207-Demon King's water play

 After school--

 When the bell for the end of class rang, Erdmeade said.

'It's the end. It's yare yare. The fun class goes by so fast.'

 He spun his wand around and stowed it in his magic circle.

'Sometimes, Dr. Singh, do you think you'll be free after this?'


"Excellent. Now, come along. In order to defeat the dragon, you have to find it first. That's a bit early for the students.

 Singh turns his gaze towards me.

'Kakkakka, you can't have a class if you let that thing do it, can you?

Let's go together.

 They used the
''Hmm, it's over.''

 Gulp, Eleonor stretches.
 Next to her, Zesia stretched gingerly so that she could mimic him.

''Then let's go play in the water!

What, you're really going to do that?

 Sasha says, slightly surprised.

'It's not so bad, is it?'

'Haha, it's nice, isn't it? It's just hot today, and it's the perfect day for a dip.

 Ray and Misa said with a smile.

'And if you look bored, maybe Dean Zamira will ask you out again.

'Oh, that seems likely,'

 Sasha said, dumbfounded, perhaps remembering Zamira.

'Sounds like fun,'

 When Misha uttered this, Sasha smiled and nodded.

'Right. Then let's go.

 Sasha reaches out to me.
 I take her hand and join hands with Misha and the others.

 <When I used my spell, my eyes became pure white.
 Soon my vision became clearer, and I saw that it was the Lake of the Holy Meadow.

 The white sand was spread all over, and the crystal-clear water beyond it was a shade of blue.
 The water's edge is shallow. It would be perfect for water sports, unlike the place where we had previously held an intercollegiate examination.

 I was about to head to the lake when I suddenly felt a glance and turned around.

 A man in a scarlet uniform is looking at me.
 The uniform is from the heroic academy. I'm sure the scarlet color means it's a selected class.

 You should have just finished your class just now, but did you skip it?

 The man is tall and slender. Only the hair on his right side is long, hiding one eye.
 He looked at me for a moment and then turned on his heel, not looking particularly impatient.

 That's when I saw something shiny on the man's index finger.
 It is a ring. It's an unusual shape. The ring is made from the claws of an animal, with a thin layer of animal skin.

 The gemstone is also unusual. There is a red light source at the center of the crystal-clear black stone, illuminating the entire stone. However, the light did not leave the stone, but emitted a fantastic glow.

 I've never seen any other material, but that skin thinly stretched over the ring.
 Isn't that dragon's skin?

That's an unusual ring.

 I called out to him, and the man stopped.

'Where did you get it?'

It's a souvenir of my country.

 He said, and walked away from the scene.

 A folk art of the motherland?
 As I recall, the man who handed over the dragon to the imperialists also wore a rare ring.

 In Dilheid and Azation, rings are mainly made of metal, trees and minerals.
 It's not that they don't make rings out of animal claws and skins, but it would be in a very few shops and villages.
 And it's not every day that you get a dragon skin in this day and age.

'Does it bother you?'

 Misha looked at me.

''What, I was wearing the uniform of the heroic academy. Let's talk about it when we meet again.''

Anoosh, Misha, Misha, come on! Come on, let's swim!

 Eleonor put her bare feet on the shallow water and waved at us.
 I walked loosely with Misha to her.

'I should have brought my swimsuit anyway. I wasn't expecting to swim, so I didn't even stow it in my magic circle.

 Sasha crouched down on the edge of the waves and scooped up the water with her palms.

''Hmm, but why don't we just use the like we did during the inter-university exam? It doesn't matter if you have clothes.

It's easy to swim, but that doesn't make you feel better.

Hmm. Then let's try to make you feel better.

 I held my hand in front of me and drew a magic circle on everyone in the place, including myself.

 The next moment, in a flash, the clothes disappeared as a light and we were dressed in our swimsuits.

''Wow, a swimsuit!''

 Eleonor happily frolics in the surf.

The first thing you need to do is to get your swimsuit. I should be more than happy to oblige you since you begged me for it.

 As he says it, Eleonor scoops up some water and splashes it on Sasha.

"Yikes, hey, Eleonor!


 Zecia, dressed in a bathing suit, scooped up a glass of water and splashed it on Eleonor's face as if she were imitating him.

'Giggle, you did it, Zecia!'

 Eleanor and Zesia are happily splashing each other with water.


 Misha said, pointing to her own swimsuit.

'Does it look good on you?'

Well it looks good on you... but it does look good on you... mine and Eleonor's, I mean, aren't they all, well... too bold?

 The swimsuits Sasha and the others are wearing are frankly less in area than the ones that often line the Dillhade store shelves.

''Hmm. You don't understand, Sasha.

 I said as I crossed my arms proudly.

'Whatever, but isn't Anosh's swimsuit too tight fitting too?'

A bathing suit is not just a piece of clothing, it's a form of magic that allows you to push your ability to operate in the water to the limit.


 Sasha made a barefaced noise.

'In other words, this thin cloth, in other words, is a magic circle, constantly exercising its magic. You seem to have forgotten even the basics of it in this day and age, but the swimsuit you're wearing now is the best shape for each of your body types.

 I said, showing off my own clothed swimsuit.

"Remember," he said, "this is the bikini. "Remember, this is the bikini.

 I stepped out loosely into the lake.

'Behold. That's what happens when you wear this.

 My feet didn't sink into the lake and I was running on the surface of the water with ease.

'Swim on...!

Of course I can swim.

 He entered the water roughly and swam in a circular motion in Shengming Lake.
 Gradually, the water current swirled violently, creating a whirlpool that swallowed even the fish.

'Come on, come on. Sasha, Misha, this is your chance to play in the water. "Come on, Misha, Misha, we've got a lot of water to play with.

I'm dying!

What are you talking about? <Don't underestimate the importance of the swimsuit. It doesn't matter how much water flow or how rough the surface is, if you can't swim, it's not a swimsuit.

 Sasha and Misha look at each other.

'It's okay,'

 Misha stepped out straight into the raging lake.
 <Protected by her supreme swimsuit (bi-kini), Misha walks effortlessly through its water currents.

'Come on,'

 Misha reached out her hand, and Sasha stepped out into the lake without fear.
 She smiled as she realized that the water current wouldn't snatch her feet away from her as she stepped into the water.

'Haha, what's this? Wow!

 Zabang boldly, Sasha goes into the water.

'Come on Eleonor and Zesia!

 Sasha waved to the two men in the surf as they swam by.

'Hmm, I'll be right there! We have to build a sand castle first!

 Zecia and Eleonor are building something that looks like a building by hardening the sand with water.
 It seems to take a long time to complete.

Then we'll see you later.

 As I said this, Sasha dived and swam after me.
 Misha followed beside her.


 When the two of them were just about to line up with me one more step, I scraped water off my feet and sped up even faster.

'Hey, why are you running away?'

Ha-ha, let's play water sports. Let's catch up.

Shit. You can wait.

 Sasha and Misha chase after me as fast as they can as I flee in all directions in the water.

 The three of us swim around together, making the water currents even more violent and raging.
 At the edge of the waves, Misha was watching the lake where the whirlpool tide had formed, looking at it with a pout.

''.........Haha......it's something amazing.......''

You'll be fine. It's a bikini.

 Ray said plainly, and smiled.


 As she said it, Mass held herself up to hide her body.

'It looks good on you,'

 Such is the case with Ray, who is also a "supreme swimsuit (bi-kini)".
 His well-developed body was on display.

You can't look at it that way...?

 Ray casually averted his gaze.
 Then Misa crouched down and sipped at the water in the waves.


 Crisply, that water takes on a ray.

"Hahaha, don't let your guard down!

 Ray smiled briskly and squatted there to scoop up some water.

'Looks like you need a spanking,'

Kyah, kyah!

 Misa flipped around and ran out of the surf.
 Ray slowly chased after it.

'Misa, where are you going?'

I mean, if we stop, we'll definitely spray the water, right?

I'll be fine.

Are you sure?

I promise.

 Then Misa stopped, made it look like she was slowly turning around, and then scooped up the water again and splashed it on the ray with a crisp.

'Haha, you're stuck again!'

 Smiling, Ray laughs.

'This guy,'

 Ray splashed the water as a counterattack, and Misa ran off again, screaming a happy "squeal" as she ran.

 The two of them were happily running close together in the surf, splashing up the water with their crispy feet.

'Don't wait, Misa,'

Well, I won't wait. Why don't you try to catch me?

You said it.

 Ha-ha, ha-ha, and a fresh pair of laughs rang out.
 Eventually, Ray caught up with her and grabbed her hand.


There you go.

 Misa's gaze is sucked into Ray's eyes as she smiles.
 Eleanor and Zesia are building a castle on the beach. Me, Misha and Sasha are making whirlpools in the water.

 And Misa and Ray are now starting to create a world for the two of us - a world of their own.

What are they going to do with him?

 As if she had come to her senses with a bang, Rei turned around.

 <Shin, who was wearing a
''O.........father........! Oh, but you're going to go find a dragon...?

'I had a heart attack. We've already found a few of them, but we left the rest to the eld maids, and they came back.

...Oh, I see........

"Sometimes, Ray Grundley,

 Singh's cold eyes gleam with Kiran.

'Why don't we go for a long swim from that shore to this one and back? If you come back to this shore earlier than I did, I will turn a blind eye to your daughter for that time difference.

What are you talking about, Dad...?

 Ray smiles as he controls Mass with his hand.

'I may not be a match for you with a sword yet, but I'm reasonably confident in my swimming.

'I'm looking forward to it. 'I'm looking forward to it, because I can't leave my daughter in the hands of a man who is a worse swimmer than I am. In a time of need, a man who can't even rescue people at sea.

 The two men stared at each other silently, sparks in their gazes.

'Please give me a signal, sir.

It's fun. Compete with me!

 Taking my voice that echoed from the water as a signal, Shin and Ray kicked the ground at the same time.

''As you say, my lord. I'll show you, my body is the right arm of the demon king, even though it is only one arm, there is no way the demon king's swimming technique can be broken!

"Guyradite is man's last hope, and 2,000 years ago, this sacred lake was our stronghold. We have always had a weak people at our back. We can't let a single demon race through from here. That's why I worked so hard on my swimming!

 At the same time, Ray and Shin jumped into the water, penetrating the whirlpool tide with the speed of an arrow and pushing forward to the other shore.

'I'll show you how to swim like a brave man!

It's what I want!

 As a lover and a father.
 As a brave man, as the right hand of a demon king.

 Willingness and pride, desire and wish, love and love collide, and now the men of the "supreme swimsuit (bi-kini)" go through the water.
 It's a battle of the mythical age. It was an underwater battle that could not be defeated.

 And so, they swam through the vast Shengming Lake and returned in a flash.

 It was Shin who was ahead of me.
 But with the last of his strength, Rei followed suit.

 The two of them plunged out of the lake and into the sandy beach as if they were diving into the sand, hitting the ground almost simultaneously.



 The two men are out of breath.
 Both of them are unconcerned, even exchanging fierce sword fights.

 It was such an all-out effort, such a swimming technique.

".........which one was faster.......?


 Ray and Singh look at the mass.
 She looks back loosely as she is near Eleanor and the others.

 As it turns out, the winner will be--

 <The men in the collapsed onto the sandy beach as if they had lost their last bit of energy.
 They lie on their backs side by side, just staring at the sky.

 A father with his daughter and her lover, both with non-negotiable feelings, but now they may indeed share the same feelings.