229-The judgment fluttered down

 Aebelast Anzeta, Holy Seat Room.
 I thrust a smile at Ahide, who would have been watching the battle in the royal palace.

''Did you think you could defeat a real brave man as long as you took the Spirit God Man Sword?

 Ahide sighs deeply at my words.

'Nonconformist Anos Voldigord. You do not understand. An oracle is not a prophecy or a prediction. It is a righteous guide given to us by God. One must strive to follow it.

Ha-ha. I see. Isn't it a bit ridiculous that you're trying to come up with a good excuse? Think back on yourself.

It is my duty as an oracle to believe the words God has given me and to do what needs to be done, even if I have to crawl on the ground. If there were a plain path and a path of thorns, I would gladly take the path of thorns.

 Ahide folded his hands in prayer and said quietly.

'Sometimes difficulties will break you, and you will break your knees. But God will show me a new way by his word. But God will show me a new way by his word. As long as we do not lose this faith, this difficult road will lead us to the place we need to go.

I'm afraid the crooks know where they're going, everywhere.

 I say, interrupting Ahide's prayers, and I look into his sneer.

'You may go to hell.'

 Without moving, and with a cool look on his face, Ahide immediately spoke back.

''You seem to be under the mistaken impression that you were superior to the gods because the king dragon was defeated by the brave canon. However, an oracle is not that shallow. I have just told you. God will show you a new way.

 Ahide gives me a pitying look.

'Dragons have appeared in Azation, and you have led your men to Gailladite. The heroic academy has fought with the unleashed dragon horde, and your men and our congregation have been engaged in a battle throughout the land.

 Ahide smiled serenely, as if to say that everything was within his expectations.

'And you have come to the depths of the earth. Anos Voldigord, the Demon King of Dirhade. You should have defended your own country. And yet, you have come here. You didn't even know you were being pulled by the hand of the gods.

 Holding up the ring of the League Pearl, Ahide says solemnly.

Your kingdom and your royal city will fall today. d*mnation for defying the oracle will be meted out to Midheyze, who is without a demon king.

 The image was reflected in a veil of light, falling on one of the Holy Seas.
 It was Midhayes.

'Well, you see,' he said, 'how the people of your country suffer in defiance of God. See how the people of your country suffer for their defiance of God. This is your punishment. Then you will realize your sin and repent.

 A myriad of gritty dust waits outside Midhayes.
 A squealing, squealing, unpleasant dragon cries were heard.

 One by one, hordes of dragons were emerging from the dirt and rushing into the city.

 Their numbers were not the fault of the dragons that were coming towards the heroic academy.
 It was a herd of more than a thousand.

 A dozen meters left.
 The dragons charged vigorously at the walls of Midhays.

'Goodbye. Land of foolish heretics.

 A fierce sound rang out, and the sight of a ghastly scene was reflected there.

 They rushed into the defensive wall, the dragons were flying off as if their limbs had been cut to shreds.


 He was about to say stupid, and then he held his tongue as if he had been mended.
 However, his expression was one of incredulity.

 Standing in front of the defensive wall was the Demon King's Army, which was completely armed.

''All units assault. It's the first time in a long time that we've been hunting dragons. Teach those vermin who lack intelligence the ruler of the earth.''

 Nigit's troops flew through the skies, wielding their magic swords and dropping the heads of one dragon after another.

'' A single sweep of the Hellfire Eradication Cannon (Gio-Grays).

 Devidra's troops draw one magic circle after another.

''Let go!

 The jet-black sun is landing one after another on the dragons as they advance through the ground, burning them away with ease.

 The dragons couldn't help but retreat to the sky.
 However, Rushe's troops were already there waiting.

"Prepare for Wind Annihilation Slaying and Destruction (Riga Shraid). Wipe them out.

 The blade of the raging gale tore off the wings of the wings and the flock of dragons that leapt up fell to the ground without a trace.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find out what's going on in the world.

 I'm going to give an explanation to Ahide, who is staring at the scene half-heartedly.

It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on a new one. I've been told that as long as the demon king's army doesn't find out, as long as they build a path through the earth near the city walls, they will release the dragon there.

 Ahide's eyes widen in astonishment.

'What are you so surprised about? You don't think my men are going to have a hard time with just a bunch of big lizards, do you?

''The........Imperialists must have had a grudge against the Demon King.......''

 The words spill out of Ahide's mouth.

''If that's also an oracle, it's very misguided. The Imperialists are now a reformatory that converts those who hold a grudge against the Demon King.

 I had Zelseas pretend to be in on the story and divert the information to the Demon King's army. It was also an opportunity to take care of a large number of dragons, so they let him swim without preventing him from doing so.

''But it seems to be true that you dare to choose a thorny path, but gods are quite difficult to deal with,''

 Ahide closes his eyes and shakes his head from side to side as if to calm himself down.

'....Oh my god.

 'Oh,' he said, sorrowfully.

'Oh, how foolish it is! To destroy the messenger of God himself and increase his suffering....

That's a boring line for a sore loser.

'I have told you that an oracle is not as shallow as you think it is. You think that by confronting me here, you are preventing the power of Arcana, the God of my selection, from reaching out to others. And that is what is wrong in the first place.

 Slowly, Ahide raised his hand and pointed to the veil of light.

'You may wish to see that hill,'

 To the southwest of Midhays, there is a small hill with a panoramic view of the city.
 Reflected in the veil of light, there is a shadow of a person there.

 Standing fragilely, with a sad demonic eye on the city, was a girl with silvery white hair.
 Arcana, the god of selection, was looking at Midhays with a thoughtful expression.

''It's all due to God's guidance. Another new path has been opened. A dragon area has been constructed around Mid-Haze by a group of dragons. <Even if we try to rush in with a Gatom, we won't be able to get there in time.

 Ahide says to his God, flashing the pearl of selection.

'O Arcana, my God! I pray that you will bring the sinful people of Midheids to justice. <Show me the miracle of Artyrtnore, the month of creation.

 Silently, Arcana raised her hands and spun them around and pointed them up to the sky.
 As if following the tremendous divine magic, the light is covered by the darkness and the day turns into night.

 Then a warm light shines on the ground that has been closed off by darkness.
 A fantastic, faint glow. The crescent moon, Artiel Tonoa, was there.

 Arcana opens her mouth.


 I couldn't hear the words.
 But he seemed to be muttering something.

'Perdition and creation are two sides of the same coin. When the people of Midheyze perish, the power of creation will shine more brightly in the night. Artilte Lutnoa will shine brighter and purify you with her light. Anos Voldigord.

 Hmm. That's the reason why you've been releasing the dragons so much.
 To increase the power of the that destroys many roots and circulates life.

 In doing so, he tried to win the selection judgement.

 This man can't even see his own god's face.

"I ask you. Arcana, God of Selection.

 I speak to the little god on that hill through the veil of light.

'Do you wish to destroy Midhays?'

 She didn't respond.
 But her fingertips twitched.

'Or do you want to save her?'

 She listens to my words, but silently just sends her magic power to the Moon of Creation.

It's not like a god who wishes to be destroyed. Do you have the right to serve this man to such an extent?

 Hmph, Ahide let out a voice.
 It sounded as if he was mocking her.

He said, "At last God has granted you a rare opportunity, nonconformist. But Arcana, the God of my choice, will obey my covenant and grant me salvation. He will hear my requests, my prayers, and my repentance.

 Ahide says, triumphantly.

'Your prayers will not be answered. Midhays will be destroyed. By the miracle of God--Gobuhaaah...!

 He thrust the magic sword made of into Ahide's abdomen.

"What are you trying to do while standing in front of me without a god?


I'm talking to Arcana now. If that's an option, then you can be an extra.

 As it is, the demon sword and his body are thrown away.
 The magic sword stabbed into the wall and crucified Ahide.

Hmm. He looks a little more like a saint.

 He says without looking at her, and flies the words to the other side of the veil of light again.

'Answer me, Arcana.'

 Again I question her mind.

'If you say you don't want to be destroyed, then I'll save you.

"....What do you mean by arrogantly saying that a demon race is blasphemous if it speaks of saving a god? Aaaaahhhh!

 Without even turning his eyes, he released the Origin Magic with his outstretched hand and shot through Ahide's body.

''I told you to remain silent. Remember, as long as Arcana is not here, you are nothing more than a diminutive lizard.

 Again, I say to Arcana.

"Sometimes a god is not powerful enough. Spilling one of your wishes does not mean that you will disobey your pact.

  A fluttering snow and moon flower descends from Artyrtnore.

 It is a beautiful and cruel flower of creation.
 When it descends on Midgaze, it freezes everything and plucks the life out of it.

 A single snowflake shakes and falls on the head of a woman in Midhays.

''I don't want..................... .........

 Arcana murmured with trembling lips.

'.........These hands are to save people.......'

 She said in the face of the fading life.

 Spilled tears wet the ground.

'.........this heart is for receiving prayers.......

 As if to expose her thoughts, she exclaims.

''........I am not a miracle to be destroyed.......!

 I couldn't help but smile at the words.

'Stop it.'

 Yes, I give the order.

 The snow and moonflakes flashed and then melted away.
 But the woman who was looking up at the snow is still alive.

".............. .........what........is...... .........?

 Ahide muttered as he watched the image in stunned amazement.
 The night has disappeared and the sun is rising in the sky.

 <The has disappeared.

''The plundering sword, the secret depths of the seven--Yadatsuzekka.

 A man appears on that hill.
 The strongest swordsman of the demon tribe, the demon king's right hand man, Shin Reglia, who slays and robs even the night away.

The Selection God Arcana.

 The man walked leisurely and stood before the god.

''Under no circumstances will my body ever forgive those who would bow to a tyrannical demon king.

 With a murderous gaze, Shin looks at Arcana.

'But in honor of your generosity to stop you, my lord, I will not destroy you.

 Drawing a magic circle, Shin puts his left hand in the center of it.
 Along with a vast amount of magical power, the rusty sword is slowly drawn out.

 It is the God Slaughtering Blade, the Slaying God Sword Gneodoros.

''Let me kill you gently.''