67-Demon King's true value

"...Anos, my mother--

 In the middle of the words, the image of Ray is cut off with a pout.
 <The magic of the remote clairvoyance (rimnet) has been erased.

"Hm. "Hmm. He cut the spell in a hurry. But it's too late for that, Melghese.

Is it really? <The inside of the Azeisis is my territory. Even you, my dear, cannot travel between dimensions without being marked.

 The Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevgen) appears around me again.

As you can see, there is enough storage of the Four Realms Wall (Benno Even). Do you think there is any way to prevent this from happening to Ray Grandsdry now that he has lost his sword? <Now that he's turned off his remote clairvoyance, he won't be able to trace his magic and deploy his anti-magic in the dimension he's in.


You see what I mean. All that has happened is that the hostage has changed. Your actions and Ray Grandsdrie's have been in vain. And his mother died for nothing.

'Ho. But it's true that that waste you speak of has given me some leeway. I have the means to attack you from here as well.

You are bluffing as before. I won't be fooled anymore. If you are willing to accept the Zekt, I will spare Ray Grandsdry's life.

 In front of me, the magic of the is unfolding in front of me.
 It says that in exchange for giving up all of your magical power, you won't touch Rey and so on.

''Let's wait for three seconds. Three.

 Threateningly, Melhayes counts.


Hmm. Look behind you, Melhayes.

'I won't take that hand. One.

 Ignoring my words, he said.


Listen to me. I've got you, Melghese.

 Catching his magic in person, I crossed the dimension and shifted through the Gatom.
 I'm not going to be the only one who can do this.

 My severed left arm was tightening around his right shoulder.

''.........impossible.......If you are cut by Initio, your magic power should not be able to pass for a while......What kind of magic is that? Are you going to do this...?

Magic? What are you talking about? Did you think I wouldn't move just because my arm was cut off?

 The magic gate is opened and Melhayes shifts from this place to escape.
 I followed it with the transference (Gatom).

 Melhäis appears in another dimension, and soon I'm there.

"If you don't do something with that arm, I'll know wherever you run to in a minute!

 As long as there are markers of magic, even if you are in the Azeisys, you can move through it with a Gatom. It's just too much trouble for him to escape. I was looking for an opportunity to catch him with my left arm so that we wouldn't be warned.

"Well. How's that?

 I say to provoke him and Melhayes disappears into the magic gate again.
 Immediately, I used the .

 In the next moment, a jet-black aurora borealis was reflected in my field of vision.
 There was an order of magnitude greater amount of the Four Realms Wall of Fame than the previous one.

 And it immediately bared its fangs at me.

 The aurora rushed in like a raging wave, and I wore anti-magic to counter it.
 A violent sound as if the magic power flew off with a bashful sound.

"This is the storage room of the captured
 When I looked into my evil eye, I saw Melhayes on the other side of the black aurora borealis.
 Only in this corner is there a safe zone where there are no fences.

I've had no choice but to flee, and that's the end of my luck," he said. It's over, Anos-sama. I'm finally ready to defeat you.

 Melhayes wields the royal scepter.
 Its magic power is added to the surrounding <4-world wall (Benno Yevhen), and it compresses with me at its center.

 The wall that divides the world into four parts surrounds me and is trying to crush me.

''It seems my pride has gone too far, sir. I didn't know that you were waiting for your magic power to fall well below my stored magical power, but you were proud that you could defeat me at any time. Let me tell you a lesson for the rest of the world. Your arrogance is the reason for your defeat.

 It was quite a bit of a big mouthful.
 It was so powerful that if he loosened his anti-magic, it could be erased in an instant.

''It is useless. You may think this over. You have had half of your magic power sucked out of you by the . In addition to that, if you consider the magic power that has been consumed until now, you have only about 30 percent left. And half of the magic power sucked from you is stored in this scepter.

 The magic power is playing and my anti-magic is being destroyed one after another.

Even a child would know which one of them will win if the two are mutually exclusive, if they are both owned by the same person, the fifty percent and thirty percent of their magic power are rushed together. If my magic power is added to the fifty percent of their magic power, you will have no chance!

 I put all of my magic into the counter-magic, but the
''Well, well, well. I thought it would disappear in an instant, but as expected of the Demon King of Tyranny, I guess. However, there are no more magical powers left.

 This is the end of the story, and all of the magic power from Melhayes and the scepter is poured into the Four Realms Wall at once.
 The aurora, which has turned into a black sphere, emits a miserable light and forcibly contracts with every piece of my anti-magic.

''Farewell, tyrannical demon king, Anos Voldigord-sama.

 Several bundles of light leaked out from the , which was compressed and became too dense to hold a sphere.
 And in the next moment, it caused a huge black explosion.

''Your time is over. No, it was over long ago. Two thousand years ago.

 The black explosions subsided and the aurora borealis faded away in a haze.
 As if basking in the afterglow of victory, Melhayes watched the scene.

''Hmm. I'd really like to hear more about that area.

 At the sound of his voice, Melhayce's eyes widened.

 Before long, the lights and the aurora borealis disappeared completely.
 <I was standing comfortably at the epicenter of the four walls of Benno Yevhen.

 I didn't have a scratch on me.

Why did you...?

 Unable to understand the situation, Melhayes muttered in a daze.

''What, I'm finally getting used to my body after my reincarnation.

 Melhayes made a startled expression and opened his mouth angrily.

''Well..........well.......well.... .....

 He seemed to say he couldn't believe it, and he weakly let his words slip out.


Like you said, it was less than a tenth of what it was before.


 Melhayes mutters with a desperate expression, even feeling pity for me.
 In short, my magic power that Melhayes has taken away is less than ten percent.

''You shouldn't have stalled for time, you should have played the game before I got used to this body.

 I hold my hand over the spot.
 With my current magical power, I'll be able to do it.

 At the tip of my palm, black light particles rise up.
 In the next moment, countless grains of light increased and filled the room.

''........Is this the Delzogade's three-dimensional magic circle......? It can't be... this place should be isolated in another dimension in the ...

Come on, Venuzdnoa.

 In response to my call, the countless black particles that rise up, all of them concentrated at my feet.
 What appears is a shadow in the shape of a sword. There is no object projecting it, only a shadow.

'You said it was useless, Melhayes. Think about it.

 The shadowy sword slowly floated up into the air as if drawn into my hand.

'I'll show you what real futility looks like,'

 I don't know if my words are not being heard, but Melhayes can only look at the scene in front of him with an expression of disbelief and stunned.

''.......what.......what in the world is the logic behind this.......?''

The distance and dimensions created by magic do not count for anything. It's the only way to get rid of them. It is useless to think about what to do with it.

 He picked up the hilt.
 At that moment, the shadow flipped and a dark-colored long sword appeared there.

'The enemy before me shall simply perish. That is the only reason allowed before Venuzdnoa.

"...even a tyrannical demon king can't be capable of such an unreasonable magic.......

 Melhayes built a magical gate in front of him.
 It's a luxurious gate with a different appearance from the previous ones.

'Ho, absolute space?

"Master Left, sir. On the other side of this gate is absolute territory that can only be entered by sorcerers. <It is impossible to defeat me inside the Azeis.

 The magic gate opens and Melhayes disappears into it.

''I will now retire for today, Anos-sama. The next time I will be able to devise a plan to defeat you, I will take full account of your power. Please look forward to it.

 I hold Venuzdnoa loosely in the lower section.

'I'm sorry, Melhayes,'

 He slashed in front of me with the Ridiculous Sword.
 The space split in half and peeled away.

 Then, in that dimension that was exposed, there was the figure of Melhase.


"No reason can be reasoned with before a sword.

 I leisurely walked over to Melhayes and swung Venusdnoa.
 Melhayth ducks it just in time.

 However, both legs are slashed off and he rolls across the ground.

''Nah........why.......I should have ducked.......''

You thought you could dodge just by ducking.

 He deployed the magic gate again. And that too, this time there are more than a few thousand of them.

It is indeed a fearsome magic sword, but it cannot escape the fact that it is a sword. It is not possible to cut down all these magic gates at once...!

 He would use a large number of magic gates as bait, and he would use one of them to escape.

 However, it happened right after that.
 Over thousands of magic gates were cut off at once and shattered all at once.

''This........this......why.......? When did you cut...?

Did you think that if you hadn't done it, it wouldn't be severed?

"....horse...deer... ...

 I loosely approach Melhayes, who seems unable to understand.

''.........this is impossible.......this can't be......impossible......''

 Standing beside Melhayes, who was unable to move at the earliest, I looked down at him from on high.
 His face was tinged with fear and despair.

'Carve it into your wise little head. This is what I call true futility.

 He stabbed Venusdnoa in the head of Melhayes.