231-Almighty Sword

 An invisible voice rang out.

'Stand up, Ahide.'

 With the moonlight, the magical body of Arcana appears in its place.
 It does not feel much of a threat as it brings down its divine power on Ahide.

 It would be a being of will only.

'There is not a single scratch on your divine body.

 A glowing Arcana magic body held out its hands.
 On them were the Spirit God Man Sword and the Slaying God Sword.

 The moonlight of Artiel Tonoa shone down there.
 It glittered with a silvery white glow, and then a bridge of light was created on the ground.

 The Moon of Creation is slowly descending as if following the bridge.
 As the light of the half-moon slowly approached, it covered the holy sword and the magic sword.

 Like snow melting, the contours of Evans Mana and Gneodoros distorted.
 The two swords turned into liquid and mingled in the light.

 As it was, the light of the half-moon turned into a rod shape and formed a sword.
 Both the holy sword and the magic sword were reshaped as one in the Moon of Creation.

 The silvery white light settles in and the figure is clearly reflected.
 It appeared in Arcana's hand, a tranquil sword in a golden sheath.

'The Sword of the Almighty, Levine Girma.


 I turned my demon eyes forward.
 Ahide had stood up as if nothing had happened and had returned to the balcony from inside.

 Because of the divine body, it's not an instant death, but it should have inflicted a few wounds there.
 However, as if it hadn't been there all along, Ahide was completely unharmed, and there was no sign that he had used his recovery magic.

 Is this the power of the Almighty's sword?

The Nonconformist Anos Voldigord.

 Arcana lightly bent her knees and raised her hands, and the sword of the Almighty, floating in the air, flew in front of me.

''You will now receive the judgment of Rivine Girma. As long as that divine sword is in place, my believer Ahyde Alobo Agatse is eternal and unchanging. It will not accept any kind of destruction.'

 That's why the wound from the Gio-Glaze was dismissed.
 It's quite a feat of mystery to go back in time and erase a wound.

''There is one way to destroy the oracle. Pull out the Almighty's sword, Levine Girma, and use it to slice him open three times.''

 Arcana tells us in a nonchalant manner.

 Slashing just three times with the Revein Gilma will destroy Ahide.
 In exchange for its vulnerability, it achieves an indestructible resistance to all other attacks, or so it says.

''But if the sword of the Almighty is not sheathed, then, through the power of that divine sword, the root of the one who pulls it out will be annihilated in the present, past, and future.''

 I see.
 <So, you mean to say that Agglonemt is also ineffective?

 If it's as explained, it's an extraordinary power, but from that divine sword, I can see a power that exceeds even the current Ahide.
 The Spirit God Human Sword, the Slaying God Sword, and the magic power of the Artillery Lt. Noah must have combined to bring about a miracle of that magnitude.

 Perhaps the most important part of it was the Spirit God Man Sword.
 Hence, Ahide was planning to take it away from Rey.

 It was the Spirit God Human Sword that was born to destroy the Demon King, but quite simply, it seems to have a reasonable root source in it.

'Arcana, the god of selection, will judge. Anos Voldigord, the Nonconformist, will answer the Inquiry. 'Is the Almighty in the world?'

 If I don't pull out the Sword of the Almighty Revein Gilma, I can't hurt Ahide.

 But if I pull out the Sword of the Almighty Revein Girma, then I will die before I can destroy Ahide?

''Hmph, hmph.''

 It was Ahide who let out an eerie laugh.

'The oracle has come down. That revolving gilma made by the Almighty is a sword that can never be pulled out by anyone. Then the root of the one who holds the sword will disappear from the past, future and present. In other words, the sword would never have been drawn.

 As he walks over to us with plenty of time to spare, he says.

'Do you understand? It means that you, who are not omnipotent, cannot win against me, the Almighty.

Hmm. Suppose you are omnipotent. But, Ahide, you are not omnipotent. In that case, you are not omnipotent, you are to be made omniscient. Screaming with the Gio-Glaze, which doesn't even leave a scratch, is just pathetic.

 Ahide smiles serenely.

'Is it really a sin to be fearless?'

 He said to himself, and Ahide shook his head.

'No, I do not think so,'

 Stopping in his tracks, he looks straight at me.

'The heart of this man, who is not God, is naturally capable of fear. That fear, that pain, is what is needed for the salvation of the world. I will take up this crusade with the pain, even though it may be frowned upon as disgusting.

 The Snow Moonflower flew up from the palm of Ahide's hand, causing the Snow Sword to appear in his right hand.

'I am ignorant, but I do not possess the arrogance of mistakenly thinking that I know everything, as you do. What an oracle should have is the knowledge of ignorance. What wisdom he lacks, he can make up for by the Word of God!

 Ahijide, who kicked the ground, vigorously swung the snow sword down at me.
 <He grabs it with his right hand, which is clad in the .

''Apparently, you didn't know it either. This sword was born from the Snow, Moon and Flowers, the divine Snow. The Divine Snow Sword (Jinsetsuken) Lokoronoto. Anything you touch, even magic, is frozen.''

 Ahide says as he prays.

'Goodbye, nonconformity--'

 With a bang, he snapped the snow sword with the fingertips of the .


'Remember, Ahide. Knowledge of ignorance is not a word that fools use when they are vain.

 He stabbed his left hand towards Ahide's heart as hard as he could.
 However, the fingers did not pass through the skin.

"Demon Black Thunder Emperor.

 The black lightning wrapped around Ahide and swelled up as if it was going to explode with a banging sound.

 The power of the lightning that shook Aebelast Anzeta with a gaga gaga gaga gaga concentrated on his body.

 However, although his clothes were somewhat scorched, Ahide was unharmed.
 <Although he was pushed by the momentum of the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd), his divine body did not suffer a single scratch.

''Hm. ''The sword of the Almighty seems to be the real thing.''

 Ahide gives me a sharp look while holding the broken snow sword in his hand.

''The reason the Divine Snow Sword didn't work is because of the power of his magic eye.''

 Arcana is staring at my demon eye, which is dyed in keshimurasaki.

It's not similar to the eye of annihilation, it's the eye of annihilation. It's because of that eye that the god that cannot be destroyed will be reduced to nothing.

You're looking into my abyss. If you want, why don't you take over the oracle? No matter how powerful you are, if you don't know how to use it, you're no match for it.

 I draw a large magic circle in the canopy of the underground world.
 One after another, huge magic stones that shimmer in jet black appeared from the canopy.

 <Gia Glaesus.
 As if countless stars were falling, magical stones rained down on Ahide.

''Intercept with the Snow and Moon Flower.''

"As my God wills it.

 When Ahide held up his hand, a snow and moon flower flew up from his palm and froze the . Stitched to the canopy, the ice prevented the demonic rock from falling.

''What are you going to do if you only care about the overhead and take your eyes off me?''

 Ahide noticed my voice, and in a huff, she returned her gaze.
 By that time, a collar was already attached to Ahide's neck.

''If you say your body is immortal, how about this?

  unleashes a magical power.
 However, without being trapped by that evil collar dream, Ahide kicked the ground.

 Running around me with the order of the brilliant light god Diosseria, he restores the broken divine Snow Sword with the Snow Moon Flower.

''Me, who is unscathed by every attack, and you, who prevents every attack. At first glance, they seem to be evenly matched, but it's clear to me, without needing to ask the oracle, which one is more superior.

Hmm. You're right. No matter how immortal that god's body is, not with all its weaknesses. I don't even need to attack you to inflict a wound on you.

'Foolish heretics. I don't say it, as a pious apostle of God, but I suppose that's what people call a sore loser.

 Snow and moonflowers overflow from Ahide's body, making them glitter and fly up into the sky.

 The snowflakes fluttered and fluttered as if riding on the wind, landing not only on Aebelast Anzeta, but also on the whole of Gaelahesta, the city of God.

You said, "You said that I have not brought out the power of Artilte Lutnoa. If so, then I will show its true value here and conclude.

 Arcana, reflected out of the corner of her eye, gasped.

People will be buried in the falling snow, moon and flowers and will give their lives back to the gods. As the destruction increases, the Moon of Creation will shine brighter and brighter, and the true moonlight that emanates from the Sword of the Almighty, Levine Girma, will illuminate the heretics.

'Ahide. Gaelahesta is the place where the non-war pact was made. Do not make offerings to the Selective Judge of the Dragon Men.'

'My chosen god Arcana. Please forgive me for my ignorance. Please forgive me for acting out of ignorance. I, as a believer, will never forgive this heretic who is an avenger of God, even if he has disobeyed the oracle. Even if he disobeys the oracle.

 Arcana gives him an indescribable, sad gaze.
 He wanted to save the irredeemable, but he still wanted to save him.

'My God. 'I am repentant, and I will not give you forgiveness. Will you not grant me forgiveness? You, God.

 With her eyes down and a helpless look on her face, Arcana quietly opens her mouth.

'Ahide the oracle. Save to you--''

You said you were looking for answers.

 At my words, Arcana turns around.

'Can the Almighty make a sword that no one can ever pull off, or not, the answer to that question.

 I grabbed the sword of the Almighty, Levine Girma, floating in front of me.

"That is to say, the question is, can the Almighty save everyone?

 He glares at Ahide, who is moving at the speed of light, with a revolving gilma in hand.

'When salvation for some means ruin for others, the Almighty cannot be omnipotent, whether he saves the former or not.'

 When Ahide reached out to me, countless icicles were shot out with great force.
 I'm not going to be the only one who can do this.

 A moment later, a flash of white sword flashed and slashed through the raised walls of the four walls.

''It seems that if you swing it at this speed, you can cut through it.

What about it?

 <With the fingertips of the , I slash off the snow sword from the root.
 Ahide throws away his sword and extends his right hand to me as it is.

 The < Four Realms Glazed Wall (Benno Yevhen) clothed in it, however, is unable to harm Ahide's divine body, which is blessed with the blessing of Revein Gilma.

 His fingertips pierced my heart, and fresh blood was spattered.

''The fact that this divine body cannot be injured, in other words, this body is your greatest weapon. The cause of your defeat is the ignorance of ignorance, overconfident that you yourself know everything.

 Ahide gingerly grasped his heart, crushing the roots and all, and then pulled out his right hand.

'I see that you were not my enemy in listening to the oracle.

 When Ahide turned around, Arcana gave him a stern look.

'My chosen god Arcana. Please forgive me. I tried to destroy the people of Gaelahesta in order to make them believe that otherwise they would have no means of defeating the non-conformists. It was not my intention.

 He combines his hands together, as if in penitence.

''Ho. Then you'll quickly stop scattering the snow and moonflowers.''

 He turns around in the direction of the voice.
 I'm standing unharmed in the corner of his eye.

You can't see anything, unlike Arcana, even though you have the God's magic eye. Take a good look at what it is that you have grasped and pulled out.

 <I canceled the magic of the Illusion Mimicry (Reiner) and revealed the figure of the thing his hand was clasping.

 It is the sword of the Almighty, the Revein Gilma, with its silvery white sword body shining.

 It was an illusion to think that he had crushed my heart.
 He had, in fact, grasped the hilt of the Revein Gilma and pulled it out of its scabbard.

 The root source that I thought I had destroyed is also a fake made of .
 If it was Arcana, though, I would have noticed it. The oracle was not delivered in that one moment.

''If the sword of the Almighty is not sheathed, the divine sword's power will annihilate the roots of the one who pulls it out, present, past, and future.''


 Ahide looked astonished and muttered in dismay.

''This........this........this is........'' ...

 Unable to utter a word, his lips tremble and he just speaks out.

'Can the Almighty make a sword that no one can ever pull off? Let's say you are the Almighty who created Levine Girma. When the Almighty draws the sword of the Almighty, the existence of the Almighty will disappear into the past.

 With a look of disbelief on his face, Ahide listened to my words in a daze.
 The expression on his face was steeped in fear.

'No one can pull the sword of the Almighty. In other words, there is no such thing as the Almighty. There is no one who can save everything. Realizing that is the judgment of the Selection God Arcana.

 Turning to Arcana, I ask, "Isn't that right?

'Isn't that right?'

 She nodded firmly.

'God is not omnipotent. He who knows that is worthy of a representative.'

 Ahide's face turns pale.
 The sound of the approaching footsteps of death must have become unbearable.

''U-ah, ah, ah, ah, ah...!

 He staggered over the god body and put his hands on the floor.

 And then I threw up.

 Ugh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh!

 Whoever draws the sword of the Almighty will disappear.
 Like a madman, he shakes his hair and Ahide spits out his stomach juices.

'That of yours is not the knowledge of ignorance, it's just stupidity.

 I said to Arcana, who was staring sadly at Ahide.

'Tell him. 'Pity not.'

"Ahide the oracle. Don't be afraid. You will not die. This is not Levine Guilma you have in your hand.

 Covered in vomit and vomit, with an astonished gaze, Ahide looked at the divine sword in his own hand.

''It's a fake I made with magic. The real one is right here.''

 <He uses his Illusion Mimicry (Reiner) and Secret Magic Power (Nazira) to reveal the hidden Sword of the Almighty, Levine Girma.

"If it wasn't this fake sword you pulled out of the ground, but this one, you'd be long dead.

 Ahide stands up with a stunned look on his face.

'What's the matter? Are you feeling better already?

 I laugh, clearing my throat.

''You seem to have a very sensitive heart despite having an immortal divine body.

 Ahide glares at me inexplicably while expressing his anger.

I don't know what you are planning to do, but the fact that I am alive is all due to God's guidance. This good fortune, this fortuitous occurrence is the reason why I am an oracle........

'Kukku, kukku, kukku, kukku, kukku, kukku, kukku, kukku, kukku, kukku, kukku, kukku, kukku, kukku, kukku, kukku, kukku, kukku, kukku, kukku, kukku, kukku, kukku, kukku, kukku, kukku, kukku, kukku, kukku, what are you mistaken about from before? If you think this is your salvation, then congratulations.

 His immortal body trembles at those words.

'Your hell hasn't even started yet.

 He holds the sheath of the Revein Gilma and gently wraps his left hand around the hilt.

'Can the Almighty make a sword that no one can pull off? Is there no Almighty?

 I said to her as I held the divine sword at the ready.

'I gave you one answer earlier, Arcana, but that was just a guess at your thoughts.

 If I turn my gaze slightly, Arcana is listening intently to my words.

 There is no such thing as the Almighty.
 Although she was certainly aware of that, she still craved for it.

 A different answer to this question.

I'll give you my answer now. Believe it or not, it's up to you.