240-Big Devil Coach

 The classroom was silent in the scene.
 Normally, this is where the private conversation would start, but the students stiffened and remained silent.

''What's wrong?'' It's awfully quiet today. I thought it was normal for this classroom to be buzzing?

 As soon as you say that, the students all open their mouths at once.

''.........I think I've been disturbed.......!

Well, let's just rumble on for now. Everyone is buzzing with the volume of voices you can't hear........!

 The classroom began to buzz with its usual tone.


 The black-clad students at the back of the classroom muttered.

''I........I don't know how many times I've called Anos-sama out.......''

You're an idiot. It's cute when you call me that. I used to make fun of me for being a misfit...

"I was getting carried away with the idea that there was no preciousness in your blood... and to be frank, I was making fun of you...!

Hey... maybe you came to dispose of us all under the pretense of being in class...

Isn't that what it is...?

No, but he's the Demon King of Tyranny. That tyrannical demon king. Are we even worthy of being considered for the job?

Oh, yeah. Oh, I know. I'm sure you've forgotten. I mean, please just forget about it...!

 Hmm. I can see you're nervous.

Heads up. Do what you normally do.

 Singh and Eldmead looked up and stood up.
 The students followed suit and sat down in their chairs, looking anxious.

'Don't be so tight. Just because I've been found to be the Demon King of Tyranny doesn't mean I've changed. I still remember the days I spent in this class with you and the rest of the class so vividly.

 I smile as I remind myself that we are just one classmate.

I can't forget who said what, where, when, and what we did, and I haven't forgotten any of my memories of you. It was a good time at the school. Wouldn't you agree?

 With a bang, the students in black clothes shake their bodies.

''.........this is bad......! You don't seem to have forgotten anything, Anos-sama...

He's the tyrannical demon king, the tyrannical demon king, a perfect being with a mercy deeper than God and a crueler side than the devil, a being with two sides more perfect than the devil... I think it's said that he's most frightening when he's laughing, according to lore. .....

Oh, God...! What a friendly smile....what kind of cruelty do you have in mind!

 Hmm. I guess there's a lot of misunderstanding going on.
 It's no use. Let's just deny it.

"I'll tell you one thing.

 I look at each student's face and quietly open my mouth.

'Some of you have spoken cocky to me because you are non-conformists, but I don't think of you as such. You and I were schoolmates," he says. Then you are on equal footing, and you can say what you want. I'm not so narrow-minded as to blame you for that.

 I will make it clear to my royal students that there are no hard feelings between us.

Oh my God...! 

Yeah, if you don't think anything of it, I wouldn't have to mention it in the first place...

You're saying that we're on equal footing, and that means we're not going to go easy on you...

'It's a pattern that I get to do what I thought too... done...'

If only you'd let me have my life.

 Hmm. Well.

"Sasha, deal with it.

You just barged in here and now you're being reckless! Do it yourself!

 All the students in black shrank back at Sasha's line.
 Gulping, they swallowed their spit.

''That Sasha-sama.......that Sasha-sama........is so......shy...?''

What the hell do you want to do...?

"...just one thing.

 Sasha looks at them with a stunned expression.

''Haha. Sasha, you're making it worse.

What are you laughing at? You're misleading me. You're f*cking hilarious!

 Sasha retorts, baring her canine teeth.

'So, Misha. Can you do something about it on behalf of your worthless sister?

 Sasha grumbled at being told that she was not worthy.
 Misha stood up quickly.

'I want you to listen to me.'

 A rare Misha's assertiveness draws the eyes of the students.

'Anos looks like this, and he likes mushroom gratin.

 I see. By showing off your love of common food, you intend to create a sense of familiarity and lessen your awe as a demon king of tyranny.

I used to make mushroom gratin for Anos. I practiced and practiced hard. I made some mistakes. But Anos always praised my gratin, saying it was delicious. That's the kind of person Anos is. He's kind.

 The more I talk about my daily episodes, the less fear I have of the tyrannical demon king.
 If this is the case--

"....mushroom gratin...!

".........what.......what kind of horrible torture is that....... ...!

"Hey... no way... no way... you're going to make us look like mushroom gratin while we're alive...?

It's Dordoro... Without a trace........?

'Wait, wait, wait. You said you made it well........I didn't think you'd let Misha-chan do that.......and even practice....... ...Tyranny...!

You're gonna eat that? Yummy! You're going to make a mushroom gratin and eat us all while we're alive...?

No, that's not the point. That's the main problem, okay?

 The students gulp and clear their throats.

'It means I'm still a gentleman even though I've done that much...'

Then ... if you're really, really mad, how much more.........

''Well I shouldn't have disobeyed... even though I didn't know, what have I done...''

 The students paled and shuddered, their faces pale, their bodies shaking and their foreheads pressed against the desk.
 Misha blinked and stared at me with a snap.

'It's getting worse,'

Good. It happens.

 Misha sits down quietly.

'Misha, you did your best,'

 Eleonor encouraged a slightly dejected Misha.
 Zesia was patting her head from behind.

''Alright alright........''

 Well, okay. Two thousand years ago, the name of "Demon King of Tyranny" has been used by people to create unnecessary fear. In fact, this level of fear is nothing more than a minor misunderstanding.

 As long as you keep your head down, you'll find out the truth.

''Let me give you an overview of the Great Demon Lord's Training.

 As I utter this, Erdmeade points to the blackboard with his wand.

 The magic drew a cross section of the world.
 It's a cross-section of the world on the ground where we are, and the underground world inside it.

The other day, the existence of an underground world that stretches beneath this ground was confirmed. This subterranean world, which is as large as the ground, is inhabited by dragon people whose ancestors were born from dragons, and they have built a unique culture of their own, worshipping gods, making pacts and summoning people.

 The students are all listening intently to me.

It's still fresh in our minds that the dragons attacked Azation and Dillheim, but it seems that these dragons are the mastermind behind it. This time, the great demon king's ordeal will be heading to that dragon man's country in the subterranean world.

 The students' eyes widened in surprise.

''Um, Anos-sama. Are we going to go to the country that tried to invade Dilheid...?

 Ellen raised her hand and asked in a fearful manner.

'Yes, that's right. ─ Yes, but we do not know if all the dragon-humans are hostile to Dirkheid. Some are bad and some are good, be they demons or humans. The same is true of the dragonborn. Let us go to the unknown country and see how you judge them.

 I said, adding to the anxious students' anxiety.

'There may be danger of death. You may perish and not rise again. That's why it's worth learning.

But don't worry, Anos-sama is here...

''I just had to run some errands this time. There's no guarantee that I can keep you guys on my back all the time. You'll have to join forces with your fellow students and survive by yourselves.

 Of course, I'll prepare accordingly.
 But if you think I'll always be there to help you, you won't make any progress.
 It would be good to threaten them at least this much.

 If you look at them, the students look like they don't want to go.

''Well, don't force those who are unsure. It's an unknown world, an unknown country. It is an unknown world, an unknown country, and there will be many dangers. It's also important to accurately measure your own strength. If you do not wish to go, just ask for permission to go.

 The girls in the Fun Union start to look around and whisper to each other.

''....What should I do?''

...We can't even defeat a dragon yet, to be honest, it's a tough one...?

Should I be absent?

'Right. It could get everyone in trouble.

Wait a minute! I know, I know!

Okay, or was it something that Anos had in mind?

Are you testing us?

'Nope. No, I mean, if it's an unknown country, then Anos-sama has never been there either, right?

'Uh-huh. I think that's true.

So this isn't just an indirect experience for me, is it?

Oh...! And besides, if we perish, it will be as if Anos had wanted us to perish--

You'll ruin your first trip, won't you?

"Ho, ruined...!

 The girls of the Fun Union are screaming and yapping as if the underground world has blown their minds.

 As usual, their stomachs are still full of guts.
 When you think you're destroyed, your fears disappear, and vice versa.

 Perhaps it's because the girls, the weakest part of the class, declared that they were going, but the rest of the students didn't say they were going to be absent.

 Well, the only person who could be said to be more clearly unskilled in magic than Fan Union was Naya. With a certain amount of pride, you can't say that so much.

''Hm. It's a good idea to be able to have a good time. It's not a sudden departure. I'll leave tomorrow.

 The students were relieved to have a reprieve for now.

'Well. Do you know any of these anecdotes?

 I cut in to ask my students a question.

''The castle of a demon tribe has been surrounded by human and spirit elites and is in a critical situation. According to our reconnaissance, the human army will attack tomorrow. The enemy numbered two hundred. On the other hand, there were five hundred allies. On top of that, they were all new soldiers. There were no reinforcements and no trump cards. However, it was the demons who had won. There was only one man who had led them to victory. What exactly did he do? Think about it.

 When she looked at Eren, she troubled her head and said.

''........Did you have some sort of amazing plan to defeat it?

Call it a plan, but it's a bit far-fetched.

 Hmmm, Ellen ponders.
 She can't seem to think of anything.

'What about the others?'

 Then Mass raised her hand.

'I don't know what exactly, but did you take advantage of the ground or something?'

No, it had nothing to do with geographical advantage.

Okay, okay, I'll give you an answer next time.

 Eleonor raised his hand repeatedly.

'Let's hear it,'

I think you've been working hard.

Of course, you did your best.

 This time Zesia raised her hand, as if to imitate Eleanor.

'Then, Zesia,'

I tried harder.... a lot... a lot...!

 Clasping her hands tightly, Zesia replied proudly.

'When I say right, I mean right.'


Oh, Anos, you're only sweet on Zecia.

 Eleonor's lips twitched.
 No other hands were raised, so he looked at the man who was listening to the class, smiling as if he were someone else.

'Then, Ray. State the correct answer.

 He answered immediately.

''In one day, I trained the demon soldiers to be able to do the work of four men by themselves. With that, we defeated the armies of humans and spirits, I guess.

Hey, Ray, are you serious about that answer?

 Sasha stares at Ray in dismay.

'You're right,'

Really, really?

 Sasha raises her voice in surprise.

'I would have felt the same way if I hadn't been the party that lost the race.

 Chuckling, he says.

'That's kind of unfair...'

 Sasha blurted out as she plopped down on the desk.

''The one who defended the castle at that time was a demon tribe that was sent there in a hurry. It was none other than your homeroom teacher, the Cutthroat King Erdomade.

 'Kaka,' he laughed.

'You tell an old story. After all, the man there dropped the castle afterwards, though.

 When Eldmead looked at Ray, he smiled briskly.

 Against Eldmead, who had trained his troops in one day, Ray had grown rapidly in the middle of the fight and overthrown it.
 Once he retreated, he retreated to regroup the other soldiers who were floating around.

'We wouldn't have known if you hadn't chosen to abandon the castle and retreat.

 Grinning, the Cutthroat King laughs back.
 I said to the students, who were watching the exchange between the two of us in a daze.

The enemy with desperate forces may attack us tomorrow. When that happens, do you think there is only one more day to go, or do you think there is still one more day to go? The battle situation will change dramatically depending on your attitude. If there are no reinforcements, then you can increase your strength. If so, even if we are outnumbered, we are still superior in strength. This is what happened two thousand years ago - no, this is the siege of the Cutthroat King Erdomade.

 The students have a look on their faces that says, "That's ridiculous.

''The proof is in the pudding. The training ordeal we are about to conduct is more dangerous than the one the Cutthroat King had at that time. You will be able to improve your skills tremendously if you are successful, but if you are not careful, you will be destroyed in a flash. Challenge with an open mind.