'I acknowledge the giveaway of Zepes Indu. The winner, Anos Voldigord.

 With an owl's voice, the magic barrier in the doorway was lifted.

 But it's strange. Even though he's claiming the name of Demon King Anos, the people in the audience are reacting as if they don't know him.

 Could this be that there are too many undesirables cheating on the name of the Demon King to care about it now?

 The problem with being too famous is that it's not good enough. But, well, it's good to prove yourself with competence.

That was a pretty good match.

 He held out his hand to Zepes to congratulate him on his fight.
 He shakes with a frightened look.

"d*mn it, you son of a b*tc*! You're a f*cking idiot! Remember that!

 Spitting a discarded line that was typical of Mitsushita, Zepes ran back.

 Hmm. Once the game is over, there won't be any hard feelings, so what is that guy so angry about?
 It's true that he was rejected because of me, but it's not like he lost his life either. The only thing to do is to take the test again next year.

 In fact, you can fight me and still return home with five bodies intact. The demon tribe in the mythical age would have been moved to tears by the greatest happiness in history.

''After a ten-minute break, we will have a duel with the next candidate.

No need.

 If I had to take a break for 10 minutes every time I had to prepare for a duel like this, I'd get tired of being bored.
 At any rate, there are four more people to deal with. I hope they're not small fry.

"At the request of Anos Voldigord, we're going to skip the break.

 Just then, a stream of magic power could be seen from the direction of the passage that Zepes had fled back.

 A scream echoed. Next, a long-haired demon tribe emerged from the doorway.
 It had a rather nervous look on its face, with a wrinkled brow. That guy was grabbing up Zepes' neck with one hand.

"Oh, brother........oh, I'm sorry.... Forgive me. Next time I'll be sure to...

Shame on you.

 Gulping, the long-haired demon tribe crushes Zepes' throat. The particles of magic power gather there. Black lightning scorches Zepes' whole body.

 In an instant, Zepes became an extinguisher.
 The long-haired demon discarded it like trash and walked over to me.

'My brother was taken care of,'

 I see. You're Zepes' brother. Apparently he's better than his brother, but I don't like it.

"Avenge my brother's death" would be a pretty good line.

'It is a disgrace to my people that a mongrel would take a back seat to a mongrel. The least I can do is to intervene with my own hands.

 By "mongrel," you mean me?
 Well, I'm not going to get off on every single one of those things, but if I'm a mongrel, I'm going to be the offspring of that mongrel, but is that okay?
 It's like the ridiculousness of your mother's gobbledygook in a sibling quarrel.

'I suppose siblings are supposed to help each other, don't you think?'

''You are a sweet man. You are a Demon Royalty for strength.

 Good grief. Who is more lenient? There's no point in killing them in a prank, no matter how weak they are. If they are weak, they have their own uses. If you are weak, you can use your weakness to your advantage.

"It seems that you have the wrong idea of power.

It's a trivial sense of justice. It's enough to make me declare a giveaway, even going to the trouble of using the great magic of when I could have just killed it.

 The guy says something like that, and I'm curious and look out into the audience.

 I see. So that's where it is. In the third row of seats, there are demons who are not wearing a uniform. They are probably candidates for the exam. Does this mean I can watch my next opponent?

 But it doesn't make sense. In row F, where I was standing in line, I was ushered straight into this arena and the practical test suddenly began. I shouldn't have had a chance to go to the audience.

''Apparently, you don't know. We, the pure-blooded Demon Royal Clan, or the Imperial Clan, can choose our opponents. They are treated differently than mongrels who are just mixed with the blood of their ancestors.

 Hmm. The alphabet on the invitation. So that was classified according to the mixture of my blood. But I don't know who came up with it, but it was comical.

 Neither pure blood nor mixed blood had anything to do with how much of my power I inherited. If you're doing something that obvious, it's like asking me to kill you before you reincarnate.

 To begin with. The reasoning that pure blood is strong because of the pure blood and weak because of the mixed blood is not well founded. One drop of a Demon King's blood is enough.
 To be honest, it's just appalling that you can't come up with something like this.

''It looks like you finally understand your position.

No, what, I just think it's a stupid thing to worry about.

 A twitch, and the man's temples twitch.

'....Crap, you say?

Oh, nonsense. You know, being a demon king is just a matter of being called that because you're strong. That's pure blood? Position? Ha. Don't make me laugh.

 At my mockery, the long-haired demon tribe contorts its face in displeasure. They may take pride in the fact that they're my direct descendants, but it's a boring pride.

'I don't mind creating a privileged class, though. There are people like that in every age. But a demon king is a person who twists all power and law with his own strength. And his descendants are on the side of privilege now.

 The long-haired demon tribe, perhaps offended by his ridiculous manner, shot him a deadly look.

''I take your words as a criticism of our founder's achievements and disrespect to the royal family. That's why this Demon Lord Liorg Indu should be put to death by his own hand.

'Why does my talking about me make me disrespect my greatness?'


He's got bad instincts. He says I'm the originator.

 Then Riorg glared at me with hatred in his eyes.

"You. You know what you are talking about, don't you?

What? Did I tell you that I was me?

 Then, as if he had lost his patience, Riorg shouted.

'Your disrespectful attitude of deceiving yourself that you are the founder, you deserve to die a thousand deaths!

'I don't get it. Your idea of a reincarnated demon king being a moron who doesn't know what he is?

Shut up! You are the one who is guilty of doubting the direct words of the Seven Demons!

 The Seven Demon Clan, huh? I don't know what another strange name has come up, but let's check it out, shall we?

It's not a very good idea to have a good idea of what you're talking about, but I don't blame you. The term "demon king" isn't something that can be proven with words.

You! Once again, you're taunting the direct words of the Seven Demon Clan!

 I don't mean to, but you're a pain in the ass.

Come on, just get your ass in here. I'll show your body that I'm the founder.

 I expected him to pounce on me as soon as I challenged him, but unexpectedly he looked in the direction of the day after tomorrow. The audience.

''Let this guy know what happens to those who criticize the royal family.

 As Riorg said, the three demons in the audience jumped into the arena.

''Hm. Are you sure? As I recall, we're in the middle of the admissions process now, aren't we?

 When I asked him this, Riorg said, as if it were a matter of course, "What are you afraid of?

What are you afraid of? This is a standard entrance exam. It would be too much trouble to beat them one by one, so I'm just going to save you the trouble. I'm going to prove to you that I'm the founder, so this is the least I can do.

 The owl flying above may be a referee, but he doesn't seem to have any particular intention of pointing out a rule violation.

 I see. So this is also a privilege, huh? In cases where the power of the royal family is out of their control, they probably use this kind of means to pass the test.

''But what about the four of you?

It's too late. Regret what you said, and die.

What are you confused about? I'm saying it's too little.

 Riorg's expression turned grim.


''I'm saying that four mooks aren't enough to prove that he's the founder. Just go ahead and take on all of those guys out there with their geese.


 Without needing to be instructed by Riorg, the demons who had been watching us from the spectator's seats jumped down into the arena one after another. I guess it's called pure blood. It's a good idea to have a look of disapproval at me.

 The total number of people in the arena was something like eighty.

As they say, "The mouth is the mother of all harms.

'Quite so. If you hadn't said the wrong thing, we wouldn't have had to sacrifice eighty people.

 Liorg frowned uncomfortably, but he immediately laughed as if he had a second thought.

''No matter how much of a miscreant you are, the fact that you beat him to death unilaterally is a disgrace to the royal family. We won't be able to do anything about it for ten seconds. Meanwhile, I suggest you prepare a powerful spell, at best.

"Ho. You talk a lot louder now that you have more allies, don't you? You're a man who looks down.

 The man who had been furious with every single one of them earlier, however, just huffed and giggled from the leeway of the multitude.

'Do you have time to talk? It's going to be another ten seconds.

 I laughed at Riorg's triumphant line, and I couldn't help but laugh.

''Kukkuk. Hahaha.

What's so funny? You're too scared to be crazy.

'Don't you realize it yet? "Elaborate your evil eye more carefully.

 The magic eye is the eye that sees magic power. After being warned, Riorg finally tried to sense the flow of magic power, put the magic power in his eyes and worked his magic eye. Instantly he was flabbergasted.

 I think he realized that his own magic power is going out of control.

 The demons who surrounded me let out a scream.

"What is this...? Magic power on its own...!


What did you do? What in the world did you do?!

 Good grief, that's a bit sloppy.

It's time to get your magic under control. Otherwise...

 The faces of the demons that surrounded me turned pale and I tried to control my magic power that was running out of control. But I'm not going to be able to make it in time.

You're going to die!

 Instantly, a thunderous sound rang out and the eighty men who had descended into the arena exploded loudly like a powder keg on fire.