Time flies...
 The world of Elenesia crumbled and was reborn into the world of Militia.

 Either the thoughts of the ghosts and princesses of the past had reached them, and the Spirit God Human Sword had cut off their fate, or an even greater miracle had occurred, and the order of reincarnation, including the four gods of Juri, had existed in that world.

 Through that order and the demonic law, Celis Voldigord's goal of was completed as a matter of course.

 Since then, many stars and frosts have passed--.
 In the age of mythology.

 A girl was born in the land of the demon race, Dillhade.

 In that era, it was not uncommon for demons to reincarnate, but her parents didn't know she was a reincarnate at first.

 It was because her magic power wasn't much and she looked like an ordinary baby.

 The only glimpse of her was that she hated the sound of rain since she was born.
 Whenever it rained, the child would cry loudly and would not stop crying, no matter how much he was coaxed into it.

 However, when a thunderstorm rumbles, she will scream and rejoice.

 With the love of her parents, the girl grows up healthy and happy.
 And as she began to learn the word, she began to say the word Luna more often.

 At first, her parents think they are pronouncing it wrong, but eventually they realize that it refers to her name.

 If it was her previous name, then she could be a reincarnated person.

 However, Luna didn't remember her last name and her memory of her previous life was hazy.

 If it was a conventional , the memories of her previous life should return with the completion of her reincarnation.

 But strangely enough, as Luna grew up, she gradually recalled her memories.
 By the time she was six years old, it was finally clear that she was born in the world of a long time ago.

 It wasn't unusual for a demon race with powerful magical powers to reincarnate every one or two hundred years, but her memories of her homeland didn't fit anywhere in Dilheid.

 The name of the country Luna recalled, Lakafarseit, was not even mentioned in the history books.

 Her parents concluded that Luna had been reincarnated in a then imperfect 'reincarnation' (silica) so ancient that it was not recorded.

 Her father and mother explained to her about the reincarnation, as she was perplexed by the daily recollection of new memories.

 Then Luna burst into tears.
 When I ask her why, she says, "I don't know.

 I'm not sad.
 But Luna, who has forgotten her memories, doesn't understand it, and can only spill tears.

 Her mother and father hug her gently as she continues to cry, without knowing why she is crying.

 Unlike normal parents and children, reincarnated people and their biological parents often draw a line between them.

 This is because they have memories of their previous lives.

 But it wasn't often that the parent-child relationship broke down completely. It is precisely because they knew that they too would be reincarnated someday, that they had grown up in a culture that accepted their reincarnated child as they were.

 As she grew up, Luna slowly remembered more and more memories, but she felt as if she had always forgotten something important.

 She felt like she had to find someone, but the memories were always hazy.

 Instead, there was a strong urge.
 I can't count the number of times I've thought about running away from home, driven by a craving to accuse or threaten.

 But those times were not sweet enough for a child whose incarnation was incomplete to go out and live alone.
 Just like in the Eronesian world, the warfare had been going on for a long time, and the powerless demon race died easily.

 Their parents were not strong demons, but they were able to survive because they were quick to hear and had the evil eye to see far away.

 They lived in the agricultural city of Delurk, the home of King Balmain, the Gluttony King.

 As befits his two names, Balmain is a glutton by an order of magnitude, devouring all the food produced in Delurk all by himself.

 Despite the fertile, vast land and the fact that all of its inhabitants are farmers who produce some kind of food, the inhabitants of Delurk are always hungry.

 This is because Balmain, the gluttonous king, collects most of the food they produce as a tax.

 But in exchange, Delurk was under the patronage of Balmain, one of the most powerful men of the mythical era.
 As long as they offered him food, the people of Delurk would be protected from other violent demons.

 Barman was warm and merciful when he had a full stomach.

 With the strength of his parents, it was difficult for them to survive the war-torn Dillheid while taking their children with them.
 Hence, he had come to the agrarian city of Delurk, prepared to starve.

 Always on the table at Luna's house was a soup with just two slices of bread and a potato.

I'm sorry, Luna. I didn't have anything like this today.

 My father says apologetically.

'Come on, eat before it gets cold.

 My mother says with a smile.

'What about for the oya-sama and the oya-sama?'

 Luna asks, and with a smirk they both laugh.

'It's okay, I've already eaten today.'

Here, Luna. Eat up. If Balmain's soldiers get a whiff of us, we're in big trouble.

 Father and mother had given their daughter, Luna, most of the few rations they had hidden away.

 They didn't eat for days, and no matter how much starvation struck them, they put dirt in their stomachs and waited for her to grow up, to stave off her hunger.

 Luna would never forget the hard bread and the tasteless soup that was so hard that her teeth would break and she would never forget it.

'It's so good,'

 Her parents laughed happily when she said this.

'Good. When Luna is older, we can leave this city together. Then we'll be able to give her a better meal.'

 As Luna took her meal alone, her mother and father looked at her calmly and told her to repeat it.

 She should have always been hungry, but she never showed the slightest trace of that.
 It was the love and tenderness of her parents.

 She vaguely thought that she shouldn't follow her impulse and go looking for someone she didn't even know if they were there or not.

 I must be a good girl.
 She must be the kind of child that would make her mother and father smile.

 This peaceful home must never be broken, Luna told herself.

 And so another month passes, and the day she will soon be fifteen years old--.

 There was a disquieting atmosphere in the agrarian city of Delark.

'Lunar, Lunar, are you there?

 My father, who had been working in the fields, rushed back to his home.

'Lunar, where are you?'

 Luna, who had been sleeping in the attic, comes down sleepily.

'Oh, thank God,'

What's going on, dad?

 Luna asked, and her father said with a divine look on his face.

'You'd better not leave the house for a while. Delark is going to be a battlefield.

"...Really? What kind of demon tribe is going to invade the Gluttony King's territory?

"They are bloodthirsty ghosts. They are willing to die, only to destroy their enemies in their madness. They are monsters that don't even have a name. Whichever side wins, the damage to the agrarian city is inevitable.

The nameless ghost...?

 Luna muttered.
 For some reason, those words resonated strongly in her heart.

'The Knights of the Phantom Name.'

 Suddenly those words came back to my mind.

'Ah. If you knew, that's a good start. That's why you don't want to leave your house. I'll be right back. I'll be back in a minute.

 My father flew away.
 He must have gone to call my mother.

 Suddenly, an impulse pushed her forward and she put her hand on the door.
 Her parents' faces flashed through her mind, and the next thing she knew, Luna was running out of the house.

 I want to see her.
 Something tells me that I need to see her.

 I wanted to see her.
 Every time I stepped out of the house, the feeling was stronger.

 I had to see him.

 I don't know his name, I don't know his face.
 I don't know what he looks like.

 But I knew that when I met him, I would remember him.

 Only my heart remembers him so much.
 So much so that she even broke her father's orders to run.

 She left the city and looked for his ghosts, but she couldn't find them.

 But she couldn't find a shadow or a shape.
 As she continues her search, the sun has set and it's completely dark.

 The ghosts were nowhere to be found.

 Luna took a breath.
 Then, when she finally regained her composure, she turned back to the house.

 Her father and mother must be worried about her.

 She sent a  But there was no response.

''........Father? Mother...?

 It was heartbreaking.

 Pushing aside her anxiety, Luna flew away.
 She couldn't get the bad feeling out of her head.

 Hurrying, hurrying, hurrying as fast as she could, Luna made her way back to the house.

 She opened the door and walked in.

 The first thing that jumped out at her was the blood-drenched room--.
 My father and mother, sitting in their chairs, were being pierced through their bodies with ten holy swords.

 The smell of death filled the air, and a flicker of light flickered in front of my eyes.

''Father! Mother!

 Luna shouted.

 But the voice disappears into the void, empty.
 The roots of my father and mother are no longer there.

'Is it so sad that your false family died?'

 The sound of footsteps echoed.
 A man appears from the other side of the darkness.

 It's an eerie figure.
 It was as if his body was pieced together from another person's body, and there was no unity in his arms, legs, body or demon eyes.

 The man gave the impression that it was as if a corpse was moving.

''........Who.......is it.......? Why do you want your mother and father.........?

"I am the Knights of the Phantom.

 Luna looked at the man's face, stunned.


 There was no evidence for this.
 But the words were poking out of his mouth naturally.

''You're not anyone from the Phantom Knights! Those people would never do something like this!

 Luna says in a fit of emotion.

 Then the man removes his right wrist as if it were a part.
 A red thread extends from its cut surface.

 The that turned into a sharp needle penetrated Luna's chest.


 <The man drew a magic circle and took out the Memory Stone from it as he entwined the Red Thread to her roots.

"Your mother and father were killed by the Phantom Knights. But there is no need to worry. You will bring your family back to rights.

 <The other side of the entangled in the .
 This was the very moment when a man was about to pour his magic power into it and exert his authority.

 A purple light ran from the sky and the entire house was obliterated.
 In an instant, the man's four limbs had been torn apart, as if they had been cut into pieces by a sword.

 A beeping and purple light was running around the area.


 Luna opened her eyes.

 The one who appeared in her vision was a demon clad in lightning and carrying a universal lightning sword.
 It was Celis Voldigord.

 The "red thread" extending from the severed torso pulled the limbs together, and the five dismembered bodies were united again in one place.
 The man, who rose up, reminded me of a magic doll.

'No matter how I slay this body, this red thread of fate will never be broken. Have you forgotten that you've been running from me for the last few hundred years?

 The man thrusts out his hand.
 The red thread that extended from ten fingers attacked Celis.

"The wave body cover manifestation (Veneziara).

 Celis stabbed the Universal Lightning Sword into the spherical magic circle.
 At the same time, the nine possible blades pierced through the nine possible spherical magic circles.

 An ear-splitting thunderclap and an overflowing purple electricity that covered the place.
 The heavens roared, the earth shook, and everything that could be was obliterated by the release of magic power alone.

 Only Luna, who was directly behind him, was not affected in any way.

 When Celis held the Vandalsword up to the sky, a total of ten sword barrels sent a thread-thin purple lightning into the sky.

 This is the magic that was created to cut the .

 It is a blade of destruction that opens up infinite possibilities against the , which is the only link to a single destiny.

The Ten Purple Electric Lightning Blade (Lavia Neold Galvaryzen)

 The Purple Light of Doom fell from the sky, aiming at the ten swords.
 Like a pillar connecting heaven and earth, it turns into a single blade.

 Celis stepped in and the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords were swung down.
 The sound of tearing through the sky echoed far and wide, and annihilation struck lightning there.


 The man was dyed purple and ten had been erased.

...! It's so neat....

 The agrarian city of Delurk was illuminated by purple light.

 The man with the magic doll deployed his counter-magic with his fearsome magical power to counteract it.

 For a moment it seemed to have recovered, but in the short time that it did, the man's body began to fall apart to pieces.
 I'm not sure if my body can keep up with my own magical power.

 In the blink of an eye, the five bodies crumbled away and the red thread holding their bodies together was exposed.
 The moment the body couldn't endure, and the anti-magic disappeared, the moment the purple electric blade burned through all of the .

 The four limbs disappeared in the blink of an eye, leaving only the man's neck there.

 This is the body of a man who lives in a bubble world, after all. I didn't know you were more fragile than a doll...!

 Celis stood in front of the man's neck and raised the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords.

''You, sir..............! Cerise Voldigord! Don't think you've won this one. <An even man can be as powerful as you when he's trying to be...

 Relentlessly, the ten thousand lightning swords were swung down, and the heads disappeared along with the purple lights.

 After turning his magic eye and confirming the enemy's incapacitation, Celis puts the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords into the magic circle.

 Loosely turning to Luna, he starts to walk away.
 Then he passes her in silence.

 At that moment, a memory of his previous life suddenly flashed through Luna's mind.

 What he remembered was his fate of not being able to say anything.

 The ghosts did not speak.

  was successful.
 But his grueling battle is not over yet.

Thank you.

 Cerise stops in her tracks.

'Don't get me wrong, woman,'

 He left Luna's father and mother to die.
 That's what you're trying to say, Luna thought.

I'm sure we'll meet again sometime. You gave this world the magic of reincarnation (silica).

 With a glance at Luna, Ceris starts walking again.

 She doesn't even turn around.

 She doesn't even stop walking.

 She doesn't even give me a word.

 Still, a long time ago, she made a vow for sure.
 That this man was her destiny and that she would follow him on her own.

 Luna didn't say anything, but lined up beside Ceris as if it was natural.

'We need a strong mother,'

 Without even looking at Luna's face, he says

'Have my baby.'

 I felt like there were circumstances that should not have been given birth.
 That memory is still hazy.

 But I didn't mind.
 I thought it must have been his courtship.

 He's trying to give Luna, who's been looking for a warm home, and who's just lost her family, a possibility.

 He won't say anything, but I'm sure he'll--.


 Showing her full of gratitude, she laughed at the ghost.

 She wanted to laugh at him for his inability to laugh back.