68-Awesome Mask


 Melheis lets out a labored breath.
 Venuzdnoa has pierced his head, but he has not yet perished, and his body is still hanging on.

'Hmm. Looks like you've been implanted with something nasty.'

 Stuck in Melhayes' brain is a magical sword of servitude.
 It's a magical tool, where even thoughts are controlled by its owner.


 With the Ridiculous Sword, the magical sword of servitude that was stuck in Melhayes' brain disappeared.

 As I pulled Venusdnoa out of my head, Melhayes turned his empty eyes to me.
 Next, those eyes began to have a certain color.

''Have you come to your senses, Melhayth?

 He hangs his head, as if in horror.

 When I checked in the Union Tower, Melhayes certainly had no memory of me.
 Despite that, it was odd that he had been waiting to kill me for years.

 Of course, it was conceivable that he had successfully hidden his memories in some way.
 However, it was probably Avos Dilhevia's intention to make me think so and have me kill Melheis, who was my ally.

 At that point in time, Melheis certainly didn't have any memories of me, and after that, he was controlled by the magic sword of servitude.

 I knew there was a possibility of this kind of thing, since the magic sword of the contract was stuck in Ray's body.

''Who did this to you?''

 Melhayes shook his head in distress.

''I don't know. I haven't seen his face or even his magic power. It was that night when I met Anos-sama. I was attacked by someone, and the next thing I knew, I was stabbed with a magical sword of servitude. Two thousand years ago, I had stored the fences, but I didn't have a chance to use them.

 Two thousand years ago, Melhayes, who was able to escape from Avis Dilhevia's men by climbing over the wall, has been storing the in preparation for the next attack?

 And now they're using it to kill me.
 I'm sure the other side must have known that Melhäs is a tough guy, and they must have been carefully preparing for it.

 I stab Venuzdnoa into the ground.
 Then the body of the sword disappeared, leaving only a shadow at my feet.
 It's in a sheath, so to speak.

'It should be connected soon.'

 He releases his left hand from grabbing Melhayes' shoulder. Holding it with his right hand, he presses it gingerly against the severed part of his left arm, joining it together.

 I move my fingers lightly.
 Hmm. It's clear.

"Gaius and Idle here.

Yes, sir.

 Melheis creates two magical gates.
 As they open, the bodies of Gaius and Idle transition into this place.

''What do you intend to do, sir?''

''The rest of the Seven Demon Emperors, besides you, have had their roots fused together and their bodies taken over.

 Melhayes thinks with a divine face.

'Under the command of Avos Dilhevia, I presume?


 With Ivis we had to make the root source disappear, but not this time.

'Here are the two roots of Avos Dilhevia's men.

 I draw a magic circle on the corpses of Gaius and Idle.
 Then, I use the magic of , separating the two roots that are fused with their roots.

''I even let you Seven Demon Emperors take over my body. Even among Avos Dilhevia's subordinates, they should be reasonably well versed in the circumstances.

 The Seven Demon Emperors are in a position to directly control the lore of the Tyrannical Demon King. It's unlikely that he was merely giving orders to someone he didn't know anything about.
 Otherwise, if you resurrect him with Ingal, he may look familiar.

 <When the separation of the roots is complete, I poured two drops of blood on it.

"Come back, you fool! Come back, you fool who bows to me. Show me what you are.

 A magician's circle is drawn and the magic of Revive (Ingal) is exercised.

 It was then--

 Two shock waves that sliced through space flew over.
 It cut off both of the roots that were in the process of being revived and annihilated them without a trace.


 By the time Melhayes emitted his surprise, I had turned my gaze in the direction where the attack flew.

 There, a man wearing a hideous mask was standing there.
 His body was covered by jet black full body armor.

 I'm not sure if the mask is some kind of magic tool or not, but even though I looked into it, I couldn't feel any magic power from the man.
 It's no wonder that they don't notice the attack until it comes.

".........it's impossible for them to forcibly enter the dimensional prison of Azesis from the outside.......

 Melhayes says, as if dismayed.
 It's true that once you're in there, transferring through it is more manageable than you might think, but it's not easy to pry it open from the outside.

'Hmm. Are you Avos Dilhevia?


 The masked man doesn't answer.

"You don't want to talk. Then let's make you want to.

 I hold my hand over my feet.
 The shadow of the sword slowly floats up and I reach for its hilt.


 The masked man's hand blurred.
 Then a rift appeared in the dimensional prison (Azeisis) and he disappeared into it.


It's difficult to track him because he can't detect magic, but I can't find him in the Azesis, but I don't see him inside the dimensional prison. Perhaps he has escaped.

 You have decided that you are no match for Venuzdnoa.
 He must have seen the battle between me and Melhayes.

 If I had one more second, I would have turned it into rust on the Rational Sword, but it seems to be quite wise.

 The goal is to take care of Gaios, Avos Dirhevian's men who had fused with Idle? As long as the source is annihilated, the information will not be leaked.

'What can I do for you? We might still be able to chase it now.

Let it go. Just let it go.

 And now is not the time to chase it.
 That masked man may have calculated it all too well.

'I'll give you instructions later. Revive Gaius and Idle.

 The only root source that the masked man has taken care of is the one under Avos Dilhevia's command.
 Gaius and Idle's original root source is safe. As usual, they won't have any memories, but they will be able to be revived in a normal state.


 He stabbed Venuzdnoa into the floor and turned her into a shadow.
 And the shadow quickly disappears as well.

 A magic gate opens in front of me, and the Vajra Iron Sword appears there.

''May I come this way?''


 I took the Vajra Iron Sword in my hand. 

'Please go straight in. I will connect you to the arena stage. Let's get Ray Grundley out as well.

 Nodding, I walked straight into the magical gate.
 As I walked through what appeared to be a mangled and twisted passage, I eventually heard a voice.

''........Hey, what happened...?''

I don't know. I can't see anything on the stage from now on due to magic, I can't hear a sound or anything...

I haven't heard anything from the management, what the hell is going on...?

Oh, wait a minute. Look, there! Isn't that a figure?


So it's settled.

Which one of you is...?

 The magic circle on the stage disappears and the completely disappears.
 What I can see there is me carrying the Vajra Iron Sword and Rey lying on her back beside the broken Initio.

 An owl's voice rang out.

'We have confirmed the destruction of Ray Grandsdry's sword. The winner, Anos Voldigord!'

 Wow!" the audience cheered loudly.

'Yes! Hey, honey, Anos won!

'Yeah ... well ... Great, that guy....

 I can hear my mother and father's voices.

"I knew Anos was the best in the world!

Hey, what are you crying about?

Because I was so impressed....it was a tournament for the royal family, and all the rules were against Anos and he won without a single complaint. ...

Shit. You're so serious all of a sudden.

Oh, I'm always serious.

 All the girls in the fan union are in tears.
 A great deal of applause rang out from the audience. Most of them were of mixed race, but they must be very happy. They were clapping their hands and shouting in a way that didn't seem to lull them into a state of excitement.

 When the cheers and applause died down, the owl's voice rang out again from the sky, "We'll have the closing ceremony later.

''We'll have a closing ceremony later, but first, the winner, Anos, will be awarded the magic sword as a souvenir right here.

 Then a girl in a dress comes to the arena, holding a magic sword in both hands.
 She has blonde hair and blue eyes, her hair is down, but her face is familiar.

 The girl smiles as she walks up to me and smiles.


 She holds out a magic sword as a souvenir.

'Hmm. What are you doing, Sasha?

 Instantly, Sasha looked awkward.

'And don't worry, Misha is right by Isabella's side. Besides, now that the game is over, you can do whatever you want with it.

I didn't ask for that.

 Sasha glares at me in disapproval.

''You probably don't know this, but the Necron family is a distinguished family in its own right. They don't come from a family that isn't very good with swords, so it's convenient to honor the winner of the magic sword tournament.

 So it's about foiling the winner.
 Sasha is a direct descendant of the Seven Demon Emperors, so he has the right status.

''Here, just take it.

 Sasha holds out her magic sword to me.

'You don't behave like someone who has come to honour me.

 I picked up the magic sword carelessly.

''I'll make it look right and proper...''

 She blushes and stares at me.

'Congratulations, Anos Voldigord. Bless your sword.

 Squeezing her eyes shut, Sasha stretched out to me.
 Her lips gently touched my cheek.

 As if to congratulate me on my victory, the audience erupted in applause again.

''Yes, I'm telling you...''

 Sasha says, looking down, unable to meet my eyes properly.

'It's just a rule of thumb, you know? I didn't mean to do it, you know.

I know what you're talking about.

 Then Sasha looks like she's shrugged her shoulders.
 Then, while looking slightly dissatisfied, she averted her gaze from me.

''I thought I would win, so I took it on...''

 Weakly, Sasha muttered.
 As if searching for words to resonate with me, she said tragically.

''I'm not going to honor any demon king other than... you...''

 It's quite a cute word to say.
 I couldn't help but smile.

'Good intentions,'

...What's the matter.......you're still so high and mighty.......

 Sasha's mouth was loose as she whispered that.


 She let out a voice as she remembered, and then drew a magic circle in front of me.
 <It's called "leaks" magic. It travels throughout the entire auditorium and onto the magic broadcast.

"Anos Voldigord. Can you tell me what you're feeling?


 I know what I have to say.

I owe my victory to this sword.

 I raised the Vajra Iron Sword above my head as if to show it off.

This sword that my father forged with all his heart was as powerful as the magical sword Inythio. There was something different about it than magic, something in its heart. My father is the true master craftsman.

 Turning my gaze to the audience, I say.

'Thanks, Dad.'

 Out of the corner of my eye, my father looked like he was trying to hold back something.
 If I listened carefully, I could hear his voice.

"....what does he mean by that? Hey, Isabella. You should tell your schoolteacher that........that sword is nothing to sneeze at. It's all because of his power, because of his efforts...

 Dad shed a tear, as if overcome with emotion.
 Mom smiled next to him and was still in tears.

I've never been so happy to see that guy.......... ...

 Mom was gently patting Dad's trembling back.

'Then we will now begin preparations for the closing ceremony. All spectators, please move to the throne room.

 An owl's voice rang out and the crowd began to rise one by one.

 Looking towards Ray, he was surrounded by a few doctors.
 But it must be an unmanageable wound. I'm casting a recovery spell, but it doesn't seem to be healing very well.

'You can step back. I'll do it.

 I cast an Anti-Magic Healing (Enschelle) spell on Ray.
 As soon as he was healed, his wounds healed and his eyes widened.

'.........is it over?

 Ray asked, looking stunned, as if he'd been unconscious for a while.

'That was a good match,'

 He held out his hand to Ray, who was still down.
 He grabbed his hand.

'The most frustrating part is that I'm glad we lost, though.

 Ray stood up and said to me.

"But next time I'll win. And this time, I'm going to protect you from everything.

We'll look forward to it.

 Me and Ray exchange smiles.

''........Ray-san, Anos-sama.......!

 There was a voice that sounded urgent.

 I looked and saw that Mass was running down from the audience to this place.
 Her eyes were filled with tears.

 Her face was pale and she didn't look very impressed by my victory.

''Misa-san.......are you okay?''

 Ray calls out to her, looking concerned.


 Mass catches her voice in her throat as she tries to speak.


I'm sorry, sir...

 Mass says, tracing back.
 Her expression was filled with apology and remorse.

I was just starting to get better, but I couldn't protect them and then I realized that I couldn't... ..........

What? Don't worry about that.

 As she said this, Mass rolled her eyes and a question appeared on her face.

'Sheila's spirit sickness has been cured.

 I put a drop of blood on the spot and used .