242-Form of love

 Two pillars of light rose high in the sky from the forest of demon trees.

 Drawing a magic circle, Ray summoned the Spirit God Human Sword in his right hand.
 Once turned into the Sword of the Almighty Levine Girma in the battle with Ahide, it was returned, put back together again by Arcana.

 Ray and Misa, the that transformed their love into magical power, covered the Spirit Godman Sword and turned it into a long blade.

 A few steps, Ray stepped forward.


 He smiled gently and said to her as he watched behind her.

'I need your words.'

 Mass looks down in embarrassment and looks up and says.

 Instantly, as if the light exploded, it swelled up, and the Spirit Godman Sword clad in the shone brighter than ever before.

 Even more than when they had fought Avos Dilhevia, even more than when they had defeated the King's Dragon, their love for each other was shining the brightest now.

 That's no wonder, the one standing in front of them is none other than me and Shin.

 Even if we lose in a battle of magic and swords, we cannot lose in the Sacred Love Area (Theo Ask). Therefore, that's why Rei and Misa made that bond, that love, burn hotly.

 However, there was a man who stared at that brilliantly gleaming crystal of love with eyes like avenging parents.

 He, too, stepped out quickly and alone to confront Ray.

''I beseech you, my dear. First, I wish to show them my true love.

All right. Go ahead.

 I hand Shin the iron sword.
 As if to cover the sword's body, a shining light is gathering. That love is converted into magic by me, and I'm activating the Sacred Love Area (Theo Ask).

''How many times do I have to witness this with you, Ray Grundley?

Come on. I've lost count.

 A few steps forward, both of them quietly held their light swords and exchanged glances.

''Ever since that swordsmanship training, I've had a thought. I made a vow in my heart.''

 You'll be able to see that Ray, who always keeps a smile on his face, is looking more serious than ever today from before he even crosses his blade.
 It's the same, or even more so, as that time when he said he wouldn't let me go in order to protect me.

 I'm not sure if that's how much you want to appeal to him.

The next time I'm standing in front of you, I'll make sure I get that one.

'It's a big one. But I'll have ten before that.

 Shin's eyes are cold, sharpened like a blade.
 It's the same unleashed killing spirit as when I first met him.

 And yet, conflicting thoughts swirl in his chest, just like when he once confronted me in the space of the Hidden Wolf Gennuru, hoping for death.

 Shin is also serious.
 Two thousand years ago and since then, they've never faced a battle with this much feeling.

 The challenge is Rei, and Shin is the one to face him.
 Both of them put their unbeatable passion and great love into their swords.

Let's go.

Let's turn the tables on them.

 Ray and Singh held each other's love swords at the top level.
 No tricks. They wouldn't even run away with the technique.

 This is a battle of love and love, thoughts and feelings.
 If they retreat even slightly, it's a defeat for them.


 Exhaling lightly, it was Ray who moved first.
 He swung his long light sword and plunged headfirst into Shin.

 His thoughts, his love, scattered particles of light around him as if they exuded from his entire body.
 If you elaborate on it, it spoke eloquently of his will.

 --It's not just a matter of time before I win, I want you to listen to me, father-in-law! -- 

Barking won't make you love them any stronger...!

 As if to rebuff Ray's thoughts head-on, Shin kicks the ground and raises his exploding sword of light wide open.

 -- You can take one joke and then spit it out! Kid! --

 With a bang, the sword of light and the sword of light collide, and love and love rival each other violently.

 --You will definitely hear it! --

 --Don't listen! -- 

 --No! You will be heard. It's important. It's about your daughter! --

 A thunderous explosion of light occurs with a doggaaaaang.
 Pressed by that sword blast, Shin was blown away while rubbing his legs.


 Misa emits a worried voice.

 That's exactly what it is, a that has been concocted to the extreme.
 It's a pleading blow to the stubborn father who won't even listen to his daughter's lover's words, pressing tenaciously on him and demonstrating the extent of his own love.

 As expected of Shin, even he couldn't be safe, and Misa anxiously stared into the center of the explosion with her magical eye.
 Slowly, the explosion of light subsided and a human figure was seen.

 Shin is alive.
 No, he had completely received Ray's full-length with his love sword.

''Is that the extent of the love between the two of you?''

No, no...

 Shaking up his thoughts and shaking down his love, Rei slams the into Shin's sword again and again.

 However, they are exhausted and Shin takes them head on.

 -- This is an important story. I'll make sure you hear it. For this love! --

 --Don't listen to me, don't listen to me, don't listen to me! Is that all you got, kid! --

 It was as if he wasn't listening and it wasn't working.

''Huh ... hah ... hah ... hah ... ...

 Ray's breathing became ragged as they were dressed for a brisk battle again.
 Their blades crossed fiercely, sparks in their gazes.

''Do you understand, Rey? Why is your 'Holy Love Sword Explosion' (Theo Torealos) so exhaustively prevented by Shin's sword? This is the one form of love--

 Ray detonates the over and over again, as if he were continuing to persist under the eaves of the house against his daughter's father, who won't listen to him.

 It's just a flash of love's knee-jerk plea in the pouring snow, bowing and pleading again and again.

 But Shin's sword strikes it down head on.

 A father sees his daughter's lover on his knees under the eaves of the roof, and the father has an unfathomable hatred for the man who will soon take his daughter from him. The clumsy and great love that he knows his daughter will hate, but he can't let her in the door, and that is exactly what it is, a clearing of the doorstep of doting love.

Holy Demon Love-Hate Sword-Bombing (Dio Glazierus)

 With my voice, one by one, Ray's roots exploded.
 While being blown up, they died five times, revived five times, died five times again, and revived the same number of times.

 In a moment of prostration on the ground, a total of ten leis had been taken.

''Yi, was that...?''

Develop a new one. <The Holy Demon Love and Hate Sword Bombing (Dio Glazeas) is a strike that explodes love and hate. Originally, it's a that activates two people's love into one, .

'Hate... isn't that love magic anymore...?

 Mass said curiously.

'If it's just hate, yes. But sometimes love crosses the line and turns into hatred. That's what love and hate is all about. The unrequited love for the daughter's lover, the clumsy love that never retreats, that parental love is the blade that shatters the Holy Love Sword Bombing (Theo Torealos) between lovers, the Holy Demon Love Hate Sword Bombing (Dio Glazeas).

 Because of his great love for his daughter, Singh has an extraordinary hatred for Ray, who is trying to take her away from him. But that doesn't mean he hates her at heart. If you look into the depths of hatred, there is love at the root of it. Hatred is also love.

 If there is a drawback to this magic that makes it easy to twist Ray's "Holy Love Sword Explosion (Theo Torealos)", it is that the only condition under which it can be exercised is that it can only be used when Shin is confronted by Ray.

 I'm not going to be able to use it against the enemy.

''Well. Now you understand. I'm sure you've figured it out," he said, "but your form of love still can't match your parents'. No need to take it easy. <Come on, Rigalo Tirreroth.

 Misa looks at him while lending her shoulder to the fallen Rei.

''Well it's pathetic, but can you help me with your help...?''

 Looking down, Misa said thinly, "...yes...

 Quietly, she raised her hands above her head and darkness flooded out of them and enveloped her.

''Don't say anything watery about........lending me.......''

 A myriad of lightning struck the darkness that covered her.
 Her figure was revealed as lightning slashed through the darkness.

 A betel nut black dress and six spirit wings on her back.
 She twisted her head, and her hair, like the deep sea, swayed softly.

 What was revealed was her true body.
 It was a great spirit with the legend of the tyrannical demon king in its body.

''My body and mind were already yours long ago.

 Gracefully taking the hand that Mass offered her, Ray looks forward again.
 Big, big, love obstacles.


 Shin looks away slightly as he meets Misa's straight gaze.

''Father, please listen to me. Will you look into my eyes properly?

'I'm in class now. He's not your father.

 Crisply, Singh said the words.

''Well I understand. Then I'll have you listen to me, even if it takes all my strength.''

 Rey erased the Spirit Godman Sword into the magic circle and now took out the Unique Sword.
 The two of them clutched the sword together.

''With this love, defeat your father. Even if I have to tie you up, I will make you listen to me today, this day.''

 Without missing a beat, the girls breathed together and pointed their cutting edge at Shin.

Let's take a stand.

 From Shin's body, the love-hate blinked violently and turned into a giant pillar of light as it swirled around.

''Ray. I'll be the one to do it today.... Will you be with me today...?

I love you.

 Kaa, Mass's cheeks are flushed.
 Turning her face away, she says in shame.

''.........I know that even if you don't tell me that.......''

 The brilliance of their increases even more, and the light rises like a tornado.

 Ray is perfectly in tune with the movement of the mass.
 With their bodies and minds united, the lovers now challenge the great existence of their father.

 Shin stamps his feet and grits his teeth to catch that affectionate sword strike that is thrust out, with .

 Light and light collide, and love and love roar.

''........Mass, maybe one day you will leave the nest too. But for now, you are still a child. Let me tell you. That that of you is just a plaything to the extent that you are just raging in love and cannot reach this parental love.......

 Slightly, Shin pushes back Misa and Rei's .


 Ray grits his teeth. It's a magic of this much power.
 If the shape of the body tilts even slightly, it will be pushed away in one fell swoop.

 Quickly, Misa said.

''........Ah, mother.......''

 With a bang, Singh turned around at a great pace.
 There was, of course, no one there.

It's now!

You're not going to get it, Misa!

 Shin's momentary carelessness. Looking away in the middle of a battle, a lifelong blunder that should not be a part of the Demon King's right hand.

 The one word that gave birth to it is her healthy love affair to be acknowledged by any cowardly hand.

 If I don't respond to that, I'm not a man.

 Hot, hot, the sword of that love burns up.

'I love you!

I love you too!

 The overwhelming explosion of light, the heat of their love for each other, even the sword of love and hate, swallowed Shin up--