239-Three memories

'Hmm. That's strange again.

 <Sasha isn't the only one who can use the magical eye of destruction.

 <The same is true for the magical eye of creation.
 Militia also has that magic eye. Well, she's a god with the order of creation. It's no wonder that she had all the powers related to creation magic.

 In any case, those two magical eyes are not unique to Misha and Sasha.
 But when it comes to , it's a different story.

''It would be rare for two people who can assimilate with fusion magic to happen to have the Magic Eye of Destruction and the Magic Eye of Creation. Besides, the Separation Fusion Reincarnation (Dino Dixess) is a magic developed by Ivis.

 It's the secret of Necron.
 It's not magic in general.

"Arcana. When's the last time you forgot your memory?

A thousand years ago.

 If Arcana had seen it, it would be reasonable to assume that it was in the depths of the earth.

Genudunub, the god of disobedience, had silver hair and the magic eye of disobedience. Perhaps I once saw a god who sought to destroy order.

 Arcana says.

'I mean, the fused Sasha Misha... hmmm, hard to call her without a name. How about Aisha? I'll think of another name if you want.

 The silver-haired girl nodded.

'Just Aisha.'
Good name. I'm glad.

 The voices of Sasha and Misha echoed.

''Let's fuse the Demon Eye of Creation and the Demon Eye of Ruin, and let's call the one that appears at the same time the Demon Eye of Creation. Arcana, do you mean to say that Aisha could have been the treacherous Gennudunub?

'Yes. The apostate god Genudunub is a god who continued to disobey the order. Even though a god is a god when he reincarnates, the God of Disobedience will resist even that. Genudunub, who died, was reincarnated and became a demon. He became the ruler of a tyrannical demon king who would destroy the gods and overthrow the order.

 It's only a prediction, but it's certainly a possibility.

The Magic Eye of Creation is the Magic Eye of Betrayal. It is possible that the Eye of Creation and the Eye of Doom were created because they were separated in Dino Dixess.

 In other words, the Magic Eye of Creation was not created when Sasha and Misha fused together, but the Magic Eye of Creation was lost when they separated.

If Sasha hadn't used ?

 Misha asks.

'Hmm. One root source was split in two. If the power that the root source possessed was not split evenly, but rather divided into two characteristics each, creation and destruction, then it is conceivable.'

 Originally, Sasha's magical eye of destruction was split into Misha with the magical eye of creation and Sasha with the magical eye of destruction when they were separated in the Separation and Fusion Reincarnation (Dino Dixess).

'We are God?'
'Hmm, I don't feel like that at all. I don't have an ounce of memory.

 Aisha cocked her head and put a hand to her head.

''If you reincarnate, you may not remember. As long as Arcana sees that before she forgets the name of the god, it's possible that Aisha was once in the depths of the earth, even if she wasn't an apostate god.

As a dragonborn?
''Oh, I see. It's also possible that he was originally a dragonborn and became a demon race after his reincarnation.

 Misha directed his question at her, and Sasha sounded convinced.

'Arcana. I ask you one thing, you said you forgot the name of your god, do you remember how to do that?

It's in a forgotten memory.

 You don't remember.

"Not even the power of the God of Dreams, Rieno Ga Roaaz, can you remember?


 I was curious.

 How does God give up his name?
 How does he abandon his memory and gain his mind?

'You have been reincarnated, haven't you?'

 Considering my words as if to examine them, Arcana says.

'God may reincarnate, but God is still God. Memories may be forgotten, but God remains in order, and the mind is unavailable. But--'

'If it's the disobedient god Genudunub, he can do it. A god that can even reincarnate into a demon race would be easy enough to take his name and give him a heart.

 If Arcana's guess is not wrong, it could be.

That's correct.

"You may have met Gennudunuve, the god of disobedience. It is possible that you met Genudunub, the god of disobedience, and saw the magic eye of disobedience. Or perhaps it was this that led to your reincarnation as a god with no name.

 He shifts his gaze to Aisha and continues.

'And that treacherous god could be Aisha. She was reincarnated as a demon race called Sasha. You have to remember that you are a tyrannical demon king who is reincarnated in this era. Aisha forgot her memories of being a treacherous god and was split into Misha and Sasha by the Dino Dixess.

 Aisha blinks her eyes with a snap.

 Or it could be that an unscheduled event happened right after the reincarnation, when the root source was split in two, and so memories that should not have been lost were lost.

''If that's the case, then maybe I've met Aisha and the Betrayal God.

With us?
Two thousand years ago?

 Misha and Sasha say.

'You remember, Misha. The first time you saw the city I built underneath Midhays, you mentioned that you thought you'd seen it somewhere else.

 That underground city is a replica of the streets of Dillhade two thousand years ago.

''It's proof that there is a small amount of preincarnation events remaining in the corners of your memories.

 Aisha's eyes are distant as she tries to remember the past.

'And I've forgotten about the treacherous god Genudunub due to my reincarnation. Hence, I would not have noticed it if I met you two again in this time period.

 Or maybe there is a connection with Arcana as well.
 The dream I had this morning, in which my sister's name was Arcana, may not be just another person with the same name.

 If so, I have no idea how God became my sister.

The three of us may have met somewhere two thousand years ago. And when we reincarnated, we forgot all about it.

 That's why no one noticed it when they first met.

Is it really a coincidence?

 If Arcana was reincarnated to abandon the name of a god, it was no wonder he had no memory of it.

 Genudunub, the backstabbing god, was reincarnated as a demon. A god is a god even when he is reincarnated, and it wouldn't be strange if he forgot his memory at the cost of overturning that order.

 But it's inexplicable that I don't have any memories.
 Then how can we get rid of Arcana and Aisha as mere coincidences?

I don't think so. I think it's possible that someone has stolen our memories.

What are you...?

'The gods are the first ones to look at me as an enemy, though. It's not enough to determine that yet. If someone who is hostile to me was able to take away my memories, they would take away all the memories that could lead to that person.

 That means I won't remember the existence that was against me.

''........An enemy that can take away Anos' memories......?''
I think it's pretty serious that you don't remember that.

 Misha and Sasha said anxiously.

What is the problem? If you have erased a bad memory for this person, then if you trace back this forgotten memory, you will naturally find out what it is.

 The blank spaces in my head are the best clue.

It's a part of the selection process. We'll look underneath the earth and see what we can find.

'Oh, by the way, you said you were going to do something about the selection judges.

 Sasha asks.

'It has been said that selective judging consists of more than the order of judges.

 Arcana replied.

'So you're saying that we should destroy that god of judgment?

'Yes. However, the God who has the order of the selective judges has never appeared even in the presence of God. A God that no one has ever seen.

 Aisha nodded her head.

'How do we find him?'

'I don't understand. There is no God, but only an order of judgment. From this, the people of the earth and some of the gods came up with the idea of the Almighty Glittering Eques, which means that all gods are the hands of the Almighty Glittering Eques. That is, all gods are the hands of the Almighty Glittering Eques. The Selective Judge said that since the Almighty Glittering Eques is the order he brings about, no one can see his existence.

''.........Well, you mean that the Eques is not a real god, but something like a concept that the dragon people thought up?''

 Arcana nodded at Sasha's words.

''That's correct in a way. <There may be an almighty glimmer. There may not be. Believe it or not, it's up to him.

"Hmm. If that almighty glitter took away my memories, it would be a quick fix. It's all going to be taken care of at once.

 Aisha looks at me like she's stunned.

'If Fang made it, but if there really is that Eques, it means you can use all the god's powers, right? What are we going to do? Isn't that the world itself?


 I laugh wryly and say.

'Then I'll destroy the world.'

 Aisha backed away in a way that sounded like a donkey.
 Hm. You can't help but feel that your face has become lecherous.

I'm just kidding. You can't do that. You'll have to figure out a better way.

'It didn't sound like a joke at all...'

 I turn my gaze to Arcana.

'You said earlier that there is a god who controls memory more broadly than the dream guard god. If we use that order, we can use it to bring back the memories of not only me, but also Arcana and Aisha.

 For now, it's all speculation.
 When my memory returns, the facts will become clearer.

"It is said that this god is Lieberschneid, the god of traces, the orderly who marks the footprints of the world. It is said he resides in Geordar, the land of the gods and dragons.

 Geordal, the land of the divine dragon. The land of the Ahide.

Then we'll go there.

So, that's it then? You're right, this isn't the time to be in class.
Do you need a break?

 Sasha and Misha spoke up.

What? Not necessarily. It's a good thing that the future rulers of Dirheid can't be ignorant of this, now that the underground world is known to exist.

I have a bad feeling about this.
I will....

'You guys can go to the Academy first. I'll go after I tell Eldmead and Singh what I have to say.

 With a nod, Aisha nodded and drew a magic circle on themselves.

 With the light, the was released and Aisha's body was divided into Misha and Sasha.

''Well, I'll see you later.''

 When Sasha said that, Misha gave a small wave.
 The two left the room as it was.

 A few minutes later--
 The place had changed, and it was the second teaching ground of the Delzogade Demon Academy.

 The sound of the bell for the start of classes was ringing. 

 The door opened, and with a light step, the one who entered the classroom with joyful painfulness was the Cutthroat King Erdomade.
 Shin, the Demon King's right hand man, quietly closed the classroom door and stood next to Eldmead.

''Kakkka, good news, good news, good news, good news, you guys!

 The Cutthroat King raised his hands and clenched his fists as he said in a good mood, "I'm going to have a special class today.

''Today, we're going to have a special class that we've been planning for a long time in a hurry!

 He leaped and danced, and then spun his wand around and spun his wand around and poked the blackboard with a da-da-da-da, drawing a magic circle.

 A dozen or so pigeons flew out and sent ribbons and confetti flying through the air.

'Today's lesson, oh my!

 After spinning his body there at high speed, Erdmeade pointed at the students with his staff with a bishie.

''Great, demon, king, teaching, and training!

 A magic circle of appears on the podium.
 There, I appeared as Anos Voldigord, dressed in the garb of a demon king.

 Quickly, Shin kneeled down, and Erdmeade followed suit.

 The chairs were being pulled out with a tremendous force, and the students knelt at the bottom of the room as if they were going to stick their heads into the floor.

 I stand at the podium and open my mouth in a calm manner.

I'm Anos Voldigord, the tyrannical demon king, who is in charge of the special lesson, the Great Demon Lord's Training, starting today. Well, let's skip the formalities,

 I gave a cheery smile as I greeted my former old friends.

'Hey guys, long time no see.'

 Half of the students looked desperate.