236-Epilogue ~Promise of reunion~

 Students from both schools, the Brave Academy and the Demon King's Academy, were gathered in the large auditorium of Alkranisca.
 On the podium are Eldmead, Shin, and Emilia.

 The exchange between the academy and the last class has just ended.

I'm not going to be able to say that this is the end of the academy exchange. It's a very, very meaningful lesson. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

 Holding his staff in both hands, Erdmeade turned his magic eye on the students.

You can be proud of yourselves. You are undoubtedly brave for having the courage to face death for the sake of your fellow man. That desire is no less than the people of two thousand years ago.

 At the words of the Cutthroat King, the students of the Brave Academy were somewhat proud of themselves.

''Let's give a parting gift to you guys who were willing to die for this class of mine, even if it was only for a short time.

 When Erdmead put on his wand, the magic is activated on the blackboard.
 A voice rang out from the image.

''Ladies and gentlemen, please remain alert and listen.''

 Emilia stared at the blackboard in surprise.
 From there, she could hear her own voice.

''........Those of you who have been studying the demon race will be familiar with the term, the royal family......''

 Hurriedly, she crowded over to Eldmeade.

''Hey! Eldmeade firstborn! What are you doing? What are you doing?!

Kaka, that's quite an accomplishment, isn't it? I spent one night yesterday editing the magical footage I had recorded to make it easier to watch. I've already put it on the Gailladite magic broadcast.

Hah, hah...!

 Emilia raises her voice in a barefaced voice.

'The Gailladites, having lost their royalty, are going to stop ruling by royalty and switch to a so-called parliamentary democracy. 'Then,'

 Pointing at Emilia with his wand, Eldmead laughed.

'Who risked their lives to protect this city? Shouldn't the people know?'

''........wait a minute. I don't understand it at all. To begin with, I am a demon race.

 Kakkakka, the Cutthroat King laughed off Emilia's words.

''If a demon race can be a senator of Azation, if it was also chosen by the people, then there is nothing more worthy of a symbol of peace than this!

 After saying this with an exaggerated gesture, Eldmead put his wand on again.

'--and the Demon King of Tyranny is thinking.

What, so wait a minute. I'm the headmaster of the heroic academy. There's just so much to learn, and yet...

'Oh, come on, don't get so upbeat. It's going to take a long time to move to a parliamentary system. It's just a matter of being prepared for that time.

 Emilia flinched at Eldmead's words without saying a word.

''That doesn't mean it's outrageous...''

It's true that it will be hard to keep a two-legged race going. On top of that, as a demon, you would be in the crosshairs of the humans. When it came to politics, he would have to deal with thousands of raccoons on the seas and in the mountains amidst a maelstrom of intrigue. There will be a hole in your stomach, and you will have to deal with blood-curdling hardships.

 Grinning, Eldmead laughs.

'According to the Demon King of Tyranny, I've prepared a suitable atonement for Omae,'

 Emilia stared in Dillhade's direction with a stern expression.

''........I thought you were going to forgive me.......''

 Emilia says, as if to build resentment.

What do you think? If you say you can't do it, I'll try to tell the Demon King, but I doubt he'd be willing to do it, and he might kill me for it. Kaka, well, it's not your fault. It's my own fault for not being able to convince you, you know! Do what you want.

 Cackle, and Eldmead is laughing merrily.

''........I understand. Just do it, if you do it........! In return, I won't take responsibility if you don't get elected.

'It's wonderful that you didn't even hesitate. That's exactly what Dr. Emilia is.

 Huh, Emilia sighed.
 But when she looked up, she had an indescribably radiant expression on her face.

 She would have wanted a place to make amends, too.

 However, she also has an innate personality. I'm sure she'll have a little resentment towards me for putting her through all the hassle, but she's not comfortable with being so gruff all of a sudden.

"Can you tell the Demon King?

Shall we agree?

I'm grateful, and I'm loyal to you as my lieutenant. But I don't like the way you're bullying me, the way you're forcing me to do things. You'll get your foot in the door one day. I look forward to helping you out and ingratiating myself to you then.

 Hearing those words, I couldn't help but smile.
 Hmm. It's just as well that Emilia is hating on me as she is hating on me.

"Ka ka ka ka ka ka ka! Kaka kaka kaka kaka kaka!

 Suddenly, Emilia stepped back when she saw Erdmeade who started laughing at an unprecedented rate.

''Eh, Eldmead-sensei...? Um...?

'Oh, wonderful. Isn't that just wonderful! He means that that that Demon King has brought not only his loyal subordinates, but also those who disagree with him and complain about him to his allies. As expected of the Demon King of Tyranny, Anos Voldigord. How far do you think you're going to go?

 With an exaggerated gesture, Erdmeade was shouting at the ceiling.
 When he thought he did, he turned to his students as if he had come to his senses in an instant.

'Well, shall we go then?'

 The Cutthroat King drew the magic circle of the Transference (Gatom) on another blackboard.

The transference destination is the main gate of Delzogade. The lesson for today is over, the students of the Demon King Academy can go home and rest.

 He looked at the students in their scarlet uniforms one last time.

''Students of the Brave Academy, my students. Keep encouraging yourselves, your thoughts have endless possibilities. You should be able to become a threat to the tyrannical demon king. This Cutthroat King is waiting for that time to come, giggling...!

 <The Cutthroat King shifted to the cutthroat king with his chest tightened by the Contract (Zekt).
 The students of the Demon King's Academy followed him and used the magic of the Transition (Gatom) one after another.

''Hey. I've been curious about this for a long time, can I ask you something?

 Sasha next to me spoke to me.


Is this the girl you're taking back to Dillhade?

 Sasha looked at the god in the form of a girl standing behind me.

 Arcana opens her mouth.

''During the Selection Judgment, the Selection God cannot return to the God Realm. As long as you leave me in a suitable place, there will be no problem. Wherever you are, you can respond to the summons as soon as the holy war begins.

 Misha nods his head as he thinks.

'Appropriate place?'

You're going to keep him in the basement of the Demon King's Castle?

 Sasha asks.

'I'll explain later. We'll go to my house.


 Sasha reluctantly withdrew and Misha nodded.
 The two of them drew the magic circle of .

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make the most out of your time in the world.

''Well then, this time you won't be reckless. Also, someone better learn to

 Lao's bitter expression appeared on his face at the two men's dialogue.

''You guys are the ones who are reckless........''

I'd like to ask you to send one of your teachers to teach me.

 Ledriano lifts his glasses in his hands.

'Yeah, yeah, well, I'll ask them. I think Dr. Singh and others should be merciless, don't you think?

 When Ledriano looked at Singh on the podium, he immediately received a cold stare.

'Oh, I don't know. Dr. Singh is such a loving wife and a sweetheart, despite his looks.

"....gently........killing me.......

 At Eleonor and Zecia's explanation, haha, Ledriano chuckles dryly.

'Anyway, I'll ask for it. The rest........

 Eleonor turned around and looked around at the Demon King's Academy and caught Ray's figure in his vision.

''Shouldn't I say hello to the canon? I'm going to fix you up.

 Energetically, Eleonor holds up his index finger.

''It's fine....''

 Heine says in a whisper.

'Really? Heine, you loved canon so much.

Good grief. That can't be true. It's a long time ago. You can go home now.

 Shishin and Heine try to get rid of Eleonor and Zesia.

'Zesia is ... not ... a dog ...'

You don't have to be shy.

Yeah, no problem.

 Heine turns away in a huff.

I'm not sure what to expect. I risked my life to protect you two thousand years ago, and now you have the misery of having to deal with these pathetic people.

 Lao said, and Ledriano nodded.

'First of all, you'll have to be brave enough to say hello to him.

Okay. I get it. See you. Take care.

All of you.

 Eleanor and Zesia came back to us.

'You look kind of embarrassed.

 Sneakily, Eleonor says to Ray.
 He smiles briskly, as he always does.

'I know exactly how they feel, though.


I don't want to look like a hero.

 Eleonor is nodding yes, but she doesn't seem to understand.
 Next to her, Xethia is nodding, but she's even less sure.

Well. Well, let's go home.

 <Using the magic circle of the Transition (Gatom), Eleonor and Zecia are transferred.

Shall we go?

 Ray reaches out to Mass.

'Oh, wait a minute. I actually forgot something...

What is it?

Well, you know, Mr. Ray gave me this...

 There wasn't a single seashell necklace around Mass's neck.

I'm sorry. I was taking it off in the courtyard and looking at it, but I think I left it behind. I'll go get it right away.

Or is it this?

 When Mass turned around, Heine was there.
 He placed a single shell necklace in his palm.

'I found it in the courtyard. I picked it up because it would be a bad omen if someone stepped on it.

Oh, here it is. Wow, thank you very much!

 Mass happily accepted the necklace of one shell.

 Behind Heine, Lao and Ledriano came in behind her.

'Thank you,'

 When Ray utters this, Heine awkwardly averts her gaze.

''No ... nothing ...''

That was a fun exchange.

 So Ray held out his hand.

'I'm not kidding. I don't know how many times I've died. The guys in the Demon King Academy are all too strong. The teacher is also a monster, and it's really bad.

 Heine grumbled and complained, but was not afraid to hold his hand.
 Ray said with a wry smile.

''But I don't think I'll be able to take the holy sword away from you now.

 For a moment, Heine was taken aback.


 Releasing her hand, Rei draws a with Misa.

"Well, you know...

 Before the two of them could transition, Heine spilled the words.

''How do I become........like you.......?''

 Ray laughs briskly.

'The first time I fought a dragon, you know.

 He says as he watches the battle of the Brave Academy on the blackboard.

I wouldn't have won if I hadn't been so brave.

 Heine looks at Ray's face, as if surprised.

'Two thousand years ago. After the Great War, I was betrayed and killed by the people I was supposed to be protecting. Still, I wanted to believe that humans weren't so desperate.

 With a serious tone, Ray spoke to Heine.

''This heroic academy was created by the malice of humans two thousand years ago. To destroy the demon race. To cause another conflict two thousand years later. Jelga's will is still going on, and the malice that has been nurtured in this academy for two thousand years is still nestled in Azation. The royal palace had been corrupted to the point of attempting to destroy the country. It occurred to me that humans might always make foolish choices.

 As the brave canon he once was, he is trying to pass it on.
 The mistakes humans have made.

'I wasn't always a brave man, you know. It's just what other people called me. I, you know, I couldn't stop them. I couldn't stop them. But...

 He looked at Heine, then at Ledriano and Lao behind him.

'There were brave men in these days. People who took up the sword to protect them. And so many more. You guys weren't defeated by the malice of the demon race absolution (Gerga).

 Ray's eyes were filled with tears.

'I'm glad I was able to protect you guys on this day. You are my salvation. Thank you.'

 Ray held out his hand, and Lao and Ledriano shook hands firmly.

The country is changing, the world is at peace, and we don't need the heroes of the past. But I want you to remember. If a disaster comes to Azation that even you can't match, the heroic canon will again take the holy sword and avenge the disaster.

 The three of them nodded.

'Be sure.'

 Ledriano said.

'I'm committed to making sure that day never comes.

I believe that.

 Proudly, Ray looked at the brave men and women who had been nurtured by the days he had protected himself.
 Even if they were immature now, he would believe that their bud-like thoughts would one day blossom.

''Oh, yes. If I could only give you one piece of advice.

 The brave men nodded with serious expressions.

'You'd better be in love.

 The brave men's faces were tinted with doubt.

'Isn't there someone you at least like?'

 After a moment's pause.

What are you talking about...

Yeah, I don't know if I'm going to...

Your Majesty is a joker...

 As if upset, the three of them swam their gazes.
 It flickered for a moment and turned towards Emilia in the pews.


 She had just finished greeting the students of the Demon King Academy and ran to me.

''What's up?''

Oh, no. I mean, have you seen those kids? Well, the Demon Lord's Choir.... I heard you're close with them?

Ellen and the others had an official matter to attend to, so they went back to Dillhade ahead of us.

 Emilia made a slightly unflattering expression.

''.........I see. It can't be helped........''

What's going on?

'I owe you an apology for something I had to say but that's okay. I'll go to Dillhade when I'm all settled. There's someone else I need to apologize to...

 Emilia looks at me intently.

''Well I mean Anosh-kun........''

 She opens her mouth, seemingly having difficulty saying it.

'Can I go and see Anosh-kun then...?

 When I was silent, she continued her words as if to excuse herself.

''Oh, no, I mean, I thought I'd go see if you were studying properly. Once I've taught you, you're my student........

 Looking down, Emilia says.

''I may be a nagging teacher but.........''

We'll look forward to it.

 When she said this, Emilia's face lit up with a flash.

'We haven't even heard all about the canned goods yet.

Well, I'll get you a more expensive canned food this time.

 He nods and points to the Bell of Thought around Emilia's neck.

"Speak to the bell on her neck if you need help. No matter what, it will connect you to the reeks.

No, I wouldn't contact you if it was an emergency, but...

"So be it.

 <Drawing a magic circle for the Gatom.


'Yes. Anosh, you are welcome to come visit us when you come to Azation.

Let's do it.

 My eyes go blank and I transition.
 On the verge of that--

Hey....that atmosphere, that attitude, that's something different from what we usually do...

I guess it's just my imagination... he's six years old... I mean, it's just the way he treats his children, isn't it? ...?

Haha. No way, no way....

 The confused voices of the three brave souls were heard.

 Immediately, the vision regained its original color.

 A yellow scream rang out loudly and my body was hugged by someone.
 Whoever it was, it was my mother.

'What's wrong? What's up with you, Anos! How did you get to be small? Could it be that the Demon King's work is getting harder for you? It's okay, it's okay, Anos. Anos-chan is only six months old, you don't have to work, you can stay home and relax!

 Misha and Sasha, who had transitioned earlier, flinched at Mom's momentum.
 I should have gotten used to it by now, but I didn't expect them to be even more excited just because they were six years old.


 As Mom holds me in her arms, she looks at one of the girls as if she noticed.

''........Anos-chan, have you made another friend?''

'I am Arcana. God of selection. I have chosen Anos.

 Arcana says in a tranquil voice.

 Although she had emitted the magic power of an inhuman god to prove who her confidence was, it was as if her mother, who had no magic eye, could not see anything.

'Pick it up on your way out,'

You found it...? Anos, you know what? You can't pick up a girl, okay?

 Mom says to the kid as she pats my head and tells him.

'I hear you can't go home during the selection hearing.

'That being said, Mom, I don't know what a selection referee is... Huh? You said you chose Anos-chan...?

 Arcana nodded.

'Anos deserves an agent.

The deputy...?

 Gasping, Mom's expression turned pale.

'A trial?'

It's a proxy.

 Misha muttered, but Mom didn't stop.

'Anos-chan, could it be that you are in some kind of trouble!

The original owner was a terrible man. We took it from him.


 Mom gave him a look of trepidation.

'I'll explain more later. Let me live here for a while.

'Yeah, yeah, I mean I want to move in with you... Oh!

 Mom looks up in surprise.

'Could it be, could it be... that you went back to the age of six to beg for such a favor? If you're pretty, I'm sure your mother will listen to you! No matter how much Anos-chan asks, it's--

You okay?

 Mom's chest rumbled with something.

'Don't leave it to your mother! It's okay, Arcana. We'll have a good trial together. Mom, I know a lot of good agents.

'........lots of deputies.......?

 Arcana is confused.
 Maybe it's the defense attorney my mom is trying to get at.

''Are you trying to get........custody or something?''

 Fearfully, Mom asked.

'It is a selective tribunal that asks for the priesthood,'

 Mom sets me down on the floor and clenches her fists gingerly to encourage Arcana.

'Duh, it's okay. We'll win the selection judgement together. Your mother is on Arcana's side, you know. That's something I will never allow. I can't leave my children with a horrible man!

 Mom is driven by righteous indignation.


What are you smiling about?

 Sasha said sharply.

'What? I thought you'd be home. That's what makes it feel like home.

 Sasha says, dismissively.

 Nevertheless, we also secured Arcana's residence.
 There's no problem in the basement of the Demon King's Castle, but it's better to stay close to it if possible.

 There's a chance that the other selectors and the selection gods will target you.

''I think the Selection Judge was wrong. So I want to end it.

 Arcana is pleading with her mother earnestly.

'Yeah, I know, I know. I know, I know, I know, I know, and I think the current system where you can't see your child until the trial is over is wrong. Let's get the trial over with, and then we can go get them.

 But, after all, Mom is tough.
 Even if you are a god, it seems hard to clear up the misunderstanding.


 The door to the workshop was thrown open and my father was standing there.

''I've listened to you. I've heard the story. You're not going to lay a hand on a woman with a husband, no matter how much you've become the king of demons.

 My dad is crying tears of blood as he moves his face closer to mine.

'I'm so jealous!'

"Kuu ha ha ha ha!

 Oh dear, I didn't think they'd mistake a selection hearing for a divorce trial.
 That's just the way our family is.