235-Her whereabouts

 When Emilia sees them, she stands up and runs over to them.

''........What's going on, gentlemen? In the meantime, please wait in the classroom, because we're talking about something important right now. I'll be there in a minute.

 With that, Emilia put her hand on Lao's shoulder, who was in the lead.

'Here we go,'

 As Emilia turned to lead Lao out of the parlor, he grabbed her wrist.


 Looking down, Laos blurted out.

''Lao-kun...? Are you okay...?

 Lao looked up and raised his voice.

''Don't ... don't stop! Please....!

 With pleading eyes, Lao looks at Emilia.

If we get out of here, we'll be great in our country and live without any hardships.......! I don't have the right to say this to someone who's looking out for us.......but.......

 Lao clenches his fists.

''........I don't want you to stop.......I want Emilia-sensei to stay here......!

 Emilia stares back at him, as if surprised.

'The only person who took us seriously when we found out that we weren't brave was the teacher. The only person who scolded us over and over again was the teacher. When we thought we had no choice but to die, the only person who told us to run away was you!

 As if to hold Emilia back, Lao grips her hand tightly.

''We only have Emilia-sensei........! Because you were there, and because you said you wouldn't run away, we were able to fight that ridiculous number of dragons.... We can't find the courage to do it alone.... Without you, we're going back to being useless jerks again...! I don't want to go back to being such an a**h*le.......!

 With tears in his eyes, Lao appealed to her.

''I don't want to go back...''

Dr. Emilia.

 Ledoriano stepped forward and said to Emilia.

'We haven't learned enough from Miss Emilia yet.

 'Teacher,' he also called Emilia for the first time.

'We should have valued his words, his pride, more. I realized that, finally, and I thought it was just beginning. We were too embarrassed to say it directly, but we all got together and talked about how we were going to surprise him, and how we were going to try to do better from now on so that he wouldn't be embarrassed.

 From behind his glasses Ledriano turned his sincere eyes to her.

'We want Emilia-sensei to continue to guide us, like no other. For her sake, this time we wanted to be real brave.

 Ledriano confides this in a calm yet heated tone.

 Heine was half-convinced.

It was my fault..... I neglected in the bathroom and made fun of the teacher and bullied her.... From now on, I'm going to do my best... I'm going to go to class, I'm not going to have a fast lunch, I'm going to take my tests diligently.

 Unlike the students of the Demon King's Academy, they really are all children who are not even old enough to be in the same boat.
 Teenagers have been flattered as brave, and have been at the mercy of the will of the "Devil's tribe absolution (Jelga)".

 You don't know who to trust, but finally you meet the person you can look up to as your teacher.

 Finally, someone you can trust with your heart.
 How fortuitous it was that they had been pushed around by the circumstances of adults in their lives.

 They must know firsthand that they must not let go of that hand, and that they must chase it without regard to the consequences of their actions.

I'm going to be a full-fledged brave man, you know. I'm not going to be the only one who can do that.

 But Emilia's mouth is heavy.
 She already made a promise to me before she came here.

''........I would like to too, if I could, but.......''

 When Emilia turned around to pay attention to me, Ledoriano passed by her side.


 Ledrano stepped out in front of me and knelt there.
 Dropping his head, he said.

'If I may be so presumptuous as to ask a favor of the great tyrannical demon king, Anos Voldigord.

"Say so.

Please. May my mentor, Emilia Ludwell, grant me a moment of grace.

 Then, the students of the Brave Academy line up in place to line up and kneel in front of me.

''Under your guidance, I will definitely develop enough strength to serve the national interest of Dirhade.

 It was Lao who spoke up.

'This life, this heart, all of it, I pledge my allegiance to you.

 Heine said in an imposing tone.

''I will obey any order. Therefore, I would like to ask you to be very generous to us for the duration of our graduation from this academy.

 The entire Academy of Valor fell flat on its face.
 They, who had been educated that the demon race was the enemy, did it for the teachers of the demon race.

 At the earliest, there was not the slightest influence of the demon race absolution (Jelga).

 They are now able to see with their own eyes and think for themselves.


 Emilia stepped forward and broke her knees in front of me.
 Then she flattened down so that her head was on the ground.

'The word "excellent subordinate", I am honored beyond measure. But in this Azation, I have learned my lesson. The same position as the Seven Demon Emperors is unworthy of my body.

 She says it as if she has no regrets.

I don't care if I never get to step on the ground again. I don't care if I never get to step foot in my country again. There is only one thing I want now.

 Emilia bows her head deeply to protect what is important to her.
 It was her fight.

''Give me the opportunity to teach them. I will raise them to be fine and brave, and I will surely make them the foundation of friendship between Dilheid and Azation. I will make sure that the tragic war of two thousand years ago, which was once a tragic war, never happens again.

Heads up.

 As she speaks, Emilia slowly looks up.
 She has a brave look on her face. She doesn't have the slightest fear of being punished in front of me.

 She is prepared to be a martyr to that belief and her own students.


 From the entrance of the reception room there was a cacophony of noise that was inappropriate for the occasion.

''How dare they put their heads together and unexpectedly bow to the king of an enemy country!

 The one who came in with an arrogant look on his face was Zamira, the head of the academy.

''And that too, you're going to swear allegiance to the Demon King after graduation? Do you understand? This was a noble act of treason against the Azéon! I want you all executed for treason! Hmm?

 Unable to look after the words too much, Emilia stands up.

''........Dean Zamira. Please don't speak outrageously. That much is not treason, nor is it a death sentence........ Under the laws of Azation, no matter which country you live and work in, your freedom will not be infringed upon.

 Emilia countered calmly.
 However, Zamira's expression twisted in displeasure.

''Dean? That is rude, teacher-like.

 With his obese body, he throws out his chest for all to see.

'I am the 107th King of Gailladite, Zamira Engelo Gailladite. Now, Azéon is my country, I am the law.

 Emilia exclaimed.
 The students of the Brave Academy frowned.

''........What does that mean.......?''

It doesn't look good. King Lycius and the whole royal family are dead. I am the only one with a claim to the throne, so it only makes sense that I should be the king. You're a woman of noble birth, demoness.

 Emilia bites her back teeth just barely.

''Hmm? What's with the defiant look on your face? I can crush the Academy for the Brave with a single decision. Because we don't need this academy of traitors in our country.......hmm? What do we do?

 Emilia tried to break her knees with a humiliated look on her face.
 I gently grabbed her shoulders, which were trembling with anger, and stopped her.

''This is a tyrannical demon king. No matter how much you have under your command, isn't it disrespectful to not even kneel to the king of a country?

You still think you're the king. Well, congratulations to the man.


 Zamira's expression twisted inexplicably, and a voice rang out from the desk in the reception room.

'Zamira Engelo. You knew all about it.

 It is a transparent sound. It is the voice of God in the form of a girl.

'You were the first to come in contact with Ahide. Knowing that it was dangerous, you introduced Ahide to King Lysius. You were disliked by King Lysius, and you plotted to murder the king.

 Before I knew it, Arcana was sitting on the desk.

'There is no point in blurting it out. I know everything.

...I see.

 Looking at Arcana, he didn't argue, perhaps realizing that excuses were useless.

'I see, I see. It certainly doesn't seem to make sense to blurt it out.'

 Zamira nods in agreement and says, as if reopening it.

'How true. The king and his royalty are dead because of my guidance.

'You royalty have unleashed a dragon on Azation to attack the people. You conspired with Geordal, the land of the divine dragon, and tried to turn the brave canon into a dead man. To take the Spirit Godman Sword and become a brave man yourself.

'Well, that's what King Lysius planned, but it's also true that he overlooked it. If you'll just go down together, I'll be closer to being king.

 Perpera and Zamira speak eloquently.
 It's as if they are proud of the fact that their plan has succeeded brilliantly.

The first thing you need to know is that I was in cahoots with the former headmaster Diego. <I also left the idiot students brainwashed by the magic of the Demon Race Abuse (Jelga). I hoped that the royalty would diminish in the throes of the war with Dillhade. It didn't work out then, but my luck finally came around.

'Hmm. How often do you say that your luck has turned in your favor after talking that much?

 Grinning, Zamira peeks a lowly smile.

You are a fool. I left no proof. I left no proof. No one believes the words of a demon or a bumbling hero.

 Perhaps out of an omnipotent sense of power, Zamira was bold enough to say so.

''Or do you want to try to kill me, Demon King? Do you want to try to kill me? A relationship that, even if hypothetically, is now a friendship. It would be easy to kill them, but then we'd be at war again. That's not what you want, is it? Hmm?

'Certainly, we are not at war. I will not touch you. No amount of corruption in this country can harm Dillhade. That's this country's problem.

"Ha ha, of course. I'm sure you are. What is the Demon King of Tyranny? This is not the era of violence. These power-hungry idiots are nothing more than incompetent.

 Then I heard a voice.

'How dare you. That king and his royalty are dead because of my help.

 What I heard was Zamira's voice.

'What, what?'

 Zamira looks around the room.

'Well, that's what King Lysius had planned, but it's also true that he overlooked it. If they fall together, we'll be closer to the throne.'

 Once again, Zamira's voice echoed.
 Arcana was using the magic of , and the image of this place just now was clearly reflected there.

''.........Wha.......what is this.......?

It's a magical broadcast that's been going around the entire Asesion.

 Zamira's face paled.
 However, she immediately raised her voice as if she had reconsidered.

''........Hey, it's just a fabrication! A powerful anti-magic using holy water has been applied to this room. <Remote clairvoyance (limnet) and image recording magic shouldn't be able to use it...!

"Weak anti-magic does not count. Just a few minutes ago, I saw you negotiating with Ahide. That man was thinking of blackmailing you with it.

 Zamira gives me a startled look.

''By the way, I was also the one who was in cahoots with the previous headmaster Diego. <I also left the idiot students brainwashed by the magic of the Demon Race Absolution (Jelga). I hoped that the royalty would diminish in the throes of the war with Dillhade. It didn't work at the time, but my luck finally turned.'

 His voice came over the magic broadcast again.

'Well, the corruption in this country is this country's problem. I won't touch it, but what do you think the people of this country will think?

 Next, the remote clairvoyant (limnets) projected an image in front of the royal palace.
 Hundreds of Geiradite people were rushing there.

''What's going on? Get Zamira out!

Our home town was hit by a dragon. Was it you royal palaces that did that too?

Don't condescend to be a dick to us! If you want to go to war so badly, get the hell out of here!

'Oh! I'll deal with you! Put Zamira out!

Where's Zamira? I can't follow your royal ways anymore!

Hey! This time, this time, I'll never forgive you! Hey! Get the hell out of here!

I'll kill you! Come on out of there!

 Shouts of rage were heard.
 The soldiers who were holding the people back were about to reach their limit and were about to be breached through the main gate.

 With such a discarded line, Zamira was just about to flee the reception room when she came across a group of armor-clad soldiers.

''Oh. I'm so glad you came for me. It's a tragedy. We'll have to hide out for a while. Well, it's a nice break. All right, boys, prepare a place for me.

 As soon as Zamira said it, the soldiers thrust their spears at him.


 Immediately he was bound by his arms.

''What are you doing...? What do you think you're doing? You are disrespectful to me, the king!

"I'm afraid you are no longer king.

 The people who came were the ministers of the royal court and the nobles of Azation. 

Zamira Engelo, the man who sold his country, killed the royal family and tried to take the lives of his people. I take him into custody for treason!

Wait for me! Don't be fooled. This is an attempt by the Demon King! If you do this, Dillhade will have his way--bah!

 One of the ministers struck Zamira as hard as he could.

'We were tired of the corrupt royalty as well. As you say, we'll make room for you in your proper place.'

 The Minister glares at Zamira.


You are blatantly ungrateful. You don't know who's been defending this country all these years but without the royal families, this country is finished!

You just worry about the day you'll be on death row. Take him away!

 The soldiers are taking Zamira away.

'No, no! Let go of me! I am the king! Let go...!

 The ministers and nobles turn back.
 One of them turns to me and bows to me.

 It's Igales. Before his reincarnation, he was a human, and he was the one who was laying the groundwork to find someone with decent aspirations among the royal court and nobles to arrest Zamira.

''Well done.''

I'll report back to you later.

 With that, Igaleth walked away.


 When I turned around, Emilia and the others had a half-dazed look on their faces.
 I guess their minds couldn't keep up with the rapidly changing situation.

''Continuing on from earlier, Emilia, I have prepared the same position as the Seven Demon Emperors as promised for you,''

"...but that's not....

 She stagnates as if troubled.

 Even though I pleaded to remain in the heroic academy, if I decide, there is no way I can stubbornly refuse.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

 It's not a good idea to say that I quit just because I didn't agree with you.
 If she is a teacher, she has to set the standard in front of her students.

As you can see, the seat of the headmaster of Alkranisca has been vacated. Unfortunately, there is no one to take her place. There will be no room for him in the crushed royal palace. I've heard that the ministers don't like the fact that they don't have someone in charge of the Academy, the only one capable of defeating the dragons, when they come again. I was told that there is a person who is well-liked by the students and is just right for the job.

 Emilia was flabbergasted by my words.
 Then she straightened her posture and tightened her expression.

''Your willingness to commit a crime and atone for it has taught me a lesson too. Give back to this land of Azation what you have cultivated in those harsh days.

 She kneels to me.
 The students of the Academy of the Brave kneel and bow their heads as they follow suit.

''Emilia Ludwell. I entrust you with the head of the Academy of the Brave, Archlan Isca. With the loss of royalty, Azation will have a long-lasting ordeal ahead of it. Let me raise a national treasure that will overcome them.

 She bowed her head deeply and uttered the words as if she were swearing.

'Respectfully yours, sir.'