220-At the end of the escape

 The Redon Desert is located 200 kilometers east of Geiradite.
 Under the direction of the Cutthroat King, the students of the Demon King's Academy were attempting to use magic to attack the dragons that were jumping out of the quicksand.

 I watched the scene absentmindedly as I watched Ray and the others.

''Hmm. It's just as I stared at it. It seems that the royal palace of Geiradite had a dragon. It's very likely that the dragon's first rampage on earth in two thousand years was man-made.

 With a roar, a dragon opens its mouth and attacks me.
 Just before it was about to swallow me into its mouth, Sasha stabbed the fingertips of the
''Don't perish!''

 When it pierced the root, its huge body wobbled and fell to the desert with a thud.

'You mean the human king is tormenting his own people with a dragon?'

 Sasha asked, shaking off the blood on her fingertips.

'I know you said something about salvation. The king had the Alliance Pearl. It must have a connection to the underground world. Most of them were abandoned by the brave men and turned to the gods.

 More so, it was the humans who abandoned the heroes first.

''Hmm, what happened to Kanon and Misa-chan?''

 Eleonor returns after slaying the dragon.

'The king has him. There are two dragons and a guardian god nearby.

I mean, is that really a good idea?

 Sasha let out a mixture of surprise and concern.

''Those two won't have any problems for a while. It seems that there are some people who want to take away the power of the Spirit God Human Sword, and they are trying to find out.

 The Banjin doesn't have that kind of power, but if it's a god of selection like Arcana, it could use the Spirit God Human Sword as an offering and eat its power.

 You want to take away the power of the Spirit God Man Sword in order to acquire an effective means of attack on me?

 At least one of the selectors must have seduced the king. If we don't find out, the same thing will happen again and again.

 That's what Ray and the others are thinking, and they're just swimming in the water for a while.
 But even if it's rotten, it's still a god. If you let them do too much of what they want, it can be irreversible.

 I'm sure both Rei and Misa are aware of that, though.

 And at that time, a high and unpleasant sound was heard from a distance, with a squeak and an unpleasant sound.

Oh, yeah. I know you can hear it from earlier. Those dragons on the ground are creating a dragon range.

 Sasha pointed her magic eye at the white light particles flooding the desert.
 It is indeed a dragon area that interferes with the function of the magic eye.

''I'm not talking about this place.

"...what? Then where is it?

The Academy of Heroes, right below Alkranjska.

 It means that the dragon is coming up close and personal. The reason it is emitting the dragon's cry is to blind the eyes of the magician. If we can't see the exact magic environment in the other side, we can't use the transference technique.

 However, I was prepared for this.
 I'm not going to be able to get a good deal more than just a few hours of sleep.

 I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what to expect.
 I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what to expect.

 The owner of the vision is walking at a fast pace.

''.........Huh.......Totally, I don't know where I'm slacking off.... I don't think he's going back to his quarters at this time of day and.......

 It was Emilia who muttered to herself.
 Via the that I gave her, she borrows that magic eye (eye).

 Kiiiiin and the dragon's cry resounded again.
 Emilia stopped.

 This time she must have heard it as well.

''........What.......what is this sound.......''

 Even louder and louder, the dragon's cry rang out.

 The sound was getting closer and louder.
 The windows were shaking with a clatter. When I turned my attention to the nearby classroom, the chairs and desks were shaking slightly.

'....Earthquake...? Yikes........!

 Emilia loses her balance and collapses into the hallway.
 She tried to get up, but she couldn't move because of the intensity of the tremors.

''What...? How can there be an earthquake like this........

 Ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga. The shaking was getting louder and more violent.
 A squeaky, ear-splitting sound resounded loudly, and the windows of the school building broke one by one.

 The next moment, with a thud, the ground exploded and Alkranjska tilted.

 Emilia was thrown out of her body and slid down the floor.


 He finally stopped as he crashed into the wall.


 The tremors subsided and she staggered up.
 As she peered out of the broken window, a pair of huge, glaring eyes stared at Emilia.

 It's a dragon, over one hundred meters long.
 Moreover, the scales and skin are not green, but red.

''........a rare species of.......different dragon.......''

 If you've seen her, run away and don't look aside--
 Erdmeade's words went through her head, or perhaps Emilia immediately ran out of the hallway.

 But after a few moments of running, she stopped in surprise.
 She approached the broken window and looked out.

 What she could see from it was a deep hole where a red different dragon had jumped out.
 Destroyed and lying on the ground, countless pieces of debris.

 And then there were the students in scarlet uniforms, lying down to be buried in it.
 They were trapped in the large debris and seemed unable to move.

 A few of them had fainted.


 Emilia rolls her eyes.
 The standing students were confronting a giant alien dragon.

 Lao, Heine and Ledriano are wearing wards and drawing their holy swords.

''I'll kill you, even if I have to stab you to death!

 Lao howls.

 It must be a false sense of urgency. His legs were trembling.
 Even Heine and Ledriano's eyes showed fear.

 And yet, for some reason, they didn't try to escape.

 Maybe it was because their people were there.
 Maybe it was because Zamira laughed at them, saying that there was no such thing as a brave man who would run away.

 Or maybe it was desperation.

 All sorts of things may have bound their feet and prevented them from escaping.

 It's a very good idea to be able to have a good time with them.
 The dragon opened its jaws and stretched its head to thrust its fangs into the three men.

 Instantly, a black fireball flew from right beside them.
 The Emilia let loose, burning the face of the red different dragon.

''Help the buried students and don't run away!

 <With the magic of , Emilia flew out of the window into the sky and rained down one after another on the different dragons below her.

 It caught me off guard, but it wouldn't be much of a stall.
 But Ledriano and the others couldn't move.

'What are you doing? Hurry up and do it!

Hey... hey...

 Lao mutters.

'What the hell?'

I can't..... There's no place for us to run to! This is Gaillardite, man! It was the Academy of Bravery, Alkran Iska! Where do you want me to run to? If we run away, we're done for! Brave men don't run away!

 Ledriano said with a look of determination.

If the Annihilation Bomb (Gavell) is good enough for that one, then please follow.......

 <The Root Source Light Annihilation Bomb (Gavuel) is a forbidden spell of the heroes that forcibly releases all the magic power of the root source and creates a magical explosion of light.

 It's a self-destructive magic of abandonment that ten thousand Zetia once tried to use.

''Don't be so scared, Ledriano.

 Heine says.

'Yes.......... I am an imposter, you know........ But the path that Zetia took in the past. Then, this is an unavoidable obligation....

 Hmm. Let's go help them.
 And just as I was thinking that, a black fireball was shot at the three of us.


 <Wrapped in the flames of the Demon Flame (Gresde), they quickly jumped back.

''Oi........! Emilia! What the hell are you doing?

The burn is enough to justify your escape. Just say that the teacher forced you to do it. There's no one to blame but you!

 Emilia burns the ground with flames, causing the students to lose their footing.

If you don't help them quickly, they will all burn to death. You don't want to be killed by me, let alone a dragon! If you're a brave man, don't help me!

 The red different dragon opens its jaws and points them at Emilia, releasing a ball of fire from its mouth.

 The firepower is weak for a dragon's, but it's probably because it's trying to eat her. If it's a dragon's breath, it won't even leave a bone. I'm not going to be able to get a good deal more than just a few minutes of your time.

 Avoiding the tame ball of fire, Emilia escapes with
 She was the only one who fought back, and they must have set her as their first target.


 And once again, a ball of fire was released from the red different dragon.
 More than ten times the number of fire balls from the previous one attacked Emilia, and she was engulfed in flames, with no way to avoid them.

 's magic power is disturbed and she falls to the ground.

 There, a different dragon opened its mouth and waited for her.


 In the midst of the falling landscape, she put all her magic power into the magic circle and used her magic again.

''..........Follow me.......!

 Wobbling, she took to the sky and flew to the sky.
 If the dragon saw her as prey, she figured that if she escaped into the sky, it would spread its wings and come after her.
 That way, no damage would be done to the ground and it would buy the students time to escape.

 The that Emilia had put on was shining faintly.
 In spite of her tattered body, she has a strong feeling for it.

 That heart is amplified and flows out through the magic tool.

 --I'm not going to be able to get the same thing.

 --Hanging on to the glory of fiction, with an impossible fantasy in mind.
   I kept turning away from the truth--

 --And when I realized that, I ran...

 --I've been running and running and running and running and running from everything, and I've ended up here...

 -- in the incomprehensible scum of the academy.
   They were all unmotivated and unserious students.
   A bunch of incompetent fools...

 --What I've found here is a shallow, unadulterated, unadulterated me.

 --They were me.

 -- the unreasonable thoughts of
   Don't feel like you're all alone in this.
   I slapped him, but...

 --The only thing I really wanted to hit was myself.

 --You could have run away...  
 --I need someone to tell me that it's okay.

 -- he couldn't escape, he was screaming at them as soon as he could -- he was screaming at them.

 --I'm not a very nice person, but I'm not a very nice person.
   It must have been a total lack of imagination.

 --They are young, like me, but still young.

 --I'd like to leave you a chance at least...

 -- no one ever complimented me on my work, even if it wasn't admirable.
   The only one that lasted, because I think this is my job--

 --Don't run away, I can't tell you...

 --But at least you won't end up like me.
 --If you can, I hope you can run away...

 --You can't make me do something I can't do.
   I've had some terrible teachers, but...

 --I knew that there was an answer to be found in the end of my escape.

 --Yes, I want to believe that...

 A different dragon loomed close to Emilia.
 As if to swallow her whole, its huge mouth opened wide and then closed with a crunch.


 However, those fangs were not stuck in Emilia's body.
 The four magic circles stretched out to protect her. That ward, which was composed of the attributes of water, fire, earth and wind, was the <4 genus ward seal (de Igeria)>.

''Don't give up........Emilia.......!

 Lao, Ledriano and Heine rose from the ground in .
 They surrounded the different dragons with the three of them while putting their magic power into the <4 genus ward seal (De Igeria)> with all their might.

 There is too much difference in power between them and the different dragons.
 If the dragons didn't intend to eat it and were just going to overrun it, it would have been settled long ago.

 Of course, we can go and help them right now.
 It's no use burning the dragon with the Gio-Glaze from here.

 But that will only save your life.
 Now, for the first time, she and they have the courage to stand up and move forward.

 If you lend a hand to a baby while he is trying to stand, he will never rise again.

 I've been running and running and running.

 Now you have finally stepped forward to fight.

 I want you to show your feelings.
 And then, hopefully, you'll come back victorious.