568-Blood dominance

 Parrington stared at the burned out with a faint demonic eye.
 If he opened his mouth slightly, a curse that seemed to condense resentment spilled out from the back of his throat.

''.........You, you.......Cerise Voldigord......you.........''

 The extended from the fingers of both hands, wavering like a living thing.

 Parrington stared furiously at me and my father.

You still wish to stand in front of me after all this time? How long will the man who heartlessly abandoned his sister two thousand years ago and long ago left this stage of love hang on like a woman!

 Every time he unleashed a word of resentment, Parrington's magic swelled.
 Leaping forward with the momentum of stepping through the floor, he headed straight for his dad.

''You are unfit to be a lover and a husband! If it were me, I wouldn't have let my sister feel lonely like that!

 <With the red thread wavering, I slashed Parrington, who was making a fierce charge, from the side with the ten thousand lightning swords.


"A man who wasn't even on the stage is now spouting off some pretty big words.

 He swings through the gaudgemon.
 It rips through the skin, bites into the flesh, and flips him off.

'Didn't I make you feel lonely? Wrong. You couldn't even give them a chance to miss you.

 Parrington slammed his feet into the floor and stopped a few meters back.

'So now it's my turn to show you my thoughts. Because love is never the quickest of all.

Not in order.

 Parrington looked at him as if he had lost his temper.

'Don't talk to me like you know what you're talking about!

 He stretches out countless 'red threads' and tries to wrap them around me.

 Instantly, ten purple electric bolts rise from the blade of possibility.

 <He swung the by the roots.

 However, as he ran through the vast amount of purple electricity, Parrington rushed in.

''You may want to protect your parents, but your love for that man is only a temporary beginning because you have lost your mind and pure love due to the Spiritual God and Human Sword and reincarnation!

 Parrington's right hand is dyed black and he thrusts the sword of Zagadez at me as hard as he can.

 With my right hand's two ritual swords, I catch it head-on and thrust the sword into his belly.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this as well.

'That's why I'm going to paint it. White, white, and pure, to those days, sister.

 His hands grabbed my shoulders and tried to block my movements.
 A moment later, like a puppet, Dominic's body moved.

 He's after my mother, of course.

"Protect her.


 Misha blinks twice.
 With the first time, the demon's eyes turn white and silver, and with the second time, the eyes turn into the "Moon of Creation".

The World of Ice.

  gazed gently into the void.

 Then a small glass sphere is created in front of Misha's eyes.
 It looks like a magical model, and inside, an icy world with snowfall is constructed.

 A silvery white light spread out, and snow and moonflowers danced in the air.

 Dad and Mom disappeared, swallowed by the glass sphere.
 Along with the light, Misha was also sucked into the ice world.

'We will not let them escape now.

 Dominic's body followed, entering the glass sphere.

'Hurry. No puppet without a rootless source can beat Misha in there.

 He shoved the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords in and skewered the source of his root.
 Gingerly stomping his feet, Parrington held on to it.

''No matter ... it's right on schedule ...''

 Overflowing from his roots was the black-green blood, the blood of the Lion of Perdition, just like Naga and Kostoria.
 It corroded the purple electricity and resisted the blade of the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords.

 Black particles spiraled and covered his entire body.


 Black magic floods through my body and he lifts me up.

 The moment his feet kicked the ground, Parrington and I rammed into the pillar of ice where the plague victim Izaak sleeps with unseen speed.

 A roaring sound rang out and the ice shattered.
 The cold air that poured out covered the room.

 Even so, the icicle only slightly collapsed on the surface.
 To withstand even the power of the Lion of Perdition, it seems to be much sturdier than this phantom beast tower.

''My healthy sister's son, you can't win. You're no match for me. You have a reason why you cannot defeat me.

 The guy raises his right arm, clad in black particles, wide.

 In his hand, he was holding an object that looked like a red blade.

 It's Artzenon's claw.
 It was swung down by Parrington with great vigor, and he received it with his two-rate sword.


 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this in the next few days.

 But the body is not badly damaged.


 The magical power of the Lion of Perdition rises from Parrington's entire body.
 The power is especially strong in both legs, both eyes and right arm?

 The black particles seemed to be controlled by his that wavered and swayed.

It seems that Dominique wasn't lying when she said she could use the power of the Coastalians. I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this," he said.

 An unincarnated lion of perdition is insubstantial, and should be more like an amalgamation of magical craving, an indefinite concept, rather than a living organism.

 If it can be hollowed out and put into an incarnate state, it shouldn't be limited to both legs, both eyes, and the right arm to use, but it doesn't seem to be that free.

 It must be an extremely difficult task to tie up a phantom beast with no substance, especially the lion of destruction, even if it is the red thread that binds our destiny.

 Therefore, they can only tie up things that are within the scope of their understanding.

 I've managed to get the three parts of Naga, Costoria and Bobonga by studying their bodies.

Anos. You are the five bodies of the Lion of Perdition. I have only two legs, both eyes, and my right arm--

 A red-black magic power was released from Artsenon's claws.

 In the blink of an eye, it turned into a red-black sewing needle.

''Shishihoshin, Bezuez.''

  was tied behind Bezuez, and the red-black magic power mixed with the magic power of gold leaf.
 With great vigor, Parrington ejected the sewing needle.

 When I ducked to the left, the sewing needle drew a circle around me. The red thread tied behind me shrinks the circle to bind my body.

 The blade of the purple lightning is swung down, aiming at the "red thread".


 With a thunderclap that pierces the ears, the purple lightning flickers violently.

 <That blade of possibility, which is the weakness of the , however, this time it is unable to cut through it.
 The power of the Lion of Annihilation makes it stronger.

 The , which fluttered for a moment, tightened up tightly as the sewing needle went straight ahead, twisting the whole ten thousand lightning sword around my arms.

 Immediately afterwards, two lion stitches shot out by Parrington pierced my legs and sewed them to the floor.

''You, an imperfect lion of perdition with no trump claws, have no way to match me with three claws!

 Parrington pulls the magical power of the Lion of Perdition from the Abyss of Craving via the red thread that connects to him.

 With that power, he drew a multiple magic circle.
 In the blink of an eye, it changed like a turret and seven spirals of black particles rose up.

''The Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ash Cannons (Egil Groene Angdroa).

 The fires of the end are closing in on us.

 My hands and sword are tied to the red thread, my legs are pierced by the lion stitching needle and I can't move.
 I have a few moments to spare, and there is no time to break the restraints on my limbs.

 With a roar, the doomsday fire of the seven-fold spiral assaulted my face.


 Parrington's eyes widen.

 I open my mouth and catch the apocalyptic fire that is destroying the world with my upper and lower teeth.
 The space between my clenched teeth glowed the color of the evening.

"Did you think that your hands and feet were tied up in such a short period of time that you couldn't use your Rayon hands?

 I bit down on the apocalyptic fire with a gritty bite and condensed the magic.

 When I completely controlled the power of raging destruction with the teeth of the , I twisted my head and threw it back at him.

''My hand in the palm of my hand (Rayon).

 Using the same as Coastoria, Parrington received the that was thrown back to him.

This is your last gasp. The red thread that pierced your legs leads to the bottom of the Abyss of Craving.

''Do you remember? Let me explain.

 Apart from Parrington's voice, I felt something else resonate inside me.

'Arzenon's Lion of Perdition is a calamity itself. Once its craving awakens, its destructive impulse will destroy even this silver sea.

 With a slight smile, Parrington shouts out.

'And now the time has come for your destructive impulse to awaken. O son of the Abyssal Princess of Woe, O lion of Arzenon's destruction! The craving that lies in the depths of this abyss is your core. Once awakened, reason will never return.

 <Golden magic power runs from the red thread, passes through the sewing needle, and flows into my source.
 It is a stagnant craving that has been pooling in this abyss of craving.

You will forget everything that that obtrusive man taught you and become a real lion. The sword, the magic, the words, even the thoughts, everything that the man left behind will be destroyed here.

 Immediately after that.
 An eerie voice rang out directly from the depths of my body.

 It's an inner impulse.
 It's my own voice, not anyone else's.

 A maliciousness rises from deep within the heart and overflows.


 I try to cover my ears, but it echoes inside my body and shakes my head.

 --all the oceans and--

 A thirsty need that lodged in my skull and never left me.

 -- all of existence --

 Destroy it, destroy it, the other me tells you.

 The other me, telling me to destroy everything, to destroy everything.

Reveal your true nature, you ugly beast. And prove it to yourself. Yes. Cerys Voldigord could not make her sister's dream come true. She could not give him a tender child!

 The remaining lion stitching needle in the air is pointed at my heart.

It is your nature to go mad, rampage and destroy many worlds. This is the first time I've seen my sister notice. Then you will notice for the first time. She realized that the family she had created with that man was far from peaceful. Oh, finally she wakes up and regrets it.

 <A sewing needle bearing the magical power of the red thread was shot into my heart.

"And that love was a terrible mistake!

Interesting delusion.

 A thunderclap that pierced my ears resounded, and ten purple electric lightning strikes the Ten Lightning Swords.
 If I move the magic sword loosely, the that restrains me was slashed with a plunge.


"Palm Demon Eradication Ten Violet Charged Field Blades (Lavia's Veldt Galvaryzen)

 The purple electricity of possibility was charged and condensed into the Universal Lightning Sword of .

 In other words, the immense power of annihilation of the was concentrated and amplified in a single sword barrel of the Universal Thunder Sword Gaudgemon.

 I cut the thread of the lion stitching needle in both legs.

I said the same thing, Parrington. I'm the one with a stable mind.

"....what are you... It is not possible for a doomed lion to resist the destructive impulses of his own mind. ..................!

 <Parrington swings his right arm as hard as he can to shoot out the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Cinderella Cannon that he received with the Griping Magic Hand (Rayon).

The lion of Arzenon's destruction is not going to be crazy...! You are such a creature, reveal yourself!

'I do look like a lion of perdition, though.

 I jumped into his bosom faster than the doomsday fire could be thrown.

"My father's words, have you forgotten them? "My mother bore a son of Voldigord. My blood is the King of Perdition.


 With a blur, his right arm falls to the floor and blood gushes out with great force.

 Before the apocalyptic fire could be unleashed, the Thunderbolt of Doom sliced through his arm.

''Did you think that just because it's the blood of the Deep World, it's dominant?''