262-Underground ruins entrance

 The day after that...

 In the midnight sun, when the depths of the earth were brightening, I came to a point two hundred kilometers west of Georheise.

 The area around me was a wilderness where not a single plant or tree grew.
 There was no sign of life, only the voice of the divine dragon echoing in the subterranean earth.

 Besides me and Arcana, the ones who came with me were Ray and Misa. Misha, Sasha, Eleonor and Zesia.

 I have told Singh and Eldmead to take care of the students.

'Unbeknownst to you, they've gone on another rampage?

 Ray says while listening to the divine dragon's singing voice.

''What? I only had a fight with the Sword Emperor of Agaha and rubbed the Pope of Zioldar's face. I did not kill anyone.

'Haha, the choir kids were singing 'Neighborhood' in the next room like crazy...?

I developed a love spell, called Garde Usk, that converts their love into magic without deception. I was able to lightly destroy the Pope's chosen gods with it. And lo and behold, love is still very powerful against the gods.

'It's a total rampage...'

 Sasha blurted out.
 Next to her, Misha was nodding in agreement.

'I didn't see Kanon and Missa-chan like that when they were on their own, but I wonder what they were doing?

 Eleonor looked into Misa's face with a chuckle.
 She cautiously turned her cheeks to vermilion.

''Gee, I'll leave it to your imagination...''

'Hmm? When you say that, I'm imagining some pretty amazing things!

"....and Zesia....I imagine...

 Zecia gingerly clenched her fists.


 It was the limit of my imagination.

''I'm going to have to train in love magic for a bit. It looks like I'll have to deal with the divine race more often, and the Spirit God Man Sword won't be very effective unless I use the secret depths.''

 Ray says briskly.

'I know you're trying to look sober, but that's it, isn't it? You're just flirting in public, aren't you?

 Sasha looks at Ray with a blank stare.

''By the way, it seems like you guys have been going to Anos' room for the last two days, what are you doing there?''


 At Ray's unexpected counterattack, Sasha's face turned red, as if she had been boiled in an instant.

It's not that I don't like it. Hey, Misha.

 Misha nodded her head as she thought.

'You can imagine?'

You're an idiot!

 Huffing, Misha laughs.

'I'm just saying.'

I can't...

 Arcana, who was walking in front of him, stopped dead in her tracks and looked back at him.

'The land where the song sings in a circle.'

 We walked up to her and listened.

'Surely you can hear me in a circle. How does that work?

Two divine dragons?

 Sasha and Misha say.

'But isn't there a place where it sounds triple? Like around here?

 The Mass walks on and listens.
 Indeed, it seems to be a triple chanting circle there.

'Hmm. Is the divine dragon's voice a multiple tree spirit in the land where the trace god sleeps? It doesn't seem to just represent the entrance to Regalondror, does it?'

 Turning her gaze to Arcana, she nodded.

'I think that's right. Or perhaps that's why Lieberschneid will not return to the divine realm, but rather stay here in the depths of the earth.

Hmm, what does that mean?

 Eleonor has a question in his head.

'The divine dragon has already perished. But the God of Traces is the order of record and memory. He has left traces of his voice here in Geordar, echoing through the land of Geordar since the god dragon disappeared.

'Oh, I see. I have to replay my singing voice, which means I'll be in Geordal the whole time.

 Satisfied, Eleonor raised his voice.

''The divine dragon's singing voice is the same as the dragon realm. It will be the armor of the nation to thwart foreign enemies.''

 Arcana says.

 If the divine dragon's singing voice is echoing, it will be difficult to use , and it will be difficult to see the country with the demon eyes. If you want to invade a country, it will be difficult to get information to do so.

"It is said that the trace gods are the guardians of the underground.

The only person who seems to be guarding it at the moment is Geordal.

 I turn my eyes to the area around me and find the point where the voices are singing in the most multiplicity of rings.

''Hmm. It seems that the divine dragon's singing voice resounds the most under here.

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

I can't see anything that looks like an underground ruin, however. Even though they are interrupted by the singing voice of the divine dragon, that much should be obvious, right?

'Perhaps the underground ruins are those that do not exist today. Perhaps the order of the trace gods will lead the former temples to the present.

'Does that mean Regalondror is in the past?'


 When Arcana holds up her hand, the Moon of Creation appears in the canopy.

The earth is freezing and the ice is melting.

 A silvery white light poured down to the earth, centered on Arcana.
 The glow froze in a circle around her.

 The ice shattered with a clink as if thin ice was breaking, creating a deep and vast circular hole in the ground.
 As I saw with my demon eyes, it was still only a hollow space beyond.

''If we take the bridge that leads to the past, we can cross to the underground ruins.

Hmm. So here's the thing.

 I draw a magician's circle towards the hollow.
 I used the Time Manipulation (Levide).

 When I let the space time go back in time, it returns to the earth and then changes to stone. A huge building began to appear in front of me.

''Whoa! It's a big ruin!

...the temple........seems to be a temple.......

 Eleanor and Zecia let out a surprise.

'It seems the only thing we can put back is around here.

 The hole revealed a stone ruin so huge that it was impossible to see the full extent of it.

'That's the entrance?'

 We jumped down to the top of the tower-like ruins.
 The circular floor was a huge gate, if you looked closely enough.

'How do they open it?'

 Sasha stared at the gate.

''What, the market price for these things is to pry them open. Let's just kick it open.

Stay afloat. The moment it opens, it's going to fall out.

 He lifted his foot lightly and was about to stomp on the gate, but then something out of the corner of his eye struck him.

'What's the matter?'

 Sasha turns to me with a question.

'Hmm. You can watch.

 Near the floor door I was about to step on was marked with a foot-shaped destruction.

"Since the ruins themselves are from the past, it's a little difficult to discern--

Is it new?

 Misha peeks behind me at the footprints.

'Looks like it,'

Wait a minute. Does that mean...?

'Either someone else got in first or they didn't get in and gave up. Either way, it looks like there's someone else who made it this far.

 That's the moment I said that.
 I felt multiple magical forces, above my head.

 Looking up, I saw more than a dozen soldiers on the edge of the hole Arcana had made.

 Wearing dark green full body armor reminiscent of a dragon and wearing concealment magic tools, their magic power was difficult to discern.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a good deal more information on the subject.

I'm not going to be able to get it right. It's a good idea to say your name. What do you want?

 I asked, but there was no answer.
 They took the bow from the magic circle and nocked an arrow.

I only saw him once.

 Arcana said.

''The Nameless Order of Gadaishiola. Externally, they are called the Knights of Genmei. Although its existence has not been revealed publicly, the unit is rumored to be under the direct control of the High King. They will slaughter those who oppose Gadeisiola from darkness to darkness.

 If he was helping Ahide, I wouldn't be surprised if he was in Geordar.

"You want the trace gods, too?

 At the same time as asking the question, the knights released nocked-down arrows.
 A great number of magical particles are wrapped in them, and they rain down on us.

"I take that as an affirmation.

 It draws a magic circle with as many knights as there are knights, and shoots a jet-black sun from its gunnels as if to greet them.

 Swallowing the incoming arrows of magical power, the Gio-Grays set them ablaze with their dark green full body armor.

 But the--


 They shake off the black sun with their anti-magic.
 None of the Phantom Knights were wounded.

The only thing that can be compared to Ahide's troops is that they are not as strong as Ahide's troops. With that much strength, it's not like they couldn't enter the ruins.

 Perhaps there is already a separate team inside.
 These guys have been guarding the outside of the ruins.


 Ray says.

'For now, we'll take care of things here. If they destroy the trace gods first, it would be a waste of time.

 Mass lined up next to him and quietly raised her hand.
 Darkness flooded out and seemed to surround her, and then the true body of the Great Spirit appeared.

'Tell me, please.'

Then you're in charge.

 I lifted my foot and stomped on that floor door with great force.
 A thumping sound is heard and the circular door is pried open.

 Leaving Rei and Misa at the entrance, we fall behind the door.

 Eleonor stared down.

 After falling for a dozen seconds or so, he finally saw the floor.
 As soon as they landed, Sasha shouted.

'Anosk, behind you!

 As if emerging from the darkness, a soldier dressed in dark green full body armor stood behind me.
 The white blade flickered.

 But even before that, a jet-blackened hand pierced the armor and grabbed the root of the guy.

''Hmm. You thought I wasn't paying attention.

"....eat....e...e...e... ...

 Magic power overflows from the knight's roots with a force as if it were self-destructing.
 It is a jet-black sun that overflows from the knight's body as if to swallow me and myself.

 It swells up in a flash.

 With a fierce sound, the knight was consumed by the black flames and turned into ashes.

 But the black sun that risked its life to release the black sun is still enveloping me and burning fiercely.


 When Sasha glanced at me with a single glance with her < Demon Eye of Doom>, the flames that had been clinging to me were drowned out.
 My index finger is slightly burned.

''Hm. It's quite powerful to make me get a graze wound. But the "hellfire annihilation cannon"?

 The knight's body has turned to ashes. I look at the source of the burnout that was within it, on the verge of burning up.
 Looking into the abyss, I could clearly see its true identity.

''Looks like these guys aren't dragon-humans, but demonkind.