19-Make up

 As a celebration for winning the intergroup exam, my mother spent a lot of time making a feast for us.
 It's not so bad to have two more people at the usual dining table. But it's mainly my parents who get noisy, though.
 Sasha had blurted out that it didn't make sense for her to participate in the celebration even though she had lost, but as soon as she took a bite of her mother's home-cooked meal, she fell silent.

 I'm sure that even in this day and age, your homemade meals are still quite tasty.

'And then what? What did Anos say to you to ask Sasha to join the squad?

 After all, Mom's misconceptions were hard to clear up, and Sasha was facing the same questioning as Misha was.

'It's nothing out of the ordinary. They want you to be under my command, that's all.

'No! To be my man? "Take my place"? If you can show such a clumsy manhood, the girls are going to love it!

 Hearing Mom's yellow scream, Sasha has an unruly look on her face.

'The reason? What's the reason Anos asked Sasha out?

...nothing else. It's just that you're an asset.

Oh, what? I'm suspicious while I'm here! Misha, how are you doing?

 Misha swallowed the vegetable salad with a gagging motion and then said nonchalantly.

''........Your demon eyes were beautiful......?''

"d*mn, I'm going to fall in love with you if you complain about killing me like that! Already, Anos's natural gigolo! The gap between her clumsiness and her awkwardness is too big. You are such a jerk!

 Come to think of it, did Misha also hear about it in the ? Well, it's a standard practice when using the . Although she wasn't communicating, she was using it naturally.

''Already, Misha. Can you not say anything else?


 He asked back, and Sasha turned away, as if he had been huffed.


 Hmm. The expression on your face is that you were fighting with each other and then accidentally spoke, but your mother misunderstands the situation between the two of you completely and is watching you with a look of nervousness.
 My father casually glances at me and nods his head in agreement with me with an enlightened look on his face. I'm not sure I have anything to teach you.

 Oh dear. Even with Misha, I tried to explain to her after she calmed down, but it's a poor quality, especially since she looks like she's about to cry when I try to tell her that she's not my wife and we've broken up, or whatever. Well, hey, let's see if I can explain it to her.

 Besides, it's not like I'm going to die from a misunderstanding.

 So the lively meal time was over in a flash, and I had to send Sasha and the others home.

 After talking with my dad at the workshop for a bit, I came back to the shop to find Sasha and Misha standing side by side as they prepared to leave.



 He is silent. Misha is not a talkative person to begin with, so I understand, but Sasha is a character that doesn't need to be silent. It's not a good idea to talk about anything.

 At first I thought they were not on good terms with each other because they were talking about things like junk dolls, but I had a feeling that Sasha's attitude, which she occasionally shows, wasn't necessarily so.
 Well, there's also the matter of Zepes and Riorg. It's hard for me to understand what's going on.

 However, I decided to wait a bit longer and peered at them from the shadows.

 They were silent for a dozen minutes or so. But then, perhaps losing patience, Sasha blurted out in a whisper.

'It's late.'


 For a while, there is another silence.



Well you've talked to me a little bit today, which is unusual.


Does Misha like that?


So... it's Anos.

 Misha thinks for a moment.

''I like........''

'Hmm, hmm. What do you like about it?


How? I looked like the devil on the intergroup exam.

 I'm the one who was pretty kind to him.

''...tough on the enemy...''

Yeah. You're a very inconsistent guy.

 Another moment of silence.



Do you like Anos?

'Huh! No way. It can't be.

 Her face turned red and Sasha did her best to deny it.



 Misha stared into Sasha's eyes.
 Perhaps because of her excitement, there was a in her eyes.


 Sasha murmurs softly.

''........The only person who can look me straight in the eye is Anos.......''

 As if talking to herself, she said.


It's crazy. My magical eye is beautiful. It's not a good idea to go to the beach, but it's a good idea to go to the beach. But...

 After a pause, Sasha opened her mouth again.

''This is the first time I've met someone who has the same magical eye.

 She smiles, just a little bit.

'That's it.'


 Sasha stares at Misha.
 Misha didn't try to look away either.

'Come to think of it, Misha was the same way.

...the same...?

You can look me straight in the eye.

 Kokoro Misha nodded.
 Her magical eye is also strong. She must be resistant to Sasha's Magic Eye of Doom.

Do you remember? When I was a child, I couldn't control this evil eye, so I was locked in a magical prison that I made so I wouldn't have to break anything.


 Sasha turned over and said as if remembering.

Misha was the only one who stood by me when no one else wanted to be in my sight.

We practiced together.

 Sasha laughs nostalgically.

'Yeah. Thanks to that, as long as I didn't make eye contact, I didn't accidentally hurt anyone.

Sasha did her best.

 There were no words, Sasha just nodded.

'Hey. I missed you earlier.



...me too.

 Sasha says, as if afraid to do so.



 They hold hands.

'We used to do this all the time. When I was crying because I couldn't get out of my cell, Misha would hold my hand and laugh at me.

 Misha nodded.

'Really, I don't know which one of us is your sister.

Sasha is the big sister.

 Hearing this, Sasha chuckles.

'Misha. I'll only say it once.'

 Kokoro, Misha nodded.

''I'm sorry ... can you forgive me ...?''

 Shaking her head, Misha shook her head.

''I'm not mad at you...''

 Sasha rolls her eyes in surprise.



 They looked at each other and squeezed each other's hands tightly.

 Hmm. It's as if I don't know what on earth was going on, but at least it looks like they were able to make up. In fact, the fact that they were fighting is just too much of a mystery.
 Well, he's at a bloody old age. There would be times when they would fight for silly reasons.

 I approached them both. "1

Sorry to keep you waiting. Let's get you home.

Okay. I'll walk home.

 When I looked at Misha, she nodded her head.

'You're taking all this time to walk all the way around. They're an odd lot.'

It's fine. It's fine. Well, have a good day.

 They walked out of the house hand in hand, not saying a word, but walking side by side.

'So, why are you following me?'

I told you I'd send you home. I'll keep my word once it's out of my mouth.

You're talking about Gatom. We're walking.

Sometimes it's fun to enjoy wasting time.


 Sasha gives me a look as if she's an unusual person, but I let it pass lightly.
 However, in the end, I didn't explain anything about the transference (gatom), but it seems to have completely slipped from Sasha's mind.
 Perhaps the impact of my mother was too strong.

"Come to think of it, do I know it?

Of course.

 When I said that, I was met with a blank stare from the Devil's Eye of Doom.
 He's a real troublemaker. If it weren't for me, you'd be unconscious at best.

You know what? You haven't said anything.

There's nothing I don't know.

Yeah. So, I'm sure you know that tomorrow's guest for the Grand Magical Council meeting is the Seven Demons Master, Ibis Necron.

Hmm. Yeah. I didn't know.

Well, you should have said so in the first place!

Don't get so excited. I'm just kidding.

 But Seven Demon Emperors, huh? It's one of those words I've always wondered about.

"Sasha, what is this Seven Demon Emperors? What's this Seven Demons' Grandfather?

''I'm flabbergasted. You said there's nothing you don't know, yet you don't even know the Seven Demon Emperors? You're a misfit indeed.

So, what's the deal?

"Two thousand years ago, the Founder of the Demon King used his own blood to create seven sons and daughters. The first family of Demon Kings with the blood of a founder.

I know that.

 I did it, after all.

''Then it's not as if you know what you're talking about. Those seven men are called the Seven Demon Emperors.


 What, those guys are the Seven Demon Emperors? Come to think of it, although I created them, I didn't name them. There was a mess with the wall and reincarnation and so on, so I didn't have the time to do that.

''The Seven Demon Emperors Old Man has started to train the next Demon Emperor at the Delzogade Demon King Academy. It seems that he wanted to be prepared for the reincarnation of his ancestor one day.

I see.

 Then it would be easy to find out that I'm a progenitor when I meet the Seven Demon Emperors.
 However, it's a bit strange. Those guys are hypothetically demon clans born in the mythical era. Even so, the management of the Delzogade Demon King Academy is too sloppy.

 More importantly, they know me.
 Then why am I a non-conformist?

 I thought it was because the demon race had fallen into bloodlineism and become incompetent, but maybe there was another reason.

 I walked next to Misha and the others while vaguely thinking about that.



 The next thing I knew, Sasha was calling me.

'What's up?'

What's wrong with you? We're here. We're home.

 There was a gate in front of him, and a magnificent mansion could be seen in the back of it.

''You've been silent ever since I told you about Elder Seven Demon Emperor, what's going on?''

No, it's nothing.

Yeah. Well, thank you for coming. Have a good day.

 He spins on his heel and Sasha leaves.


Oh. I'll see you tomorrow.


 Misha also headed to the mansion at the back of the gate.

 However, although I've thought about the non-conformists, I'm a little too lacking in information. There are several possibilities, but all of them are just inferences.
 Well, I'll know a bit more about that tomorrow when I meet one of the Seven Demon Imperial Elders. It's not particularly urgent. Let's just take it easy and wait.

 Now, let's go home.
 Just when I thought that, Sasha returned from the other side of the gate.

"What's up?


 Then why did you come back?



You know what?

 Pouting away and blushing with embarrassment, Sasha said.

''Thank you....''


''So ... so ... thanks to you, Misha and I have made up for it ...''

 What, Sasha wanted to make up for it, too?
 She's got a stubborn personality.

'I didn't do much.

That's not true. Nobody would dare to ask me to join their crew.

 For some reason, Sasha laughs happily.

'Except for you,'

 Hmm. It's not like my life is on the line or anything.

"Why were you fighting, by the way?

 Sasha's expression clouds over.

'It was silly. Really silly things but, you know, there was one thing I just couldn't give up. That's all.'

Did you get that sorted out?

"...Well yes...

 Sasha bristles.

'Let me ask you something,'


What would you do if your fate was predetermined?

 I replied immediately.

'Well, if you don't like it, I'll change it, but if you don't care, I don't care.'

 Sasha asked, after a look of puzzlement on her face.

'Do you think you can change your fate?'

Yeah, it's easy.

What are you going to do?

We'll knock it down.

 Sasha rolled her eyes and then huffed and smiled.

'Hey. Come over here for a minute.


"...why would you say no? Come on. Come on.

I don't like being told what to do.

Shit. You're so selfish.

 Huh, Sasha sighs dismissively.

'Will you come over here?'


 I'll stay with Sasha.


What are you--

 When I stepped out, Sasha was kissing my lips.

 I tried to read her mind with my conditioned reflex, using the .
 It's because there is a kind of curse that is triggered on the condition that you kiss her on the mouth.

 Sasha's mind flows in.

 --This is the first and last kiss--

 No hostility, huh? But I sense a tragic determination.
 Well, okay.
 How long she's been doing so, she quickly lets go.

'Well it's a friend's kiss. It's just a thank you, you know....

 Blushing with embarrassment, Sasha turns over.

''But I've never done it to anyone but you...''

 I don't know what you're thinking, but we can't afford to embarrass you.

"Hmm. That's a valuable thing you gave me. Thank you.

 Surprised, Sasha blinks her eyes and mutters, "Weird mutt.

'Well, I'll see you tomorrow.'


 With a wave of his hand, he uses the magic of .
 Just before the landscape went white.

"...Hey Anos it was nice to meet you...

 Such a voice rang in my ears.