237-Prologue-Satan and Sister-

 It was someone's dream--

 The night was bathed in moonlight.
 A little girl was running desperately through the forest amidst the rumbling of the dragon's cry, kiiin, kiiin.

 She was a demon race. Her age would be six or seven years old. She had great magical power for her age, but it was not enough to rival the dragon.

 She cried out and walked through the trees. The dragon chased after her as she ripped them down and bared her ferocious fangs.

''No, no...!

 As the girl was running, her shoes came off and her hands and feet were soaked in blood in places.
 She continued to run away selflessly, but a large tree root took her feet and she hit the ground with her body.


 The girl raised herself up in pain.
 She turned around to hear a fierce moan and saw the dragon's head there.


 Unable to stand up, the girl jerked back, still on her buttocks.
 The dragon's eyes never left its prey as it caught its prey.

''........ta, help me.......''

 The dragon opened its jaws wide.

"Help me.........brother........!

 With a loud roar, the dragon's fangs approached the girl.
 With a gurgle, the jaws were closed, but she was not eaten.

''Hm. I've heard that this is a forest that dragons abhor.''

 The one who appeared was a demon boy of about ten years old.
 He grabbed his long fangs with one hand and stomped on his lower jaw with his foot.

 Black hair and black eyes.
 He has a magical power that is so out of character that one can tell for sure by looking at him.

 His name is Anos Voldigord.
 He was still in his previous form before he was called the Demon King of Tyranny.

 The dragon let out a loud scream as a scorching black flame was plunged into the back of his throat.
 But it couldn't do anything about the flames on the inside of its body, and as it was, it prostrated itself on the ground with its guts burned out.

''It's like this.''

 Anos tied the half-dead dragon up in a cancerous position with and then locked it in the storage magic as it was.

 He looked back at the girl.
 Relieved and uncomfortable, she let out a sob, tears pooling in her eyes even more than before.

'Don't cry. This brother has killed the dragon that tormented you.'

 Anos ran a hand over his sister's head and smiled serenely.

'We don't have to worry anymore.'

 The girl hugged Anos and let out another loud cry.

'.........I was so scared. Brother.........!

 Anos patted the girl's back good-naturedly.
 He drew a magic circle on his palm as his sister showed no sign of stopping crying.

'You'll see.'

 Anos opened his hand and a red-glowing gem appeared there.


 The girl's eyes sparkled as she stared at the gem.

'This morning, I got the hang of Ibis,' she says. I'll give it to you.

Are you sure?


 The girl laughed with a flowery smile.

'Thanks. 'Big brother.'

It's one piece of jewelry and a cash cow.

I don't care about money. I'm a demon tribe. I'm your brother's sister.

 Her sister's rebuttal was met with a smile and Anos held her like a princess.
 The light of the recovery magic healed the girl's wounds.

 As it was, she floated up in and Anos aimed deep into the forest.

'It seems this place has been sniffed out by a dragon as well. Tomorrow, as soon as the sun rises, we'll move out as soon as possible.

You know what, brother? I know a good place.

 The girl says in Anos' arms.

'Ho. 'Where are you?'

Do you know what a city is? The town is inhabited by the Sawamans. They have a magical barrier to keep the dragons out.

 My sister says with a smile.

'So I'm sure once you get to town, you won't have to run away again.

How do you know?

'You know, it was in a book I picked up. So there are people living near here, and there's a town somewhere.

 Anos closed his mouth for a moment and then answered.

'I'm sorry, but I can't go to the city.

Why? Your brother doesn't know the city either?

"...you were taught that dragons chase their prey.

 The girl nodded.

'That's true, but they don't inherently follow you to lands where there are no dragons. The soil of this forest, in particular, is full of magic that they repel. I'm the one who attracts the dragons.

...Only my brother has a dragon chasing him?

Yes. That's why I can't go to the city. It would involve the demons there. Besides, if they find out that a dragon is coming after me, they won't welcome me.

 Anos explained that, but it was his sister who was actually being targeted.
 He didn't want his little sister to bear the responsibility of being forced to flee.

I'm sorry you had to move from one place to another for my sake. I could have left you alone in the city, but I still wanted to be with you.

 Then the girl's expression brightened with a flash.

It's okay. I love my brother. I'd rather be with my brother all the time than stay at home in the city!

 Saying that, the girl squeezed and clung to Anos.


What's going on?

You know what? I've always felt that I was useless. I'm a fool who can't do anything while being constantly protected by my brother.

 The girl says happily.

'But your brother needs me, doesn't he?

Yeah. I'm the only family I've got.

 Smiling warmly, Anos nodded.

'Then you can spoil me even more, big brother, can't you?

I'm spoiled enough.


 The girl laughed shyly.

You see, when I grow up, I'm going to marry my brother.

Do you have any idea what marriage is?

Yes. We have a promise to be together forever. I love my brother so much that I'm going to marry him. Will your brother marry me?

 Giggling, Anos laughed.

'Then we'll do that if that's what you want.

 The girl huffed and laughed.

'I promise, I promise, okay? We've been together all along, haven't we?

Yes. That's the only difference.

 Soon, they see a wooden house in front of them.
 As they put their feet on the ground, the girl runs to the house as fast as she can.

 As she was about to open the door, she suddenly turned around to look at Anos.

'Oh, I know it's dirty but I don't think I can take a bath anymore, do you?

 She looks at her body, dirty with dust and mud.

'It's cramped, but you'll have to live with it.'

 Anos drew a magic circle and created a ball of water in its place.
 Trees grew to cover the perimeter, and branches and leaves were used as curtains.

 It was an impromptu bath.

'Thank you, brother!'

 She took off the clothes she was wearing and jumped into the bath.
 As soon as she did, she popped up.

''Do you want to come in with me, big brother?''

We're done here. I'll be ready for tomorrow.

 Anos walked into the house.

 He throws furniture and household items one by one into the storage magic, and almost everything but the bedding is gone.
 He quickly walks out again.

 He draws a magic circle on the ground and takes out the dragon bound with from the storage magic.
 Then he cast a < Root Source Imitation (Nars) spell.

 It mimics my sister's root cause.
 For some reason, the dragon neither smells nor looks like a dragon, but follows my sister's root source. 

 That's why, after moving in, the other dragons misunderstand and try to come to this place.
 Anos's "Nars" was still in its infancy, but it could somewhat fool the dragon's evil eye.

 Over time, I will improve the accuracy of the Nars as much as possible.
 When I returned inside the house after finishing that, I found my sister wiping her hair with a towel after she got out of the bath.

I thought to myself, "Is that about right?

I'll catch a cold.

 He drew a magic circle around her head and used the warm air to dry her hair.
 Her sister seemed happy at the feel of the wind caressing her head.

'Tomorrow is early. Let's go to bed.'

 Anos drew a magic circle on himself and changed into his nightgown.


 They moved to the bedroom.
 The two beds were side by side, with Anos lying on the right and his sister on the left.

 When the lamps were turned off, there was only a slight amount of moonlight in the room.
 Anos closed his eyes and let his thoughts wander to where they were going tomorrow.

 The dragon would follow him everywhere.
 They and their siblings had gone from one place to another in Dillhade, looking for a place where the dragon's fangs couldn't reach them, but they still couldn't find a safe place to live.

 The forest they were in now was also supposed to be free of dragons for more than a few hundred years, but that was overturned within a month or so after they moved in.

 It was almost as if the only way to eradicate the dragons was to eradicate them at the earliest, but the young Anos didn't have the strength to do so yet.

 It was probably about an hour later.
 I heard a voice from the bed next to me.

'Big brother, are you awake?'

 Rolling over, my sister turned to Anos.

'Oh. Can't you sleep?'


 A faint voice echoes.

''Well you know what, can I sleep next to my brother again today?''

I can't help it.

 As Anos replied, his sister jumped into his bed.
 Gladly, she tangled her legs around Anos and put her cheek to his.

'Big brother. Is it cold where you're going next? Is it hot?

I'm thinking of heading north. It'll be a little colder.

So you can wear your winter clothes?

 The girl said happily.
 Then she looked into Anos' eyes at close range.

'You know what, big brother?'

 She smiled and smiled at him.

I'm not afraid of dragons at all. Because my brother is stronger than me.

 Narrowing his eyes, Anos says.

'She's my sister who lies easily.'

I'm not lying. I'm not lying...

Don't be so hard on yourself for crying out loud.

 The girl looked gobsmacked.

'That's a bit of a lie but I don't lie easily.

'You said you'd be in the house, though you'd sneak out. I told you not to go out much at night.

"...I'm sorry....

 She turned over in a daze.
 Anos put a hand to her head.

'Don't be so depressed. Your lies are a pretty thing.'

 The girl happily hugged Anos.

''.........you know what, you know what?

What's going on?

I love my brother.


'Yeah........because when I'm with my brother, I'm not afraid of dragons and I can sleep at night. When I'm with my brother, I don't need anything else....

 Squeezing, my sister hugs Anos.

'The one with the sister you made,'

Is that a compliment? Am I a good sister?

Yeah. It would be better if I could sleep better.

I'm a very good sleeper. If my brother does his usual spell, I can fall asleep right away.

 His sister smiles in front of Anos.

'I can't help it, sister.'

 Anos gently ran his hand over the back of his sister's head and kissed her gently on her forehead.
 She closes her eyes happily.

'Ehehe ... goodnight, brother.'

 As it was, he whispered, patting his sister's head.

'Goodnight, Arcana.'