18-Necklon's sisters

 Today's class ended without a hitch.
 Unlike the sleepy explanations of magical concepts and magical techniques, the inter-team exams are good for a light workout.

 However, I've been commuting to Delzogade for the past week, and there's no sign of any human attack, no spirit trickery, not even a conspiracy of the gods.
 I had taken a precaution that if it came down to it, I would have to protect Dirhade, but I'm beaten out of it. Well, the demon race that has become so weak has been able to thrive until today. I guess there's no need for me to make a move.
 I never thought the demon tribe's country would have this much peace. Peace is boring, but it's not a bad thing.

''It's more like--''

 Just as they were leaving the gates of the Delzogade Demon Academy, Sasha, who was walking behind them, complained.

''Why do I have to leave with you guys?

 Misha's eyes fluttered and she nodded her head.

'Well, since we're in the same squad, I thought we'd get to know each other better.

'I've joined your ranks, but I don't remember telling you that I was going to be your friend.

Well, if you don't like it, you can go home.

Yeah. Well, I'm going home. Have a good day.

 Turning on her heel, Sasha walks in a different direction from us.


 Misha is staring at his back.
 Although she has no expression, she is probably lonely.

 It can't be helped.

''You know I suddenly appeared in front of your castle during the inter-team exam.

 Pitter-patter, Sasha stopped in her tracks.

'Shall I show you what magic I used?'

 Her twin-tails swayed softly and Sasha turned around.

''I'm going to use the
 I knew you'd be interested.

Do what you want.

 I'm going to sign the magic of the Zekt that Sasha used.


 I hold out my hand to Sasha.


I told you I'd show you. You might as well get the hang of it.

So why should I hold your hand?

You're the one who made the connection.

 Then Sasha turned red and said.

''Oh, that was just one of those situations, wasn't it? That's why the mongrels...'

 He mumbles and makes an incomprehensible excuse.

'I don't mind either way, but you'll have to hold my hand to show me.


 Sasha holds my hand as if reluctantly.



 Connect your other hand with Misha.

So you'll hold hands with Misha and Sasha, too.

'What? Why?

 He's a guy who changes his expression all over the place.

'I don't mind if you don't want me to see it, but you're also breaking your contract by not seeing it.

 Sasha became more mature and held out her hand to Misha.

'Yes, go ahead,'


 Misha fearlessly holds hands with Sasha.

'Hold me tighter,'

Is this how it's done?

 Sasha squeezes my hand tightly.
 Misha holds my hand firmly in hers, but she and Sasha are only touching hands.

Shit. It's a good idea to make sure you're doing it right. You can't use your magic like this.

 Sasha squeezes Misha's hand.


 Misha also squeezed his hand back.
 Somehow, I felt her usually expressionless face break out in happiness.

 I'm glad, I thought, and then Misha appealed to me with her eyes to thank me.
 'Never mind,' I smile at her.

'Hey. What are you guys talking about with your eyes?

 'Jeez,' said Sasha, glaring at me.

'What? You want to mingle?

 I give Sasha a look. Then her face flushed brightly.

Hm. Sasha, you're not used to making eye contact with people because of the Devil's Eye, are you?

It's not..........................

 The words were about to disappear.
 You were right. <If the control of the Devil's Eye is unstable, it's understandable.
 If you make eye contact with her, she might accidentally kill you.

Come on, just use that magic.

All right, all right. Don't be a stickler.

 <I use the magic of Transition (Gatom). My vision turns completely white, and the next moment, my house, the blacksmith and appraiser 'Wind of the Sun' is in front of me.


 Sasha mumbled and muttered, trying to analyze the magic from the residue of magic power.
 Well, as expected, it's impossible.

''This is my home. Do you want to come by while you're at it?

More importantly, your current magic is called Gatom, right? You're a mongrel, where did you learn all these lost magic techniques? Tell me!

 I don't know if she's that interested, but Sasha is gingerly closing in on me.

If you want to know, you can go play at my house.

How did I end up in a house full of mongrels?

Don't be.

 Kicking, Sasha glared at me. There was a magic circle in her eyes.

'I didn't!

Yeah, you're going home. See you tomorrow, all right?

 He turned his back on Sasha and said to Misha.

'Misha's going to come by, right?'


Let's go. Let's talk about lost magic today.

 I said thoughtfully and put my hand on the door of the house.

'Well, wait a minute!


 When I turned around, Sasha muttered awkwardly.

''........wow, me too.......''

 She says that much and looks down like a bum.


...so can I go...?

 I couldn't help but laugh at the fading end of the word.


 Sasha patted her chest in relief.

'You wanted to play, didn't you?'

'No! Okay? My goal is to become a Gatom. That's it! Can you stop with the weird innuendo?

 I guess that's true, but the fact that he was so pissed off and denied it was probably because he wanted to play. Well, let's not poke him. Misha will be depressed if he stops coming with his willpower.

 I open the door and hear a clunking sound.
 My mother, who was working at the store, notices me and comes running up to me.

I'm sorry, Anos," she says. How did the intergroup exam go today?

 Mom asks with a nervous look on her face.

'I won,'

 Instantly, Mom plastered a sparkling smile on her face and hugged me tightly.

'Wow, Anos! Genius! You're only a month old and you're beating your big friend, it's amazing! We're going to have a treat tonight!

 He rubs his cheeks so badly and I'm confused about what he did with me.

'Oh, oh...'

 Mom's momentum is still great as always.

'Oh, and I've brought another visitor with me...?

'What? Misha again? Already. Anos are so in love with each other!

 Crunchy, my mom poked me in the side with her elbow.
 Then she says to Misha, who was behind me, "Welcome, Misha........

 There were two of them, unexpectedly, and they seemed to have a question in Mom's head.

'It's nice to meet you, Mother. I'm Sasha Necron. Henceforth, I hope you'll be familiar with me.

 Sasha lifts the hem of her skirt and bows gracefully.

''........Mother-in-law is such a.......!

 Mom seems to be in some kind of shock.

'Oh, Anos-chan.......Anos-chan.......'

 Mom turned pale and shouted.

'Anos-chan's got his second wife with him!

 Sasha just looks at her mother too distraught, and Sasha just looks at her dumbfounded.

''Uh ... what do you mean by that?''

'You know what, Sasha, will you calm down and listen to me?'

 Grabbing Sasha's shoulders, Mom pleads with an earnest look on her face.

It's okay. I'll be fine.

 Sasha wants to say that Mom is not calmer than she is.
 It was as if she was being told off.

'You're only a month old, Anos, so you don't know anything about it. I didn't mean to hurt you. But, you know, I already have a bride named Misha.

Hmm. Hmm. I don't have a problem with that.

 As expected of Sasha, that's a calm return.
 This should bring my mother back to herself.

"I don't care ... I don't care ... I don't care ... I don't care ... I don't care ... I don't care if you're my mistress! Anos-chan, Anos-chan, why are you so irresistible!

 You're right, Mom, you have a reputation for slanted returns.

'Can you wait a minute? No, of course not.

Yeah, so he's looking for predatory love, huh?


 Sasha looks at me like she's in trouble.
 'Let's leave it alone for a bit longer because it's funny.

'So, well, I wonder if you know Misha's last name?

Nekron, right?

My name is Sasha Negron.

Oh, well....

 Mom gasped.

Yeah. We're sisters, so we just happen to know each other.

'The sisters are fighting over Anos! What do I do? What do I do? Anos-chan is so manly, it's going to tear the bond between the two best friends and sisters apart!

 Just then, the door slammed open and another troublesome man came in.
 It's my father.

"Anosk. My father, you know, he used to be a bit of a naughty boy. He used to use swordsmanship and stuff like that. Haha.

 Hmm. Dad's in full swing from the very beginning.
 Why the hell are you starting all of a sudden with the old story?

'So I know exactly what you're going through. You're a boy, so you're going to be a little naughty, and Dad, I thought I could understand most things. But.

 Dad said with a serious look on his face.

'You two are such an envy!

 Hmm. Father. You're letting your true intentions go to waste.
 Pouring a dumbfounded look at us and our children, Ha, Sasha sighed.

"Hey, Anos. Take responsibility.

Should I get married?

 Sasha's face turned bright red.

''No, of course not, you're an idiot!

 You're a very noisy fellow.

Hey, Misha. Say something.

 Misha thought and then said.

''........Sasha likes Anos......?''

You're an idiot!

 Hmm. For all the talk of being a rag doll, it's hard to see why we're not getting along.