The sun was setting and the shining moon was rising in the sky.

 After playing in the water, we were visiting the third quarters of the Brave Academy.
 Just like the previous expedition test, we will spend the entire stay in these quarters.

''We swam a lot, I'm hungry!

Yeah, yeah. Eaters grow up to eat.

 While exchanging such an exchange, Eleonor and Zecia walked into the quarters.

''........I'm not hungry at all.

 Sasha says, looking exhausted, and Misa gives her a worried look.

'What's wrong? Are you sick?

Ha-ha. I had a little bit of fun splashing around with Sasha and the others. They literally ate the water I poured on them. That must have made your stomach growl.

 Sasha bares her canine teeth and glares at me with a snap as if my words are disagreeable.

You wouldn't expect her to splash water on you with such force, would you? What is the point of playing with water? I thought you were going to drown.


 Misha is rubbing her own stomach.
 She was also splashing me with water and had taken quite a bit of it.

''But in the second half, she was able to avoid my water guns there and then. <Once you learn how to handle your supreme swimsuit (bi-kini), you'll be quite a weapon in an underwater battle.

Hey.... I was wondering, did they all have those swimsuits from 2,000 years ago when they were fighting underwater?

 Sasha said in a tone of voice that sounded like he had a bad feeling about it.

'Is something wrong?

 When she knew the answer, she put a hand to her head and shook her head.

'I'm just glad I wasn't born two thousand years ago to fight for life and death in clothes that look almost naked.

Oh. It's a good idea to have a swimsuit that is not enough to protect you. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

Yeah. Well, good for you.

 Sasha says as if relieved.

It's a good idea to be able to have a good idea of what you're looking for. I'm sure you'll want to fight in a swimsuit alone in a surprise attack or blitzkrieg with an emphasis on speed.

Let's hope that time never comes.

 As he says it, Sasha and Misha also walk into their quarters.


 As he was about to enter his quarters as well, I called out to him.

'I'm going to take a little walk.'

 Ray turned his gaze to the dark night, then turned to me again and smiled briskly.

'I'll stay out of your way,'

 After passing my quarters, I continued down the Gailladite road towards the less popular side of the road.
 Eventually, I saw an old abandoned building in front of me.

 It was originally a cathedral or something like that, a stone structure with several pillars standing in a row. But the windows and walls were in shambles, and half of the roof had fallen down.

 I walk into it.
 When I get to the middle of the ruin, I stop there.

'We don't stand out here. Why don't you just come out?

 When I let my voice fly, I heard the sound of zapping footsteps.
 From the entrance, a man emerges, one eye hidden by his long hair.

 He is dressed in a scarlet uniform and wears an unusual ring.

''Hm. You also saw me at the Holyoke Lake. What do you want?''

 Staring straight at me, the ring man opened his mouth.

'You speak in white.

I'm afraid I don't know the answer to that question. Who are you?

 The man of the ring answered the question with a firm tone.

''Cardinal Geordal of the Land of the Divine Dragon, Ahyde Arobo Agatse. There is one Hachishin Senteisha, an oracle.''

 Geordal, the land of the divine dragon? I don't know the name of this country. It doesn't exist on any map from this magical era, let alone two thousand years ago.

 I've never heard of the Yagami Selector either.

Hmm. I don't know any of them. Did you say "Ahide"? Don't tell me you're not the same person as me?

 Then he said without hesitation.

"Nonconformist Anos Voldigord.

 Huh. You see through to the source.
 You're not a mere user.

 It's not like you're mistaken.

"I know from the oracle that you are the king of the demons invited by the divine Select Committee.

 Ahide holds his right hand out in front of him and points the ring at me.

'Come to this place in accordance with the pact. God of Selection, judge between him and me.

 A divine, pale light gathers in the jewel of the ring.

 The red stone in the center of the transparent black stone is lit, and the light draws a three-dimensional magic circle inside.
 It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on it.

 It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with them.
 The particles gathered in front of Ahide's eyes and began to take the shape of a person.

 A being with immense power is about to emerge from this place to come out.

 Hmm. So it's a summoning spell.
 I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one.

 And it's unusual for it to be in human form.
 What are you trying to summon?

"Summoning the Celestial Gate Selection Summons (Guara Nate Forte Forteos).

 As if the particles of magic power that had become human-shaped were reversed, a person with immense power was summoned there.

 It was a beautiful, transparent girl.
 She has silvery white hair and gold eyes, and is dressed in exotic clothing.

 She was that girl I saw in the main auditorium of the Brave Academy.
 However, unlike that time, her magic power is extraordinarily strong.

 That divinely overflowing power, a mystery so strong that the reason for the atmosphere seems to bow down just by breathing there, is nothing short of an embodied figure of order.

 She was, without a doubt, a divine race.

''Hmm. I didn't know there was magic to summon gods.''

 At my words, neither Ahide nor the God who was summoned said anything, just looked back at me.

'I've never seen this god before, but what is his name?'

 The god in the form of a girl opens her mouth quietly.


What kind of order is that?

 Looking at me intently, Arcana says.

"Senteishin Arcana.

 The God of Selection?
 So it's a choice order.

"From this time forth this is the hall of the divine judge. Anos Voldigord. Shall we have a look at your god?

 I don't understand.

'What are you talking about?'

You know what I mean. If you're one of the eight god selectors, you're a non-conformist.

I don't know. I don't know. I don't remember being an Yagami selection.

 Even though I say this, Ahide remains vigilant and is watching my every move.

''Fine. If you don't want to show it, then that's until you pass a judgment that defiles the Holy Selection Judge. Don't think you can get through this holy war without the power of God!

 Ahide put his magic in the ring and commanded.

'My God, Arcana. Please grant that judgment to the unrepentant nonconformist.

 Sternly, Arcana lifted her hands and quickly pointed her palms to the sky.
 The next moment when I thought the magic power was concentrated there, a snowflake resembling a flower fluttered down from above my head.


 It was the Snow Moonflower.
 I looked up at the sky peeking through the half-built roof.

 There, besides the normal moon, there was another one shining.
 There was another crescent moon shining in silver.

 Everything I had once seen was a full moon, but it had the same authority.
 , Artiel Tonoa was there.

"Freeze in the light of the moon.

 The falling snow and moon flowers slipped through the anti-magic and fluttered down on my body.
 In the blink of an eye, my limbs were frozen, and in the next moment, everything but my face was frozen.

'Let me give you one last chance, nonconformist. Show me your God. Otherwise, judgment will fall and you will be turned into an ice statue that never melts forever.

Hmm. As I said before, ahide. I think you're mistaken. I don't have a god.

"Then you will be judged by death. Goodbye, nonconformist.

 At the same time as Ahide's words, Arcana quickly pointed to my face.

'Quickly call out.'

Let me ask you one thing, are you Militia?

 Arcana emits magical power from her fingertips, and the light of the falls on my head.
 My entire body was completely frozen by that power.

''I am Arcana. I am Arcana, the God of Selection.

 With one look at me frozen, Ahide turns on his heel and turns to leave the ruin.

'Where do you think you're going, Ahide? I thought you were going to kill me?

 At the sound of his voice, he turned around quickly.

 The ice covering my body cracks.
 A magic circle is floating around my feet, and my body grows larger and larger.

 As the ice shatters with a thunderous sound, the trapped cold air spreads around you.
 When I tore it apart with my hand, Ahide's eyes showed me the image of myself, grown up by the growth (Kurst).

 However, he doesn't look at me, but rather at his demon eyes as if he's wary of his surroundings.

What's the matter? What are you so busy looking for?

'You hear what is known. If it is not God's power, you cannot resist God's power. If you have unfrozen the Snow Moon Flower, then you must have summoned God.

 I couldn't help but chuckle from the bottom of my stomach.

''Kuku, kuhahaha, kuhahahahaha. If it's not God's power, how can you resist God's power? Then you can ask that god. Ask him if I had any help from my god.

 Ahide turns his gaze to the girl standing in front of him as if to protect him.

'My God, Arcana, please give me an oracle.

 She shook her head from side to side.

'Be careful, Ahide. There's no sign of God.'

 Ahide showed a grim expression and became more wary than ever before.

''.........A concealed form that even my god Arcana cannot detect....... That means that a god with an order similar to concealment is in the summoning gods he's calling.......a troublesome opponent.......

 Ahide muttered, as if talking to Arcana.

''Hm. It seems you haven't been listening to me at all since a while ago. I have no idea what the summoning gods and selective judges are all about.

 I say as I walk towards him.

''Did you ever think that a god-like power would be greater than a demon king?