I land on the deck of the holy ship Ertopheus.

 On either side, the armor-clad hunting nobles are lined up in an orderly line, and in the center of the line, Holy King Lebrahard and Ottolu are waiting for me.

 For a moment, his face was shadowed by a shadow, and then a Naga in a wheelchair descends on Eltfeus from above.

 We three were relative to each other.
 If you connect the lines, it's just the position in which a triangle is drawn.

 Lebrahard said quietly, calmness beaming on his face.

'I'm sorry to have summoned you to our ship. I hope you understand that it was not intended.

I'm fine.

 Naga opens her mouth after me.

'More importantly, it would be nice if you could get out of Ewezeino soon. The Two Rite Pretender is gone, and there should be no reason for him to stay here, right?

 With a good-natured look on her face, she softly thrusts in her demands.

'I've been meaning to do that since the beginning.'

 As soon as Lebrahard spoke, the holy ship began to rise.
 Soon they would be out into the Silver Sea.

 The Demon King's train paralleled Eltfeus and rose.
 The Hyphoria fleet began to break away from Ewezeino as well.

''I guess that means we can talk in peace now, right?''

I know. But what are you talking about?

 Naga questioned, narrowing her eyes and blurting out a question.
 It was Ottolu, not Lebrahard, who answered it.

''Acting Head Naga. Earlier in the day, you, the head of the Phantom Agency, Dominic, were confirmed murdered.

 Naga listened to Ottolu's words with a sullen look on her face, without any sign of surprise.

'The school insignia worn by Warden Dominic sent an inter-world transmission to Pablo Hetara. An analysis of the magical records has identified the man who was with him after his death as Anos Voldigord, Head of the Militia World.

 Naga, after all, doesn't interrupt and listens with a cool face.

 Then Rebrahard looked at me.

'I'm not going to conclude that you are the culprit because you were close by. You are the head of the same Pablo Hetara's academy alliance. If we are to assume that you have gotten your hands on a key figure in the Alliance world, we need to focus on evidence above all else. Do you understand?

 It's calm.
 Not just words, not even a hint of doubt.

'What do you want to know?'

''It turns out that Dominique was killed right in the middle of the silver water pecking order war. This means that the head of state, Anos, you have left the pecking order war and gone to the Phantom Tower of Ewezeino. This is a problem, but right now we have other things to prioritize.

 So, logically, Lebrahard will ask me.

"Can you tell us what you were doing there?

 If I couldn't find a convincing explanation, though, I'd be in trouble again.

'I was roasting the mastermind of the Dreamworld Fallen Fallen Fallen's destruction.

 I held the red straw doll in my hand and showed it to Rebrahard.

 He turned his magic eye and looked into its abyss.
 Then he let out a small breath.

'You're Parrington, the former head of Luzendort, aren't you?

"He's the one who destroyed the Fallen Foral. "He was the one who destroyed the Fallen Fallen Foral, so he could get his hands on my mother. On top of that, he had overwritten Dominic's memories with the Red Thread and turned him into a puppet obedient to himself.

So you're claiming that Parrington was responsible for Dominic's murder, too?

Yeah. And,

 I thumb the Naga.

'That guy bit one too.

'I see. He says this, but what's the Phantom Agency's view?

 Lebrahard turns his gaze to Naga.

'Generally speaking, Anos is right.'

 She uttered this without hesitation.

'I don't know how much you know, Holy King, but Parrington was a resident of Ewezeino before he became the head of Luzendort. He interacted with us and had a bit of an alliance with us. But the Fallen Foral's destruction was Parrington's sole decision. We had our suspicions, but we weren't sure of it either.

So why didn't you tell Pablo Hetara that?

 The Naga says unabashedly in pursuit of Lebrahard.

'It's about time Ewezeino reached her limit. If the Lord God remains asleep, the silver bubble can't remain stable forever. Arbitrary God would understand, wouldn't he?'

 Lebrahard turns to Ottolu.

''Ottolu has confirmed it. Some of the Ewezeino divine race are being possessed by a phantom beast. As a result, the order in the small world is more unstable than before.'

The entire Eavezino order was originally inspired by the Craving Abyss. Controlled natural disasters, rational madness, are the basis of the abyssal world. But since the Lord God fell asleep, the order of the little world has been weakened little by little. If things continue as they are, the inhabitants of the disaster abyss will all lose their reason and be ruled by craving.

 With a straight face, Lebrahard asks.

'You don't mind if I assume that's a story you can prove, do you?

 I guess she knows the characteristics of the Naga.

 She can lie as much as she wants.
 But she's not an idiot. With that in mind, she can't lie badly here and now.

'You can look into it later until you're satisfied. It's not you, it's Ottreloo.

 I'll give you proof, but I don't think he's going to let the Holy King find it.

 The Spirit God Man Sword and the Lion of Perdition. The phantoms and the hunting nobles.
 Since ancient times, Ewezeino and Hyphoria have had an adversarial relationship with each other.

 Even now that they've joined the Pablo Hetara, the only thing that has changed is their ostensible relationship.

'Ottolu will confirm this later.

That's why I didn't tell you. Even though we knew what was going to happen, we had no choice but to wake up the plague Izak. That's what we had in mind with Parrington. So we couldn't do anything to get in his way while we weren't sure.

 Hmm. I see.

"There was a trick in the Phantom Beast Tower that tried to melt the icicle of the plague victim Izak. It may be that our rampage in Eavesino is starting to awaken it.

 As I uttered this, Lebrahard turned his sharp gaze toward me for a moment.

 A crack appeared in the icicle, and the plague almost woke up for a moment.
 It could be that he was interested in the outside world.

'It was Parrington who didn't want me to go into Eavesayno. "It was Parrington who didn't want me to enter Eavesino, and it was you, Naga, who wanted me to meet the disaster," he said.

 Naga smiles to show her affirmation.

'Anos is the doomed lion of Arzenon, who is close to perfection. I'm sure he thought the plagues would find it interesting. I'm glad it worked out for you.

 Is it the Naga's primary purpose to wake up Isak the Plague?

 They Lion of Perdition and Parrington had formed an alliance, working with each other but not trusting each other.

 Parrington's goal was to be with his sister, Luna Arzenon. And achieving that would be of no benefit to Naga and the other inhabitants of Eavezeino.

'You seemed to be interested in the Abyssal Princess of Disaster?

 Giggling, Naga lets out a laugh.

'Do you think there are kids out there who aren't interested in their mothers?'

Well. Whatever it was, you put my mother in danger.

Danger? With you by my side?

 Hmm. She's insufferable.
 So you knew I was no match for you in Parrington.

 It's true...

Because you're a liar.

There's no denying it.

 I'm not sure how far he means it.

I see your point.

 Lebrahard says.

'In conclusion, I'm fine with the assertion that the Fallen Fallen's destruction and the murder of Dominic were all plotted by Parrington on his own, right?

I don't know what she is.

'What? I put my foot in Anos's mouth and you can defend me, can't you?

 Me and Naga exchange glances.

'We'll discuss the minor infractions in due course. First, I'll make sure Ottolu knows what happened this time.

Yes, sir. Headmaster Anos, will you give me the straw man?

 Ottreloo uses the .
 It stated that the results of the questioning of Parrington would be announced fairly and impartially.

 I signed it and threw Parrington to Ottrelu.
 She takes it with both hands.

'Thank you for your cooperation.'

 The god of arbitration has remained neutral as far as history is concerned.
 It's not a problem to trust him first.

 If they don't seem to get a fair result, so be it.
 It's the kind of thing that shows Pablo Hetara's pus.

'After all the results are in, let's have a Sixth Form Tribunal meeting, including Militia, where the parties are present.

 Lebrahard says.

'Depending on the situation, we might want to get the academy below the Deep Auditorium to join us. If former head Anos took the mastermind of the Fallen Fallen's destruction alive, then the Militia World would join the St. Upper Sixth Academy, as Pablo Hetara had informed us.

 Come to think of it, he said something like that.

''The law is justice. But it's unheard of for a bubble world without the Lord God to enter the Holy Upper Sixth Academy. It might take a lot of work to get them to understand.

It's okay.

 Naga says.

'Without giving undue consideration to all of you in the weaker worlds. That's been the rule all along.'

'It can't be that way. Even if it's justice, if you hit him with it, it's the same as violence. You'll have to be convinced of that whenever possible.

''The Holy King seems to have a very carefree personality. Be careful, or else you'll be hijacked by a phantom.

'Thanks for the advice. I'm working on making sure that doesn't happen.

 Lebrahard received Naga's smile with a smile.

 Immediately, her wheelchair emerged with the magic of .

'Enough is enough. When is the court meeting scheduled?

'We will have three days for each investigation. The court session will take place in four days in Pablo Hetara.

 Ottolu replies.

'Well, I'll see you in four days.'

The Acting Head of State.

 As Naga was about to fly away, Lebrahard called out to her.

He said, "I understand the situation on the Abyssal World, but the Calamity Isak has been designated as inviolable waters. I suggest that we avoid arbitrary decisions and seek the judgment of the tribunal.

We don't do anything until four days later.

 With that, the Naga flew away.

 Already, this holy ship Eltopheus is flying through the black skies and over the Silver Sea, but I suppose there will be a ship coming from Ewezeino to pick her up.

'I would have liked to talk with you at length, but unfortunately I must be there when my mother wakes up.

That's too bad.

 Lebrahard replied.

 He looks up overhead and sees a silver-lit rail forming there.
 The Demon King Train is running through the Silver Sea, and Zelidheavenus is flying next to it.

 When I used
'What is the relationship of the former head Anos to the Two Ruling Pretenders?'

We only ever played ball together. But for the life of me, he was quite reasonable.

 I ask back as I fly upward.

''Let me ask you a couple of questions as well. You must have known that the Spirit God Human Sword wasn't stolen by the Militia World.

 He didn't say anything right away.

 He looked at me calmly and then slowly opened his mouth.

'I'm sorry for the trouble I caused you. There have been many misunderstandings inside Hyphoria.

Is it because you had to keep certain people under wraps?

 'You could answer that if you didn't mention Luna Arzenon's name,' I asked.

'Maybe so,'

''Come to the Demon King Academy's quarters. I'll show you the result of the battle 14,000 years ago.

 After a few seconds of silence, Lebrahard said.

'I'm sorry. I am no longer the same man I was when I was a baron. Now I am the Holy King who rules over Hyphoria.'


 Does this mean that he can't behave like he once did when he helped Luna Arzenon?

 It is true that there is a slight difference in character and behavior between those days and those days.

 Is it because of the heavy responsibility of being the head of Highforia?
 Or was there something that changed the Lebrahard of fourteen thousand years ago?

'Oh well. "Well, if you're feeling up to it, you can always call on me.

 Lebrahard silently looked towards us.
 The Holy Ship Ertopheus turned the helm and slowly left these waters.