238-The mystery of the evil eye

 The sunshine and smiling consciousness gradually returns.
 I feel like I was dreaming. A dream I had when I was a child.

 I hear a knock at the door.

'Anos? Can I come in?

 I heard Sasha's voice.
 When I opened my eyes, I saw silvery white hair in my vision.

 The girl who had her forehead against my forehead and was sleeping peacefully was Arcana, the god of selection.


 When I called out to her, she opened her eyes with a snap.

'When did you crawl into your bunk?'

After you go to bed.

 I heard the door to the room open with a clatter.
 Two footsteps approach us.

'Are you still asleep?'

 Misha's voice rang out.

'Anos? Get up. You said you wanted to talk to me, so I went out of my way to stay up all night so I wouldn't oversleep.

 As she said this, Sasha shook my body.
 Arcana wriggled and moved her body and got up with a whimper.


 The bedding slipped off from Arcana who sat on the bed.
 The transparent body of that god's limb was a stark figure, and it seemed to radiate a clean radiance.


 Sasha's eyes widened and she expressed her surprise.

'Why are you sleeping with Anos?

 Arcana showed a languid look at the question.

''In this country, is it a sin for a god and a demon race to sleep together...?''

Hey, did you sleep with him?

 Sasha spoke up, as if upset, while asking herself.

''Hmm. I'm afraid it's quite a long time since Sasha and the others arrived. I'm sorry. I guess I've been a bit of a late riser.

It was my fault. I've put too much pressure on you.

 Arcana turns to me with her naked body.

'How did it go?'

What do you mean?

It's my first time, so I don't know if it worked.

 Sasha's face paled and she squirmed around Misha.
 She looks confused.

 Even God has some things he can do and some things he can't...!


 It's a very good idea to have a look at the same time.


 Sasha asked, as if afraid.
 Arcana denied it, shaking her head from side to side.

It is a good thing that I did it for the best, I thought he wanted it. I thought he wanted to do it.

 Sasha cuts in as if she's just taking advantage of her words.

''Oh, Anos wouldn't want that!

'I think that's what everyone wants. I, as God, wanted to give him salvation for believing it.

Oh, you sound like all men do....

 Sasha was frightened for a moment, but she stared at Arcana with a snap.

''My Demon Lord is not interested in that kind of thing at all!

 Arcana looks back at Sasha with cloudless, clean eyes.

What? God is a god, but he is a slutty god. You are wrong if you think that such a thing can save you.

Why would I think that?

 It's a simple question, Arcana says.

I'm not going to be able to say that I'm not the only one........because.......because.......I've never been asked to do that either.......

 Arcana looks at Sasha with a questioning look on her face.

''That's why........you would have told me rather than ask you, who you just met.......''

You can't do it. So I did.

 Sasha cursed and blushed.

'And I can! If Anos wants me to do it, if Anos wants me to do it, there is nothing I can't do....

'It's not easy to fill in his gaps. Not even this God's body can hold up.

I can't keep it up! That much.........?

 Sasha glanced at me with a gaze tainted with shame.
 She immediately broke her gaze and stared at Arcana.

''What, what, are you afraid? I'm not afraid of you. I don't care if you mess things up. It's a good thing that I'm willing to do whatever Anos does for me. Besides, Misha's magical eye of creation will make you stronger.

 Misha twisted her head and muttered to herself.

'What are you talking about?'

And anyway, Anos didn't want it in the first place! That's right, Misha.

 I hugged Misha tightly and Sasha looked at her sullenly.

 Misha blinks with a snap, then turns her gaze to me and tilts her head slightly.
 A string of misunderstandings? I nodded, as he seemed to be saying.

'What did Arcana do to Anos?'

 Misha asks.

'What I just said. 'I tried to bring back his missing memories.

 Arcana replied.

I heard that he lost his memory during his incarnation. This body was devoured by Rieno Ga Roaz, the god of memory. I used that order to work on his memories. But it is not easy to scoop up his memories before he was reborn.

 So that's why my body is overwhelmed, and Arcana can't keep up with my body either.

''........Well, don't make any confusion.......''

 Her face turns bright red and Sasha mutters in embarrassment.

'For the most part, then, you don't have to go to the trouble of hiding in Anos' bed.

'Spilling out of the dream, the memory flutters. Rieno ga Roaz is the keeper of dreams. The dream is most ordered in the dream.

You could at least put some clothes on!

'No separation, no boundaries. Thus, when God and man are in contact with each other, they receive the most benefit of order.

 Arcana glanced at my clothes.

'If you are going to exercise the order of Rieno Ga Roa's, it is essentially official to take off his clothes.

I mean, of course not. Why is God's magic so slutty? You said you forgot the name of your god, but aren't you the slutty god of slutty order!

"Son of the Devil. This body is God and not a man. The nakedness of God is holy, and no one has an evil heart. Never mind.

 Sasha looks at Misha as if asking for help.

'I think you need to get dressed now,'

 It was normal.
 Arcana was convinced and drew a magic circle on her own body.

'The robe of the gods appears and it's an arrow.'

 The garments of Geordal were clothed in the body of the little god.

'Spilled out of the dream, memories flutter, huh?

 I sputtered out the words and Arcana looked at me.

'How did it go?'

 Arcana repeats the question you just asked.

'I had a dream. A dream from your childhood, before you were called the Demon King of Tyranny.

 I remember a dream I had earlier.

"I was living with my sister.

...Anos, you have a sister?

 Sasha asks curiously.

'He said he wasn't there,'

 And Misha looked at me, too.

'I'm sure they're not there. I never knew my parents in the first place. My mother died when she gave birth to me.

Do you remember it differently?

 If it's been tampered with, it's a little tricky, though.

'Or perhaps you've forgotten. Maybe she's a half-sister, or was born by magic. You can't even remember your father. And even if she is a sister, she is not necessarily a blood relative.

 My sister seemed to be being chased by a dragon.
 But he had never heard of a dragon chasing only certain people in two thousand years.
 If that memory was correct, then my sister was the only one who was special.
 Why was she being chased by a dragon?

Hmm. But it doesn't feel like it. I don't feel like I had a sister.

 What a coincidence that my sister's name was Arcana, though.
 Or is it not a coincidence?

I just saw the memories in my dreams.

 Arcana says.
 I guess that means you don't really feel it until you really remember it.

'I wonder if I, before I forgot God's name, had an order that conflicts with the God of Dream Watch, or if I am incompatible with Rieno Ga Loaz. Maybe I just couldn't remember it all at once because I couldn't control the order.

 An order that conflicts with the dream.
 What would that be? I'm curious.

If you keep going, you might remember.

You're doing it again?

 Sasha speaks up.

'My missing memory could be an attempt by someone else. Arcana was right, it's better to remember.

Yeah, well.........

'There are other gods who govern memory more broadly than the dream guardian god, Rieno Ga Roaz. If we use that order, we may soon be able to remember it all.

I wish it were that easy for you to meet this god. Do you have any idea?

 Arcana nodded.

'Then we'll hear about that later. I asked Misha and Sasha to come all the way down here. I need to make sure first.

What do you want to know for sure?

 Sasha asks.

'The gods that do not bother me. 'The god of disobedience, GennuDunub.

 The dragon-man soldiers looked at Sasha and Misha's fused form, their magical eyes, and called her that.
 They were demons, but not all of them could be related to the gods.

'Anos told me to ask those guys, but they didn't tell me anything about it.

He was scared and angry.

 Misha says.


A god who does not pine away refers to a god who is hostile to God, a god who seeks to destroy the order. Genudunez, the god of disobedience, was the first to bow to order. <The Eye of Betrayal destroys all magic and remakes all things. It is said that the Eye of Treason destroys all magic and remakes all things.

 Sasha twists her head.

'But that one, right? Ours is not the Magic Eye of Betrayal, it's just the Magic Eye of Creation and the Magic Eye of Ruin at the same time. Since they are all fused together, it might seem like only one magical eye is effective, but...

 Curtly Misha nodded.

'Can you see it in person?'

 I ask Arcana.

'....I've never met an apostate god. But if that's the order, then I have some idea of the god's power.

Hmm. Well, let's give it a try.

 As he said this, Sasha and Misha nodded.

 They folded their hands around each other and each drew half a magic circle and then connected it to one. Furthermore, they drew another magic circle on top of it and sent the magic power.

 Particles of light rose up from the magic circle, illuminating the room.
 In that dazzling light, their bodies melted together, as if they were melting.

 Soon, the shadow that came into view was the figure of a girl.
 The girl with silver hair and silver eyes was there.

All I have to do is show you my magic eye, right?

 Misha answers Sasha's question.
 She creates a pseudo-delzogade in the sky above this house.

 Then the silver-haired girl used the Magic Eye of Ruin and the Magic Eye of Creation at the same time.

 Arcana stared at the magic eye on which the magic circle was drawn.
 But she didn't say anything right away.

"What's wrong?

"...I think I remember...

 Arcana muttered as she stared into the girl's magical eyes.
 She herself seemed surprised that she knew this.

''Perhaps, before I became a nameless god, I saw this magic eye somewhere.