566-The craving that could not be extinguished

 I wanted to continue to be there for him in his battle to say nothing--

 Dillhade. A village of ghosts.

 In one of the dwellings was Luna, who was now a pregnant woman.
 The tenth day of October had passed, a time when she would normally have been born long ago, but the labor pains didn't start for any length of time.

 Instead, Luna felt the fetal movements many times a day.

 The baby moves in the womb.
 It was accompanied by destruction, and black particles swirled inside her.

 An ordinary mother's womb would have perished in an instant, but Luna could only let out a painful breath for a moment.

 She had not yet recalled the memory, but the womb of disaster had swallowed the baby's destruction.

'Good, good, Anos is doing well today.

 Luna gently stroked her own swollen belly.
 She felt the baby get through to her, and she felt the fetal movement again.

'I wonder when you want to go outside? Do you still want to be in your mother's tummy?

 Luna spoke to the baby in her stomach.
 She loved this moment more than anything else.

'You know, Anos is a Voldigord bloodline, so he has the root of destruction. Do you not understand what I mean by the root of destruction? He's very strong, you know?

 Luna says as she smiles at the baby.

I heard that if you don't have a strong mother, you'll die before you give birth, but you'll be fine. I'm sure her mother is quite strong, despite her appearance. I will give birth to Anos, so don't worry and you can come out whenever you want.

I don't know.

 Celis walks into the room.

 It's the first time he's been here in days.
 Where he had gone without his pregnant Luna was on the battlefield.

 He was on his way back from showing up at the conflict in Dillheid and cutting down two of its ringleaders.

 She greeted Celis with a big smile, though, as she left abruptly without explanation.

'Welcome back, dear.'

'The mother who conceived the child of the Voldigord wasted away with the womb.

 Ceris approached Luna and put his hand on her belly.
 His demon eyes flashed and he looked into the abyss of the baby in his womb.

'The root of perdition is against birth. Death and perdition are the nourishment for the fetus. The closer the mother is to perdition, the more favorable the environment is for the child of the Voldigord to be born. That is why the fetus is accompanied by the power of perdition.

But I'm fine, okay? It's a little hard on my body sometimes.

 Luna said curiously.

'That's how strong you are as a mother. My mother had a strong maternal body too, but I hear she couldn't even speak at this point in her life.

So how does someone with a strong mother like me have a baby?

It's unprecedented.

 Hearing that, Luna showed just a bit of a dark expression.

''........does it have something to do with my previous life? .....

 Ceris didn't answer.

 Luna's expression grew increasingly cloudy.

'I still can't remember, but, you know, I'm vaguely worried. I'm afraid Anos will be a bad boy. Maybe I shouldn't give birth to him, I don't know. That feeling is getting stronger and stronger...

Don't get high.

 Celis kicked her fears to the curb.

'It's not your baby you're giving birth to. It is Voldigord's child. There is no good or evil in it. Even if your child is doomed to destroy this world, the source of Voldigord's destruction will destroy even that fate. My blood is the King of Perdition.

 Luna's gaze was drawn to Ceris' eyes as he released his caustic words.

 Maybe he knew something about Luna's previous life that she hadn't yet remembered, she thought to herself.

 She wanted to know, but if she asked, she wouldn't get an answer.
 It was an unspoken rule between the two of them not to talk about their past lives.

'I know. What kind of a child he or she will be depends on how we raise him or her.

 Luna smiled.

 Celis should have told her that for her own sake.

 You don't have to be anxious.
 You will be strong enough to defy fate.

 I'm sure that's what he meant.

 Why he would play the ghost so thoroughly, Luna doesn't know that now.
 Maybe she didn't know for sure, even in her previous life.

 But Luna thinks.
 He is able to remain a ghost because he keeps pushing himself away.

 His eyes are always looking into the distant future, fighting not for the present, but for the possibilities of the future.

 In this place where no one is watching, even if you speak your true feelings, there won't be many demons that can take advantage of it.

 But if you show even the slightest bit of affection, you may not be able to return to being a ghost.

 He's stronger than anyone else, and above all, he's tougher, and in fact, he's very fragile.

 If he doesn't continue to be a ghost, if he doesn't continue to push himself to death, he will remember that he is a living person.

 People say that he is the head of the Phantom Knights, the head of the Knights of the Phantom Name, who can leave even his friends to die without a care in the world, a crazy ghost that only destroys others, but the truth is that he is not.
 You can't help but want to save them. They should not be able to help but want to protect him.

 In order to keep a lid on his true feelings, he constantly plays the crazy ghost.

 I don't want that kindness to overflow.

'Hey. If I get in your way, will you destroy me too?

It's a stupid question.

 Huffing, Luna laughed.

'What's so funny?'

'It's not funny. I'm just glad I'm not shackled to you. Isn't that nice? If you abandon me, then I feel like I could really be the wife of a ghost. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

 Celis just gives Luna a cold look.

'Don't protect me, ever. I don't want you to be the only one protecting me.

 Without saying it, he wouldn't be protecting Luna.

 Still, I wanted to tell him that he wanted to do it himself.
 He didn't want to leave a scar on his mind as he continued to fight, even though it was wearing away his soul, and he didn't want to be the only one to leave a scar.


 Cerys stands up and turns on her heel.

'We will be leaving soon. Go to the settlement of House Tseilon in the Ednas Mountains. They owe you a debt of gratitude. They will take care of you until the birth of your child.

 Without looking back, Ceris leaves the room.
 Luna, who knew that long ago, sent him off as if it was a given.

'Have a good day, dear. Take care of yourself.

 The door was closed.

 Luna quickly got ready and headed to the Tseilon family settlement.
 She was escorted by the first (Jeff) on the way and arrived without incident.

 He had become acquainted with the Tsaylon blood clans before.
 As Celis had said, Luna had helped them before, and all the demon clans of Tsaylon owed her a debt of gratitude.

 They welcomed Luna's sudden visit and bought her to take care of herself.

 At first she thought she could at least help with the cooking, but every day her fetus became stronger and her body began to wilt.
 The power of destruction grew stronger and stronger, consuming her womb.

 Gradually, Luna could barely even sit up and spent most of the day in bed.

 Then one day--
 A man came to Luna's room.


 The man's expression was, in a word, empty.

 Although he was smiling thinly, his mind didn't look like that.
 It was as if he had no idea what he was thinking about.

''It's nice to meet you, ghost bride.''

 I wonder why.
 Hearing his soft-spoken greeting, Luna had a bad feeling.

 One simple word made her heart flutter.

''I would like to ask you one thing.''

 A fetal movement echoed in response to the thin voice.

'Do you think Cerys Voldigord will show her true face when you are dead?

 A moment later, Luna whipped her body and jumped out of bed.

 He's the enemy.
 It's also enough to know Celis' name from somewhere.

 Luna quickly draws a magic circle in the .

 However, what was released from that magic circle was a true white light, and what was activated was <枷 ward sealing (de grevade)>.


 The light wrapped around her limbs, turning them into manacles and fetters.
 In the blink of an eye, the fetters of light restrained Luna's limbs and sealed her magic.

 The man - a young boy appeared next to Graham.

 He was dressed in tugi-hachi clothing and clutched a single quill pen.
 It's Aganzon, the god of madness.

 With his authority, he falsified the magic circle that Luna had drawn and bound her to it.

''Let's give it a try.''

 <A prison is built using ibis, and she is trapped in it.

Let me out.

 Graham smiled thinly and left.

 <The fetters and wounds will disappear with time, but the weakened Luna has no way to escape from it.

 Soon after, human soldiers arrived and took over the settlement of Tseilon.

 It was there that Graham dissected the Tseilon bloods and began to conduct horrific magical experiments on them.

 Luna did not expect help.

 He would not come.
 Even if he did come, he would not help himself.

 Hence, there was only one thing to do.
 To give birth to her beloved child in her own body, in a mother's body that was close to destruction.

 Having made up her mind, Luna waits intently for her chance.

 Then, at last, the time had come.


 Luna was kicked away and rolled on the ground as she was taken to the square of the settlement.

 The human soldiers, who held a grudge against the demon race, began to tease her with hatred.

 Luna felt it, while trying her best to protect only her stomach.

 The Phantom Knights are coming here.
 Their location, which was excellent in concealment magic, was impossible for an ordinary demon race to see.

 But somehow her magical eye can somehow understand that.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

 Thinking of what Celis is thinking right now, her heart is choked up at the thought of this scene.

 Just then.
 The child in her belly - Anos began to spread its power of destruction around her as if to emit anger.

 As if trying to protect his mother instead of Celis, who couldn't be saved.

 Oh, he'll grow up to be a gentle boy.
 Luna thought that way.

 In the blink of an eye, all the humans in the room turned to ashes.

''Great. The Voldigord bloodline, the power of perdition. It's like the world is out of whack.'

 Graham says.

'I suppose the proximity of the mother's womb's demise has increased her magical power?

 His magical eye turned to Luna.

 Then a jet-black flame appeared in front of her and built a wall.
 As if to protect her mother.


 Luna mutters.

'It's okay ... it's okay ... you just use your strength to be born ... your mother will always give birth to you ...'

It's beautiful. A mother's love for her child. You would risk your life to have him.

 Graham said.

'The destruction of the mother's womb is what gives him life. He is doomed to perish.

 The moment all the jet black flames were extinguished, Luna ran towards Graham.
 Darkness began to spread around them.

 Luna's magic brings darkness there, where no light can reach at all.

That's a problem. You can't see anything.

 In the silence of absence of sight...

 Guju, there was the sound of life ending.

 Graham's hand was slicing through Luna's stomach.


 She falls to her knees with a gulp and collapses.

 Still running her hands over her belly to protect it.

'You ... and the rest ...'

 A moment later, like lightning falling from that dark cloud, the purple electricity rushed forward and Gaudgemon had pierced Graham's heart.

 Jijiji, a fierce purple electricity raged inside Graham's body.
 It is a very good idea to have a good idea of what to expect when you are in a position to do something.

''Annihilating Ten Purple Electric Field Lightning Sword (Lavia Neold Galvaryzen).''

 A vast amount of purple electricity annihilated Graham's body and its source.

 Ceris flashed her magic eye and looked around.

 The threat is no more.
 After calmly confirming that, Celis walked to Luna, who was loosely collapsed, and walked over to Luna.


 She spilled out her words breathlessly.
 Celis just stared at the figure in silence.

 Oh, this must be the last time.
 Luna realized.

 Because it's the last time, she's staring at me like this.

I'm not sure what to say.

 The first one walks up to him.

"Say something to him! Master! Mercy to the dying, at least!

 He's always been kind.
 And he's not a good boy for ghosts, Luna thinks.

 Even in her dim memory of a past life, she feels that there was a similarity.

'To the wife of a ghost, that is what I wanted and became.

 That was the best way to get rid of it.
 I think he and I are the only ones who would understand.

 It was the first time he called me his wife.
 I'm glad that I could be his wife.

 I was happy to be his wife.

It's okay, Jeff. I was happy.

"...but my Lady but that would be too...

 Slowly, Luna shook her head.

 We may not know now.
 The best (Jeff) has forgotten the memories of his previous life.

 I'm sure Ichiban (Jeff) will someday realize the true meaning of Cerys'

 To his sad battle.

This is it.

 I never thought you would take care of me.
 That thought brought tears and a smile to my face.

'....Thank you....

 For letting me be there.

 Let me have your children.

 For letting me die like a departed wife.

 I'm grateful.

"...Anos. I want you to live and be the strongest that you can be and save your father.

 She couldn't speak anymore.
 The last thoughts flooded her chest.

 -- It's not at all like the home she'd dreamed of one day...

 --I can't even raise him.

 -- but it's a lot better than the sweet dreams of idealism --

 -- in the harsh reality that things don't go the way you want them to.
   Still, it taught me to live life to the fullest--

 --I've been there for you in your battle to say nothing.

 --I felt your silence and your kindness.

 --I can see the joy in your eyes.

 --Your refusal to accept it was love.

 --I'm the only one who knows what you really feel that no one else does.
   So I filled you with love and talked a lot, a lot, a lot for you--


 --Hey, you--

 --I said a lot, a lot of words.
   I wonder if my feelings were heard? --

 --I don't know if I've ever really understood your feelings. --

 --I'm sorry. It's the last thing I ever thought I'd do.

 -- you don't like women who think this kind of flesh and blood --

 --I don't want any--

 --You don't have to get married.

 --I don't want your run-of-the-mill family.

 --Nothing good, not even the good days.

 -- but --

 --I didn't want it all, but...
   There was one thing left in the back of my chest that I couldn't help but crave--

 --I am...

 --I needed to hear you say it.