209-God of choice

 Without hesitation, I walked loosely towards Ahide and Arcana.

''........God-like, did you say?''

 Ahide said angrily.

'What about it?'

'Every living person in any place and in any country shall have faith in God. "Every living person in any place and in any country shall have faith in God. So that God may bring us salvation.

 Arcana stepped in front of him, blocking my path.
 I stop and give Ahide some words.

''I suppose it's the religion of Geordal, the land of the divine dragon, though. There aren't many people in Azation, let alone in Dirhade, who worship the gods that fervently. You can believe in a god all you want, though. Don't impose it on those who don't want it, or even on your country.

'No. Azation has faith in God. Believing in a brave man who exits the Spirit God-Man Sword Evans Mana, that is to say, to worship God.


 He said to kick Ahide's words to the curb.

'That argument is a bit of a stretch, but if that's the case at a hundred paces, then your country's god is that little girl? She and Evansmana's roots are not the same thing, are they? Using the name God doesn't change the fact that they believe in different things.

 Ahide immediately returns the words.

'God is the concept of salvation that will eventually come. All the gods of this world are the helping hand extended by the Almighty Gleam of Eques. Evans Mana and My God Arcana are the hands of the Almighty Gleam of Eques, which is said to be infinite. It would be a shallow man's assumption that he believes in something else.

Ha-ha. Haha. That's God, that's God. You mean to say that everything is the hand of the Almighty Glittering Eques.

 When I laughed at him, Ahide gave me a sharp glare.

'So? So what's the matter with you?

'The one who was crowned a non-conformist at the selection hearing. If one is wondering what kind of person you are, you seem to be a more arrogant man than I imagined. The Almighty Glittering Eques will never forgive a godless heretic such as yourself.

 Ahide pointed the ring at Arcana and sent the magic to her.

'Therefore, I suppose you have been invited to be a selective judge. To be judged by God.'

 Instantly, cold air emanated from Arcana's entire body.
 The snow and moonflowers that descended from the sky increased in number and then quickly descended, and the ruins turned into a snowy landscape in the blink of an eye.

Hmm. You've looked down. I don't know if it's God or Eques, but if you want to believe in it, do what you want. But I do not forgive those who do not believe?

 I take a step, step in and I head straight for Arcana.

'Who the hell do you think you are, Gentleman?

'Who do you think you are before Arcana? God's miracles are not so sweet that they can be prevented twice.

 At the same time as the words, Arcana quietly clapped her hands.
 In an instant, the snow and moonflakes formed a huge two-handed elephant and attacked my body.

 The two snow hands, which were slammed down from both sides with great force, scattered a large amount of white flowers around them.

''Salvation to the poor, sinful lamb!

 Ahide wrapped his left hand around the ring on his right hand and prayed so.

''Hmm. Indeed, it is a bit painful to destroy that selective god.

 Ahide turns around at the sound of my voice.
 A moment later, I pierce its heart.


But it's such a perfectly exposed weakness.

 He squeezed his heart and destroyed the root source with his hand.

''No matter how godlike he is, he can't help it if the one he summoned disappears.

 As he slipped out his right hand, Ahide crumpled to the spot.

 However, despite the disappearance of the summoned sorcerer, Arcana remained unperturbed.
 She quietly turns her palms to the sky.

 Then the moonlight that poured down illuminated a human figure in the empty space.
 The one who appeared was Ahide, whose root source had just been destroyed.

''Hmm. <"Hmm. The moon of creation, the miracle of the artillery Lutnoa, that is. The moon's power is constantly renewing itself so that your roots will not be completely destroyed.

 The resurrected Ahide gives me a sharp look.

''You are the one who escapes from the Snow Moon Flower that fast. The seeds have been cracked. It seems that you are using a possession summoning. It is the height of arrogance to not believe in God while carrying the power of God in your body.''

 You've been possessed. I'm sorry to hear that.

"I don't know how many times I have to tell you, but you don't understand. Why can't you understand that I'm simply faster than God?

'It is a painful excuse to make. Successful summoning of a powerful divine possession will give the selector a considerable advantage in the selection judges, because the selector will gain that power. On the other hand, the vessel in which God's power resides is not meant to last long. You think of it this way, don't you?

 Ahide declares as if he can see right through me completely.

''The regenerative power of the Creation Moon is beyond my expectations. If it is not defeated soon, it will destroy itself with its own divine power.

 It's utterly misguided.
 It's enough to make me feel embarrassed to listen to it.

You're a real clown now.

 He draws a magic circle and shoots a jet-black sun from it.

'May God bless you.

 When Ahide prayed, a wall of snow blocked the that was shot out.
 Arcana thrust her hand forward and made a shield.

''God's blessing is an absolute barrier that blocks all magic. Your -- nah...!

 The wall of snow created by Arcana dissipated on the spot as if it was going to dissipate into mist.
 The jet-black lightning, the origin magic was focused on a single point and penetrated.

''Don't look away.''

 I'll take Ahide's back again and plunge my black blade into his abdomen--

 But just before I could, Arcana grabbed my arm from the side.

''Ho. It's as expected of a god, he's quite strong. But there's nothing you can do about this baggage.

 I fired my Gio-Glaze at Ahide at point-blank range, and Arcana quickly flicked it off with her anti-magic.

 Without escaping the opportunity, I dyed my left hand black with the Root Source Death Kill (Bevsed) and thrust it into Arcana's left chest.
 I avoided a direct hit with my flying gait, but blood seeped from her chest.

''Ahide, run away!''

 He reacts to the words with a puzzled reaction.

'You are still no match for the misfits now. I'll take care of this place.

No, I'll use the stuff.

"The power of God without harmony will destroy you also. Is this your faith to perish in this place?

 Ahide shushed him for a moment, then said.

'As my selective god, Arcana, wills.

 Saying that, Ahide used the magic of  It's easy to stop them, but at that moment, the arcana that are staring at us will probably try something.

 Well, they're small fry over there.
 Once the gods are taken out of the way, they can't do anything.

And you think you can defeat me all by yourself?

I don't know. You are strong. There has never been a stronger selector in the history of selective judging than you.

'You've mentioned it many times before, but what's this selection referee thing you're talking about?

 As I uttered that, Arcana turned her magical eyes to look into my mind.

'You know you're a misfit,'

That's what the Heavenly Father called me.

 Arcana pretends to think for a moment.
 Apparently, my perceived non-conformist and her perceived non-conformist have different meanings.

 So does that mean she doesn't know that the Heavenly Father God was beaten by me?
 As usual, these god-people are indifferent to anything but their own order.

Have you ever been to Aebelast Anzeta?

 Arcana opened her mouth again and asked like that.

'I've never even heard of it. What is it?'

The School of Kamishiro in Gaelahesta, the city of the gods where the pact of non-warfare was concluded, the sacred place of the underground world where the three nations fought each other.

 These are all words I've never heard of.

"Nonconformist, Anos Voldigord. If you are truly ignorant, then as the Lord Chosen, I owe you an explanation.

 Hmm. You may be up to something.

"If you don't believe me, you'll have to fight to hear it. I'll explain it to you whether you'll listen to me or not.

 Well, okay.
 There's nothing more unpleasant than exchanging lives without knowing what's going on.

 I erased the in both hands and turned my back to show that I had no hostile intent.

 I walked straight ahead and kept my distance from Arcana.

''Then let me ask you. What is a selective judge?

"It is the way of man to God.

 Quietly, Arcana said.

'From among the living and the living, he selects an agent, a representative of God. The Selection God is the God who selects the substitute. At the Selection Judgment, each of the eight god selectors chosen as a candidate for the deputy will be judged by the eight god selectors, and the one who is more suitable for the deputy will be chosen.

 Selecting a substitute to represent God, huh?
 Eight god selectors, I guess there must be eight of them.

'The deputies get the power they deserve as gods.'

You don't sound very calm for a judge, do you?

 Arcana nodded.

'Only those who have been judged worthy by all of the selection gods as worthy are chosen as agents. However, in most cases, the gods of selection have entered into a pact with the selectors. There are few selection gods who will judge all but the selectors who have made a pact with them as suitable for the agency.

'So the point is, if you eliminate the other selectors, or destroy the other selection gods, then only one person can be selected, and he will inevitably be selected as an agent?

'That's one form of settlement. Judgment comes in all forms. A holy war is not the only judge.

 But there is still a seat at the table leading to God.
 I doubt we'll be able to talk our way out of this.

"Why do I get to be the selector?

The god of selection chooses the selectors. The Selection Judges have eight gods of selection. Any one of them has chosen you. The gods of selection will inform the selectors of the selection judges.

 God chose me, huh?
 You haven't shown yourself, so it's not like you're thinking straight.

I see. So you'll make a pact to summon the god of your choice?

Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don't.

 I don't understand what you mean by "if they don't engage," but at least Ahide has made a pact with Arcana, so he can summon her.

'Why do the gods have a selective tribunal? What are you going to do when you substitute an earthly man for God?

'A detailed explanation will be given at Aebelast Anzeta. That academy, as I mentioned, is now located in the underground world, in Gaelaheta, the city of God.

 Now, does that mean that Aebelast Anzeta will move from place to place at times?

Hmm. So you're going to lead me there?

'I can't do that. You'll have to come to Aebelast Anzeta on your own.

 To be honest, I have no reason to go and do it, but there is something that is bothering me.

 It's the identity of the Arcana in front of me.

 Why is she able to perform the miracle of the Artillert Noah?
 That should have only been used by Militia, the God of Creation.

 Something may have happened to her.
 But I don't think she would be able to answer the question.

We're done. Shall we continue to fight?

Hey, I learned about the selection committee. We'll let you off the hook tonight.


 When Arcana looked up at the sky, the crescent moon arty-tonneau quickly disappeared, and the snow and moonflower that had been pouring down was gone.

''I would like to ask you one thing.''

 Arcana stares at me.

'What do you mean by the daytime question? Was that also the life of Ahide?

 She silently uses the  Just before her figure disappears--

I'm looking for answers.

 And then such a voice sounded quietly.