243-The abyss of love crosses the line

 The light, which was enough to dazzle the entire forest of demon trees, concentrated on Shin's body and expanded violently.
 No matter how gaping, their love for each other is genuine, and it gingerly pries open the stubborn Shin's parental heart.

 Just in time for the great explosion of light that rushed in, the sword of love and hate he possessed was about to snap at any moment.

''It's quite a love magic. But that still doesn't do it justice.''

 I made a magic sword with the Creation Architecture (Ibis) and pointed the tip of it in the same direction as Shin's love-hate sword.

 The light of the Sacred Love Area (Theo Ask) produced by the two swords swelled up to double and triple.
<He pushes back the Twin Palm Holy Love Sword Explosion (Ligaro Til Trealos).


"...I can't believe it...

 Despite their startled gaze, Ray and Misa stomped their feet and sat down, focusing their thoughts and breath on each other's swords of love.

 The power of the clashing swords of light and the sword of light are almost even.
 No, we were slightly superior.

''........What in the world is.......? How are Father and Anos-sama creating a holy area of love that surpasses the love between me and Ray?

Don't you understand, Misa? Love is not a monopoly of lovers. If there is the love of a parent, then there is also the love of a friend, the love of a lord and a vassal. This friendship and reverence is the form of love between me and Shin, another form of love, the two palms holy love sword explosion (rigalo til trealos).

 Two swords straight, me and Shin thrust forward.
 Pressed by the enormous amount of light that gushed out, Misa and Rei's feet dipped into the ground.

''........you really do unbelievable things.... .....

 The love of a man and woman in love is superior to any love.
 That was the unwritten rule that the magic formula of love magic showed, but I found a flaw in its structure.

'It is only an assumption. Love is not such an inconvenience. Behold, our fraternity is beyond love!

 Me and Shin unleashed the , which shines brighter and brighter, blowing like a tornado and pushing the love swords of Rei and the others into the air.

'Nothing is better than love for my lord.'

 Taiyuan Singh says, pointing his sword in the same direction as me.

'Misa, and Ray. Now you know what I'm talking about. You will never find happiness with such childish, deceitful love. The demon race has a long life span. With that level of heat, they will eventually cool down.

 As if huffed by Shin's words, Rei and Misa united their hearts and faced the huge wall that stood in front of their love.

'Father, Anos-sama. If the two of you are saying that your fraternity has transcended love,'

We're going to stay in love, and we're going to go beyond love!

 Unbeatable thoughts flood out of our hearts, and we try to push back, catching the light of our love as it attacks us head on.

'Look, look, Zecia, they're doing a hell of a job over there. I've never seen love that big before!

I don't think this is a good idea. I'm going to take some time away.

........understood. Evacuate......

 Eleonor and Zecia, who had mastered the magic of the brave, must have clearly understood how great it was.

 That fierce clash between the brought about a strange change in the students' , who were in the middle of their hell training.

''Oh, hey...! Where are you going?!

Hey, my statue of Edonica is also...?

Is this possible...?

 The students, the Statue of the Ridiculousness (Ednica), were racing to be the first to leave the center of the explosion of light, running through the forest of the Demon Tree.

Don't you mean we should run away?

Oh no, that's not good if the statue of Edonica is running away!

Look, we are so far away from them, and they're still running away without stopping. The aftermath alone could destroy us all...

Hey, is this really a class? I thought Master Anos and Dr. Singh were trying to destroy the heroic canon and Avos Dilhevia!

Yeah, that's right. There's no way we're going to have this big magic match in class...

Holy shit. We need to get as far away as possible and put up anti-magic...

 The students retreated as fast as they could, as if they were afraid and fighting.
 In the midst of all this, there were girls who were staring at the explosion of light in a daze.

''........Hey, guys.......Didn't Anos-sama say earlier that sometimes a parent's love crosses the line? He said it's a love/hate thing...

 Ellen muttered to herself.
 The Fan Union and the others all made a huffy expression.

''He said........''

I heard it too.

I'm sure...

Well, look at that! The current fraternity of Dr. Shin and Anos-sama has crossed the line!

Look at the statue of Edonica, the Creator of us all!

"Ahhh...! They're running towards the light!

I'm telling you to follow me!

 In direct contrast to the students who were running away with all their might, the Fan Union's Ridiculous Image (Edunica) unexpectedly plunged into the center of the light explosion.

''We have to go!

 The Fan Union and the others ran as if they had made up their minds.

''Ah, Eren-chan, it's dangerous over there. If we get involved, there might not be any roots left.''

 Eleonor called out to them, but they turned around and said.

'But we have to see it through! This is our mission!

''Because we, as the Demon King's Choir, ummm, as the Anos Fan Union, are obligated to see Anos-sama's love closer than anyone else and make it into a song!

But we can't let them all perish!

If Anos-sama's love will destroy me, then I'll be happy.

And you are way out of line, fraternity!

The greatest doomsday of the century! If I don't risk my life here, I don't have anywhere else to spend it!

This is where we should be fighting.

 The Fan Union and the others pushed forward without regard to Eleonor's restraint.

"I hope you are safe....

 Eleonor and Zesia looked off at the fan unions that had disappeared among the trees.

''There's some crazy magic people down there...''
Watch out...

 It was Aisha, who was in the air above, who uttered that voice. She turned her gaze to the clash of the .

''Several of the students are heading towards the center of the magic.

 Arcana pointed at the Fan Union and the others.

'What are you doing, those girls?

I'll protect them. It will help train Aisha.

 Arcana quickly raised her hands and spun around and turned them over to the heavens.

'The night comes and goes, the day passes, the moon rises and the sun sets.

 Order was distorted by the divine magic she emitted, and darkness covered the light.
 In the blink of an eye, day turns to night, and a warm glow, the fantastic Moon of Creation floats in the sky.

The snow falls and lights up the earth.

 A fluttering snow and moon flower poured down from Artillery Tonoa and covered the forest of demon trees.
 It became a blessing to protect the students.

''Look at the , Aisha.

 At Arcana's words, the silver-haired girl looked up to the heavens.

It is said that the Eye of Betrayal even remade the divine order. If the eye has the same power, it can transform the moon of creation from a crescent moon to a half-moon.

 Aisha poured her magic power into the and looked at the crescent moon, Artiel Tonoa.
 For a moment, the outline of the moon seemed to be blurred, but there was no change.

''As expected, isn't that impossible...?
I don't have the magic.

 Aisha is concentrating her magical power in her , but she doesn't seem to have enough power to remake the .

The reason why Artilte Noah is a crescent moon is not because of the amount of magical power he has, but because he is following the divine order. <With the Eyes of Disobedience, he can defy the order and remake it.

''That being said, we still don't know if this demon's eye is the Demon's Eye of Treason or not...''
It's hard...

 Arcana held up her hand and let the snow and moonflakes dance.

''Then I'll give you magic.''

 Glittering, the snow and moon flowers begin to glow with a silvery white light.

'Snow is fleeting, melts and disappears. Give your heart a remnant.

 The fluttering snow and moonflower falls on Aisha's body, which melts and then turns into her magical power.

 <The catches the moon in the sky.
 Artilian Tonoa increased slightly in brilliance.

''........I have a feeling we can do it......I don't know, but we can make it a half moon......''
"The moon on the waning days of the year...

 Putting all her magic power into the magical eye of destruction, Aisha stares at the moon.

 For a moment the outline of the moon is blurred, and then the figure of the crescent moon, Artiel Tonoa, which has been hidden by order, is gradually revealed.

 Shining with a glittering, fantastic silvery white light, it turned into the upper moon.
 The power of the falling snow, moon and flowers increased, protecting those standing on the ground even more firmly.

 In the Demon Tree Forest, the girls of Fun Union looked up at the half-moon Artillery Tonoa and were looking up.

''What is this, it's suddenly become night!

''Anos-sama and Dr. Shin's fraternity has crossed the line so much that their days and nights have gone awry, haven't they!

Our world doesn't need no daylight.

Hey, that's it! The unseen silvery white moon is blessing the fraternity of Anos-sama!

It's going to be settled soon. See, the swords of love of Anos-sama and the others are shining like that!

 Light and light collide, love and love clash, and the terrible rivalry between them is accompanied by an ear-splitting explosion sounding over and over again.

 This is truly the explosive ground of love.
 It is in the midst of a frenzied scream of respect and affection.

''........Misa I love you.......''

I love..........................

 With each word and love, their burns hotly.

".........We will not lose....... I love Mass more than anyone else. Anosk, no matter how strong you are, just for today, I can't give up this love!!!

 Ray and Misa push back the sword of love between me and Shin.

'That's fine, Rey, Misa. Love is something that burns the greater the difficulty, the more it burns. There is no limit to that desire. But--

 In the middle of the intense love rivalry, I exchange a slight glance with Shin.
 No words are needed between us. That's the only way we could communicate everything to each other.

 I move the sword in my hand loosely.
 Our two swords overlap their tips, forming a V.

'We have not yet crossed the line. Your love has its flaws. That love has been concealed to the point of being fatal.'

 Once again we push back Rei and Misa's .

Where was this love left....

 Gritting their teeth, Ray and Misa are desperately trying to endure the blow of their love.

'I wouldn't say that your love is inferior to mine and Shin's. But you are decidedly less prepared.


 Ray mutters, stunned.

'Yes. 'Ray, Misa. You guys don't think love is something to be ashamed of, do you?

You're....shy....you're not....shy...you're not...!

'I'm not talking about those shallow parts. Look more into your own depths. Go deeper and deeper and deeper into it. In the depths of your heart, in the abyss of love, there is a shame that cannot be hidden. It has made your love hesitant and dull. That shame, which is not so much a part of friendship and reverence, is the fault of love.

 Ray gives me a huffy look.

'You understand. The abyss of love magic. It is only when you overcome your shame that love reaches its depths. Then there is one way.

 With all my love for my friend, I said.

'Reveal your true love. Your true love. Wherever you are, and whoever is watching you, think you're alone.

 I take a step forward.

 As if he knew in advance that I was going to do that, Shin stepped out at exactly the same time.

'I'll show you. Singh.

"As you wish.

 The V-shaped sword was dyed jet black by the light of love magic and expanded.

 The two black love demon swords crossed their cutting edges.
 From their tips, pure white light turned into an enormous mass and shot out like a bullet.

 That huge love bullet blasted Rei and Misa's love swords exploding one after another, blowing them apart.


Ah, Kyaaaaaahhhhh...!

 Rei and Misa were swallowed up by a massive explosion of light, as if it were a flood, and Rei and Misa went ballistic.
 They finally stopped as they crashed into a huge pile of rocks, reaping down trees one after another with the blast.

 Thanks to the blessing of Yukigetsuka that Arcana and Aisha were raining down on them, their lives seemed to be intact.

''This is the form of love we've exposed.