572-I dreamed of a girl

 Pablo Hetala Palace. Hangar.

 The Demon King train emerged from the water and the bubbles that covered the body of the train popped.
 All the doors opened and the students of the Demon King's Academy walked out, looking tired.

 Balzarondo's men, two hunting nobles, exited the carriage.

''Headmaster Anos.''

 In the engine room, Barzalondo says.

'Thank you for your help. I would have preferred that the masterminds of the Fallen Foral's downfall at the hands of our hunting aristocrats, but I am not dissatisfied with the outcome. Thanks to you, my nobleman, we can avenge their disappointment.

 A look of mourning appeared on Balzarondo's face.

'Were you intimately acquainted with the Fallen Foral?

As the same St. Sophia Sixth Academy, we had a friendly rivalry. That's good enough for me.

 There was no sense of self-interest in his straightforward words.

''I'm looking forward to the day when you guys can stand shoulder to shoulder with Hyphoria as the new Holy Upper Sixth Academy. Farewell.

 Dashingly, Balzarondo turned on his heel.
 But for some reason, he spun around as it was and turned to face me again.

'What's the matter?'

There's something I forgot to tell you.

 Barzalondo says with a serious look on his face.

 'He's a tight man.

'I would like you to keep my bow under wraps.

I won't tell you.

 Then, this time, Barzalondo turned on his heel.

 At his back, I called out to him.

'Rebrahard may have realized that Parrington was a former resident of Ewezeino.

 Barzalondo stopped.

'At the start of the series of events, fourteen thousand years ago, it's not surprising that Parrington already had the power of the then.

 Rather, it is hard to believe that he is a man who is oblivious.

 He can use the Spirit God Human Sword at will, and is powerful enough to cut off the fate of being a resident of Eavesino from Luna.

 There is no doubt that his magical eye is also at a commensurate level.

 It's a good thing that you don't question whether the Parrington of that time and the Parrington of Luzendolt are the same person.

 And if that were the case, Lebrahard should have been suspicious of Parrington in regard to the Fallen Fortress destruction.

 The timing of Ewezeino and Militia had just joined Pablo Hetara.
 He was the easiest to move.

 If Hyphoria had been looking out for him, this wouldn't have happened.

'If we leave Parrington on his own, it's only logical that he will bring chaos to Pavlohetara. But there must have been circumstances that the Holy King could not avoid.

 Barzalondo turned away and looked down slightly.

'Do you have any idea if they are relatives? Barzalondo Freneros

 Lebrahard's surname during his time as a baron was Freneros.

 The fact that he was accompanied by Barzalondo at court meetings shows that he was close to him and trusted him.

'His Majesty,'

 Barzalondo slowly turned his head only to look back.

'The Holy King has changed. The righteous and proud brother I admired and respected is nowhere to be found.

 With that, he left.


 Every small world has its own problems, doesn't it?


 It's a thought transmission from Sasha.

"Your mother is regaining consciousness, but she's acting strangely.

I'll be right there.

 <I use the
 Misha and Eleonor are anxiously watching over Mom as she sleeps in her bed.
 Dad was sleeping in the bed next to her.

 Soon after, Sasha came running over.

'What do you mean there's something wrong?'

How many times have I told you that I'm delirious and I've forgotten something important...

 I walk over to the bed and look down at my mom.


What are you... how...?

 Tears well up in those closed eyelids.

 Deliriously, yet earnestly, Mom says, "I forgot....

"....I forgot....it was so important.....to me...

 Everyone in the room looked at Mom with concern.

''Could it be that--''

 Just as Sasha was about to say it, my mom opened her eyes with a snap.

 Then, as soon as she looked at me, she said, "What do we do now, Anos!

"What do we do now, Anos! Mom, I forgot to take a picture of Anos-chan taking care of me...!

 Sasha's expression was indescribable, and Misha blinked at her with a snap.

 Eleonor's mouth dropped open in surprise, while Zesia and Ennesone looked curious.

'Hmm. Sasha. What is it, perhaps?'

"...why is this sick person trying to take my picture...

 Mom picks herself up vigorously and opens her mouth.

''Because, Sasha-chan. It's not every day that Anos-chan takes care of you!

 Sasha turns to me.

'You should do it,'

 Misha nods her head and asks me.

'Can't we fix it?'


'Oh, I see. If you're around, Anos, you rarely get sick, and that means you won't be able to take care of me.

 Eleonor spoke up, as if he was convinced.

 And that's when.

'Don't worry, Isabella.

 A voice echoed from the bed next to me.
 My dad, whoever he was, was out of bed and had a grin on his face.

"What do you think I've been doing while you've been in trouble?

 With that, Dad grabbed the magic photo machine that sat on the bedside table.
 As a photographer, I've been wearing it over my shoulder for a while now.


 Mom's eyes lit up, and Dad nodded gently.

'Perfect. I've captured Anos' bravery here.

What are you doing to your mother when she's in trouble...

 Sasha's blurted out tweak flies.

 Dad gets up and turns the lever on the magic photo machine.

 It draws a magic circle and develops a picture.

'The first one.'

 A picture that my dad quickly held out to me.

 The image is blurry.
 I'm not even sure what's on it anymore.

"What's this...?

...blah blah blah?

 Sasha and Misha say.

'Anossssss tending to Isabella in bed!

Hmm. You were so upset by your mother's fall, weren't you?

 So that's how shaky it was.

 Dad turns the lever further.

The second one.

 There's nothing in the picture but deep water. 

I don't see anything.

 Eleonor and Zesia say.

'For the sake of sick Isabella, Anosk!'

Couldn't you keep up with my moves?

I'm surprised you thought you could catch up.

 Dad turns the lever again.

'The third one.'

 The picture was full of photos and a close-up of the magic eye.

I've never gotten a decent shot of it!

 Quickly, Sasha plugged in.

"I must have accidentally enlarged it.

It happens.

 When Misha followed up with that, Dad said proudly.

'That's all,'

Why did you put it out?

I just wanted to show you how hard I work...

You're an idiot.

 Sasha's voice rang out.
 In the end, it seemed that not a single photo that looked like a nurse had been taken.


 Mom murmurs as she sits on the bed and pours her gaze over the photo.
 'Surely that magic eye is Parrington's.

'Do you remember it?'

 I asked, and Mom nodded, puzzled.

I think I was having a dream. A long dream... it felt like a real memory... my name was Luna Arzenon, and Parrington was my brother... So I went to a world far away and...

 Pulling her eyes away from the picture, Mom slowly looked up.

 The image of her father.

'....I think I met you...'

 My father's hand is now in hers.

'I told you I was waiting for you. When I met you in this day and age.

 Dad was strangely mature as he said this, like the Cerys Voldigord of his previous life.


'You might remember. There was that Genesis Elial that Misha-chan brought to me, wasn't there? When I saw that memory, it was something, bit by bit. Yes, two thousand years ago, no, seven hundred million years ago, Luna, I was your--

 Dad said with a serious look on his face.

“--maybe it was a pet,†he said.

That's the fantastic Vermilion Cat, isn't it? Don't you have a weird memory?

 Then, in a thick, wild voice, Dad says.
 "Just like Cerise Voldigord.

"Pets don't talk. They only spoil. Mew-mew, mew-mew. Meow meow.

"Celis would never say that! Misha, is it okay? It's not like it's because of the evil influence of Genesis Aerial or the Red Thread?

 Misha nodded her head.

'....As usual?

''Well if you ask me, I guess that's confusing...''

 'Hmmm,' my mom laughs.

'It's nice to see you in your previous life.

Me too.

 Dad said in a whisper.
 They exchanged a gentle glance.

 They must remember a little.
 Maybe he was just hiding his embarrassment.

 Zecia walked over and stepped between my father and mother.
 Then he showed them the Genesis Aerial in his hand.

"Zecia........I want to know the rest........

Hmm? What's the rest of the story, Zesia?

 Mom asks.

'It's a continuation of Luna and ... Celis ... two thousand years ago, Anos ... is born. There was........Luna and Celis died, but were reborn.......and then what happened...?

 Mom and Dad look at each other.

"Oh, I'd like to know about that one, too.

 Eleonor held up his index finger.
 On the way back, some of the people who were interested had already seen the past on the Genesis Erial.

''That being said, hey...?''

''Nah, nah. Maybe it's a past life, but I don't remember it at all...

Yeah, I know. You don't remember, do you?

 Eleonor looks at the two people who are trying to fool Auntie and says.

''Hmm? But it's after the reincarnation, so as long as we hear how they're getting along now, not in a previous life or anything, that's all that matters, right?


 Mom looks down in embarrassment, a rare occurrence.

'I wonder what it was like. It was a long time ago.'

 Dad was understandably upset, as usual.
 To put it simply, his face was plummeting and trembling.

'Yeah, right! Mom, we need to bake bread! I'm sure everyone at the academy is looking forward to it since I've been absent for a while!

 Mom got up from the bed with great vigor.

'Oh, oh! That's right! I'll help you too. Let's burn the rest of the day's rest, too.

 They nod at each other and try to get out of the demon train as if to escape.

 On the way, Mom staggered back to her feet.

 I supported her body as she collapsed on the ground.

........Oh, thank you. Anos. I'm sorry. I thought you were okay now.

You're too sick. You don't want to push yourself.

 I grabbed Mom in a big hug.

"Let Misha and the others take care of the bread. I'll take care of them for the rest of the day.

 She giggled in my arms for a moment, and then Mom gave me a big smile.

'Thank you, Anos-chan........! How kind of you, Anos! Mom, I could be sick for the rest of my life!

 I take Mom in my arms as she hugs me tightly and leave the Demon King train.

 Misha and the others and my father follow behind me with a cheerful look on their faces.


 The Dark Lord, who was left alone and had collected the founding star Erial, turned to me.

'And there was your previous life. You'll have to watch it.

Yes, sir.

 I get off the train and head back to my quarters on my feet.

"Hey, Anos,


 Mom laughs.

Thank you for giving birth to me, thank you for being my mother's child. Thank you for being my mother's child.

What's going on, all of a sudden?

Because that's what I wanted to say.

 My dad suddenly started running and pointed the magic photo machine at me and my mom with a joyful look on his face.

 He's not the same as he was when he was a ghost.
 But nothing has changed.

 I guess he's been trying to suppress this feeling for a long time.

"Dad, are you happy? Are you happy, Dad?

You idiot! What are you saying? If I wasn't happy, there wouldn't be a happy person in the world.

 Shyly, my dad snapped the shutters in succession.
 He looks very upset.

"Where's Mom?

 I asked, and Mom giggled.

'Thanks to Anos and your father, you get to spend every day with Yeejus and Ray and Misha and Sasha and the rest of them.

 Ennesione flapped her head wings and floated up.
 Zesia, lifted by her, pointed at herself, appealing to her.

'I'm so glad you're here, Zesia, Ennesone, and Eleonor, too.

 Satisfied, Zesia smiled and Eleonor was stroked on the head.

'A lot more has happened than I thought, but this is what your mother dreamed of. She wanted to create such a wonderful family for a long, long time and forever.

 She looks really happy, Mom says.

 She smiles a radiant smile and says that she's finally reached it.

'Thank you, Anos. Thank you, sweetheart. I've never been so happy in my life.