569-The ending of love

 The left hand of Parrington's extended left hand grasps the void and the red-black magic power gathers there.

 A roar like a lion's roar resounds, and the power of the claws swirls around.

''........that man's blood.........''

 The red-black magic power materializes and a large sewing needle appears in his hand.

 It's the Lion Sewing Needle Bezuez.
 It's not just a matter of time before you find yourself in the middle of the night.

It's not even darker than my sister's blood.

 Before the stitching needle could be swung down, he plunged the doom-charged Universal Lightning Sword into Parrington's heart.

'No. It means we've defeated the lion of destruction.

"....it is impossible that a non-conformist of the bubble world, who possesses the power of annihilation if you will, could be the strongest phantom of the world, a phantom beast of the plague. Such as surpassing the Lion of Perdition of Artsenon...!

 Parrington gripped his sewing needle tightly.

'You ... are ...'

 Even though blood is flowing from his chest, his magic eye shines and he dares to glare at me.

".........who are you........?

Now, I don't see the point of your question.

Who the hell are you, Anos?

 In response to Parrington's shout, the red thread is entangled in the lion sewing needle.

 The red-black magic and golden magic mix, and the sewing needle glistens as if it were bared of fangs.
 At the same time, I sheathed the Niritsu sword.


 A lion sewing needle spilled out of his left hand and bounced to the floor.

 I plunged my right hand into the heart that had been pierced by the Ten Thousand Lightning Sword and crushed it.

''Hm. Just as you glared at me. I've found it.

 <Apart from the red thread that goes out of the idol's body, there's a red thread deep inside his heart that's entangled and won't leave.

 I grabbed the thread and pulled it with force.

 I pull out my right hand and a stretches out from the depths of my heart.

''I've been wondering. The phoenix in the nostrils linked the womb of Luna Arzenon, the one with the craving to have a child, with the Abyss of Plagues of Craving. But you, with the guts of disaster, do not seem to want a child very much.

 Parrington's only craving is for exclusivity for his sister.
 Even though they are sister and brother, it's hard to believe that they would be affected by the Phoenix of Nostalgia.

 But it's true that he has the guts of the Disaster Abyss.

 Because the is connected to the bottom of the Disaster Abyss of Craving. The fact that he can use the power of the Lion of Perdition would prove that.

 According to the story of Kostoria, you cannot go to the bottom of the Abyss of Craving.
 The dense plagues that swirl there consume those who invade, and no one has yet reached the abyss.

 The Princess of the Abyss of Plagues, the womb she possesses is connected to the inside of that abyss.

 Parrington connected the red thread to the bottom of the abyss through a similar organ of disaster.

It is like the lion of destruction of Artenon. You first connected your own organs to the phoenix in your womb with the red thread to gain the power of the beast. You see.

 Black particles spiral all over my body.

At the end of this thread, the phoenix in the womb is connected.

 I fixed Parrington there with the Vandalsword and pulled the red thread that I held tightly.

 Blood poured out of the heart, making a sound as if something was being torn off, and the red thread stretched out.

''Ga, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!

 Vermilion magic particles overflowed from inside Parrington's body.

 <It amplifies the power to connect the fate running to the and exposes the phantoms that lead to it.

 The magical power like gold leaf dissipates violently as if it were raging, and irregularly shaped vermilion particles take on an outline.
 It gradually began to shape its wings, turning into a figure that looked as if it were a phoenix.

''You were interfering with the Disaster Abyss of Craving through the Disaster Abyss's guts, causing adverse effects on Mother's Womb of Disaster. Then, without bothering to destroy the Phoenix in your womb, as long as I can separate you from this , your condition will calm down.

Touch.... the...

 It was the lowest and darkest sound ever.
 The bosom phoenix became indeterminate as it obeyed Parrington's will and disappeared back into his body.

''It is the bond between me and my sister... a proof that I and my sister are connected at all times... even though you are my sister's child, it is not something that can be touched casually...''

When I say easy to touch...

 <On my right palm, which grabbed the , I draw a spherical magic circle of purple light and compress it.

''Like this?''

 A thunderclap roared, and the purple electricity of destruction ran through the .


 The Purple Lightning of Annihilation shoots through Parrington's internal organs and shreds them to shreds.

 Even the Palm Demon Ashburst Purple Annihilation Lightning and Fire Electric Field (Lavia's Gilg Gaveriizd), which is extremely slow due to its incompleteness, cannot be avoided as long as it follows the .

If you don't want to be destroyed, you need to untie the red thread as soon as possible.

You cannot undo what you've done and this is the link between a sister and a brother who are in love with each other.

 <The red thread extends from the body of the idol, and it sways as it releases its golden magic power.
 Releasing all the power of the lion of destruction, Parrington wears black particles all over his body.

 He manipulated the three lion sewing needles with the red thread that extended from his left hand.

''- It is the red thread of destiny!

 The sharp needles attacked me while releasing a great deal of magical power.

 It's a good thing that you're able to get a good idea of what you're looking for. 

''It's a very fragile red thread, Parrington.

 As a chase, I wielded the ten thousand lightning swords of annihilation to the two lion sewing needles that attacked my face and cut off the .

 Through the Red Thread clutched in his right hand, he poured in the Purple Light of Annihilation through the Red Thread and slashed the Red Thread connected to the Lion of Annihilation with the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords.

"My dear, forgive me--

 The black magic power condensed in his left arm, which Parrington raised, suddenly disappeared.
 <The was severed and the power of the lion of destruction that was connected to it was lost.

 He pierced Parrington's abdomen with his thunderbolt and this time cut off both of the red threads in his lungs.

My mother was unrestrained. "My mother was uninhibited. If you wanted her back, you should have approached her with a straightforward approach.

 Running the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords like lightning, they slashed at Parrington's body again and again.

 Heart, kidneys, lungs, stomach, intestines, liver--

 With the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords of Annihilation, I slash and slash and slash away the organ called the organ, the , the , and slash and destroy its fate.

It's a very good idea to have a good time. .........stop, my fate.......my bond with my sister.......ahhh, ahhh, stop...... !

 The magic power of the bosom phoenix disappeared from his guts.
 With a thump, Parrington's knees snapped.

''It's only a borrowed power. <What you have tied with the red thread is useless when it matters most.

 His ragged body is breathing heavily and repeatedly, his hands on the floor as he crawls, but he still glares at me.

 Now that I'm separated from the Doomed Lion of Artsenon, I don't have much strength left.
 I've also cut off the bosom phoenix that I used as a link.

 However, that eye has not yet lost its sparkle.

 He keeps his eyes fixed on me, waiting for something to happen.

 For a moment, his mouth is carved into a smile.
 That's when it happened.

 Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a small patch of darkness.

 It was too deep for light to reach the bottom of the water, the abyss of craving.
 The darkness is sucking in a landscape of ice - an icy world created by the authority of the Creator God.

 A sound like a glass ball breaking resounds and a silvery white light is emitted.
 With a dazzling glow, Misha and the others returned to the magic workshop.

 The only thing absent is Dominique's corpse.

 It was a relieved murmur.

 Stamping his feet, Parrington picked himself up.
 Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his mother.

 If you elaborate your demon eyes, you can see the deep darkness in her womb.

 The womb of disaster - the one connected to the Abyss of Craving - has swallowed the ice world created by Misha.

"Through the Abyss of Craving, my sister and I were connected to each other by a red thread. Dominic was just a stepping stone to stop her from realizing that. <With the Memory Stone wedged in the source, she'll be the sister she once was.


 As if he felt the words, Parrington's body trembled, and he fluttered and spilled tears.

 He stood there as if to say that the shock had gone through his entire body, and he didn't even speak for a while.


 An exclamation leaks out.

 He looked at him with an emotional expression on his face, and Mom quietly opened her mouth.

''I'm sorry, Parrington you are my precious brother--''

 Parrington shook his head from side to side.

'No, it's all right. 'It's all right, sister. This is how you came to help us. I was sure you would come. We thought you would remember. We are only two brothers and sisters.

 He extends his hand to greet his sister.

'Come on, let's go home. Let's go home.

 Mom looked at Parrington gently.

 Then she slowly shook her head.


I can't go...

 Parrington froze, as if his thoughts had stopped for a moment.

 Dad stood next to Mom as they snuggled together.
 She took his outstretched hand in hers.

I've met him," she said, "and I love him. I love him," she said. Once it was Cerise, and now it's Gusta. Now it is Gusta. I love my husband, who has never changed, no matter how many times he's been reborn.

"............... ...What?

 Parrington lost his expression.
 It was nothingness, as if the emotion had disappeared.

'You were my brother, my precious brother.

........was it?

 Parrington's expression contorts for the first time, as if he were frightened.

'You killed your grandfather. You killed my parents. You were my precious brother, but I don't think I can forgive you now.

Parrington. I'm so sorry. I should've seen it sooner. I misled you. There's no such thing as destiny.


'This feeling is not fate. Ummm, I don't care about fate anymore. I will live with him by my own will. I will never see you again as you hurt him.

 Parrington's breaths tickled in small increments, his lips quivering.


 Dad holds up one finger.

'Still, I'm thankful for one thing.

 There was something different about his tone of voice.

"I wouldn't have met this man if it weren't for you.

 Parrington's eyes widen.

 Looking tremendously shocked, Parrington muttered.

''No ... no ... no ... no ... no ... no ... yes. If it's still........not enough......if there are any extra memories left.......

 As if to shake off the magic, Parrington steps out.

 You know you can't beat me at the earliest.
 But that didn't stop him from craving it.

"We'll do it again, again and again. "We will be reborn again and again, and again we will meet our destiny. I will kill you, and now I will die too, and the red thread will bind my brother and sister together again.

 Parrington plunges his left hand into his severed right arm and pulls the out of it.

'Over and over, yes, over and over. I will never give up. I have faith.

 Gilding dances and the final magical power is shaken out of the idols.

Love always wins in the end!

 Parrington extends the red thread to my mother.
 Far earlier than that, I thrust my lightning sword into his chest.


 With a gulp of force, I cut both the last strands of his deepest one.

 The moment--
 Parrington's body is transformed into a faceless magical doll.

 The texture of its skin, which is the same as human skin, turns to hard metal, and its hair, which is in a bun, becomes short.
 The crumbling of the body is exactly the same as the doll itself.

 Perhaps that is the true form of the idol before Parrington entered.

 The root of him was connected to the power of the Lord God of the Puppet World, Puppet Emperor Bezu's authority, the "idol" in the "red thread".

 By burning it to death with the purple-charged blade, the root of his power was separated from the idol.

 Now that it is no longer tied to the body, it is no longer possible to control the Red Thread.
 It is impossible for him to return to the idol by himself.

If love wins, there's no reason for this to end well.

 I say to Parrington, a ball of stagnant water floating in the air - only the source of the root.

'You've been rejected, you know.