232-Almighty Demon King

 I show my anger and Ahide glares at me.

"Arrogant heretic! What could you possibly teach my god of choice?

 Shaking his head in a theatrical gesture, he says

'You said earlier that you have endeared me to your own selective God, but that is only because you think so out of ignorance. It is only when I, who am irredeemable, am saved that I can demonstrate the norm that all can be saved.

 As if praying, Ahide wrapped the selection pact beads in his left hand.

''To be truly affectionate is to say that you were selected by the Eight God Selectors and yet you were not even able to make a pact with the gods you chose,''

"Hmm. Hmm. How can you say that after such an abomination? Your brazenness is the only thing that I can't match.

'That was a test for you. In order to destroy me, you had to make me overtake Levine Girma. But you were so intent on tormenting me that you forgot that this is the precious place of selection and judgment.

 He said, "I am only a mirror of you.

I am but a mirror of thee. If I look weak and ugly, it means that your heart is weak and ugly. The I who was just vomiting here is, in other words, who you really are. In order to show it, I have accepted suffering and sin. All the sins of the people, I have borne.

 Silently, Ahide closes his eyes.

'Oh, Eques. My body will take the blame for your sins. May you forgive this foolish person...

 He said a prayer and opened his eyes again.
 With a look on his face, as if there is not a single cloud in his mind, Ahide gives me a sharp look.

'Every word is bouncing off of you, Anos Voldigord.

Ha, ha, ha, come on, when did you change from a crook to a clown? It's not stranger than a bad comedy.

 Ahide watches me laugh, his lips pulled back into a tight line.
 It's as if he disapproves.

'But you're really a hopeless guy. I'll see what I can do. I'm going to teach Arcana a thing or two. I'll teach you one as well.

 Ahide's expression twisted in frustration.

'That the Selection God Arcana made a mistake in choosing you.

After all, you're too arrogant, nonconformist.

 As he took a step forward, Ahide scattered snow and moonflowers from his hands.
 It brought light.

 His arms were being created and they turned into sharp stakes.

''Even you, ignorant as you are, can see what happens when this immortal body is turned into a weapon?''

Well. All I know is that I've modified my hand so that it is absolutely sword-proof, lest it overtake Rivine Girma again.

 Ahide huffs and snorts at my words.

'In any case, your chances of winning are gone. The out-of-place heretic will be asked to leave this selection judge.

 He puts his foot down hard.

"Goodbye, misfit.

 With the Almighty's sword at the ready, I drew and laminated layers of magic circles on my own body.

 Like a wave, my body and my magic power blur as it wavers.
 However, I haven't moved a single step through this place.

 Nevertheless, as if I had taken a step, I can see the residue of my magic power as if I had emitted it.

''No matter what kind of magic you use, there is no way to prevent the Immortal God Body.

 Ahide kicked the ground and turned into light and ran out.

 He headed straight for us from the front and thrust his right arm, which was turned into a stake, out at the speed of light--
 I grabbed Levine Girma and kicked the ground to greet him.

 In the space of a moment, me and Ahide crossed and swapped positions.
 While turning his back, he says.

'-- You've successfully avoided it, but not next time. You are doomed to perish at the hands of this god.

Oh. With those dull hands of yours?

What do you mean, they...?

 When Ahide raised his arms, he finally noticed that they had been severed from the elbows.


 After a delay, fresh blood poured out of his arms with great vigor.


Stop yelling, servant. There's too much noise.

 With his face pale, the guy's supposedly immortal divine body trembles with a jolt.

''.........It is not allowed. It's not allowed........

 Repeating deliriously, Ahide looks at Arcana.

'God! My God, Arcana! What's the meaning of this? This body wasn't immortal? Please give us an oracle! 

What are you talking about? It's like Arcana said. There is only one way to destroy you. Draw the sword of the Almighty, Rivine Girma, and use it to slice through you three times.

 Ahide looks at the revolving gilma in my hand.
 It's still in its scabbard.

''........impossible........The Reveingylma is a divine sword made by the Almighty and can never be pulled out! If you don't have it in its sheath, the person who pulls it out has no life! As long as you are alive, that sword has not been drawn!

 'I'll set up my revolving gilma and say softly to him.

'Then try it. Next time I will separate you from the power of the god you surrendered.

'How could that be... how arrogant... how arrogant... the power of God from me? You don't think I'm going to let you do that! Show me the tricks of the trade, nonconformist...!

 Scattering snow and moonlight flowers, the moment Ahide turned both of his feet into stakes, his knees and below were slashed off with ease.

 The divine power that had descended on him was detached, and Ahide's hair returned from gold to dark blue.
 As the power that had been drained away returned, light gathered to Arcana, and she had regained her original divine body, from her magical body.

''.........The power of the gods is slipping away......? My, my God's power......Why this body that is immortal? Why is it........! Please, please, please oracle...

 With both hands and feet severed and helpless, Ahide fell on his back on the spot.
 I walked loosely beside him.

'The Wave Body Covered Manifestation (Veneziara) is the magic that makes the possible real.

"....the possibility of.......existence...? What are you saying...?

I don't understand. With the revolving door in its sheath, there is the possibility that I may or may not draw my sword. <With the Veneziara, I've made both of those possibilities a reality.

 I project the Almighty's sword, Levine Girma, into Ahide's vision.
 It is still in its scabbard.

I have not pulled this sword out of its scabbard as long as it is in its scabbard. If this is in the scabbard, I will not be destroyed. On the contrary, the fact that I have not perished proves that I have not drawn this sword.

''If you don't pull it out, it shouldn't be able to harm this Immortal God Body.......''

 Ahide says, stunned.

''Then the story will be fast. That immortal divine body has been injured, which means that Revein Gilma has been pulled out. Of course, it's still in its scabbard.'

 Ahide furrows his brow as if he doesn't understand.

'The Almighty has made a sword that no one can pull off. If the Almighty pulled out his sword, he would have been unable to make a sword that no one else could pull out. But if the Almighty doesn't pull out the sword, he cannot be said to be omnipotent. So what does the Almighty do?

 I tell Ahide, whose expression becomes more and more distorted, my answer.

'The answer is this. The Almighty cannot draw this sword. But he can pull it out at the same time. The sword that no one else can pull out is pulled out without being able to do so. It's a simple logic. If you're called omnipotent, you must be able to draw and not draw, at the same time.

'........What do you mean by that? There is no way you can do that......... That's a contradiction........

 I stab the baffled Ahide with a smile.

That is the Veneziara. To pull out and not to pull out, no matter how contradictory, both can exist at the same time if it is only possible.

 I may or may not pull out this sword.
 It's natural for the two to exist at the same time.

And I have made that possibility a reality at the same time. The contradictory can exist at the same time, because the two can exist at the same time. Because even if they exist, they are only possibilities.

 Ahide made a face as if his mind had gone blank.

''..........The moment it exists, it should contradict itself....... If you didn't pull it out, then my body won't be damaged........ If you pulled it out, you must disappear or the logic is wrong........!

'Yes, there is something wrong with the logic. Because this judgment of the sword of the Almighty is thought of by those who are not omnipotent. The logic itself of the non-omnipotent does not apply to the Almighty. Since he is omnipotent, it is a mistake to think that he is governed by logic.

 Losing the words to reply, Ahide's expression distorts as if he just doesn't understand.

''........You are wrong.......''

"Ha-ha. You don't understand, ahide. That is good. If I may explain it plainly to you, the non-almighty cannot understand the answers given by the Almighty.

 For a moment, he gives me a stunned stare.

'You've just admitted to yourself that I am to you.

 I point to the evil collar on him.

"The immortal body of a god is no more. It's time for the nightmare to begin.


 <Shackles and collars Dreamscape (Nedonelias).
 The collar's magic kicks in and he is reduced to a nightmare.

What you are about to see is a dream of a world where the gods keep betraying you. <"What you are about to see is a dream of a world where the gods will continue to betray you, and you can go around your land spreading the word that there is no Eques. But never kill anyone, and don't die yourself. If you defeat it, you'll never wake up again. If you succeed, time will return and you will be betrayed by God again. Repeat it a thousand times, and if you have abandoned your faith, come back.

 He laughs lecherously and tells him a curse word.

'Finally, I'm going to give you a nightmare you'll never wake up from.

 Ahide's eyes lose their light.
 <He must have traveled to the world of the shackles and collars, Nedonerias.


 Kotsu, kotsukotsu, the sound of footsteps.
 I throw a few words at the little god as he slowly walks towards us.

'Are you satisfied with the answer to the Almighty's sword?'

There is no Almighty.

 His clean eyes turn straight to me.

We can't save all of them.

 Arcana continued, saying.

'I thought so.'

 When Arkana held out her hand, the ring of pact beads worn by Ahide flew there.

You are more righteous than I. This holy war is your victory. This holy war is your victory. Kill me, and you will have your order.

 Arcana told him this without showing any signs of hesitation.
 As if he was not afraid of being destroyed.

'If you think I've won, let's hear it before we settle this.

 Arcana nodded.

'You have won, and you have the right to do so. I can answer for it if I know it.

'In the main auditorium of the Academy for the Brave, you went out of your way to ask me, "Can the Almighty make a sword that no one can pull off? Can the Almighty make a sword that no one can pull off? That must not have been ordered by Ahide.

That's right.

Why were you looking for answers?

 Arcana, in this selection referee, even created Levine Girma to be the judge of whether I could answer that question or not.

 If I could not answer it, he would impose that judgment on another.

'It is not a question to be fought,'

 She thinks for a moment and says.

'I am God and yet I have sinned.'

 As if in repentance, Arcana says

'I have forgotten the name of God.'