241-Demon King's class calls

 The forest of demon trees at the back of the Demon King Academy.
 The magicians of the magic circle appeared one after another, and then the students shifted to them.

 It seems that all of them are here.

Then, let's begin.

 I draw a magic circle on my students' bodies.
 The object is their source.

"Think secretly.

 I'm going to connect you to the magic wire that connects you to the students, and then I'm going to tap into the source of your magic.

You must aim for and reach your future. Deeper and deeper, deeper and deeper, look into the depths. I will awaken the future that lies in the depths of your roots and embody its ideals here.

 As they were told, they looked into their own abyss and envisioned their ideal form.

 Eventually, one or two students' bodies were engulfed in light.
 Once the future they were aiming for was clearly drawn in their minds, it would become.

 As the students began to shine, their contours became distorted and the light began to split in two.

 The more they look into the depths of their ideals and contemplate them, the more the division progresses.
 Eventually, the majority of the students split their bodies and their roots in two.

The "Risen Image (Ednica)

 After being enveloped in a dazzling light at a glance, the students saw another person who had grown up in front of them.

".........What is this guy....... It's just like me........!

 Ramon raised his voice even though he was on his back.
 In front of him was Ramon, also made of .

 He is taller than him, and his body is armored with muscle armor.
 His face is even more fearless than his.

"The statue of Edonica is the image you are aiming for in the future. It is based on this ideal and a part of your roots, and by adding my magic power, I have given shape to your possibilities.

 The statue of Ednicka in front of them is their one achievement.

Fight, steal his skill, and steal his power, and then think again. Fight, steal their skills, steal their power, and then think again. When your ideal form changes, your Edonica will change and evolve accordingly. But it will not reach an ideal that is beyond its control. Look into the depths of the statue of Edonica with your magical eye and see its limits. Find out what you are worthy of and what you don't need.

 The students'
Whoa. Oi, where do you think you're going?

 Ramon pursued his Edonica.

I'm sure that the ordinary Edonica embodies the ideals of power and skill, but it can't reproduce thoughts. No matter how much magic power you give it, it doesn't make you smarter or more knowledgeable. It's a mass of pure combat skills. But--

 I held my palm on the ground.
 An enormous particle of magical power rises from the delzogade behind me, and all of it gathers at my feet.

 A shadow in the shape of a sword appears.
 It quietly floats into the air and holds out the hilt in front of me.

 In my hand, the Rational Sword Venusdnoa materializes.
 I stabbed it into the ground and filled it with magical power.

''I will destroy that reason.''

 Multiple shadows grew out of Venuzdnoa, which led to the statue of Edonica and the others.

'Hey, Ramon,'

 A thought dwells by the Ridiculous Sword, and Ramon, the , says

"What was that...?

You think you're smart...? I'm telling you, you're an idiot. You're an idiot for life. That's why I'm going to tell you. It's a good idea for an idiot to fight like an idiot.

 <Ramon, the Statue of the Risen One, draws a magical circle.
 From there, a jet black sun appeared.

"...Wha...wait, is this for real...? You think I'm going to use the Gio-Glaze to annihilate the flames?

 Ramon retreated into the shadows of the trees.

There's no way to prevent that from happening, and it won't blind you. You don't have to use your head, you just have to defend yourself at all times. That's what I'm talking about.

 <The Hell Flame Annihilation Cannon (Geo-Glaze) burns through the trees and hits Ramon directly.

''Gyaaahhhh, gyaaahhhhhh...!

 Ramon burns up and turns to ashes.
 In the next moment, I revived him with the magic of Ingal.

I don't care how many times I die. I don't care how many times you die, just remember what it feels like to be revived. I don't care how many times you die, remember what it feels like to be revived. If you can't, in three seconds you'll come back to life.

 Ramon stared at himself as the statue of Ridicule (Ednica) came in front of him.

I'm sure you're not the only one who's interested. If you don't understand it, you should learn it by heart!

"....d*mn it...! Who the hell are you? It wasn't me, for God's sake!

 He plunged into the
 Everywhere in the Devil's Tree Forest, students were fighting against the Statue of Ridicule (Edonica) in the same way.

 The enemy is an opponent that is overwhelmingly higher in rank than you. And he knows the full extent of his own skill.
 There is no way they can make an opponent, and they are dying one by one.

 By driving them to the very edge of death, to the very edge of perdition, the root cause is even stronger and more radiant. But that doesn't mean that we should just suffer through mischief. We must gain enough experience to grow.

 You have to know firsthand how much difference there is between the ideal you are striving for and the one you have now, and then you can train yourself to that ideal. Furthermore, the training of that ideal is called "Edonica".

 Students learn to master their powers and skills as they are advised and guided by their ideal selves. They nearly perish and die again and again.

 Then, when the root that they had used to create the Risen Image (Ednica) returned to their bodies, it would become blood and flesh, and they would make a further leap forward.

 Appropriately for the scene in class, there was an a-hazard in the forest.

 Suddenly I look at one of the girls.
 It's Naya from detention, whom Eldmead has given two names to.

 In front of her, there's a statue of Ednicka, which doesn't even twitch.
 I'm not going to be the same as I am now. 


 The Cutthroat King, who had been watching the students' fierce battle with an amused look on his face, walked over to Naya.

'What are you looking so unflattering about, detention?

 Erdmeade took her wand and looked into Naya's face.
 She looked down and said faintly.

 The Cutthroat King listened to his words in silence.

''Unlike everyone else, the
'Kakkakka, is it a stretch? What makes you think that?

Because of the Demon King's magic, the Demon King's evil eye judged it to be so, isn't that what it means...?

 Naya says, sounding dejected.

Sure, sure. The Demon King's magic eye is absolute, and the Demon King's Edonica is perfect. Anyone who falls short of that judgment would think that he or she has no talent at all.

 At those words, Naya turned over as if she was even more depressed.
 Putting her weight on her staff, the Cutthroat Death King stared at her with a licking gaze.

''But this Cutthroat Death King is different.

 Naya turns her questioning eyes to the Cutthroat King.

''Do you know a story like this, detention. In the entrance examination for the Demon King's Academy, there was a certain demon tribe whose magic power was measured and their number was determined to be zero. The entire academy looked at him white as a nonconformist since the academy's inception.

That means...

'Yes, Anos Voldigord, the Demon King of Tyranny. Even a magician as powerful as him was once judged to have no magic power at all.

 Naya thought about it, and then refuted it without fear.

''........But doesn't that just mean that the method of measuring magic power was wrong and that Anos-sama's power could not be measured by the demon race in this era......?''

'Yes, yes, yes, that's right, Naya in detention. I mean, isn't that the same thing?

What would be the same thing...?

 Grinning, Erdmead laughs.

'The Demon King of Tyranny was wrong! You are so powerful that even a great demon king can't see the future.

 Naya shook her head bobbing.

''d*mn, it can't be that fearful...!

 She's anxiously watching me.
 Not paying any attention to Naya's concerns, Erdmeade says.

'Fearful? How is that possible? Why? The Demon King would be delighted that this academy would produce someone who surpassed himself. Although, that man would be willing to surpass the one who has surpassed him even more!

 Kakkakkah," said Erdmead, laughing with amusement.

I'm sure you'll find that this is only one way of measuring it. It's only one way of measuring it, and it's only an exercise. You may not even be able to measure the future for the Demon King of Tyranny. Isn't that wonderful!

 The Cutthroat King seemed to be enjoying himself from the bottom of his heart as he spoke so eloquently.

''Do you have no room to grow or is it just that no one can see you? I don't know. The fact that we don't know, that we are uncertain, is wonderful. It's a possibility. It's a possibility, even if it's only a gleam in the dark. This Cutthroat King is thrilled by such uncertainty!

 Erdmeade said in a strong, good mood.
 As if encouraged by that, I felt a slight strength in Naya's eyes.

 Eldmead took the silk hat in his hand and took out a staff from it.
 <It's a magic tool called the .

''I will teach you how to use this thing. You are too young to know your limits. You'll have to wait until you are at least my age to learn how to use it.

 Naya ran her fingers over her eyes to wipe them and then took the in her hand.
 She says with a different, blown-out expression than before.

''Yes. It's nice to meet you, Cutthroat King Preeminent.

 As usual, he's very astute about the possibility of being my enemy.
 Well, I guess I'll just let him take care of her.

"Hey, Anos.

 Sasha called out to me.
 Misha is next to me.

We're the only ones who can't get the Statue of Risen Citizenship to appear.

 So did Ray and Misa, Eleonor and Zesia.

'Of course. You are long beyond the realm of training in the Edonica.

So what do we do now?

We'll have someone to train you, just in case.

 I took out a selected pact bead and filled it with magical power.
 A magician's circle appeared inside the pact, and it was building up as fast as it could.

"The Summoning of the Celestial Gate of the God's Seat of Heaven Selection (Guara Nate Forteos).

 Accompanied by the light of the summoning, a silver-haired girl with white hair, the selective god Arcana, appeared on the spot.

''If we're going to go to the depths of the earth, we should get used to fighting with the gods.

 Sasha looks at me with a bemused look.

''Well I always thought the training was tougher...''

 Kokoro and Misha nodded.
 Grinning, I said.

He said, "Use the Dino Dixess. I'm sure you can't fight the Arcana without it.

 Arcana looked around loosely, then looked up at the sky.

'The training area is over there.'

 They would try to do it at a distance so as not to involve the other students.
 The three of them continued to fly through the air and move from place to place.

''Eleonor, Zesia, you two will be training alone for a while.

I get it.

I'll do my best....

 They ran deep into the Demon Tree Forest.

''Well. Ray, Misa.

 They turn to me.
 Sin appeared smoothly behind me.

''The love magic you used on the king dragon was quite good.

''Ah hahaha I don't want to remember that time at all, it's not that I don't want to remember that time at all, but I just want to get in the hole right now. .....

 Misa turned over, her face turning red.
 I heard her gritting her back teeth from behind.

''Love magic, what's wrong with you?''

It's just a matter of time. It's possible that this magic is useful for the gods in general.

 According to Arcana, love and kindness disrupt the order.
 Then it is possible that love magic is a natural enemy of God.

Therefore, I have been looking into the abyss of love magic for a while now. Your love will still grow. I thought I'd work on that. The quickest way to do that is to have a real battle where love magic competes with each other.

The actual battle is fine, though.

 As they said it, they held each other's hands to activate their love magic.
 <The light of the Sacred Love Realm (Theo Ask) gathered on them and rose with a momentum that rose to the heavens.

"I don't care about the Sacred Area (Ask), the love magic shouldn't be able to be used against Anos-sama...? See, because if you don't put love on top of love on top of love...

 Ray and Misa have a strange look on their faces.

 Then Shin walks out and quietly pulls the iron sword from its sheath.
 He politely hands it to me.

 He kneels and bows his head.
 I sternly point my sword at him and gently tap him on the shoulder with the barrel of my sword.

 Immediately, an enormous amount of light flooded out of me and Shin, and swelled up with a heaven-shattering force.


You can't be... anos, you're a...

 I said to them both in surprise.

"Did you think that only two lovers could use the Sacred Heartland?

 The two of them, who had been half stunned, seemed to have changed their minds, and the atmosphere was tense, as if they had regained their composure.

''........I was taking it easy thinking it was a class, but apparently, we can't afford to lose this battle, can we?

......... Absolutely, I can't lose........!

 In the battle between love magic and love magic, the depth of affection determines the winner.
 If the love between the two lovers didn't extend to Shin and me, the hurt would be immeasurable.

 That's why the love stretches more.

"My love is uncontrollable. Come to me in earnest.

 Ray and Misa look at us with challenging expressions.
 On the other hand, Shin and I stood shoulder-to-shoulder, as if to greet them, in a leisurely manner.

''I'll show you guys all the different forms of love.