16-Opposition test by group

 One week later--

 Two groups of students had come to the Demon Tree Forest behind the Delzogade Demon King's Academy for their team-based examinations.
 There was a deep forest with an eerie atmosphere, and the ravines and mountains could be seen. That vast land would be perfect for training in magic.

We're going to divide into two groups and immediately begin the intergroup test. The first one is Sasha's team.

 As Emilia utters this, Sasha steps forward.

'Let me show you all an example.


 Huffing, Sasha smiles.

''Then the other team is.....

 Sasha is staring at me.
 There's no way she's going to run away without that look on her face.

"I'll do it.

 He stepped forward with Misha.

''Now, first we'll have an inter-squad test between Sasha and Anos squads. The results will affect your grades, so don't cut corners and do well.

 Saying that, Emilia leaves the forest with the other students.
 The surveillance would be done using messengers and the large mirror.
 <The examination for each team of the Demon King's Army (Guys) is a mock war, so to speak.
 You can't just get caught up in it.

Are you prepared for this?

 <Sasha glares at me forcefully with the Devil's Eye of Doom.
 I took it in stride.

"Who are you talking to?

You've always been a pompous prick. You know what you're supposed to do, don't you?


You can't trust a man with a promise.

It's the same here.

 When I tried to put a
'I thought you were the one who said you couldn't be trusted?

You have no idea what kind of contracts you'll be getting with your Zekt.

 Hmm. You don't insult me as a nonconformist, but you have a clear focus on the source.

"Let the boy do his thing.

 Sasha turns her gaze to Misha who was behind me.
 <Even though she was stared at by the , she didn't move and stared back at her sister.

''........Is it me.......?''

Yeah, it doesn't matter who does it.

 Misha held up the palm of her hand and unfolded the magic circle of the .
 The terms were written in magic letters and Sasha signed it.

 Unless both parties agree, a magical contract is made that can never be different.

''Which would you prefer for the camp?''

Decide what you want. It's the same everywhere.

Yeah. Okay, I'll take the east side.

 Inevitably, my position will be to the west.

Hey. Remember. Your arrogance, I'll make you regret it later.

 With a huff, Sasha turned around and left for the east side of the Demon Tree Forest with her squad members in tow.

''Shall we go too?''


 We walked appropriately and reached the west side of the forest.
 We waited there for a while.

Well, I guess we're almost there.

Then, Sasha team and Anos team will begin the inter-team examination. I want you to beat the enemy with all your might so that you won't shame the name of the founder!

 Does the name of the founder live up to its name?
 It's not that I didn't like beating up my enemies, though.

 The mythical times were not as peaceful as they are now, and I did so simply because I could get the most out of doing so.
 I'm a pacifist by nature, but apparently the people of this era misunderstand that area.

 If I had a belligerent personality, I wouldn't be silent when I was branded a non-conformist.

 Well, I guess it's not the first time.

''........What is the plan.......?''

 Misha asked nonchalantly.

'But there are two of us, you know.

 Sasha's group is half of the class, roughly thirty-five people.

'What's Misha's opinion?'

 When I ask, she ponders with a blank expression.

''........My class is the Lord of the Castle (Guardian). <I'm good at creating architecture (Ibis) magic...

 The magic of the Demon King's Army (Guys) has already been used.
 You can assign any class to your people, but Misha has chosen to be a Guardian because he is good at magic.

 The Guardian class adds positive magic corrections to building castles and dungeons, defensive walls and magical barriers. <My magic power, as a magician of the Demon King's Army (Guys), can further enhance their power.

I'll use ibis to build the Demon King's Castle. The magician's ability to build a demon king's castle will be raised by the magician's blessing. It's an advantage for a siege.

 That's a reasonable tactic. Me and Misha will be at our best.

'But I've read that Sasha will probably come around.

Well, what do you do now?

 Well, to be honest, tactics are a waste of time to think about. There's no way I'm going to lose, no matter what I do.
 However, I'd like to see Sasha's panicked face anyway.

"I'm going to use a tactic that they never expected to use to outsmart me.

 Misha stares back at me with a blank expression.

''....What kind of...?''

"The Demon King's (King) class is weaker on its own because it shares its magical power with its subordinates. It's standard practice to build the Demon King's Castle and use its blessings.

 Only if you are in the Demon King's Castle, the Demon King's (King) class can show more strength than usual.
 However, it's up to the guardian who built the castle.

That's why I'm going to use this castle as a decoy, and I'll go to the other castle by myself.


 Misha's expression didn't change, but she remained silent, as if surprised.

What do you think?


 'Ha,' I smiled briskly.

'I'm sure they think so too. That's why I'm going to turn the tables.'

...Are you...okay...?

''Well, normally, when you turn the tables on a strategy like this, you're going to get turned into a beehive of magical concentrated fire. And that's only if the forces are so close together that the tactics are effective.

 Worried, Misha froze in place with a blank expression.

'Are you worried?'

 Misha shakes her head with a shake as she asks.

'Anxiety is anxiety... but Anos is strong...'

 It's not so bad, Misha seems to know what she's talking about. She has her eyes firmly fixed on the source of my roots with her demon eyes.

"Leave the bait to me!

 Misha nodded persistently.

''Be careful....''

Yeah, I'm not very good at taking it easy.

 Then Misha's eyes fluttered.


Me? Careful?

 He asked back.
 Misha nodded her head slightly.



 Hmmm, a belly laugh erupts from the bottom of my stomach.
 I never thought I'd be worried about myself in battle.
 This is what friends are for, isn't it? It's a new feeling. But it's not as bad as it sounds.

"Be careful, Misha, be careful.


 With a wave of my hand, Misha and I parted ways, and I headed straight for the forest on the east side, which was Sasha Squad's camp.

 After a while, a large amount of magical power flowed out from behind us.
 When I turned around, I saw that huge castles had been erected in three locations in the western forest. It was probably Misha's magic. Probably a hurricane for decoys, but to build three huge demon king castles that large in such a short period of time, her magic power is unparalleled in her class.

 Except for me, that is.

''Well. What's the reaction from the other side...?

 Using my magic eye, I intercepted a thought transmission (leaks).
 Immediately, I hear a voice.

''Sasha-sama. Three castles have been built in the enemy camp.

Two of them are traps. In the other one, that demon king from the other side must be lurking.

Shall we destroy the castles one by one?

"No. Even Misha can't create a complete Demon King's Castle in this short period of time. He's going to stall for time, and in the meantime, he's going to turn it into a robust Demon King's Castle. I'll strike first.

Copy that. Please advise.

Form a squad of mages (Cavalier), healers (Healer), mages (Mage), and summoners (Summoner) and head for the respective Demon King's Castle.

Yes, sir!

 I see. So there are three units: a mage (Cavalier), a healer (Healer), a mage (Mage) and a summoner (Summoner). So that means there are 12 of them heading for the castle.

 Leaving more than half of them in my position is a tougher tactic than I thought.


Hmm. So they finally built a castle.

 It took longer than expected, but a huge demon castle has appeared in the camp over there. If I don't have a destination, as expected, I can't move around either.

 However, with this--and I used the
 My vision went blank, and the next moment I saw the Demon King's Castle built by Sasha Squad in front of me.

 The intercepted thought transmissions (leaks) echoed loudly in my head.

''Sa, Sasha-sama!

What's going on?

The enemy king of demons, Anos Voldigord, has suddenly appeared in front of the castle.

'What? How on earth did you...?

I don't know. The sorcerer (shaman) was carefully watching the flow of magic in his own camp, but he really did appear out of nowhere! I can only assume that he used some magic that we don't know about!

 I heard Sasha gasp.

''.........Could it be.......the lost magic .......? That's why... but besides that...

 Hmm. You seem to have a flexible mind to sense it when you haven't actually seen it.

"Fine. In any case, having the Demon King (King) ride in on his own is like asking me to kill him. You may think you're trying to backstab me, but you should tell them that you're just being reckless and mistaking tactics for recklessness!

How about that?

 <When I interrupted the Thought Communication (Leaks), the Sasha team panicked.

''Wha.......what do you mean? Why is his voice on the Leaks?

'Wow, I don't know. There's nothing wrong with the magic circle, and it can't be heard!

'But you can actually hear me! Figure out what's going on, now! <It's possible that a thought transmission (leaks) has been intercepted!

 Good grief. That's a lot of noise.

'The cause is the magic formula you assembled. The 89% reproducibility rate of the magicians was a whole lot too low, and that's what I was asking you to intercept.

"Bullshit ... if it's 89% reproducible, it's a national security clearance! That's what you said you could intercept?

Don't let his words fool you. It had to be something else!

 Oh, yeah. You don't believe me when I tell you in good faith.

It's not a problem.

 With a single voice from Sasha, those under their command regained their composure.
 You can say he is an okay charismatic person.

"No matter how many times the Leaks are intercepted, they are still the Demon King alone. There is no way they can even get past the first layer of the Demon King's Castle, which took seven Guardians to build.

 There are seven guardians? It must be quite a robust construction. Inside the castle, there will be a number of different worlds, a number of traps, and a number of blessings to strengthen the King.


It's a very light castle.

 I walk straight to the Demon King's Castle and place my hand on its wall.

'It's useless. It's no use, it's too much anti-magic.

"You don't understand combat if you're only wary of magic.

 I clawed at the wall. My fingers are dug into the castle.

"Remember. Remember, castles are built heavier.


''What's happening? A shaman?

I can't believe it! He's- Anos Voldigord is going to lift the castle!

It's impossible for me to do that...!

 The Demon King's Castle was completely out of the ground and I was lifting it up with one hand.

''.........Lie....... How could a demon king (king) who hasn't even received any blessings have this kind of power........?

''It's true that if you use the , your power is dependent on your class. But let me tell you, to begin with, the ground power is different between you and me.

 He slowly rotates his body. The Demon King's Castle, which I lifted up, wobbled and turned with it.
 Gradually, the centrifugal force came on and the Demon King's Castle was swung around at higher and higher speeds.

''Kya, Kyaahhhhhhhh!

A monster! You're not just lifting the castle, you're swinging it around!

No, no! What are you doing, stop!

 Hmm. It's so pathetic.
 They were well-prepared for anti-magic, but their physics seemed to be unguarded.

 I'm sure the people of this era were too peaceful to train their bodies in the first place.
 It's a good idea to have a strong physical body before you can develop a technique or anything else.

You have to be a good passer, or you will die. That's right, you need to passive well, or you'll die.

 I threw down the Demon King's Castle with all my might after gaining centrifugal force. The huge demon king's castle was knocked to the ground with a thud as it flew through the wind.