261-Stranger visitor

 It was a dream sequence--

 The snow had melted and it was a beautiful afternoon.
 Arcana was sitting in a chair, reading a book.

 A lone owl flew over, gave a hoot, and tucked a letter into the window.
 Arcana gave her a strange look and opened the window.

 It was warmer than before, but the air was still chilly.
 Quickly retrieving the letter, she closed the window.

 Looking down, she looked down and saw that it was marked 'An invitation from Midhays Castle'.
 She was a naive Arcana, but she at least knew that Midhayes was the largest capital in Dillhade.

 It was addressed to Anos.


 She called out to her brother, who was sleeping near the fireplace.
 Anos woke up swiftly and looked at Arcana.

'What's wrong?'

We got an invitation from the castle. An owl brought it to me.

Hmm. Here we go again.

 Arcana placed the invitation in Anos' outstretched hand.
 He quickly ducked it into the fireplace fire.

 Arcana's eyes widen in surprise.

''More, you're going to burn it?''

It's always the same thing in the book.

What does it say?

 Arcana looks at her brother's face, as if she is curious.

'You want me to come to the castle. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work. I think that's when I was spotted.

Are you going to...?

You won't be caught by the castle's soldiers. "You won't get caught by any of the soldiers in the castle, but if I go there, the dragon will be sure to follow me. It would be a problem for them as well.

I see.

 Arcana patted her chest as if relieved.

'I'm going to take another nap. If you need anything, wake me up.

Yeah. I'm sorry.

And don't go anywhere that my evil eye can't reach.

 Anos said as he nailed it.
 Arcana hurriedly shook her head from side to side in a small way.

''Yeah, I wouldn't do that!

Okay, good luck with that.

 Saying this, Anos closed his eyes again.
 Immediately, he heard the sound of sleep.

 Arcana poked his sleeping face with his index finger, as if he was afraid.
 Anos didn't look like he was going to wake up.

''I've fallen asleep already,''

 She returned to her chair and put the book she had been reading back on the shelf.
 With that, I go to the front door and quietly open it.

 Breathing in the air outside, he stretched out gingerly and went straight for a walk in the forest.
 Of course, as my brother had told me, it was within the reach of his evil eye.

 As I was leisurely walking around watching the plants begin to sprout, an owl flew down from the sky.

 It was the same owl that had brought us an invitation a few minutes ago.
 As it descended to the ground, it was enveloped in light and changed from an owl to a black cat.


 And then he raised his voice and Arcana stared at the black cat.
 As if to say follow me, the black cat looked back at Arcana and slowly walked out into the forest.


 Arcana looked back at the house for a moment.
 However, she followed the black cat, thinking that it would be safe as long as it was within the reach of her brother's demon eyes (eyes).

 After walking for a while, an unfamiliar scene was reflected in her eyes.

 A person was sitting on a tree root, nearly leaning back.
 Purple hair and blue eyes. It was a man wearing a cloak.

 The black cat ran to him and climbed onto his lap.
 While stroking the cat's head, the man turned to Arcana.

'Hey, Arcana.'

 So the man voiced.
 Arcana shuddered.

'You needn't be so frightened. I have no intention of harming you. Even though you are asleep, he will find you if you set foot beyond this point.'

 He had a good look on his face, a gentle tone of voice.
 Just between Arcana and the man was the range of the magic eye (eye) that Anos had told her to reach.

''How........do you know my name? What about you?

'I've met you when you were much younger. You wouldn't remember, though. My name is Ceris. Arcana, I have a favor to ask of you.

 Arcana says, despite her warnings.


I want you to give this to Anos.

 Ceris took out the letter and played it with her fingers.
 Fluffily flying through the air, the letter settled into Arcana's hand.

 It was the same invitation that Anos had disposed of earlier.

'Whoa, are you here to get your brother?'

Catch? Why?

 Arcana stammered.

Yeah. It must be a rampage, for sure. That magic power of his is so unusual at this young age. He's probably still in possession of that immense power at the moment. That magic power that can burn the country to the ground if it's not controlled correctly. He's too powerful to control the magic at will yet.

 Celis said with a wicked smile.

'I've come for him. He is the vessel that will make him king of Dirheid. I want him to wield his power to the fullest where it is due.

 Curiously, Arcana looked at Ceris.

 It didn't seem like the man in front of him was lying, but then again, he couldn't think that his brother would lie to him.

'I think that's what Anos wants, too. Do you know what Anos does late at night?

...you're studying the magic.

Yes, it's amazing how they are able to do so much magical research in this remote area. But I think we're at a bit of a standstill.

 Celis stared at Arcana.
 However, her blue eyes seemed to be staring at nothing.

'I suppose it's understandable. The wisdom of our ancestors does not apply directly to him, as he is a child alone and possesses unparalleled magical power. It would be extremely difficult for him to try to reach the depths of magic on his own. But perhaps with a single opportunity, he can quickly dive into the realm that no one else can reach.

 Celis says, not to praise or fear, but just to state the facts in a matter-of-fact way.

'And I can give you that opportunity,'

My brother is being hunted by a dragon. The people in the castle are in trouble.

 When Arcana finally said this, Celis nodded as if she had a point.

'Ah, I see. I see.''

 Arcana gives him a curious look.


Do you know the story of Dora the Liar?

 Kokana nodded.

'Why do you think Dora kept lying to me like that? She wouldn't have gained anything by lying to you.

...because you had fun?

'Maybe so. But maybe she just wanted to entertain the bored-looking villagers in the countryside.

'Did Dora tell a gentle lie?'

 Arcana asked, remembering her brother's words.

'I suppose I am. What about you?'

'But if you've told a gentle lie, you have to be happy. Dora died alone and without anyone believing her.

 Celis nodded at Arcana's words.

'I suppose that's what it means, isn't it? Gentle lies don't always save you. Let's hope he doesn't turn out like that.'

 Turning his gaze in the direction of the house, he said meaningfully.

'Arcana. What do you think? Convince him, and I'll grant you your wish.

My wish...?

Yes, a wish. I'll grant you a wish of any kind. I've been here all my life, living in the middle of nowhere. Don't you want to go to the city?

 Arcana thought for a moment and shook her head.

''I'm not going because my brother will miss me. I'm telling you........

So you don't want to do anything about it?

I want to...

 Arcana looked down and thought for a moment.
 Eventually, she looked up and said.

''........Can I also use magic like my brother.......?

 Fearlessly, Arcana said.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work. It's not just a matter of time before you get a chance to go to work. You are able to build a house and make fire.

You're very kind, Arcana.

 Celis smiled, and Arcana smiled happily.

'I suppose the reason you can't use magic is because it's sealed to prevent magic from leaking out.


If you've come this far, you can unravel it.

 Arcana ponders.

'It'll be over in three seconds. You won't have to worry about him finding out.


 As if she had made up her mind, Arcana quietly walked up to Celis.
 As he did so, he drew a magic circle on her body.

 It is a magic formula that prevents the sealing magic that was being exercised on Arcana. The light swiftly entered Arcana, and in the next moment, particles of magic power flooded out of her roots.


Have you ever learned any magic tricks?

 Arcana nodded.

'But I couldn't use it,'

It's okay now. You should try it.

 Arcana used the overflowing magic power to draw a magic circle.
 It composed the magic formula as she thought, and flames overflowed from it.

 However, it's enormous for that. It swelled up to the point of burning up a large tree, and Celis drowned it out with her anti-magic.

"There it is!

 Kokkana nodded happily.

'If you wish, I can teach you the magic of escaping the dragon.

...Is there such a thing as magic?

'Of course. In return, if I teach you magic, will you convince Anos?

'Yeah. When the dragons stop attacking, I'm sure your brother will say he's going to the castle. My brother loves magic.

Good to hear. It helps me too.

 Celis laughs as if relieved.
 The expression on her face seemed to exude the goodness of a person.

'I'll get ready and then I'll come back here tomorrow at this time. Until then, I'll put the seal back on.'

 Celis released the magic circle she had drawn on Arcana.
 Then her seal worked again and her magic power was suppressed.

''Ah, yes. That invitation, because it contains something very serious for Anos. Don't ever look at it.''


Can you promise me that?


I'll see you tomorrow.

 The magic circle of is drawn on Ceris' body.
 When I thought the magic power was poured into it, my body suddenly floated up and flew away.