55-Mental illness

 I was able to win the magic sword tournament in order without much trouble.
 <Constantly exercising the is quite a large drain on magic power, but my opponents were all mooks below Kurt, who fought in the first round.
 Since the average battle time was less than three seconds, there was almost no fear of depletion of magic power.

''I've confirmed the destruction of Noelia's sword. Anos Voldigord player has won.''

 The crowd cheered from one corner of the auditorium. It would be the fan union and the students in white.
 A different kind of throbbing could be heard from a different place.

''Seriously, that guy........he killed for a second again.......''

Now we'll just have to bet on the Sword Saints.

'Yeah, Ray Grandsdry has won this far unscathed. He's going to live up to our expectations.

 I went back to the waiting room, listening to the imperialist nonsense at my back.
 When I walked in, Mass was waiting for me.

'Would you like to head in right away?'

Yeah, after I say hello to my mom and dad.

 I left the waiting room and headed towards the audience.
 I just ran into my dad.

"Oh, Anos. Dad, I have some work to do. I'll be here tomorrow for sure.

If you're busy, you don't have to come watch. We'll have a magic broadcast.

 The Magic Sword Tournament uses  The magic tools for magic broadcasting are spread across about 50% of Dirheid, so you don't have to come to Delzogade to watch it.

 That's also why the Imperialists don't want me, a half-breed, to win the competition.

'Don't worry. Even if you're busy, of course they'll come to watch. This is your stage, you know.

 My dad slaps me on the shoulder with a thud.


 He must have forgotten that he was injured. He frowned.

 You really put yourself in harm's way, you know.
 <I will use my Entity magic to heal your father's injuries.


'Oh ... oh, wow, that's better! That's great, Anos. It doesn't hurt at all! See, even with all this movement.

 Dad wastes no time in moving back and forth, back and forth, side to side, as if to appeal to a full recovery.


 He accidentally stumbled and hit his head on a nearby stone wall.
 Crouching down, Dad holds his head. 

'Uggh I'm sorry, give me another shot to fix it...'

If you let it go, it will go away.

 As expected, it's not enough to use magic.

'....Oh, really. I'm getting better.

 Dad quickly stands up.


 With a wave of his hand, Dad strode off at a brisk pace.

'I'm sorry, dad, I was in a rush. It looks like you still forced me to make time for this.

 And then my mom comes over.

"Dad, what do you do now?

'Ummm, you know, I was told not to tell my dad.

 Mom smiled and prefaced it with a smile.

'We couldn't forge the Vajra Iron Sword at home, so Dad, I bowed to a workshop guy I know and asked him to lend me the equipment. He said he'd help me with the work instead.

 I see. That's why you haven't been home lately.

Anos is too clever to ask for the sword because he doesn't think he can bother us. I was sure Anos would not be able to stop us if he found out about it, so I made the sword in secret," he said.

 Hmm. You're completely wrong.
 It's a misunderstanding, but oh well.

 When we win, I'll tell them it was my dad's sword that won it.

"Don't tell anyone that my mom slipped up, okay?

All right. And then I'm out of here for the day, so I'm leaving.

'Huh? Anos, aren't you going to watch the rest of the game?

I'm running an errand. Besides, Ray is going to win anyway.

Oh, really? Do you want me to take care of that sword for you? If you have that, you can't do anything with it, right?

 Mom holds my rigid iron sword in her hand.

''It's fine, though.''

'But it's heavy. Anos, you need to get some rest for tomorrow.

 Mom half-heartedly took my sword.

'It's okay. If you don't have this sword, Anos won't be able to participate in the final. Mom, I will protect you no matter what.

 It is true that the use of a spare sword is not allowed in the magic sword tournament. However, Avos Dilhevia must be determined to come up with something for the final match.
 He wouldn't go out of his way to keep me out of the tournament.

There's no need to exaggerate.


 Mom holds the Vajra Iron Sword in her arms like she's holding it to her chest.

''Then I'll leave it to you.''

Yeah. I'm gonna take it home with me.

 Now, Misha and Sasha are probably in the arena somewhere, but oh well.


 I said to Mom and turned on my heel.
 From behind my back, I heard the voice of a female student.

''Oh, mom, I need some advice on a new cheer song.

Okay, so let's hear it.

 He seems to be totally at ease with the fan union guys.
 I don't want to think too much about what kind of song it will turn out to be.

'You've kept me waiting,'

 He called out to Mass, who was waiting at the entrance to the auditorium.


 I touched my hand on the mass and used the  The location of the transference is very close to the Log North Magical Clinic.

"What do we do now?

'Yeah. We can do all kinds of things, but can you use that thing you showed us in the inter-team exam?

''Fusca........? That, the spirit magic that makes it rain...?

Yeah, I'll lend you a little magic. As widely as possible.

I understand.

 <The magic of the Demon King's Army (Guys) was used to fuse the magic power to Misa.
 Gradually, a rain cloud appears that covers the entire city, and it begins to sprinkle.

 My magic power blends into the rain and mist of the Fusca and is covered by it.

 When I open the door of the magic clinic, a faint mist enters it.
 We're walking proudly, but others won't be able to see us due to the effect of the rain spirit mist extinguisher>.

 With my distant magical eye, I check the list of admitted patients in the reception area.
 I found Sheila Grandsdry's name. It's probably Ray's mother.
 It looks like she's in a special ward on the tenth basement floor.

 I continue down the stairs and arrive at the tenth basement floor.
 It's an ordinary hospital room with no unusual features.

 I opened the door without hesitation.

 The entire room is used as a magic circle for healing.
 There is a bed in the center, and a woman was sleeping there. It would be Sheila.

 Me and Misa walked over to her side.

''My ... body ...''

 Misa let out that voice.
 Sheila's body was so clear that she felt as if she was about to disappear at any moment.

 There was no sign of waking up, and she was so lifeless that it made me wonder if she was really alive.

''Hmm. Is this the spirit disease?''

 He touches Sheila's head with his fingertips and uses his demon eyes to diagnose her body.

 But no matter how deep you look into the abyss, there is nothing that looks like a lesion.
 The disturbance of the magic power is not total, it's just faint.

 What's strange is that if the magic power is in such a weak state, it's natural for the condition to get worse and worse.
 However, for now, Sheila's condition remains in a lull.

''........Do you understand.......?''

It's similar to the state I was in during my senility, but...

 Her body is normal. It's just that her life has come to an end and she is weak.
 But she doesn't seem to be old enough.

 No, this is--?

Oh, I see. So that's why you have the genie disease.

What do you mean?

She's a half-spirit, half-demon, just like you.

 Misa rolls her eyes in surprise.

''But Rei-san is the royal family...?''

It's no wonder that my birth parents and my foster parents were different.


'Perhaps it's a disease related to spirits. The biology of spirits is a bit complicated. It's safe to say that the common sense of the demon race hardly applies to them.

 Otherwise, there's no way my demon eyes couldn't identify the lesion.

The first thing that comes to mind is that Lei-san once said that half-spiritual half-demons can't live long. He even said that no half-spiritual half-demon can use spirit magic and be pinned down.

 That's what we talked about in my yard.

Do you have any idea what that means?

''No......... I'm half spirit and half demon, but I don't know anything about spirits.......I'm sorry.......

 His mother was taken hostage and Rey was probably implanted with a magical tool in her body.
 From this situation, it seems that he is listening to the imperialists in exchange for curing his mother's illness.

 But how do they keep the lull going?
 From the looks of it, the surrounding magicians haven't had any effect on Sheila's medical condition.

 But I don't think Ray trusted the Imperialists in the dark either.
 This magic clinic would be able to provide effective treatment for spirit diseases.

 In other words, there is a demon race that is familiar with spirits.
 It's most likely a mythical demon race.

 What should we do?
 As long as we can save her mother, all we have to do is remove the magical tools from Rey's body.

 Does that mean we need to find a cure for his mother first?
 No, let's try one first.

"Misa, I need you to do me a favor.

Yes. What is it?

I'll get Ray to tell you what's going on. Especially about her mother. If we can find out her past, we can use it as the source for the Levide. If we can go back in time, we can heal her, even if we can't identify the lesion. Of course, if you mess up, both you and Rei might be in danger, but...?

 Mass nodded as if determined.

'I'll try,'