221-While matching the tiny courage

 The <4 genus ward seal (de Igeria)> creaked with a mishmash.
 The fangs of the different dragons bit into the warding, and the ferocious jaws (agito) were gradually closed.

 Lao, Heine, and Ledriano are sending their magic power with all their might, but to the different dragons, it will just be a little hard food. It was only a matter of time before Emilia's body was swallowed up by the dragon's mouth.

 They should know that.

''........What.......are you doing.......?''

 Emilia muttered, stunned.

'Stop wasting time and get away from me! There's no point in doing this. You people.....

 The words spontaneously spill out of Emilia's mouth.

'May I? You don't have to fight for what you don't want to protect. If that's the shackles of bravery, then remove them here and now and go.

 She reiterated the thoughts she had wanted to convey when she had slapped Lao's cheek that time. Or maybe she realized that this was the last time.

'There will be words to choke on that the brave men have escaped. There will be voices of blame for you guys. But you don't need to worry about what anyone says. Just let them say as much as they want.

 Emilia's gaze flicked to the three of them as the dragon's mouth was about to swallow her up.

''You don't need to be hurt by the words of a human being who doesn't understand human pain. There is no need to risk your lives for something like that.

 While saying that, Emilia makes a self-mocking expression.
 She must be remembering her former self, who could not understand the pain of others.

''It doesn't matter if you don't become a brave man, you don't have to become one. If you're afraid, it's okay to run away. I won't blame you guys, no matter how much you run away, no matter how far you run.

 Gishhhh, the wards distorted and the tip of the dragon's fangs bit into her shoulder mouth.


 Red blood bled.
 Emilia was about to be eaten by the entire ward at any moment.

''........And forget about the magic of the . I don't know who taught it, but it's not right to educate your students to learn such things. It wasn't the teacher who taught it.

 One thing, Emilia said, was to get rid of the fetters that bound them.
 She thought that by doing so, Lao and the others would leave the place.

'Come on, come on. Please listen to me for once. That's my........

 Biting her lip tightly, she then speaks.

.........nothing I couldn't tell you, my only thing I could tell you is.......

 Staring at the three of them, Emilia shouted.

'Don't run! You guys still have a future! Let me be a teacher for the last time!

...Shut up!

 As soon as they shouted, the Laos flew towards the dragon.
 With a crunch, the <4 genus ward seal (De Igeria)> is crushed.

 However, the dragon's jaws were not completely closed.

 At the very last moment, Lao, Heine and Ledriano dove into the dragon's mouth and thrust their holy swords into the dragon's mouth to prevent it from doing so.

'....What do you mean you couldn't teach me anything.......you've only been here for a week or so, don't act like you're a teacher.......!

 Lao shouted as if to rouse himself while holding the Holy Flame Cutthroat Sword Galluford.

What are you doing, what have you been doing? You've ruined all my hard work with this!

''.........Really, I did my best to protect you. Emilia is a terrible thing to say, isn't she........

 Heine stabbed the Great Sacred Ground Sword Zele and the Great Sacred Ground Sword Zeleo above and below the dragon's oral cavity, respectively.

''Don't be ridiculous! We'll be swallowed up by the four of you! You know what I'm talking about!

Yes, I'm sure...

 With the Holy Sea Protection Sword (Sei Kai Goken) Bayramente, Ledriano had constructed a ward in the dragon's mouth.

 However, the situation was nothing different from earlier. If the warding was crushed, this time Emilia would be swallowed by the dragon.

 This time, the three students.

We still don't understand? The education at the Academy of Valor is just plain stupid! There is no need to risk your life for something you don't want to protect. We've got to get out of here! Now is the time...!

 Emilia tells them to reprimand her, but the three of them concentrate on putting their magic power into the holy sword and don't even try to leave the dragon's mouth.

 With a pish, a crack appeared in the galuford in Lao's hand.
 The holy sword couldn't withstand the power of the dragon.

You are the only one who can tell us what the brave man is or what the canon does.......and you're the only one who can tell us.......

It's just that I don't know the common sense of this country very well. I wasn't thinking of you! What is the point of dying together for such a stupid, misunderstood and unworthy teacher?

"What? ! Bring me a great teacher!

 Lao complains, mournfully and angrily.

'Where are they? Where in the country is a great teacher?

 There was a crack in Heine's hand, Zele and Zeleo.
 The two holy swords were about to break at any moment.

''........There are only scum in this country. This country is much more rotten than you think. Maybe you're a scum that only cares about yourself. All the teachers in this country are maggots who blame themselves on the students!

 Bailamente squeaked with a dull, bleeping sound.
 Ledriano said with a grim expression.

''........Since that war with Dillhade, you're the only odd teacher who's ever mentioned the responsibility of a student as being his own.......''

 Emilia looks back at Ledriano, as if surprised.

''Well ... pretty much ... sah!

 Clenching her back teeth and desperately enduring the fear of being swallowed by the dragon, Heine says

'....Think about it. It's the last thing we need is to be taught by a respectable teacher. For a trash like us, a trash like Emilia is just fine...

"Well Heine was right we're imposters, we're idiots, we're short-tempered, we're scum who always take things out on people, and we're all useless scum. Maybe, but.....

 Stamping his feet and putting all his strength into his arms, Lao summoned up all his energy.

But I don't want to become one of the stubborn adults in this country. I'm not going to abandon my friends and run away, even if it kills me to do so! We're not that rotten of a human being!

 Laos tried to pry the dragon's mouth open as hard as he could, but with a bang, Garulford broke off. He managed to support the dragon's palate with his broken sword as it was.

''........d*mn it! Can't you do something, Ledriano? If it's not, it's going to be a real deathtrap!

 Ledriano's face turns grim.
 He said, as if it was a one or two, he said.

''Let's use the Dragon Binding Warding Seal (De Gerias). It is the only way to win.

''That's fine, but if you loosen the power and wards of the holy sword now, it will be chewed up in an instant....... What are you going to do........?

 Ledriano answers Heine's question.

''........One of you will have your hands free. We just practiced just now........

 He looked at Emilia.

''Right now, I'm receiving from the students on earth and turning their thoughts into magic in the .

 If we don't do something about this different dragon, we will all die.

 Because that thought was united, Ledriano's magic power had increased and he was barely able to put up a ward that could counter the dragon's attack.

''You should take over that thought and use the . Hopefully, you'll be able to succeed in the .

 The only time Ledriano can hold down the dragon's fangs without the power of the is like a few seconds.

 <Even though the magic formula of the is known, Emilia has never succeeded in it.

 However, in any case, it's only a matter of time before it's too late.
 We can only bet on those few seconds.

 One thought.
 Even if you try to do it, it's not so easy to do.

''.........Don't worry. It may be strange to say, but at least we're afraid.......

 Slightly Ledriano peeks a smile.

New teachers come and go as soon as they are gone. We didn't even want to listen to them from the beginning, thinking that you would be the same anyway...

 Ledriano removes one hand from the holy sword and extends it to Emilia.

It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on it. If there is any impostor in us, we must must muster our tiny bit of courage...

 Emilia stared at her hands with frightened eyes.
 Just before she was about to make up her mind, with a dull sound of peek, bang, Heine's two holy swords broke off with a dull sound.

''Quick! You just have to do it! If I survive this, I'll take my classes and everything else seriously!

 As if popped out, Emilia took Ledriano's hand and shouted with all her strength.
 To them, and to the students of the heroic academy, who are connected to it--

Please! Please give me another chance to teach you guys...! I'll prove to you that you're not scum!

 The bell of thought that Emilia carried around her neck glows dazzlingly.
 It is a magic tool that amplifies the power of the thought system.

 In a moment, via Ledriano, the thoughts of all the students were gathered in Emilia's Sanctuary (Ask) and further amplified by the Bell of Thought.

 Immediately drawing the magic circle of the . With a look of determination on her face, Emilia put all her strength into her legs and vigorously jumped into the dragon's throat herself.

  is a sound warding. If it was inside the body of a dragon, that sound would resonate more, and it must have been judged to be more effective.

 That's a fact. However, the dragon eats even the root source.
 Even she who was cursed would not be able to reincarnate if she was digested by the dragon's stomach.

 Would it be better for her to disappear first, or would it be better for the different dragons to be sealed off with wards?
 The decision of life or death depended on her, and their thoughts.

 -- finally, it seemed as if they were about to be found --.

 --Because I kept running away, because I kept making mistakes.

 -- I'm sure you may be able to accept their feelings as much as anyone else -- and

 --I'm shallow and stupid and a nobody.

 -- so I understand your pain -- and that's why I understand your pain.

 -- your suffering, your sorrow --

 --I'm so proud of you.

 --I know enough to know that it hurts.

 --It's not much of a guide for me.

 --Please, I'd like to walk with them...

 -- one step at a time, one step at a time, with this great sin and a tiny amount of courage combined.


 --So, please--

Dragon Binding Containment (De Gerias)

 Magic threads overflowed from the magic circle that Emilia had drawn.
 They branch out countlessly and bind the organs, the organs of the different dragons, to each other.

 Every time the different dragons try to move their bodies, every time the organs are active, a loud sound resounds from those magical threads, and the magic power of the dragon is sealed from the inside.

 Wobbling, Emilia felt a tremor inside the dragon's body.
 She lost the power to fly and the dragon was falling to the ground.

 She closes her eyes tightly as she feels the acceleration in her entire body.


''Ka, ha........''

 The pain is unspeakably intense and she vomits blood.

 But she is alive.
 <The light of the gently wrapped around her, as if to protect her.

 Emilia stilled and braced herself.

 There is no sign of the dragon moving.

 The dragon's stomach, which was supposed to digest the source of her swallowed, was also completely silenced by the Dragon Binding Warding Seal (De Gerias) that stretched inside.

 Emilia raised herself up and ascended inside the dragon's body with the magic of  However, it was a dead end that they arrived at. The dragon's mouth is tightly shut. No matter how much force I put into it, there was no sign of it opening.

 At that time, I heard a sound as if something was striking from outside with a bang.

'.........d*mn........d*mn it........! 

What the hell? Look cool! I'm not going to sleep well if I'm going to die here, right here, right now.

Hey, you're alive, Ledriano! I ain't dead yet!

 The dragon's function has been deactivated. I'll save you! I promise!

 A broken holy sword slightly entered the gagon-shut mouth.

''Hey, you guys need a hand! Let's all pry it open!

 The students all pried the dragon's mouth open with the slightest of gaps as a handle.

 A light was seen. The landscape outside slightly reflected in Emilia's eyes.
 Then, when there was a gap just enough for people to get in, the faces of the three brave men could be seen there.


 They were dressed in their tattered uniforms and had tears in their eyes.
 Slowly Emilia walked out through the gap.

It's really........disturbing.......

 Emilia reached out her hands and hugged Heine and Lao, who quickly wiped away tears as she spoke hatefully like that, to Heine and Lao, who quickly wiped away tears.


I don't want you to...

 I tried to pretend Emilia, but, however, I saw the tears that fluttered out of her eyes and they were held at the mercy of me.

 Ledriano raised his broken glasses.

 Heine and Lao, who laughed slightly, and the students of the heroic academy raised their voices and jumped on him vigorously to make Emilia squirm.