567-Succeeding father's will

 Research Tower. The deepest grimoire workshop--

 It is a record of a past that passed in a moment.
 Through the Genesis Aerial, we saw the meeting of Luna Arzenon and Cerys Voldigord, who fell to the world of Elesia.

 We saw their battle and their love story that could not be told.

'- I see. You have a real fondness for lies and intrigue, but if you've met her, you're a lot quicker to tell.

 From the ceiling, Parrington fell headfirst into the air.
 Just before he hit the floor, he spun around and regained his position and landed flat.

'How's that? Parrington. Where is my father, Cerys Voldigord?

 In the age of mythology. The magic doll that murdered Luna's parents after she was reincarnated in the world of Militia and tried to overwrite her memories with the is undoubtedly this Parrington.

 From their conversations, it is clear that Parrington has been planning to invade the world of Militia and turn Celis, the woman her sister has a crush on, into a dead person.

 <The reason why he didn't bring the and didn't come again was probably because of Pablo Hetara's relationship.

 It is forbidden to enter the bubble world.

 He hid his power by taking the body as his own, and although he managed to blend in, he was no match for my father, and he was beaten back.

I'm sure I've seen a side of you that you didn't know existed. At least I didn't have the slightest fear of Arzenon's doomed lion.

 <Parrington's lips are drawn together in a tight grip.

'My father fought on as a ghost. In the midst of the darkness, with no end in sight, he confronted and defeated the order that was unreasonable itself. And--

 Out of the corner of my eye, my dad is half-stunned, holding my mom in his arms.
 A large amount of records went through his head all at once, and he was probably a little overloaded.

'That's the kind of father my mother loved to the very end.

 Just in time, Parrington bites his back teeth.

I ask you. Have you not changed your mind at all after that farewell? Are you going to trample on the bond between two people who were connected to each other without words, but not true love?

 Parrington shushed him. I said.

'You need to separate yourself from your sister, Parrington. You are not bound to your mother.

'Indeed, it has to be admitted...'

 In a low voice, Parrington says.

'Not now,'

 <Countless "red threads" came out of Parrington's body, the "idol", and they wavered.

'The bond, the fate, the happiness.

 An unprecedentedly divine magical power gushed out of that red thread.
 A gilded glow danced around Parrington.

'I will not yield to such absurdities. Even if this thought is a mortal sin, even if all of this ocean denies it, what would a man do without turning his head to the woman he has fallen in love with?

 Luna Arzenon's memories flowed from Parrington's through the .
 Mom's expression became distorted and she let out a painful breath.

 Furthermore, the countless red threads released from his fingertips extend towards your mother.

"Destiny is something that I can attract with my own hands!


 I stand up to protect my mother and cut off the attacking red thread with my two-rules sword.

It's not called turning around to tie the thread around the neck of a woman you are in love with and pull with all your might. No one will love you because you are too petty to back away from this place.

 The that was tied to my mother was cut off at the same time as the words.

'Yeah, maybe so. There was a time when I almost gave up on the idea that no one would ever love me for my stupidity.

 Parrington clutches a severed strand of 'red thread'.

But I still want to believe! This love will come to you one day, I know it will. I love you. I love you, above all else! This burning thought, this wailing that tore my heart apart. Deeper than anyone else, deeper than anything else, the depth of this love is truly an abyss!

 A golden light emanates from the red thread divinely, as if Parrington's craving is transformed into magic.

 The red thread, which should have been severed, was reconnected with Mom.
 However, the other red threads that were stretched out were not restored. 

 Once the red thread is tied up, it will be tied up again even if it is cut off?
 It's like a curse.

"If the red thread of destiny is not connected, you can connect it yourself. If you don't love me, you can start over again when you meet me!

 Parrington fires the Giol Bezgum.

"Someday, this love will surely reach you!

'Is that why you let Kostoria assault your mother? It's silly.

 I ejected the .

 The blue stellar star and the black-green flaming bullets collided, causing the magic workshop to violently burst into flames.

''Laughing at the love of others is the work of those who do not know love.

'You saw my mother fall to the world of Elesia through the vermilion and blue cats. You watched her fall to the world of Elesia through the Vermillion Cat and the Blue Cat, and you watched her fall to my father, Cerys Voldigord. Hence, you tried to do the same thing. I wanted to cover for your mother and make it possible for us to meet our destiny. I have been waiting for that opportunity for a long time.

 I kicked the ground and headed straight for Parrington.

 I grab the "Disaster Abyon Black Hell Repelling Magic Bullet (Rail Freel)" that he released and throw it back with my "Grasping Magic Hand (Rayon)".

"For that reason--

 I draw a multiple magic circle with one hand.
 It transformed into a turret, and black particles of seven spirals gushed out.


 Parrington bounces back the Black Hell Repelling Magic Bullet (Rail Freel) with a magic barrier and deploys a multiple magic circle just like me.

 The same black particles draw a seven-fold spiral on the turret of the magic circle.

 The fire of the apocalypse is unleashed.
 The doomsday magic that brought an end to the dream world fallen forlorn.

 We said at the same time.

"Egil Groene Angdroa.

 The apocalyptic fires released by me and Parrington went forward in a straight line and collided.

 Doom and gloom fighting each other.
 Black sparks scattered in all directions, and the phantom tower was shaken.

 When the wall, a wall, collapsed and turned into black ashes, the Offsetting the .

I have used this magic to destroy the world of dreams. "I have used this magic to destroy the fantasy world for the sole purpose of separating me from my mother.

''If necessary, I will destroy everything in the Silver Water Holy Sea! The only thing is, if only I could get my love in my hands!

 The ten red threads extending from Parrington's fingertips are like sharp needles, and they attack.
 He strikes it away with his two-rate sword, lowers himself and takes a big step forward.

 A moment later, I'm close enough to Parrington to slash his feet.

 He leaps and fires a kick at my face.
 Its toes turned black.

 He twisted his neck to dodge the kick.
 At the same time, I drew a magic circle on his shadow and stomped on it.



 <The even man's body is shaken and Parrington vomits blood.
 I stepped on him as hard as I could, but he wouldn't stop.

 As soon as he lands, he flips over and unleashes the hand blade of Zagadez.
 That sharp blow is caught by the two-ritsu sword.

 Jijijiji, black sparks scattered around him.

''Did you think there was love to be had by destroying it?

"...when I was a little girl, I took a vow. 'My sister will marry me,' she said indeed. I will bring back that dazzling day. Destroy the present and you will have the past!

'How long are you going to be foolish enough to believe those other words from your childhood? It's time to grow up, Parrington. No one will take such promises seriously.

My sister couldn't be with me because we were sister and brother. She said sadly that they could not be married. So I became an inhabitant of Luzendrfold and took on the body of an even man. Now there is no more blood between us, and no more obstacles to our love!

 Parrington pushes his black hand sword into the air.
 The blade of the two ritual swords sliced through his hand, but he didn't care and stepped in further.

'My sister has a heart so pure, innocent and beautiful that it can't attract any illusionary beasts. I will never tell you a lie........!

 With his right hand sword, Parrington suppressed the two ritual swords with his right hand sword and swung down his left hand sword.
 Faster than that, he shot the into his body.

 The red thread idol was consumed by the blue flames.

 He further drew a magic circle and fired a series of shots.
 One after another, the blue stars crashed into Parrington, and flamboyant explosions erupted.

''........There is no way that my love is inferior.......''

 Parrington's eyes glinted as they flared blue.

''........That man did not protect my sister. Declaring himself a ghost, breathing for the sake of the world, he treated his sister poorly and failed to save even the bubble world! You think your sister is happy? After all, it is a happiness that can only come from peace. If warfare strikes again, that man will be the one who leaves his sister to die without a care in the world! 

 Disastrous power that was different from divine magic flowed out of Parrington's entire body.
 Black particles swirled and blew out the blue flames.

'I can destroy the world for my sister, or a man who would sacrifice my sister for the sake of the world. It is self-evident which one of us loves my sister more, and which love is deeper!

 He sends his magic to the red thread that is connected to Mom.

".........isabe, rah-ah...................

Stand back.

 Black particles flood out of the that leads to Mom and send Dad and Misha flying off.
 If Misha hadn't immediately cast an anti-magic as soon as possible, Dad would have been killed instantly.

 Mom's body floats up and countless s come out from the root source.

After losing his strength and memory, that man will never be able to hold a sword again. Two thousand years ago he was able to escape by reincarnating, but in this world there is no escape. This 'Red Thread Idol' was different from the previous junk doll!

 The countless extending from the source of Mom's roots are winding around her body like a cocoon.
 They are going to overwrite Luna Arzenon's memories.

'If not, then I will slice through these threads again, Cerys Voldigord.

 Parrington says to his dad, his eyes filled with hatred, as if to strike a resentment in them.

''There is not a shadow of a shade of purple light that you have honed to oppose me. You had no intention of protecting your sister, after all. That's why this fate, this time it will never be cut to pieces! Because the red thread of Luzendfort is my very love...!

 A moment later, the purple light flickered.

 One hundred purple lights rose into the heavens and the giant blades struck the cocoon with lightning.


 The enormous blades of purple electricity burned and destroyed the .
 From within the cocoon, my mother, protected by the Snow Moon Flower, emerges.

 Even though it belongs to the shallow world, it is a magic outside the framework of the order that Celis Voldigord has created.

 The thread of fate and the blade of possibility that conflicts with the thread of fate is the weakness of the , and no matter how much magic Parrington puts into it, it will never be retied.

''Stupid........stupid, stupid, stupid.......you've certainly lost your power.......!

 Parrington quickly turns a sharp gaze at his father.

 After all, he couldn't feel the magic power of Celis Voldigord from its roots.
 However, the Universal Lightning Sword that he had been wearing earlier was gone.

''Lost? How long are you looking in the wrong place, Parrington?

 I called out to him and he finally turned around to look at me.

 Then he caught the Universal Lightning Sword in my hand in his field of vision and opened his eyes slightly.

''A long time ago, a man who became a ghost left behind a great potential. The will he bequeathed is in this chest, the power he bequeathed is in these two hands, the deep love he bequeathed is this life.

 He loosely held the Universal Lightning Sword and turned his demonic eye, which was tinted with annihilation purple.

''Everything the two of us lost that day is here.

 Purple lightning strikes the sword in my hand.
 I quietly told him.

'My father protected the world, made peace and fulfilled the dreams of those he loved.