07-Forbidden, Origin Magic

 After the explosion stops, the arena is filled with dead bodies.
 However, they are all still alive. It is extremely shameful that most of them are on the verge of death, despite the fact that I took the trouble to warn them, but I'll take it as a positive sign that they didn't die.

''........What have you done?

 Riorg staggered up. His right arm is dyed bright red and will be useless for the rest of his life if he's not good at it.
 But other than that, it's an unexpectedly minor injury. It is likely that he quickly decided that he would not be able to go unscathed and gathered the magic power that was running amok in his right arm.

''What, I was just threatening you a bit. I'm sure the source of all of you is afraid of me, and you are shamelessly frightened of me.


 It's a fact, but Riorg doesn't seem to have any intention of believing it. In the first place, magic power is created from a demonic root in our bodies.
 If the grade of the source is different, it can be frightened by the opponent and cause the magic power to run amok, just like it is now.

''Oh well. Aren't you ready to admit that I'm the founder a little bit?

 As I uttered that, Riorg turned his hatred on me again. Should I praise him for being able to bare his hostility at this stage of his life, or should I admonish him for being an idiot who can't see what his opponent is capable of?

'I do not admit it,'

'I see. But at least it seems to be an unassailable fact that I'm closer to the founder than you are?

It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on it. It's not possible for you to handle these multiple types of magic at a high level. You're using a very special magic tool.

 A chuckle erupts from the bottom of my stomach.

I don't know if you're a magician or not. I know you don't want to admit I'm good at this, but the way you talk about it is ridiculous.

Otherwise, how could a mongrel get this kind of power!

A mongrel...

 But why have we become so obsessed with pure blood? Two thousand years ago, it would have been unimaginable.

''As a member of the Imperial Family, I cannot allow myself to fall behind the mongrels. Even in death, I will not allow myself to be defeated!

 Riorg forced his right arm, which was almost dead, forward. A magic circle emerges there.

 Is that...?

I'll show you. I'll show you the difference between you and me. The difference between you and I. The magic of origin that can only be passed down to the royal family.

 It's also a good idea to have a good time. I'm not sure what that three-dimensional magic circle that is being built is for, but since I'm enjoying myself so much, let's not interfere with it.

''I've confirmed the amount of magic power that exceeds the prescribed level.

 An owl's voice can be heard from above.

''A magical barrier will be deployed in the bleachers, but all spectators are advised to evacuate immediately. It is expected that there may be deaths in the auditorium due to the candidates' use of magic.

 A scream echoes from the audience.

'Oh no! Master Riorg was going to use that thing!

"Everyone get out of here now! The magical barriers here won't hold up!

 Riorg grins.

'You'll regret it. It's not a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on it. Even I, who use it, will not be spared.

 Black lightning clings to the right hand of the bumblebee and Riorg. It increases in number and covers a radius of one meter from him. In the next moment, the black lightning spread to twice that area and continued to increase in power.

 At last, half of the arena was covered by the black lightning. The magic barriers that stretched across the spectator seats and the aftermath of the magical power that the lightning generated produced produced violent sparks that bounced off of each other.

''Do you understand? This is the real magic that no mongrel can duplicate.

 After speaking arrogantly, Riorg held his right arm clad in black lightning up to the heavens and then swung it down at me with all his might.

''Origin magic !

 Black lightning swelled up hundreds of times and swirled like a typhoon, uprooting everything in the arena and blowing everything in the arena to the ground.

 Debris from the destroyed bleachers fell with a flurry. The wavering dust cloud that rose up slowly cleared, and Riorg's figure emerged from it.
 He's almost out of magic, but somehow he seems to have managed not to die.

 And in the next moment, he looks at me and a shocked expression appears on his face.

''Ridiculous...! <He was hit by the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd) and was unharmed........?

 It was a fair amount of magic, but he made a fatal mistake.

'Old things have their own magic power. Origin magic is magic that borrows its power from origins that have immense magical power.

Where did you get the secret...?

 Riorg says, as if astonished.
 There's no secret, because the origin magic was developed by me. It's natural to know.

It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to find out what's going on. But the older it gets, the more vague its existence becomes and the harder it is to control, even if you try to borrow its power. It's a good thing that they've borrowed an enormous amount of magical power, but they can't keep it.

 In short, in order to use origin magic, one must have a clear knowledge of the beings who borrow its power.
 But the older it is, the more that information is lost and misrepresented, the more it is different from the original one.

 For this reason, we borrow strength from things that are old but whose existence is certain. For example, it is common to draw on famous legends and lore. The success rate of origin magic also increases if it has a connection with itself.

 This time, the person who borrowed the magic power to use the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jilasd) is a man who is closely related to him and has an enormous magical power that killed even the gods two thousand years ago.

 He is the tyrannical demon king, Anos Voldigord. That's me.
 It's true that there is no more appropriate origin for magic in this era.


"Unfortunately, origin magic cannot affect the very origin from which it borrows its magic. Didn't you know that?

 I thought about how to cook Liorg, who said in dismay.