The source of Parrington's root drifts in front of me.

 <There is no sign of using the Resurrection (Ingal). It can't be used.

 <In order to connect with the red threaded idol, his root source has been overwritten with his original body memory.
 As long as the connection with the body necessary for revival is not engraved in the root source, the cannot work properly.

 If we leave him alone, he will disappear like this, but we can't let him die yet.


 With a curt nod, she said.

'The red straw doll.'

 <The Divine Eye of Genso creates a red straw doll on the spot.

 With a clink, Misha blinks twice.

 Then a strand of red thread is released from the idol and is tied to the red straw doll.
 The other side is tied to a ball of stagnant water - the root of Parrington.

 <He looked into the abyss of the idol and created a vessel that resembled it.

 However, although the wavelengths of magic are similar, the straw doll does not have the power of a human body at all.
 <It's the best it can do to speak through "thought communication" (leaks).

"This is a good match for you, Parrington.

 When I said that, a voice tainted with humiliation came back from the red straw doll.

''.........You.......sir......what do you intend to do...?''

Of course, you'll have to make amends. And you'll have to testify to the destruction of the Fallen Fortress.


 He grabbed the red straw doll and covered it with anti-magic to prevent it from speaking.


 I look at Parrington's right arm that has fallen.

 His palm is barely under the effect of the and he is grabbing the , the Polar Hell Realm Annihilation Ash Cannon>.

 When the remaining magic power in his arm is exhausted, the apocalyptic fire will be unleashed.

 Stow the sword into the magic circle and pick up the doomsday fire with the right hand of the Magic Hand (Rayon).

 This was amplified three times.
 It's not a power that can be unleashed carelessly.

"Shall we go to the Abyss of Craving?

The Hyphorian fleet has landed.

 Misha says indifferently.

 Even though we are dealing with the Two Rulers, we can't sit on our hands forever.

 If they move, the hunting aristocrats led by Rebrahard and his team will soon be on their way to the Tree Sea Ship that is drifting through the Abyss of Craving.

 It's not likely that they'll come aboard carelessly, but it's only a matter of time before they find out that there's no one aboard Aioneiria.

 It's easy to get out of Aioneiria, but once I'm on board, it's clear that I'm not on Eavesino this time.
 Naturally, they will realize that I was a two-rate presumptive.

 Now that the hierarchical warfare is over, I don't think my doll on the Demon King's train will be enough to fool them.

"Two types of usurper

 I heard a voice calling me so.

 When I turned around, what appeared there without a sound was a full body armor clad in darkness.

 The assassination idol - Luzendfort's warlord Recol.

 Come to think of it, this guy was also left behind.

''You were Parrington's confidant. Have you come to ask for your master back?

 I'll show the red straw man to Rekol.

That's not necessary. You don't need it, I'm just here to get to know you.

 Rekol pointed to the faceless magic doll, the Red Thread Idol.

"Ho. You don't intend to protect your head?

I'd like to ask you, sir.

 In a tone of 泰, Rekol says.

'Is a former head who only chases his sister's ass a suitable vessel to rule the little world?

 I see.
 It's true that Parrington's actions cannot be the consensus of the puppet world.

I don't have to answer that question.

 Receiving my words, Rekol cut in quietly.

'One thing, I'd like to make a deal with you, would you?'

Say it.

 Rekol pointed to the magic doll behind me.

'If you return that , I will assume the role of the Two Ruling Pretender and sail the tree ship Aeoneiria out of Eavesino.

 I don't know where you've been watching, but you know I've been playing the role of a two-rate pretender.

 Well, if you've been found out, I can't blame you.

'You want to be the head of Luzendort?

'I can only assure you of one thing now. When Parrington is defeated, the puppet emperor has told me to go and collect the .

 An order from the Lord God.
 Puppet Emperor Bez, it seems that he's not too attached to Parrington.

 Unlike the Lord God, the head of state is easily replaceable.
 He may have already found someone better than him.

Without the Red Thread Idol, the puppet world's throne will be vacant. Lucendopholt will not be unified and there will be civil war. The Puppet Emperor fears this.

 <The red thread idol is the Lord God's function.
 As expected, we can't produce two red threads to give birth to a head of state.

 What good can it do us if we have to plunder and torment the puppet world's inhabitants?

I have nothing against the puppet world. If you're willing to take the tree ship, I have no reason to refuse you, but how do you plan to move it?

 Then he held out his right hand and demanded a handshake.

 My right hand is now grabbing the fire of the apocalypse with my "palm grip magic hand" (Rayon).
 I'm not an idiot who doesn't know what happens if I shake his hand.


 I held out my right hand, and without hesitation, Lekol grabbed it.

 Interfering with his magical power, the begins to fluctuate.

 The thrice amplified , the , immediately went out of control and black sparks danced around them.

 The floor, the floor, creaked and cracked, and in the blink of an eye, it turned into black ash.

 At the moment when the apocalyptic fire is about to flare up, Rekol grips my right hand even tighter.

 A moment later, his hand is dyed red lotus.
 What kind of magic, it was a ridiculously high heat that destroyed all of the apocalyptic fires.

''Hmm. It looks like there's no problem leaving it to me.

You can keep your Red Thread Idol. We'll meet again in Pablo Hetara.

 The next moment the darkness flooded his body, befitting an assassination idol, his figure suddenly disappeared.

 I guess it means that after I leave Ewezeino safely, I'll trade the Tree Sea Ship and the for it.


 A slight voice leaked out.
 'It's my dad.

What's going on?


 At the same time as his voice, Dad suddenly became weak, as if the tension in his body had been broken.
 I supported his collapsing body with one hand.

 He looked like he was going to pass out.

"Mom, too,

 Misha was taking in Mom's unconsciousness.
 That god's eye is looking into the depths of Mom's abyss.

'Her condition is stable.

 The words that Mom released to Parrington would not have come out without Luna's memory.
 But she had Isabella's memories as well.

 <They could not be overwritten by the Memory Stone.
 There may be some residual effects, but we won't know for sure until she wakes up.

 My father seemed to remember some of Cerise's memories as well, but what do you think?

 It could be that the memories were poured into your mind all at once by the Sousei Aerial, so it could be that you are just temporarily confused.

 Either way, you don't have to worry as much as Mom.

Let's go home.

 He called out to Misha.
 But as if she noticed something, she turned her divine eye in another direction.

 Follow her gaze.
 I'm sure you'll be able to see the ice pillar where the plague victim is sleeping.

''Wake up.

 The moment Misha said this, I heard a pissy, tearing sound as if something had been torn apart.
 A large crack had appeared in the ice.

 Cold air flooded out into the surroundings and filled the room.

 But that's as far as it goes.
 I waited for a little while, but nothing more happened.

 Turning her gaze to Misha, she blinked with a snap.

''........I fell asleep twice......?''

It's a terrible thing to wake up to.

 However, if it doesn't happen, it's better and less troublesome.

 I bring the Red Thread Idolator up to the surface with Flight (Fres) and use the Transition (Gatom) magic.

 The entrance to the phantom tower is open, and since both Dominic and the thunder shell dragon are dead, there is no more anti-magic to inhibit the transference.
 My vision turned completely white for a moment, and what I came to was the engine room of the Demon King train.

''........Huh? Anos?

 Surprised, Sasha rushes over to us.

'Thank you for your help. This one is largely resolved.'

 Mysha creates a bed for Mom and Dad to sleep in.
 <I set the down on the floor.

'That's all well and good, but if Anos is here, then who's running it?'

 The Demon King Train was currently circling slowly above the .

 Below them was the Hyphorian fleet led by Rebrahard.
 And then there's Naga, Bobonga and Kostoria.

 <A large column of water rises in the Abyss of Thirst.

 A huge tree ship, the Aeoneiria, seemed to slowly rise to the surface, then took off and surged up.

 The dozens of silver water ships watched its movement and gave way in one spot.

 If the Two Rite Pretender was going to leave, he wasn't going to interfere and cause any unnecessary damage.

 Towards the Black Plight, Ioneiria continued to rise quickly.
 Maintaining a certain distance, the Hyphoria's fleet followed it.

''It's the warlord of Luzendvoort. Quite simply, the Silver Sea is large. Perhaps it is comparable to the inviolable territorial waters.''

 Even those from Ewezeino didn't really try to chase after it, but watched the tree ship go out of the silver bubble.

 There was only one girl who was trying to get closer to the tree ship.


 It's Kostoria.
 She chased after the tree ship flying at a tremendous speed while wearing black particles all over her body.

''Hey. Wait! You can hear me, right? Don't wait, or I'll shoot you.

 She pointed the tip of her lion's umbrella claw vegarv at the tree ship.

'Yes, yes, that's as far as it goes, Kostoria.

 Naga, who had come around in front of Kostoria, held Vegarv by his toes.

'Get out of the way,'

You need to listen to me. It's not someone I can just let my emotions get the better of me.

I didn't say anything about fighting. I'm just saying hi. Step aside.

 Kostoria pops Naga's leg with his umbrella claw.



 Bobonga flew in from behind and feathered Kostoria with the lion's right arm.

'That's about as far as it goes, sister and brother,'

Let go of me! Stupidity! You couldn't even hold me back in the ranks, but you're the only one to interfere with your allies. Idiot, incompetent, die!

 The jittery corstoria raged, but in the meantime, the tree ship increased its speed and flew away from the black plight to the outside of the silver bubble.

''We have confirmed the departure of the Two Rite Pretenders' evezeino. Thank you for your cooperation.''

 A thought transmission echoes from Ottreloo.

The former head, Anos, and the acting head, Naga, please go down to the holy ship, Ertopheus. Head Marshal Lebrahard wishes to speak with you.

 Now, how will that man, who is so strict with the law, fare?

 I'm also curious about Naga's intentions.
 I'm sure she was hand in hand with Parrington, but she wasn't truly submitting to him either.

'You're in charge of your mother,'

 I said, and Misha nodded his head.

'You don't think we're going to be fighting that big fleet, do you?

 Sasha stares at me.

'Be prepared.'

 I opened the door to the engine room and jumped down to the huge ark below me, the holy ship Eltopheus.