 Misha asked.

'Well. 'Or maybe it's a diversion to hide its true purpose.'

 You keep your eye on the dragon, and now you plan to do something about it?

"Eleonor, Zecia. You should accompany Emilia and the others. You are originally students of the Academy for Heroes. I won't hurt their pride in staying out of the hands of the Devil King.

 Eleonor and Zesia nodded in agreement.

'Yeah, I get it.'

I will protect you all.

 The two of them immediately begin to move.

'You guys get on so easily, I have a feeling you're going to die if you accidentally take your eyes off them.

"....Be careful.......be careful of fire........

 Saying this, the girls left the main auditorium.

'Sasha and Misha, come with me. I have found an unnatural hollow under the Enola grassland. Something may be lurking there.

 Misha nodded and Sasha said.



 He was casually listening to the conversation beside us, and then he quietly walked over to me.
 As we crossed paths, I sent a message of life via leaks.

"As you wish, my Lord. "As you wish, my Lord.

 Muttering that, Shin left the main auditorium.

 The one with the alliance beads who had contacted the royalists. The dragons kept in the basement of the royal palace and King Gailladite, a horde of dragons closing in on the royal capital. An unnatural void is building up in the Enola grasslands.

 I don't know what the underground world has in mind and how foolish their plans are.

 You will regret to your heart's content that you have underestimated this earth.