564-Ghost bride

Go home.

 He tells her without a word, and Cerise starts walking again.

 While watching her back, Luna remembers the words of the first (Jeff).

For example, I wanted to bring the princess who wandered into the village of the ghosts back to the place where the sun shines. That's why they all called you the princess.''

'As the Commander (Isis) said. The words of a ghost are worthless. If you want to understand us, you will have to observe and surmise.

'It was the Commander (Isis) who told me to call you Princess.

 I couldn't understand it just by being there all the time.
 I tried to be there for my feelings, but I still didn't understand them.

 I decided to walk with them, and I feel like a lot of questions are finally answered now. 

''--I don't mean to tell them to go home,''

 Luna says.
 'Stand in the same place as him and take those thoughts as best you can.

'I know you're fighting recklessly. You don't want me to get involved.'

 Ceris walks away in silence.
 He doesn't say anything.

 He cannot say anything.

 Luna, who has spent some time in this world, knows that this is a time of warfare.

 Many demons, many humans, and other races are all in the line of fire.
 For the sake of hatred, love, and those who protect them.

 In such a situation, the Knights of the Phantom Name were terribly different, they had no one to protect and nothing to do.

 They had no greed, they just fought for the sake of fighting.
 Their hearts were thin and even their companions were somewhat heartless, and they remained as ghosts incessantly.

 If a person plays a madman to death, he is a madman after all.

 But that's not it.
 But no, that's not the way it should be.

 He saved Luna.
 I don't think it was just a whim.

 There is something they must win, no matter what the cost.
 That's why they gave up everything.

 If they keep the ones they care about close by, their enemies will come after them.
 If they know that you have compassion, they will surely take advantage of you.

 That's why the Knights of the Phantom Name fought like a bloodthirsty ghost.

 I'm sure there were many things they couldn't protect with that.
 But they believed that they could protect more.

 Because their goal was--.

You really want to leave the possibility open.

 Luna says.

'I want peace, I really do. But I can't reach it. That's why I decided to leave a reincarnation in this world for the next generation.

 Luna had once described him as a monster driven to madness.

 It was a mistake.
 Born in Ewezeino, her demonic eyes could see clearly.

 He was not controlled by craving.
 His unshakable will is so unwavering that even phantoms can't attract him.

I believe that one day, someone will carry on this dream. "I believe that one day someone will inherit that dream, someone strong enough to overturn the annihilation, someone with a kind and beautiful heart that will bring peace to the world.

 The ghost did not speak.
 That's right, he didn't talk about anything.

 It seemed that he just wanted a giant enemy.
 To repeat his insane experiments, to leave his mark on the world.

 It seemed to me that he just wanted to defy order.

 Because there is nothing left for them to do if they throw their lives away.
 I thought that was not the way for a human being to live.

 No, it isn't. No, it isn't.
 Surely there will be no rest.

 Still, it wasn't now that he saw it.
 The bright demon eyes that always gushed with purple electricity were only looking into the distant future.

 I'm sure that one day someone will inherit his or her will.

You have to be sure that this person will lose a lot of things in exchange for the dream of peace. That's why you decided to leave behind your reincarnation (silica). You have given up everything, so I wanted to prepare a way for the future king to not lose anything.

 I finally realized.

 To his battle to say nothing.
 To the noble ideals of the ghosts that no one understands and are disappearing.

 He showed no weakness, showed no compassion, threw away all his happiness, even his craving by the force of his will, and simply staked everything on the future.

 He loves all the lives he has nothing to do with.
 He loves this world and believes in the distant victory of this world that will one day come.

 This man was fighting in such loneliness.

'....I used to think it would be nice to be a married couple...'

 The living cannot go alongside him.
 The Phantom Knights are all ghosts who have thrown away their own happiness.

 So she smiled at Celis, who didn't look back.

I've been looking forward to it. I was looking forward to meeting you. The world is so big and the sea is so vast.

 His back, which is moving away from him, does not speak to him in any way.

 Luna knows now that it's the best he can do to be kind to her now that he is a ghost.
 The farewell is a matter of wanting her to be happy.

'A little bit of soup and hard bread is all you need with the one you love. If you don't have a fancy dress, you can wear your own twee clothes that you sewed yourself. If it's just the two of you together, you don't have to have beautiful jewelry, you just need one little glass ball.

 Words uttered long ago across a distant sea.

 Luna's heart was smoldering with a yearning that could never be extinguished.

"I don't want anything special. I don't want anything special, I just want ordinary days. I've always dreamed of a peaceful, kind and happy home.

 But, she said, it was only a dream.

 A dream is just a dream.

It's a dream, but it's not. We were forced to leave our hometown, we risked our lives on a great adventure. A lot of people have helped me to get to this far away place. Still, I couldn't escape my fate...'

 Silently, Luna takes a breath.

'The one I loved was a ghost who never turned around on me.

 Ceris doesn't stop, but heads towards the cave.
 Luna follows him with a light step.

'You'll never love anyone. Because you can't make anyone happy. You act like you have no compassion, you act like you have no righteousness, you hurt a lot, a lot of people, and you keep fighting like a ghost. To bequeath the only possibility of peace to this world.

 Luna catches up to Cerys as she walks bouncing through the puddles.

 I don't care.
 Even if he never uttered a single word of love.

 There's no stopping that fight.

It's nice. I don't care if it's a ghost. I don't care if you don't make me happy. I'm not so weak.

 She ran out and leapt with a whimper and lined up with Cerys.

 Next to him, she finally lined up next to him.

'I'm happy on my own, let me stay with you.

 He's mute.

'I felt a tenderness in your silence.

 Cerise's eyes are sharp and she glares at Luna.
 She points at that magic eye.

''Feel the joy in your eyes.

Stupid girl.

 'Hmmm,' Luna smiles.

'I feel love in your rejection. Hey. You're a ghost, but my head is a flower garden. Isn't it nice? Don't you think we'd be great together?

 Luna folds her hands together and smiles, as if she's just come up with a great idea.


That's right. It's not just fitting, it's fate, isn't it?

 The interpretation was so forceful that even Seris stopped in her tracks.

 Luna has a big smile on her face, looking happy.

It's not just a matter of time before you get a chance to go to work. I am not a princess who will return to the sunshine. It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to see the difference.

 Luna spun around, passing Ceris.
 Then she gently touched her hand to her belly.

I have a holy sword in my womb. It was forged by a master craftsman, inhabited by the spirit of the sword and blessed by the gods. The holy sword that will not be ruled by the order of this world, the sword that will break the fate of the world. It was supposed to free me from the fate of giving birth to a child who would destroy the world.

 Ehrenesia's divine eye flashed and she looked into Luna's womb.

'But it wasn't good. Ummm, I knew it was no good. I'm sure that the Spiritual God and Human Sword has guided me to my destiny. To my fate.

 Gazing straight into Cerise's demon eyes, Luna says, "If I am reborn, I will surely escape my fate this time.

If I am reborn, surely I will be able to escape my fate this time. Then the Spirit God Human Sword will cut through the current order and side with the . Everyone in the Knights of the Illusory Name will also be freed from eternal suffering and reborn.

 It was only wishful thinking on Luna's part.
 Still, it was supposed to be worth a try.

''It's true that there is a holy sword in her womb that holds the power of a powerful god.

 Elesia says.

'But God's power is fundamentally the same as mine. It may side with the order, but it does not overrule it.

"Fate has a way of betraying people.

 Cerise said.

'I don't believe it.'

I won't betray you. Because it's your destiny to be my destiny.

 Smiling, she smiles.

I think it's easy to talk about. If you put a
 If Celis tilted her gaze slightly, the Creator God nodded quietly.
 She stared into the god's eyes, inexplicably wondering why she couldn't look into that abyss.

''See, there's a slight possibility. <The possibility that the could succeed. You, as the Knights of Illusion, have destroyed many living people. So why don't you pretend to be ruthless and put me through a reincarnation?

 The likelihood is remarkably low.
 She herself doesn't know if the Spirit God Human Sword would really perform such a miracle.

 If it fails, the end is the same as the best (Jeff) and the others.
 She will not be destroyed forever, and will continue to suffer between life and death.

 But Luna did not hesitate in the slightest.

 This is the only way to be with him.

"Ghosts don't need a companion.

 Ceris turns around and tells Luna.

'There is a way for the living to have a way with the living.

 'So what,' she laughed off, 'is it?

'It's a million times nicer than the pain in my heart to be stabbed by your sword when some prince says something as sweet as honey to me.

 With an enraptured expression, Luna showed her resolve.
 Celis sighed in dismay.


Yeah. Probably as much as you are alive and yet a ghost.

 He drew a magic circle without losing his expression.
 From the center of it, he pulls out the Universal Thunder Sword Gaudgemon.

 The magic circle of is drawn on Luna's body.

''Do you have any lasting thoughts?''


 Luna said without hesitation, as did the ghosts.

─ Because you are looking straight at me. That's a first.

 Luna held out her hands to accept Ceris.

'Kill me as slowly as you can,'

 Ceris paced loosely and stopped in front of her.

 They stared at each other for only a few seconds.
 Thunder rumbled as it slashed through the sound of rain.

 Luna's body turned into purple particles and disappeared due to the ten thousand lightning swords that were swept out.
 Smiling, she stared at Celis' face.

 As if to burn into her eyes, she didn't even blink.

''-- The end. Let's hear your name.

 Celis said to her curious expression.

'That's your name,'

"...Luna Arzenon....

 She stared blankly at that demonic eye and asked as it was.

''........What is your name.......?''

Cerise Voldigord.

 The question that crossed my mind was a question that Luna herself mentioned.

 ...Isn't it inconvenient when you get married? I don't know your name.

 Ghosts don't need a name.
 He had always said so, and that was probably why he gave Luna his own name.

'It's a name I've long since discarded.

Well, I'll pick that up as well.

 Cerys would not say more.

 That was enough for her.

'I'll forget it soon enough.'

I heard the rain.

 Luna said, smiling.
 Celis wouldn't know what it meant, but her body was disappearing.

 She had almost no magic power anymore.
 <She didn't know if she could use , but she desperately let her thoughts fly.

 --The sound of rain could be heard--

 -- an ominous sound, all the way, all the way.
   But when you and I first met, it stopped--

 I think back to the bright purple electric eyes.
 I was enthralled by the strong intentions that were strong enough to twist my craving for them.

 -- instead, the sound of thunder has been stuck in my ears.
   Even now, that sound rings with my heart all the way through --

 It must have been love at first sight.
 A cold fate, and yet I was drawn to him more and more.

 He had killed himself and continued to fight for the future, and now she couldn't help but love him.

 --I don't have to marry him--.

 --I don't want your run-of-the-mill home or anything.

 --The name you gave me is good enough for me.

 --I'll fight. I'll fight. I'll fight with you.

 --Please, Reishinjinjinjinjian--

 --You can cut off the fate of giving birth to a child from this womb.
   You can cut all future happiness into pieces.

   I don't care if I can't be reborn.

 --And yet... Please, please--

 --Please, please--

 -- to end his hard days of fighting here.

 --Someone to smile with in the future.