263-Airline Corridor

 We were advancing through the corridor of the underground ruins of Regalondror.
 As we carefully observed the cobblestone pavement, we could see tiny scratches that were too small to see with the naked eye.

 I'm sure they were scratched when I walked down the street. They are still relatively new.

Hmm. I've already seen evidence of someone passing through. Be on the lookout, they could be waiting for you.

 We proceeded as fast as we could while being mindful of our surroundings.
 I'm sure you'll find that Regalondror is vast, and even a single corridor is quite large.

"After all, is that Knights of the Illusionary Name group the one that entered first?

 Sasha says.

'There's no doubt about it.'

'But why is there a demon race in the land of the underworld? Do you know Arcana?

 Eleonor holds up his index finger and asks her.

'We don't know. What we do know is that the Knights of the Phantom Name, at least, are rumored to have existed not long after the founding of Gadeisiola. It wasn't even called the Knights of the Phantom Name at that time, but I'm sure the unidentified knights sided with Gadeisiola.

It's a guy who doesn't care if he gets hit by my Gio-Glaze. It's a good thing that you have a strong, dark green full-body armor that probably has a dragon summoned to it, but even so, it is quite strong. They must be from the age of mythology.

They were down here 2,000 years ago?

 Misha asks.


 Is it reasonable to assume that he noticed it and came down shortly after the ground was formed?

But what did he want?

 Sasha's voice is curious.

'I don't know. I don't understand.

 Asked, Arcana replied.

'Yes. 'Yes, those who defy the God of order with the gods who do not obey them. That is the people of Gadeisiola. Geordal, although a small nation compared to Agaha, a group of strong dragonmen gathered together to address the dangers of continued dependence on the power of the gods.

Doesn't that sound like a normal way of being on our side? It's a demon race, and it's hostile to the god race.

But these are the kind of people who just attack you, you know?

 Eleonor pointed out, hmmm, Sasha pondered.

'Two thousand years ago demons. If they were on our side, they wouldn't attack Anos.'

 Misha says.

'Oh, it's true! You should be able to see Anos-kun's face and magic power, right? I'm not hiding it.''

You knew it was Anos and you attacked him?

 Zesia looked a little angry.

'I suppose so. I don't think they are nameless that they don't fear me, but that doesn't mean the mighty weren't breathing down their necks in a war two thousand years ago.

 After I built the wall and reincarnated, some of the demonic tribes descended into the depths of the earth.
 After that, they never returned to the ground, and it makes sense if you think that they came without informing us of their underground existence.

 It's not surprising to see one or two people leave the organization, but it's a very well-controlled group.

Gadeisiola is a mysterious country. "Gadeisiola is an obscure country, and unlike Geordal and Agaha, there is no easy way to enter. It is said that once in, no one but the special ones are allowed to leave.

"...what is that? It doesn't seem like a decent country to me?

 Arcana nodded at Sasha's words.

'Yes. Gadeisiola has no contact with other countries. It is a country where those who have lost their faith end up. It is the only place of salvation for those who do not believe in God. Hence, I do not know the details.

 It's a godless country.
 It's a godless country, and only an unfailing god would be welcome.

I don't know what the Knights of Vision came down to the depths of the earth for, and why they are still here, I don't know. But the purpose of the group is the trace god. If it means that they are those who defy order, then it is better to think that they are trying to destroy it.

That's right.

 Arcana said.

 Or, it's not impossible that it's someone related to my lost memories.
 He may be thinking that it would be inconvenient for me to get my memory back.

 Is that too much to ask?


 Eleonor raises his voice.
 We stop there.

'What's going on, the water's flowing funny?

 There is a T-junction in front of us.
 The corridor is a slope, but somehow the water is flowing backwards from downstream to upstream.

 Perhaps due to a magical effect, the water does not flow into this side of the river.


 Misha points to it.
 There was a tablet there.

'What does it say?'

 Sasha can't read it because of the prayer letters.
 I read it out loud.

'The retrograde cloister is the only way back to the past. But the corridor accepts only the past of the thirty-three days and rejects the rest. The flow of time inside the underground ruins of Regalondror stagnates, always facing the direction of travel. Take the key, open the door, and take the ship back through the current of time. After three days, in the depths of Regalondror, all traces of this world await you there.

 Sasha twisted her head.

''Well the door is right here, isn't it?''

 Next to the tablet, there is a door with a magic circle and a keyhole attached to it.

''I wonder if they're going to use this magic circle...?''

Let's give it a try.

 I touched the magic circle and sent my magic power, and a key was created in front of me.
 I inserted it into the door and tried to turn it, but it wasn't as if it was responsive.

Hmm. It won't open.

Hmm, I think we should destroy it. Boom, Anos, you're good to go.

 Eleanor held up her index finger and said.

'I wish it were that simple,'

 He clenched his fist and slammed it vigorously against that door.
 But instead of the door breaking down, there was not even a sound.

''The flow of time must be different. This door is a trace of the past.''

 Arcana says.

'The retrospective corridor accepts the past of thirty-three days. That would mean opening this door with the key from three days ago.

'Hmmm, what's a three-day-old key? If you go back in time, this key will be gone, okay?

 Eleonor twists his head around.
 Sasha answered that question.

'That one, right? You think that time is stagnant while you're here in Regalondror. So if we go out of the ruins, it doesn't mean that time is moving forward more and more compared to the inside. The flow of time in here is the direction to go backwards, which means that the past is the future and the future is the past. In other words, if you go outside for a day, it means that you go to the past for a day in this site.

Oh, I'm getting a headache...?

'Anyway, just think of this key as being the key from three days ago if you come back after you've been outside for three days with it. Then it will open the door, won't it?

Perhaps it's the right thing to do.

 Arcana agreed.

'Hmm, so, so, since there's a ship in this doorway, you're going to let that one out too, wait for thirty-three days, and then take that ship for thirty-three days to get to the deepest part?'

It'll take ninety-nine days in total.

 Eleanor and Zesia say, and Sasha holds her head down.

'If every trace is there, that means there's a trace god in the deepest part, I'm sure of it...? But that's never going to catch up to the guys who went before us, so we're going to have to find some other way--

 With a clatter, I open the door.
 A magic circle was drawn on the floor of the room.

I'm not going to be able to get to the bottom of it.

Did you think that just because you had to wait for three or four days that you couldn't do it in an instant?

 Then, Sasha made a hastily realized expression.

''I see......... That's right, if you use