05-Common sense of the devil, insaneness after 2,000 years

 I turn on my heel. Then I hear a voice from behind me.

'Wait ... come on ...'

 Staggeredly, Zepes tries to get up, but the wound is a wound. He crawls on the ground, unable to move as he should.

"You'll be safe if you get help right away. Give it up.

Ha. I thought it was something like that, this disgrace to the Demon Royal Clan not being able to stab the enemy in the back, so how can you have the blood of an ancestor.......

 The Demon Royal Race is the bloodline of the Demon King?
 I'm the first of my kind, and I'm the first of my kind.

Don't talk too much. You're going to die.

Kill me.

But you know what? A little fish like you isn't even worth killing.

 Now, what's going on?

'Ha! Can't you do it? Then give me a giveaway. I'll tell you what, I'm not going to give up on you even if I die!

 I suppose it would be easier if I told you to give up.

I know what you're thinking. You're going to use compulsion magic. Yeah, I'll do it. Give me a shot. You can't even give me a giveaway if you don't do it, you piece of shit! Hahahahahahahahahaha--gasp!

 He stomps on Zepes' head and presses his face to the cobblestones.

'Good grief, you're head is high. You're a condescending bastard for wanting to bask in that kind of dickish superiority.

 But you said something interesting.

"You can't even get them to give up without using coercive magic.

Well it's the truth, I know it's true, scum...!

 Despite being stomped on the head, Zepes still smacks his mouth without reducing it.
 It's quite an imposing hateful role for a third person.

'Hmm, an interesting sideshow. I'll take you up on it. If I can get you to give up without using compulsion magic, I win. Otherwise, you win.

What? You can't talk to me like that. I won't give up on you even if I die........!

 I blink and activate the  It is written there that if I don't make Zepes give up without using coercive magic, I will give up.
 <The contract (Zekt) is absolute. The user of this magic and the one who signed it with magical power cannot alter this contract.

 I'm not going to be able to get my hands on it.

I'm not going to give up no matter how much pain I cause you, you'll at best regret it hahahahaha ー!

 I bring my index finger to Zepes' forehead.

'Uh-huh?' What the--

 I flicked my fingers.

"Gashu......... .......... ...........

 Zepes' whole body was obliterated.

'Oops? I thought I'd added or subtracted enough, but this is going to kill me....I see.

 Good grief. This is going to be my undoing.
 It can't be helped.

 I cut the tip of my index finger with my fingernail and let a drop of blood drip onto it.
 <It's called "Ingal" magic.

 Zepes' entire body is rebuilt and he is revived.
 I made his armor and sword a little stronger.

''Wha...? What's that magic, Zepes, who was supposed to be dead, has come back to life...!

"Bringing a dead man back to life... Such magic, it's beyond the norm!

 I don't know why they are so surprised. The people in the audience are making a lot of noise over the fact that Zepes has come back to life. If you can't use magic like this, you'd be dead if you died.


 Zepes looks at me with a smug look on his face.

'How's that?' How does it feel to be dead? Are you ready to give up?

"....you idiot.......who would give up........

 He flicks his fingers again and kills Zepes.

''Oops, you accidentally killed him again. Well, if you use the in three seconds, you can bring him back to life without risk. That's what we call the three-second rule.

 I felt a surging wave of silence recede from the audience.

 Hmm. Did what I did with me apparently take the gag off?
 This three-second rule, which said it was safe to kill someone within three seconds, was an ironclad joke in the mythical era, but no, it's not funny.

 It's no wonder that the culture of laughter has changed over the past two thousand years. On the contrary, they all look like they're tainted with fear. That's how cold my gags were.

 Will I have to restrain myself from being a bloke until I understand the gags of the magical age?


 <Zepes, who was revived by the resuscitation (Ingal), looks at me and has a look of fear on his face.

 Well, let's give him a little push. Not to the point of trauma.

"You said you wouldn't give up when you died, but you didn't think you'd only die once in your life?

 There was no answer, and Zepes just rasped and shuddered.

'Well, let's hear it again, shall we? Are you willing to give up?

 For a moment, Zepes can't help but look desperate. However, he said in a thin voice.

''Da, who--Kyufu........!

 I thought it was another push, so I killed it again.
 Still, uses a drop of blood, so it's too much.

 Once again, Zepes' entire body was reconstructed and he looked at me with a face tinged with fear.

"There is an interesting philosophy behind the magic of the Ingal. <The person brought back to life by Ingal is either the original person brought back to life or a new person is created with the exact same personality, memories and body as the original person. Now, which do you think it is?

 Zepes's lips quivered as the roots of his teeth clattered together. His face had turned pale.

''Kisa.......you.......how dare you do such an outrageous thing.......''

Hmm. Not interested. That was quite a heated discussion in my day.

 Well, we have a different culture of laughter.
 I guess it depends on what philosophy you're interested in, after all, it depends on the time period.

Well, I'll kill you one more time.

Oh, you ... don't tell me you're going to kill me so casually ...

 Haha, I let out a refreshing smile of my own.

You're suddenly talking like a shio, aren't you? Even if you die, it's not like you're really going to die.

 He says lightly and places his fingertips on Zepes' forehead.



 Oh, man. My finger slipped and I killed it on purpose.
 I was just about to say something.

 Well, I'll just bring him back to life and use the method.

"You...! I told you to wait!

Haha, sorry about that. You were careless.

"Ha-ha-ha!" "Ha-ha-ha!" "f*ck you! I'm not going to be killed by carelessness!

Oh. You're still looking good. So, again.

 And then he brings his finger to Zepes' forehead.
 Instantly he shriveled up and his eyes lost their color.

''Well wait.........''



 With a look tainted with humiliation, but he said sure.

'Oh, I'm losing. I'll give it up.

 Jesus, no contest.

"This is as much fun and as little patience as you've got. I was ready to kill him 10,000 more times.

 When he smiles and makes a joke to show he's not hostile, Zepes shudders as if he's scared for some reason.

''........that Zepes.......as if he was dealing with a child......''

.........too overwhelming....... Who is that guy? I've never seen his face before....

That's the kind of voice that leaked out of the audience.