230-Snow under the ground

 Arcana sadly turned her demon eyes to Shin, who held the two demon swords.

You are the enemy. I must get rid of you.

 Cold air flooded from her palms and it formed a sword of snow.

'Never mind.'

 The half-formed Singh held the plunder sword forward and the Zanjin Sword upwards.

''Since it's impossible,''

 Stepping forward, Arcana's body turned into light and went straight ahead.
 It was the order of the brilliant light god Diosseria that she had devoured.

 In the blink of an eye, Arcana, who had taken Shin's back, swung down her snow sword while scattering glitter and snow and moon flowers.

 However, Shin didn't even have to hold the sword in his sight to duck, as if to slip through.

''There's too much waste in your movements, such as letting your speed get the better of you and getting behind you.

 When Shin turned around, fresh blood was already splattered on Arcana's left arm.
 He slashed at her with even more speed when she came around behind him at light speed.

''You're strong too.''

 Once again, day turns to night as Arcana raises her left hand.
 She is creating the night that Sin has taken away with her divine magic.

 From the Artillertonoa, floating in the dark night, moonlight falls on that hill, and countless snow and moonflowers flutter and flutter down.

Sleep on a cold icicle.

 The snow and moon flowers surrounding Shin turned into sharp icicles.
 It was shot out, releasing a dazzling cold air, but without giving an inch of escape.

 Shin's arms shimmer like a flash of light.
 The Slaying God Sword Gneodoros and the Looting Sword Gyrionojes slashed all the countless icicles that were fired and dissipated.

''It's going to snow and the light will be full.

 The snow and moonflowers were pouring down on the hill as fast as they could, turning the entire place into a glowing, fantastic snow scene. That divine cold air was taking away Shin's magical power and strength every second.

 In the next moment, Shin's magic power turned into nothingness, and its roots became one with the plundering sword.

 Singh pointed the cutting edge of Gyrionoges above his head.
 That magic sword drills a jet black hole in the sky.

 A flash. When Shin swings down the Gillionoges, a black taiji streak is drawn as if to split the sky in half.
 Like glass shattering, the night is slashed through and the day that was on the other side of it is revealed.

 The plundering sword, the secret depth of the lacquer - Yadatsuzekka.
 The slash named so by robbing even the night, the slash cuts through the day and night, the weather and the natural magic circle that uses it.

''As per your astute eye, that seems to be incomplete.

 The Crescent Moon Artillery Tornado Noah is not only full of form, but also full of authority.
 That's why he can slice through it with the Night Deprivation Zecha. Once his true power is demonstrated, it won't be so easy.

 However, unfazed, Arcana muttered.

''The icy fangs will pierce and make a lonely hole in your chest.

 The snow and moonflowers scattered from her palm, dying the area into a snowy landscape.

 Countless spears of ice float behind Arcana, like the fangs of a dragon.
 It's the order of Beheus.

 An ice spear flies toward Shin.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

 At the same time, Arcana turned into light and slammed the snow sword into Shin.
 Once the Zanjin Sword caught it, his feet sank to the ground as the force of the sword pushed him down.

 Perhaps because it was taking in multiple gods, Arcana's physical strength was superior to Shin's.

''Bearing the sin, the sword will judge.

 Another snow sword appeared in the distance and flew in and closed in behind Arcana.
 It skewers her and pierces Shin's chest as it is in a battle of the bravest kind.

 Red blood dances and stains the snowy landscape.
 Slightly, Arcana's eyes widened.

 Despite the crippled regime, Arcana's body was in a blind spot, Shin twisted himself on the verge and ducked the snow sword that came flying in. The blade only ripped shallowly across his chest.

''That's quite a feat.''

 Arcana quickly retreated at lightning speed, but blood dripped from the Zanjin Sword.
 Her right arm fell and disappeared as snow.

''Not many people have been able to strike with me for this long.

 A fluttering snow and moon flower fluttered down from the end of the armless elbow.
 It created a vanished right arm.


 Sin stepped straight into Arcana.
 Her speed was slower than the speed of light, however, her gait caused her to misread the distance.

 The moment Arcana tried to jump back, both of her legs were slashed by the plundering sword and she lost the power to move.
 Then both of Arcana's feet were iced over. With the order of creation, she would try to create her legs from scratch and escape the curse of the plundering sword.

 But before that, the Zanjin Sword had turned red-black.

''Sword of the Slayer, the secret depths are here--''

 Disastrous magical particles of spiraling magical power rose vigorously from the barrel of the sword.
 The legs of Arcana were created and the power of movement that was taken away was regained.


 Her right chest was pierced by the Gneodolos, and the root of Arcana was sliced in half.
 When Shin let go of the Zanjin Sword, she fell to her knees with a blank expression.


 The root of Arcana, which was divided in two, is now divided into four parts.
 She works the power of her own creation and the order of Nutella de Hiana, the watchdog god of regeneration, to the maximum, restoring the root source and then being cut apart by the Mugen.

 As if to endure the intense pain, Arcana grabs it in her hand to draw the Zanjin Sword.
 However, with that debilitated body that has its hands full with regeneration, he was unable to pull it out.

''By the way,''

 Singh turns his sharp demon eyes to the forest on the hill.

''How long do you plan to stay hidden?

 With a flash of the plundering sword, the trees at a distance were cut off and fell down in a flurry.
 Hiding there were dragonmen soldiers in pure white armor.

 They stare at the kneeling Arcana with an astonished look on their faces.
 The god they believed in was beaten, and they seemed to have already lost the will to fight, but as if to push them to the edge, Shin said.

'If you want to help her, you may as well come at it. But I will give you one piece of advice.

 Shining his plundering sword, Shin glares at the soldiers.

You are not under orders to go easy on us.

 The body of the dragon men trembled as if pressurized.
 Gulping, they swallowed their spit.

''........Stupid.......this man.......'' This man was holding back against Arcana, the god of selection........against a god.......!

"....What does this mean...? How is it that a mere demon race that is not even a selector has the power to cross over to the gods.......there was no oracle.......!

".........there is one thing I can think of. That they have a power that even the gods can't see through....

'No way! You're above God! Impossible!

But now the god of selection is bending over here on his knees...!

"....who the hell are these.........? What the hell is a demon king...? And he's not just one of his men?

If that's the case, how much of a tyrannical demon king is this...?

 Apparently, they had completely misjudged the power of the Demon King's army. Facing Singh, who had defeated Arcana, the dragonmen's soldiers could not move, as if they were frightened.

''O devout follower of God! Do not be afraid.''

 While looking at the soldiers doing the same, Ahide, who was crucified to the wall with his sword, called out to them.

The oracle is here. The non-conformist Anos Voldigordo has resurrected the god he did not put to death. This is all due to the work of the treacherous god Genudunub. We, the servants of God, must overcome our trials.

 At Ahide's words, the dragonmen's soldiers prayed and seemed to shake off their fears.

'According to the oracle, a thousand lives will be destroyed by this battle. Then the Artillert Noah will increase in brilliance, and my chosen god, Arcana, will be released from the spell of the magic sword.''

 The dragonmen nodded as if they were ready.
 Then the magic of concealment was lifted and far more soldiers appeared on the spot than before. There were so many of them that they filled the entire hill area.

'O pious congregation! Do not mistake the oracle. Destroy a thousand lives and dedicate them to Arcana, the god of selection. Then you will be invited to God's presence and you will obtain salvation.'

 The dragons all draw their swords at once.

''As the Almighty Glittering will.

 They thrust their own swords into its heart and pierced it.

As the Almighty Goddess of Splendor wills it.

 As the blood spurted out, they cremated themselves with the flames they spat out of their mouths.
 Without a single person left, they destroyed a thousand lives, just as the oracle had done.

 That really increased the power of the order of creation, Arcana used the magic of and disappeared from the scene.

 Shin was alarmed, but she seemed to have completely retreated from that hill.

''I'm sorry. I missed it.''

 Sin sends me a leaks.

"Go ahead.

 I removed my gaze from the image and turned to Ahide, who was crucified.

"It is nothing short of appalling that you would defend an oracle by forcing your people to commit suicide.

'We will not tolerate any insult to them. The devout Geordal faithful gave their lives in defense of the Word of God. Their noble thoughts, their absolute faith in God, this is salvation and the noblest of men.

 It's too much of an argument, and a sigh escapes me.

"I don't think I'll ever understand you, no matter how much I talk to you.

 He drew a pile of magic and turned his sights on Ahide.

'Where did you put the Arcana?'

"Do you think there is a congregation that teaches a heretic where God is?

Then I'll give you the oracle. In three seconds, she'll be here.

 A jet black sun slowly emerged from the magic circle and shot out towards Ahide.
 There was no way to avoid it in its crucified state, and a direct hit would reduce it to ashes, not even the bones remained.

'Come to this place in accordance with the pact. God of Selection, judge between him and me.

 With a thunderous sound, the approached Ahide's nose, and in the next moment, it suddenly disappeared.

 A speck of snow and moon flower had landed on the spot.

 Along with the light of the summoning, the one who stood in front of me was the silver-haired girl with white hair, Selection God Arcana.

 With a single glance from her, the demonic sword that she stabbed into Ahide dissipates into grains of ice.
 The light of regeneration enveloped him, and his wounds were healed in the blink of an eye.

''Hmm. I see. If you're wondering where I was going, I see that the Spirit God Human Sword was the target.''

 In Arcana's right hand was the Spirit God Human Sword that he must have retrieved from the King Dragon, and in his left hand was the Zanjin Sword that had pierced his own chest just now.

''Nonconformist, Anos Voldigord. I have never doubted that you have overturned all the oracles given to me. But it is all in the palm of God's hand. No matter how far you go, no matter what you do, you cannot escape from it.

 Spreading out his hands, Ahide says

'Now, at last, I have been ordained to judge you. Now I do not have to resist.'


 It's almost as if you said you were daring me to take you down just now.

Are you ready to take me down?

'Disputes between the Holy See are forbidden by the Pact. Shall we change places?

I don't care where.

 Arcana uses  Seeing through that technique, I transferred with as well.

 When the pure white vision regains color, it is the middle stage of Aebelast Anzeta.
 It was on a huge circular balcony where I could see the canopy of the underground world.

'You may see. You may see the light of creation that illuminates the depths of the earth. That is the true nature of Artieltnore.

 Arcana slowly raises her hands and spins her palms back to the sky.
 Floating near the canopy was the .

 It was Artiel Tonoa, who changed from a crescent moon to a half-moon.

'Even though I am a dragon man, when it comes to bringing down a god in this body, it is not something that a vessel can hold. Therefore, God has spoken to me to remake this body into a divine body. That miracle is what makes Artilte Noah shine in the sky.

 <A dazzling light pours down from the and gently envelops Ahide.
 His body is rapidly being reshaped by the power of his creation.

 Strong enough to withstand the power of God.
 Robust enough to bear God's magical power.

 His hair was dyed gold and one hidden eye was revealed.

Possession Summoning (Azepto), Selection God (Arcana)

 Arcana stabs two swords into the floor.

 She turns into countless shining snow and moonflowers, which are sucked into Ahide's body.
 <She, the Selective God, was lowered into the vessel of the Ahide strengthened by the .

 A tremendous rush of magical power swirled around Ahide.
 He turned a cool expression to me.

''Do you understand? This is the future that I am to be. This is the miracle that will be obtained when the God of Selection chooses and the oracle maker, Ahyde Arobo Agatse, will eventually come to God. I am the surrogate.

 Quietly, Ahide points at me.
 <Countless snow and moonflowers descend from the , transforming this place into a snowy landscape.

''There is no daylight in the underground world. There is no daylight in the underground world, there is no way to take away the night and erase Artyl Tonoa. The snow falls and the light fills. You will soon lose your breath in the shining cold air.

 The snow and moon flowers that descend on the castle emit a divine cold air and rob me of my magic and strength.

''While this snow, moon and flowers are pouring down, those who do not have a divine body cannot move even a single finger. Come on. Just freeze and go to sleep.

Hmm. Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of the snow.

 I stared at the scenery in front of me with my demon eyes tinted with keshi-murasaki and stepped forward.
 Then the snow and moonlight flowers that had fallen on the ground melted and then disappeared. When I took a second step, the snow around my footprints melted and disappeared.

''........Freeze and sleep.......''

 Ahide chants, but I don't care and walk on.
 The serenity disappears from his face, and instead, frustration grows.

 I walked loosely in a world where the momentum of the snow and moonflower increased and all life seemed to stop.

 And so I arrived right in front of him.

''........All is helpless before the power of God......! Freeze and sleep...!

Is this what your future should look like?

 I'm going to grab him.

How did you...? God! Why would your snow be melted by a heretic? Please give us an oracle........!

'Who are you praying to? You're a god now, aren't you?

 He drew a magic circle and swallowed its entire body with the .

 Shooting the jet-black sun straight at the wall, the ahide was blown away, even though it was black and on fire.

''Have you gained a divine body and been enhanced to the point of misunderstanding, Dodger?''

 The words are directed at Ahide as he breaks through the wall and rolls indoors.

'The true power of the was never like this!