In the cave beneath the palace, a thought transmission (reeks) echoes through the cave.

"Reverend Lysius.


 With his voice as an oracle, King Lysius kneeled grudgingly and prayed, "Now is the time to show the oracle.

Now is the time to show the oracle. Now is the time to show the oracle that we can bring back the God from the brave men who are drowning in power, the Sword of the Spirit God and Man.

 It was Ahide's words.

'' Eques, as you wish. I will surely bring back the Spirit God Human Sword and offer it to our God Arcana.

 With that, Lysius stood up and glared at Rei, who was bound by the dragon's mucus, and Misa, who was clinging to the mist.

'Brave Canon, have you made up your mind?'

 The ring of pact beads was held up, and the fog that clung to the mass glowed faintly.
 The Enus Ne Mes, the guardian god of thoughts, has let most of its divine body invade the head of the mass.
 There is probably only about ten percent left.

'This girl seems to have resisted a lot, but she is no match for the divine order. Once the Enus Ne Mesu completely enters your body, your mind will be completely lost. Before that, you should draw the Spirit Godman Sword.

 Ray looked at Misa for a moment.
 She was desperately resisting the control of the watchdog god of her thoughts.

'Brave girl. Your role is now over. The Spirit God and Human Sword is seeking a new master. Obey God's will, or else you will know what will happen. Otherwise, you know what will happen. You know what will happen, don't you?

 Ray returned a refreshing smile to Lysius, who said threateningly.

''I'll tell you again and again, though. Even if we're dealing with a god who controls our thoughts, you can't take our love away from us.''


 Lysius says in a cold tone.
 There was a palpable anger on his face at being scorned by the god.

'Our love, you say? There's a limit to your conceit. This heart is not to be mistaken; it belongs to God. The one who gave you that love is Enus Ne Mes, the God of the Keeper of Thoughts!

 The ring of the pact pearl is filled with magical power, and Lysius brings down his life on the guard god.

'God. Take back the love you have given me from these arrogant men.

 The mist seemed to glow fiercely, and then it vanished quickly into Misa's head.

 Then, a basket of mist appeared on the right arm of the mass, followed by a basket hand on the left arm, a helmet, a breastplate and a shin guard. Next, a basket of hands, a helmet, a breastplate and shin guards appear on her left arm.

 It's as if the Enus Nemez, the guardian god of your thoughts, had taken control of your body, and the foggy armor of that god had been put on you.

The mass was wrapped in the foggy armor of the god. "Now, my God, Enus ne Mes, use your power to pass judgment on the brave canon who betrayed God.

 Mass, clad in full body armor of mist, turned to face Ray, who was bound by the dragon's mucus.

''Fools are what you are, canon. Because you stubbornly refused to return the Spirit Godman Sword, your lover's heart was lost. It is your cause and effect that has brought her retribution. You will pay for that sin.

 Misa walked slowly as if she was being manipulated, and her hand gently trailed along Ray's cheek.

 She said.

'Hey, Ray. Can you love me, the changed me?


 Ray's expression is tinted with surprise.

''Kuhn, you finally understand, canon. Even though he was a hero two thousand years ago, if it wasn't for the guidance of the Spirit God and Human Sword, he would have been nothing more than a mere maniac.

 Misa moves her face closer and raises the visor part of her helmet.

'Come on, answer me. I'm no longer Misa. You can't love me like this, can you?

 Satisfied with Misa's words, Lysius nodded.

'Brave Canon. This is the reality. Going against the will of God with the power of love is like an ant challenging an elephant. Accept everything, and return the Spirit God-Man Sword to God.


 Ray says.

'You're a mass. I've told you. You can't change the way I feel about you by the way you look or the way you talk to me. As long as you are you, I will love you.

 Ray said, looking into Misa's eyes through the gap in her helmet.

'This is the first time you've shown me that. You, in your true body, are very pretty, too.'

 King Lysius frowned suspiciously at Ray's words.

'............................What do you mean by that? I'm afraid you've finally lost your mind...

You've passed.

Yeah, it's a.... How...?

 Black lightning flooded out of Misa's palm, tearing the dragon's mucus that bound Ray to shreds.
 The Origin Magic released him completely.

''....................or god. Enus ne Mes, the God of Love! What the hell are you doing?

 Misa loosely turns around and shoots a look at Lysius with her gaze.
 She gracefully places her own fingertips against her chest.

The actuality of this is that it's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on it. It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has the ability to do this.

 With an expression of disbelief, Lysius looks at Mass.

'It's strange. It is true that this God is in charge of anger and sorrow, joy and fun. But kindness and love are the only things he seems to be very vulnerable to.

'What nonsense.....

And even if you did, what would you say it is?

 When she smiled softly, Lysius shivered uncomprehendingly.

''King Lysius. Did you not see the ceremony of the Demon King's second coming? Or do you think that my presence is just a way to make Dillhade better?

 Misa picked up her helmet and removed it.
 Her long, deep-sea-like hair swayed softly.

'I am Avos Dilhevia. I'm a god destroyer, a fake demon king.

 She rolls the helmet to the ground and stomps on it as hard as she can with her foot.
 With a crunch, it easily crumbles and dissipates in the area.

'Though now that I'm most reincarnated, I'm just a girl in love.

 Lysius jumps back as if frightened.

"d*mn. Come back. Enus ne messu! Get away from that monster!

 The armor that Misa was wearing turned into mist and moved away.

 What was revealed was a betel nut black dress. Six spirit wings appeared on its back, as if it had been released from its bonds.

 The distant mist gathered in front of Lysius and built up his full body armor again.
 The destroyed helmet is also back to normal.

 Holding up the pact bead, Lysius chants.

"My God, Enus Nemeth. Now is the time to give me the power of a royal dragon.

 The Watchtower of Thoughts turned into a glowing fog and clung to Lysius.
 Its full body armor was now attached to him.

''As the almighty shimmering radiance will!

 The moment he said his prayers.


 With the yell of the different dragons, their fangs were biting on Lysius.

 Dripping blood, he turned his eyes to the madness and twisted his lips.

'....God....soon.....you will be with me....

 It was at the same time as that murmur.

 The different dragons devoured Lysius, who was clothed in Enus Ne Mes, and, with a gulp, swallowed him into their bodies.


 A loud roar pierces the ears of the two men, and the magical power of the gods overflows from the white dragon's body.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this as well.


So that's what happened.

 The white dragon's magical eye shone with glittering madness.
 A resounded in its place.

It's a good thing that you have a good idea of what to expect. This is divinely guided. The root of me was swallowed by a different dragon. But through the power of Enus ne Mes, I became a dragon. This is the miracle of God. This is the form that is called a king dragon. He devoured the people of Azation in his own body, and then invited them to join him to God. In time, the condensed root will give birth to a new life, a baby dragon.

 As the king dragon spread its wings wide, the holy water that filled the stalactite cave gathered and was sucked into its massive body.
 In the blink of an eye, the underground lake in the cave dried up.

It is the great king who has been given the right to rule by the gods. That is I, Riccius Engelo Gaillardite.

 The king dragon Lysius, who was clad in mist armor, glared at Ray and Misa with a glare.
 But neither of them were frightened, not even slightly.

 And then...

"...help me...

 A voice rang out.

...Your father is a madman...

 A thought transmission (leaks) arrived from inside the different dragons.

Do you understand? Canon, this voice belongs to the daughter of Yo, one of the royalty who gave her body to a different dragon.

 Ray turned his stern gaze to the king dragon.

''If the dragon eats the root source, there is no consciousness left. But with the power of the Enus Ne Mes, I dared to leave one of them behind. Why do you think that is?''

''If you want to save her, you'll have to break her fate with the Spirit Godman Sword.

 What is eaten by the dragon cannot be reversed.
 But if it is still conscious, it may be able to break its fate with the Spiritual Blade.

Exactly. What will you do now? Brave canon. Like before, would you abandon this poor girl without pulling out the Spirit God Human Sword? Unlike that bogeyman over there, this girl isn't that strong, you know?

 Huh, Ray sighs.
 Then, with a look of determination on his face, he gathered the magic power in his right hand.

 The one that was summoned along with the light was the Spirit God Human Sword Evans Mana.

''Kukuk.......that's right. That's fine. So you've finally made up your mind to return the god. Now come, come on, canon.

 An eerie laugh escaped from the king dragon. It echoed throughout the entire limestone cave.

''I think it's a trap.''

 Mass said.


You might regret saving him.

I know that too.

 Mass smiles softly.

'Then, to your heart's content. Let me take care of the rest.

 A squealing dragon rang out.

'What's up, canon? If you won't come, we'll come to you!

 The king dragon's head rammed into the ground, trying to eat the Spirit God Human Sword.
 When Ray jumped back and dodged it, a huge hole was created in the scaffolding with a zgaang.

 The two of them floated up in as it was.


 With a loud roar, a pure white breath of light was spewed out of the royal dragon.
 The order of thoughts held by Enus Ne Mes is converted into magic power in the and the is released.

''It's so-so.

 The mass clothed Ray, who rammed into the breath without a care in the world, with the  

''Spirit God and Human Sword, the secret depths are one--''

 The swinging ray reduces the magical power overflowing from the seven roots to nothing.

''-- !

 By the time Lei spoke, countless sword flashes of light had already sliced through the giant royal dragon.
 Cutting through fate, its holy blade enveloped the dragon with divine light.

 From that light, what emerged was the figure of a woman.
 She still shared a body with the king dragon.

''Hold on,''

 Ray held out his hand towards her.
 The royal reached out frantically and grabbed his hand.

'I will break your fate for this tragedy. It's going to be okay. You'll have to trust me.

 With a chuckle, she nodded.
 The sword barrel of the Spirit God Human Sword turned into light, and Rei stabbed it into her chest.

''........Thank you......''

 Smiling, the woman smiled.
 She looked really happy.

'Now I, too, can finally go to God.

 The Spirit God Man Sword was swallowed up by the woman's body.

d*mn it...!

'Goodbye, brave canon. No, without the Holy Sword, you were nothing but a demon now.

 The woman's claws grew sharp.
 It was reminiscent of a dragon's claws.

'I'll send you to God, too.

 The crochet claw waved like a flash of light.
 But just before it pierced Ray's head, the girl's arm was grabbed by a thin fingertip.

'How many times do you humans have to betray him to make you feel better?

 A pitch-black fingertip drilled into the woman's chest.


 Misa gingerly put in a lot of force and forcibly ripped the woman's body off of the royal dragon.

''Yah........don't stop! Let go of me! I will become one with the King Dragon and travel to God...!

'You're not going to God, you're going to hell.

 <At the hands of the Root Source Death Killing (Bevsed), the mass gagged and destroyed its root source.
 Turning into light, the royal daughter scattered.


 The king dragon's claws swung down with great force and Rei and Misa retreated through the air.

''Kukuk........I got it back. The Spirit God Human Sword, the God of Azation........''

 The spirit divine human sword that had been stabbed into it, the king dragon took it fully into his body.
 Poppycock, its white body began to shine.


 The king dragon's head split in half.
 A single giant horn slowly grew out of it.

 Shining like metal, that sword horn was indeed the huge Spirit God Mana Sword Evans Mana, which possessed a holy light.

''........I guess I'll always be an idiot......''

'What? I don't think so.

 Mass smiled at Ray, who had a sad expression on his face.

'In exchange for a mere piece of stick, I see that there's no one here to save. Now we can fight to the fullest, right?

 Ray's eyes widened for a moment, and then he nodded his head in agreement.


 He smiled and said to Wang Long. 

''It was originally given to me. If you want it back, I'll give it back to you. But I will not recognize you as the king of Azation with the help of the dragon, Enus Ne Mes, or Evans Mana, Lysius.

 'Kukuku,' chuckles Lysius.

You're a fool. You can't expect me to listen to the words of a mere demon without the Spiritual God Human Sword. It is because you were chosen by the Holy Sword that you are a brave man, canon. You don't need God's blessing to acknowledge you. I receive my kingdom from the Great God. Along with eternal life, I will take the Sword of the Spirituals and become a true hero to rule this earth and Azation!

 The king dragon rushed in and attacked Ray and Misa with its sword angle Evanescence Mana.

 The moment Ray drew his unique sword from the magic circle and crossed his blade to cut it off, the magic sword was cut off with ease.

 The sword horn pierced the wall of the stalactite cave as Ray flew quickly to avoid it.
 When the king dragon twisted around in a circle, the wall of the stalactite cave crumbled down as if it were slashing butter, making a violent rattle sound.

"With Enus Ne Mes, the Sanctuary (Ask), the Holy Water, the Different Dragons, and the Source that you have taken in, this Evans Mana has far greater powers than you had when you were using it, Canon. This is the true holy sword!

 The king dragon flapped its wings and floated up into the stalactite cave.
 As if gliding directly into the air, it rushed into Rey.

''Realize the power of the True Holy Sword and bow down to God!

 A huge sword horn Evans Mana was clothed in light and approached Ray.
 He turned his magical eye and greeted it with the broken Unique Sword Iguesta.

"Kukku, you fool! I just want to forget that you beat me to a pulp earlier!


 With a bang, intense particles of light scattered.
 The momentum of the king dragon, which flew with great force, stopped as if it was caught by Rei.


 The broken Unique Sword Sig Shasta, however, was covered by the light of the and the sword barrel was made.

 With the tip of it, he aimed and received the tip of the king dragon's sword horn without an inch of difference.

''A true holy sword is just like that!''

 At the same time as the voice, Misa, who had disappeared with , appeared in front of the king dragon's eyes.

 She gently held Ray's right hand in hers, holding the sword together.

''Even though you are no match for our love.

 The moment she said the words, a black bolt of lightning swelled up around her.
 The Origin Magic struck the royal dragon's entire body with lightning.


 Shot by the fierce black lightning, the king dragon was frightened.
 At that moment, the bound its huge body.

''Misa. On my move.

I'm used to it.

 The two of them breathed together and raised a single sword while grasping it at the same time.

 That sword of light constructs a long, long, long blade.
 The magically-connected Misa instantly understood what Ray was trying to do.

  is a sword that brings their love together as one.
 But there is a long history of bravery ahead.

 The ultimate in love magic, where both mind and body are united to slaughter the enemy.
 If you don't make them in tune with each other's movements, that sword will not become.

 He thought that he and Misa, who had the lore of the Demon King of Tyranny, would be able to reach the depths of that which could not be reached by thoughts alone.

 Now, their love flared up violently.

 The sword of light that the two of them held in their hands rained down on the giant body of the king dragon.
 Countless explosions occurred as if to trace the flash of the sword.

 It's not just a matter of time before you get to the point where you'll be able to get a good idea of what you're looking for.

This is ridiculous...........................I'm going to be a true hero. How is this royal dragon a mere demon without a holy sword a mere tribe of demons without a holy sword........... !

It's very simple.

 Misa and Rey look at the king dragon as it is swallowed up by a huge explosion.

A brave man's true holy sword is not a piece of wood, but the love he has in his heart.

 As a countermeasure, the two of them thrust out the to the royal dragon.

 A vast sword of light pierces the root of King Lysius.

'The gods who stand in the way of a man's love affair.

"Let love cut you off and explode.

 There was a huge explosion and the king dragon was buried in the rubble of the collapsed limestone cave as fast as he could.