The first (Jeff), second (Ed), third (Zeno), fourth (Zed) and fifth (Balde) - the Knights of the Phantom Name, in the order in which they were named, became the experimental body of the .

 The tragic feeling was not complete, and they disappeared as if they were going on an errand.
 The only thing you can do is to look into the abyss of magic with a sharp gaze, without losing your stern expression, as Celis also looks away.

 It was as indifferent as work, which made it clear that the Knights of the Phantom Name were ghosts.

 With each reincarnation of one person, Celis retreated to the cave (hora-ana), while she continued to think without a satisfying meal.
 <The results of the reincarnation (silica), the problems with the technique, and how to improve it.

 However, I guess I haven't gotten the results I wanted.
 Day by day, Celis's expression becomes grim, and the bright demon eyes that hold the thunder are becoming cloudy.

 In that stagnation, Luna had a memory.

 At the bottom of its waters, various desires and cravings are muddled.

 The unfulfilled thoughts grow and grow, and the dried up craving turns into a dark impulse.

 The lion of perdition in Artsenon.

 Luna was uneasy at the thought that he would be transformed into something similar to the monster still tied to his own womb.

 And so, at last, the last of them had passed away.
 Celis' eyes remained stagnant.

 Luna could only watch in silence, but she still wondered if there was anything she could do to help.
 She descended the Balfabba Mountain and entered the nearby forest.

 It's a place that Celis had told her not to go because it would prevent the evil eye from reaching her.

 There, she foraged for mushrooms.

 The only thing Luna could do was to cook.
 So she cooked for everyone every day, and did her best to feed Cerys bread, as she promised to the best (Jeff).

 They are dying and there is nothing I can do to stop them. 
 So I wanted them to at least have a good meal.

 Even if I didn't know how they felt, I thought I could still sit around the table with them--.

 It's just him now.

"...don't look so gloomy...

 Luna raises the corners of her mouth and forces a smile.

 Celis is going to complete the .
 Even if the order doesn't allow it, he intends to screw it up.

 He laughed, not wanting to show his dark face as he was only a bystander.

'Hmmm, I've picked a lot. What shall we have? Soup? Sauté? Gratin would be nice, but I don't have the ingredients.

I told you not to go down the mountain.

 The unexpected voice caused Luna to shake with a jolt.

 When she turned around, Celis was standing there.
 She must have hurriedly chased after her because she was out of the sight of the demon eyes.

''I'm sorry ... because there aren't too many mushrooms in Mount Balfabba ... they're delicious, aren't they, mushrooms. They're great for sautéing, they're great for soup. Even the poisonous mushrooms can be cleaned out.

I don't care what's in your mouth.

 Sluggishly said, Luna sobers up.

''But........I wanted you to have a good meal.......''

 A moment of silence.
 With a straight face, Cerys said.

'I see. 'It can't be helped.'


 When Luna looked up, Celis was already showing her back.

'Let's go back,'


 Luna thinks as she follows Ceris.

 It was a little different than usual.
 It seemed a little kinder than usual.

 That makes her irresistibly happy, and she naturally smiles.

'What's up?'

I don't always say I have to, because I don't.

 He walked on.
 Luna chased after him as he walked swiftly forward, trying not to be left behind.

'I see.'


 It was strange.
 Even at a time like this, it's little things like this that make my heart flutter.

 Why am I so attracted to him?
 I don't even know his name yet, so why?

 Thinking about it, there was no way to know why, and Luna followed Ceris' back as she walked ahead.

 When she arrived at the settlement of Balfabbah Mountain, she immediately started preparing the food.

 Even here, it was different from the usual, after all.
 For some reason, Celis, who had been holed up in the cave every day, was looking at it.

 I wondered what she was doing?

 I'm so used to handling a knife that it doesn't matter if my eyes are closed, but the thought of him watching me makes me feel somewhat awkward.

 My face is kind of on fire, and I cut three times the amount of vegetables.

 I'm embarrassed.
 Pretending that she didn't cut too much, Luna glances at Celis' face as she transfers the chopped vegetables to the pot.

 When their gazes met, she asked fearfully.

''You don't have to study magic today...?''

It's over.

 Shortly, Cerys said.

'Elesia will bring the consequences.'

 Seeing that look of gazing at that gazing expression, Luna realized.

''I see........''

 I'm not sure what to say, and I don't know what to say.


 I thought and thought and thought a lot, but in the end, what I came up with was such a useless word.

 I began to hear the ominous sound of rain.

 It was raining.
 The familiar ominous sound stuck in my ears.

 Soon, a single snowflake descended there.

 A light was emitted and the one who appeared was a god in the form of a girl--.
 She is the creator god, Elesia.

 Ceris went outside to greet her.
 Luna soon followed.

 They face the god in the rain.

 Elenesia doesn't say anything.
 She just admires the sad expression on her face.

 The sound of the rain grew louder and louder.

"We failed.

 In a serene voice, Elesia said.

'Their roots are etched with the pain of death, unable to perish altogether, and they will continue to suffer forever in the confines of this world.


 Luna muttered, stunned.

 I knew from the beginning that I would fail.
 Still, I couldn't help but ask.

''........Can't you do something about it.......?

Reincarnation (silica) does not fit into the world. Its order could not be overturned until the very end.

 Luna looks back at Cerys.

 He doesn't lose his stern face, as usual.
 But somehow that rain-soaked face looked to Luna as if he were crying.

''Then it's my turn,''

 Wordlessly, Ehrenesia stared at Cerys.
 Her eyes were solemn, serene, and then full of compassion.

'The last Voldigord. You have fought well enough. There are no odds left to win. No one in the Phantom Knights would wish for you to fight recklessly.

 Gently, Elesia says.

'He tried the impossible and was defeated as a matter of course. A fitting end for a ghost.'

 Celis said in a taciturn voice.

 Oh, I see, Luna thought.

 Maybe that's why he was so different and kind.
 Because he had sensed his own end.

'I started this fight. Even if I am destined to lose, I cannot not try.

 With a beech bee, purple lightning streaks across Celis' right eye.

  He holds out his hand to that lightning eye that is dyed in annihilation purple.

 A magic pearl like condensed lightning moved into his hand.
 The power of the lightning disappeared from those eyes, and both eyes became the .

 Celis held out the Purple Electric Magic Pearl.

 It's the source of the electricity that his roots possess.
 I'm not going to be able to get the same kind of results as you, so I'm going to leave it to someone I can trust.

 What is contained with the lightning is his will.
 A strong desire to fight through to the end.

 Elesia received the magic bead without any further words to hold him back.
 He must have realized that he would not change his mind.

 Celis headed to the cave and stepped out.

 Luna quickly grabbed Ceris's sleeve on the spur of the moment.
 The lightning-like eyes pierce her face sharply.

''This is a community of ghosts. It's time for you to go back to the land of the sun. You will find happiness wherever you live.

 Celis shook her hand away.

 In truth, she should have known that long ago.

 This was a bubbling world that was dying out, and the Lord God, the symbol of miracles, did not exist.
 Above all, what he was against was not only this small world order, but all the order that pervaded the Silver Water Holy Sea.

 This wide sea does not allow the magic of .

 He was a ghost, knowing that he could not win, knowing that he could only be destroyed, yet he did nothing but fight.

 Since no miracle could happen, it was a given that he would perish.

 And yet, I dreamed of his fate.

 There was no way he would turn to me.
 He could not save me from this fate.

 I had a foolish dream that he would be my prince, that he would be my prince.


It won't be the last.

 She found herself saying those words.

 Luna's craving appealed to her strongly.

 I don't want it.

 I don't need fate.
 I don't care about fate.

 I want to save him.
 She wants to save him as he is fading away.

 I want him to keep fighting, to lose his friends, and yet he is determined to keep fighting, and I want him to win.

 That's why I was here all along.

 I can give up my mundane days, my happy home, my husband who loves me, for him.

 I'll give it up. All of it.

 I don't want anything in return.


"Now it's my turn. You can put me through my incarnation. I'm sure, hmmm, I'm sure it'll work out this time.

 Luna laughed at Ceris, who turned slightly and smiled at her with all the love she could muster.