260-The Nameless God's Desire

 The Demon King's Castle at Geolheidze Dragon Landing.
 We were in a wooden room at the back of the lowest level. A bedroom.

 It was dark outside and it was now the polar night.
 It's dark outside and it's the dead of night now, and if we want to reach the underground ruins of Regalondror we must wait for the midnight sun.

 That means we must wait for tomorrow afternoon.

'The trace god is at hand, but, well, there's no harm in continuing the dream. Even if the Pope is not lying, it is possible that the Trace God has long since disappeared from Regalondror.

That's right.

 I lay on my back on the bed in the bedroom.
 Arcana is on top of it.

 I try to put my forehead and forehead on it, but she stops in the middle.
 Arcana looks into my face up close and personal.

'Do you mind if I ask?'

What's on your mind?

'You have missed Golloana the Redeemer. According to Diedrich's prophecy, he endangers Dirheid. Why did he not destroy them?

 Without hesitation, I replied, "The future is not yet here, even if the prophecy is certain.

The future is not yet here, even if the prophecy is true. It will not do to be judged and told that I am about to commit a sin.

 Nodding quietly, Arcana says

'That's right,'

'As I told the Pope. When he dies, Geordal will be devastated. It will cloud the smiles of all who live in this country. If Gorloana had been a foolish king who had imposed an oppressive regime and only tormented his people, I would have destroyed him.

 He recalls the congregation's singing and smiling faces at the Coming Sacrifice.

'Apparently it's not so simple. That man may be an enemy to Dirheid, but he will still be a king to the people of this land.

You said you wanted true peace.

'Peace is easy for Dillhade alone, for all the rest of the world can be destroyed. All we have to do is destroy all the rest of the world.

 Arcana listens intently to my words.

'But the world isn't kind to us like that.

Are you looking for a kinder world?

I have an old promise to make. I'll have to prove it to him.

 Still, Arcana looks into my eyes.

'What is it?'

This world is warm and full of love and hope.

 Arcana's transparent expression broke out.

'You have given me an opportunity for redemption. You have given God forgiveness, and you are trying to save even those who stand against you.

'As I told Gorloana, it's not that big of a deal. I have one thing on my mind.

What is it? I suppose I'd like to know.

 Perhaps it's because of God, Arcana says, as if exploring his emotions.

'I don't like everything that doesn't go my way.'

 Arcana rolled her eyes.

'I told you it was arrogant.'

I've been thinking.

 'Potentially,' she muttered.

'I have been alone since I became a god with no name. God doesn't often go hand in hand with God. People turn their hands to God to cling to Him, but they will not reach out to Him for help. For they are men, and I am God.

 With very few exceptions, God is a supernatural being.
 He would only be an object of faith and worship.

The same is true of Ahide, who was also a selector.

 He was probably worse than the others, though.

"For the first time, I'm working with someone else, seeing the same thing, doing the same thing. We have the same goal. One foot in front of the other.

 In that pure voice sound, the warm emotions of Arcana reside.

'If I were to name this emotion, what would I say?

What do you think you are?

I'm going to...

 After cutting off the words and thinking, Arcana said.

'I am happy, I suppose. Perhaps you are happy. Perhaps I am happy to see you. Perhaps I am saved.

Don't be so quick to jump to conclusions.

Isn't it?

 Arcana turns to question.

'I would not call such a small thing salvation.

"A modest amount, I suppose...

 She mutters curiously.

'Oh, it's not too small. Ask and desire more. Your own salvation.

There is no greed in this body, for it is God. The covetousness of God is sin. Only salvation is sufficient to satisfy me.

 I laugh at Arcana, who speaks transparently.

'Where there is a heart, there is greed. "Where there's a heart, there's greed. No one will be harmed by it.

What do you need my coveting?

In layman's terms, yes. If you don't know the heart of man, you can't save him. Because they don't know that, many gods have blasphemed against humans and demons on earth. I don't think there is much difference between the gods' help and our own, which is why we have a treaty with them.

 Arcana's face is filled with melancholy as she remembers her former sins.
 She closes her mouth in a long thoughtful pondering, and she lowers her eyes.

 Shibaura, Arcana looked at me again.

''........I suppose I want to see the continuation of that dream.......''

Are you dreaming about me and your memories?

Yeah. That dream was very comforting. The Arcana in my dreams was not alone. My brother was always there to protect me.

 Arcana looks as if she is thinking about the memories of her dreams.

'You........protected me.........'

 She said, as if chewing on a memory, word by word.

'If it is true ... as in my dream, if Arcana is me, if my brother is you, then it would be the greatest salvation to me.

 I touch the white fingertips of Arcana to my chest.

"That is my coveting.

You want a brother?

 Arcana nodded.

'I like to think that I wasn't alone. I would like to think that I was not alone, that there was someone who cared for me. I would like to think that I was not alone, that there was one person who cared for me and cared for me. That alone is enough to make me walk this path of salvation strong.


 Arcana asks anxiously.

'Will I be too greedy for this body?'

What do you mean? It's still so modest that it brings tears to my eyes.

 She held her tongue for a moment, and then Arcana said, "If I am the Arcana of that dream, how did we end up being separated?

'If I am the Arcana of that dream, how did we end up being separated?

That's certainly doubtful.

 It may have something to do with the fact that Arcana is now a god with no name.

I want to know.

 In unadorned words, Arcana says

'About me,'

 Straight up, direct those sincere words at me.

'About you.'

 She reveals that covetousness which, because of God, has been held back.

'If I were your sister, I would have something to say to you.



 With just the slightest hint of shame, God in the form of a girl whispers.

'I suppose I should say it's good to see you again.

Then come. Tonight we shall continue our dream.

 Arcana lays her forehead on mine and wraps their bodies in a magic circle.
 That's when it happened.

''Hey, hey!''

 A panicked voice comes from the chair.

"Did you forget that we were here a while ago?

 Sasha said.
 Misha was nodding next to her.

'What are you talking about? Come quickly. You'll share in my dreams today, too.

'Yes, but that's not what I'm talking about...'

 Mumbling, Sasha walks in next to me.

'But she's my sister... and she's my sister...'

 Sasha muttered over and over to herself.

'Sasha. Do you recognize me as his sister?

'What? Oh, yes, well, you are, because you're like my sister in your dreams, right? I hope she's my sister, and...

 Puzzled, Sasha replies.

'I thought you were wary of me.

Well that's, well, sort of....

Thank you.

 Smiling, he thanked her so, and Sasha awkwardly looked away from her gaze.

 As he says it, Sasha snaps and sticks to me.
 On the other side of the room is Misha.

 Arcana tries to take off our clothes and deploys a magic circle.
 The clothes we wore shine and are cured by the storage magic.

The actuality of this is that you have to be able to get the bedding.........

 Just as Sasha screamed, the bedroom door opened with a clatter.
 Two figures entered.

'Anos-kun, Sasha-chan, we're here to join you!

Zecia will fight in your dreams.

 The ones who appeared with a big smile on their faces were Eleonor and Zesia.
 In her view, she would have seen us in a single, stark figure.



 A few moments later, a thin comforter made of fluffy snow and moon flowers is draped over it.
 Even Eleonor, as expected, seems surprised.

''Hmm. What do you mean by additions, Eleonor?

'Hmm...? Well, you see, Sasha and Misha went to visit Anos-kun yesterday, and when I asked them what they were doing, they said it was like fighting in a dream.

'.........Zesia and the others.......will fight together..........'

 So that's it.

'With the help of the dream guardian gods, I'm about to recall my memories.

'Oh, I get it. Ah, I get it. Naked is the most magical place to be. <Just like the Eleonor spell.

 Hmm. As expected, we're on the same magical condition, so we understand it quickly.

''Not that there's any danger in the dream, but, well, if you're worried about it too, should we take a look?

Yeah, yeah, I don't want to be left out.

 As Eleonor draws a magic circle over his and Zethia's bodies, Misha quickly turns off the lights, leaving only the dim light of the lamp.

 The two of them became the most effective form of the dream guardian god and crawled under the covers.

'Hmmm, it's cramped,'

I mean, this bed isn't that big, and if we all went in there, we'd never be able to sleep, indeed.

 Sasha says, annoyed.

'Giggle, there's good magic for that kind of thing!

 As Eleonor drew a magic circle, a ball of water appeared there, enveloping all of us.
 With me floating in the water at the center, Sasha came to the left, Misha to the right, Eleonor and Zesia behind me, and Arcana was in front of me.

''........What, this magic.......?''

That's the magic of the Re:lime water polo bench. The buoyancy of the water takes away the burden of the body and allows for a good night's sleep.

There's something weird about human magic...

 Unusually, Sasha is looking at the magic of the .

'But doesn't it feel good?'

"...hmmm, if you ask me, it's kind of easier on my body, but...


 Eleonor put his hands around my neck and clung to me snugly.
 I felt the presence of peace strongly through my back.

What? Does it feel good, Anos?

Wait, wait, what are you doing, Eleonor?

 Sasha says, sounding flustered.

'What?' What's going on?

Because.... that's it... that's it.

Chuckle, it's okay. Sasha, if you want to hang out with me, just do it. Isn't that right, Anos?

 Eleanor comes up behind me and puts her face to my back.

'You must make contact, or you will not enter the same dream. Do not hesitate.

Yeah, yeah...

 Shyly, Sasha blushed and leaned in closer to me, just a little more than before.

'You've kept me waiting. Looks like we're ready to go.

 Then Arcana said as if to make a suggestion.

'I would like to gather the magical powers of those here.'

Does it make it easier to see the rest of the dream?

Yes. Increase the power of the dream guardian. The deeper you sleep, the more you sink into your dreams, the more you can sink into the depths of your memories.

 Hmm. It's worth a try.

"What do you want me to do?

"Connecting the magic, layering the roots.

 Arcana's magic circle covers the Waterball Bed (Lyme).
 We connect the magic and magic power and superimpose the root cause.

 After signaling with our eyes, Arcana says, "Night comes and lulls you to sleep.

The night comes and lulls you to sleep, the flickering memory floats on the surface of the water in layers of dreams.

 As before, everyone's bodies were enveloped in a pale, transparent light.
 An inviting drowsiness came over them, and their consciousness quickly faded away.