234-Her confession

 A few days later--

 Brave Academy Alkran Iska.
 Today, the last day of the academy exchange, I was walking through its corridors not in the form of Anosh, but as the Demon King of Tyranny.

 The school building that was half destroyed by the different dragons was rebuilt by Erdmeade with  It has become sturdier than before, and the fact that it's equipped with a dangerous magic circle here and there is just his playfulness.

 I stop and open the door to the magic library.
 The students who were lounging there turned to me.

'.........you are.........

 As soon as Lao sees my face, he stands up.
 Redriano controls him with his hand, as he loses his temper for a moment, remembering what he once was.

 Lao calms down, grasps his hand quietly and lets it drop down.

'Wow, I'm wooing. It's okay.

 Heine, who had been reading a book, stood up and turned to face me.

''It's been a long time. What's wrong with the Demon King coming here alone?

 It's still a cocky mouthful.
 However, unlike in the past, there is no hostility in his gaze.

You're not going to be able to get your hands on any of them. I was going to go to the reception room, but I think I've taken a wrong turn. You have interrupted me.

 I turned on my heel and was about to leave the library when I was approached from behind.

'Hey. Wait.

 He stops and looks back at Lao over his back.

''........What's that promise?''

''How. Do you really care that much about the homeroom teacher of the demon race sent by the Demon King Academy?

 Lao turns away with a punishing look on his face.

''It's not. It's not like that........

Hahaha. It's quite a feat to tame you all like this, as expected of a teacher at the Demon King's Academy.

 At the word "teacher of the Demon King Academy", Ledriano gulped slightly.

You'll be able to tell me if it bothers you. Emilia has assigned her to rebuild Archlan Iska, which is in such a shambles. It's a promise that if you continue to teach here for a year, or if you achieve a reasonable level of success, I'll make the Demon King Academy prosper.


Emilia worked hard, and she has done her best to make you proud of your heroes.

 He continued to explain to the Laos who didn't say anything.

''The reason why the Demon King's Academy came to exchange academies is to defeat the dragons that are rampant in Azation. Thanks to Emilia and you guys attracting the dragon horde, we were able to get to the mastermind. As it is, we can also get the pus out of Gailladite. To her great credit. I've told her that I'll prepare a position on par with the Seven Demon Emperors in my promise, but I must prepare a suitable one.

 I left the magic library while the three of them looked stunned.
 On the way there, I said. 

I'm sure you're right. You should speak a little more decently on a sunny day. Few demons care about language, but she doesn't. If you're a human, you're good at that. Don't embarrass me in an unwanted way.

 This time, I walked away from the place.
 I headed to the reception room to welcome the guests.

 I opened the door and walked in.
 The spacious room was furnished with an extravagant desk, gleaming embroidered carpets, luxurious sofas and furniture.

 The person waiting for me was Emilia.
 She stared at me as I walked in.

'Sit down,'

No, I'm fine as it is.

Then you can do what you want.

 I pulled a chair from the desk in the back and sat down there.
 Emilia turns to me awkwardly.

 She looks a little frightened, wondering what she's going to say.

''I heard that you used a lot of holy water to defeat the dragon horde.


''It's a reckless thing. No matter how well suited to the magic of a brave man, his body is a demon race. The body invaded by the holy scars will eventually undermine even the root of the body. If that happens, even if you were to be reincarnated under my curse, you might not have survived.

 Emilia nodded persistently.

'Why did you give up your life to fight?'

I am a teacher.

 As she searched for words, she replied.

'I had a responsibility to protect my students.'

You did well.

 Uncomfortably, she bows her head in a small way.

''Well thank you.''

'Hmm. Are you done with the Stigmata? If you're not well, we'll fix you up.

 Emilia quietly shook her head.

''Anosh-kun........well, the students of the Demon King's Academy who came for the academy exchange cured me. There's absolutely no problem at all.

 Apparently, you're not going to be in trouble after that.

Can I ask you one question?


Who is he? For a mere demon race, it has extraordinary power. You know something....

 How could I not wonder?
 It's not hard to see why you might be wondering about my connection.

Anoosh Porticollo. It's a very special kind of magic. It's just like my childhood. If he grows up and takes a stand, he'll be the stuff of war. I'm sure you're right, I'm going to keep it under my nose.

 Emilia turns a steely gaze on me.

''Well you're not going to take care of him before he's beyond your power, are you?

 Emilia's words make me chuckle throatily.

'Funny you should say that. 'Anosh Porticolo exceeds my power? Emilia, that's not possible. Heaven and earth would be turned upside down.

 She gives me the evil eye to find out my true intentions.
 I may have said it a little badly, or she may have suspected that I was trying to get rid of Anoosh.

''I'm sure it bears no resemblance to your childhood.

Oh. What makes you think that?

''Unlike you, Anosh, you are a gentle demon race. You would never turn against Dillhade.


 When I laughed, Emilia made a doubtful expression.

''........What is it, you suddenly started laughing. What's so funny?''

 Hmm. I guess I accidentally spewed that out.
 Well, okay.

'No, no, no, how can you trust a kid you haven't met in a while?

''Well I was in direct contact with that boy, unlike you. Anosh-kun is smart, pure, and very kind. I'm sure that as long as the adults around him give him the proper guidance, he will become a great magician. Even you can surpass him.

 It's a bit embarrassing to be told this much, but I can't reveal my identity.

''Hm. Emilia, I see you've become a teacher.

Are you trying to make a favor of me?

I said I was watching my students. I wish you could see me with your unclouded evil eye.

 When I said that, Emilia turned her face away for a moment.
 However, she immediately turned to me again as if she had reconsidered.

 She has a look of determination on her face.

''I have something to tell the Demon King of Tyranny, Anos Voldigord.

 Seriously, she appealed to him.
 Unlike her previous small talk, her tone had also changed to one of formal audience with the Demon King.

''I forgive you.''

 As she said this, she knelt there and bowed her head.

'I have made a mistake,'

 In her first voice, she uttered this.

'I mistakenly believed that the royal family was the supreme being and that my own blood was precious. For this reason, I treated you with malice, plotted the murder of your mother, and even tried to lay hands on my own students.

 With each word, regret and guilt seep in.
 Because she's looking forward and trying to live her life honestly in the future, she will not be able to erase that guilt.

 She is the only one who won't allow it to happen.

It is a very good thing that you have reached out to me, because I am a sinner. You have given me the opportunity to see that sin without killing me.

 I guess the truth is that she wanted to kneel down and bow to me, who once held such a grudge against me, because she wanted to do so.

And at the same time, I would like to apologize for something...

I'll make a request.

I will atone for this sin in any way I can. I will lick the shoe if you ask me to lick it, and I will endure every kind of blame. But I beg you, although it is a shallow request now, I beg you to spare my life.

 She says, pleadingly.

'You may state your reasons.'

I still have some things I need to do. When you've done that, you're welcome.

What will you do if I say no?

 She looked up and said with determination.

'I have committed a crime. I would like at least the grace to put my affairs in order.

 I laugh at his words, as if to grant him forgiveness.

'I've already punished you. There's no need for more.

 Emilia looks as if the fox has pinched her face.

'I'll take back the words I said I wouldn't forgive you then.

Are you going to torment me to the fullest after I've truly admitted my sins...?

 I laugh, clearing my throat with a croak.

'Hm. Do you think I'm some kind of devil or outcast?

'No ... the tyrannical demon king and ...'

 Kuhuha, I couldn't help but burst out laughing.
 Apparently, what happened when I reincarnated him as a half-breed is quite traumatic for him.

 It's no wonder that even after you've admitted to your crime, you're still very firm with me.

This is settled. It's all right. I know you have a promise to keep.

"...that, I remember, but...

'You have done your duty well enough. You have restored pride to the former students of the Jelga canon and enabled the humans to defeat the dragon. It may be a small step for them, but it will be the beginning of the revival of a country that has been ruled by the magic of the Devil's Deception (Jelga) for two thousand years. Well done.

 When she said this, Emilia's expression strengthened as she braced herself, not with joy or relief.

''I have no taste for letting my excellent subordinates play around. As promised, I have prepared the same position as the Seven Demon Emperors.

Anos-sama.........you see, I.......

 It was then that she was about to say it.

 The door to the reception room opened vigorously.


 Led by Lao, Ledoriano, Heine, and a group of students in scarlet uniforms walked into the room at once, led by Lao.
 All the students in the class Emilia was in charge of had rushed in.