17-Order of magnitude magic


 Sasha's scream can be heard from the intercepted .

 Hmm. I was a little too easy on him, huh? It looks like there's still more room for improvement than I thought.
 The demon king's castle that I knocked into the ground is only half destroyed.

 But even though it's still fightable damage, how will it perform?

 As I walked slowly towards the Demon King's Castle, I heard a voice that seemed to have made up its mind through the .

''I'm going to use the Hellfire Eradication Cannon (Geo-Glaze).''

 Huh. Interesting.

"But, Sasha-sama. <Even if the Gio-Glaze has the blessing of the Demon King's Castle and the magical energy of the mages, it doesn't have a 20% chance of success.

If you fail to do so, the Demon King's Castle in its current state will surely collapse!

"This is no time to be afraid. Acknowledge the power of the enemy. No matter how much of a mongrel, how much of a nonconformist, Anos is a castle-throwing monster! You think you can fight it off with half-hearted magic?

 The squad members who have been whispering about Sasha's point are silenced.
 As expected, he's quite a charismatic person. Although he is still inexperienced, it's too good to leave him as an enemy.

''Without the highest level of flame-attribute magic , Anos Voldigord can't be defeated. Isn't that right?

 There is no voice from the team members. However, the subtle flow of magic transmitted through the thought transmissions (leaks) tells me of their determination.

"There's one person over there and twenty over here! If you lose this one, there's no shame in it. Go ahead and do everything in your power to die. Show that mongrel the best magic of your lifetimes and the pride of the royal family to that mongrel!

 To that scolding, the team members shouted.

""I understand!"

 At that moment, particles of magic power rise up in the Demon King's Castle. It's a three-dimensional magic circle. The castle of the Demon King itself was turned into a gigantic magic circle, and the intention was to use great magic.

 Seven guardians built and maintained a three-dimensional magic circle that was difficult to activate, and ten mages poured all the magic they could into it. The remaining two spellcasters (shamans) are responsible for controlling the sights.

 The one who is working on the key great magic formula is Sasha Nekron.
 She is known as the Witch of Doom, and her talent is rare.
 Even with the help of her friends, it is not an easy task to deploy magic on such a large scale.

 Unlike origin magic, which uses risk as a springboard to gain immense power, the highest level of flame attribute magic is a skill that can be accomplished purely through the accumulation of magical skills.

 It's impossible for Sasha alone to do this with her magical power. In other words, after being taught the Demon King's Army (Guys), she must have trained in about a week and refined it to a level where she could use magic in actual battle.

''Are you ready? Everyone's strength, everyone's heart, leave it to me.

Yes, sir.

I believe in you, Sasha.

Use all the magic I have to offer.

Let's win...

We have the power of the royal family.

 The minds of two people, the magic power was concentrated at a single point.
 This is the essence of the Demon King's Army (Guys).

 By utilizing their respective class characteristics, the group magic that is activated adds up to more than 10 times the magic power of each of them.
 They are able to strike back at even the most high-ranking opponents.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this.
 The next moment, Sasha screamed.

Let's go! <Gio-Glaze!

 A magic circle like a cannonball emerges in front of the demon king's castle, and the magic power concentrates there. It's not just a matter of time before you get to the point where you'll be able to get your hands on it.

 Hmm. They said it had a 20% success rate, but I didn't expect them to unleash such a perfect Gio-Glaze at the very last minute.

It's brilliant. So let's get this over with.

 I hold out my hand towards the incoming . A magic circle emerges and a small red flame appears there.

 Thinking back, this is the first time in this era that I've used attack magic that looks like attack magic.


 The small flame I let loose collides with the Geophysical Flame Annihilation Cannon. In the next moment, a hole is made in the jet-black sun, and it is quickly engulfed in flames and consumed.

 It happened in an instant. The giant Gio Glaze was burned to the ground without a trace.

''........Lie.......the was canceled out.......''

"Lady Sasha! We're not canceling each other out! The on the other side is still...!

 The flames I fired went straight into the demon king's castle and burst.
 The castle was engulfed in flames and burned down. Walls and ceilings crumbled and collapsed in the blink of an eye, making a rattling sound.

 In the nick of time, Sasha, who escaped from the castle with the magic of
''........I didn't expect to be able to use the by myself.......''

 Hmm. In the age of mythology, it was natural for one person to use the to annihilate the flames of hell, but there's no point in pointing that out.

 There is only one thing to say now.

You should have seen the formula carefully. I didn't use the Gio-Glaze!


 Sasha rolls her eyes as if surprised.

''But there shouldn't be any fire magic higher than ...''

 The mage (mage) continued to say.

It's not really........origin magic? A forbidden curse that is only passed down to the royal family to be used at the risk of their lives. Surely, with that, it can be used against the Gio-Glaze!

 Good grief, you don't seem to get it.

'I'm sorry, but that wasn't even origin magic.

 Sasha and the others are staring at me.

"It's Grega.


 The flame attribute magic, in order of strength, is , , , , and - .

You've burned the and set the Demon King's Castle on fire...!

 A desperate voice rises.

'Oh, impossible! I don't think that's possible. There must be some secret.... the secret that evolved the flame...

 It's not something to hide, so I'm going to tell you.

"The secret is the difference in magic power. It's just that there's that much difference in the magic power between me and you two.

 The mage (mage) looked like he was shocked in the head with a gulp.


No, it can't be...

''It's not so strange. I'm sure you've seen the difference in magic power between the Demon Flame (Gresde) and the Great Hot Flame (Gusgam) in competition at least once before. If the difference in magic power opens up to a great extent, this is what can happen.

 When I said that and stepped out, the mages (mages) shook with a jolt.
 Overcome by despair and completely losing their will to fight, they let go and I walk to Sasha's side.

'....an order of magnitude different.......monster.......'

 I heard such a murmur from behind me.

'Do you remember your promise?'

 So he speaks to Sasha.


 Biting her lip gingerly, Sasha's face was tainted with humiliation.

'Why didn't you kill him?'

 That's what I'm saying. We're not at war with anything.
 There is no need to kill them in class, and it's just too much trouble to bring them back to life.

 But it wouldn't do to talk like that.

You have potential. It's a shame to kill you.

 With that, he holds out his hand to Sasha.

'Join my men.'

 Sasha thought for a while, then tried to take my hand without fear and glared at me with a snap just before she was about to do so.
 She slammed that with all her might.

''Don't die!''


 I look straight back at Sasha's magical eye of doom.

"Then don't kill me!


 He thrusts out his hand further, holding it out to Sasha.

"You're a stubborn one, aren't you? Just join my crew.

"....I will never forget this humiliation. One day I will be strong, and then I will surely kill you....

 I huffed.

"I'm telling you, Sasha, if killing you was enough to kill you, you'd be dead two thousand years ago. If killing you would kill you, I would have been dead 2,000 years ago.

 Sasha looked stunned.
 Then he said somewhat resignedly.

''That's a weird mongrel........''

 'Huh,' she sighs.

'....It's fine. I'm not likely to be able to compete with the current me, but that doesn't mean I can't disobey the contract," she said.

 After saying that, Sasha put her fingertips on my hand.

'But you have to remember,' she said, 'that this is a contract. This is a contract. I don't remember selling my heart to you.

Yeah. Nice to meet you.

 I smiled at her and Sasha rolled her eyes.

'Hey. Let me ask you one more question.


Did you bring me here for that boy?

'Well, yes. Misha seemed to want to get along with you.

Yeah. Hmm.

 She let go of my hand, seemingly uninterested.

'Oh, and one more thing,'


Your eyes were beautiful.

 Instantly, Sasha's face turned bright red.
 She spun around to escape.

''I'm telling you, it's true. I've never seen such a beautiful magic eye.''

 Even in the age of mythology, there was no one with such a serene and unblemished magical eye.
 If my eyes are correct, she would have quite a bit of magical talent.

 Well, right now, she's still far from inexperienced.

''Are you listening to me?''

 When I said that to Sasha, who was turning away, she turned to me again.

''I can't hear you, you idiot...!

 He was embarrassed by my praise, but he only said it weakly.