264-The place where the trace god sits

 A fountain rises violently in the hole.
 The three canoes that had been sailing back to the sea accelerated rapidly and kept on plunging downward.

Wow! We can see something star-like!

"...a lot of ships....

 Eleanor and Zesia said.

 In the opposite direction from us, along the stream of the fountain, are the rising stars. If you peered carefully at them, you could see the canoes blinking.

 All sorts of dragonmen, some in armor, some in vestments, men and women, young and old, boarded the boats and passed us by.

'It must be a record of all who have visited here.

 Arcana said.

 'You mean that the people who once went to the deepest part of this underground ruin, Regalondror, are carved into these waters as traces of those who once went to the deepest part of this underground ruin?


 Misha pointed to it.
 There was a neutral-looking person dressed in blue vestments.

 That beautiful clergyman was Pope Gorloana.
 He too must have followed the scriptures and visited Regalondror.

'This means that the further we go, the further back in time we go, right? When exactly is the deepest part?

 Sasha looks questioningly at Arcana in the canoe next to her.

'All traces will return to the beginning of time. That is where the trace gods sit.

...So you're saying that you're going to go back in time to the beginning of the world?

 Arcana nodded.

'That's right.'

I'm going crazy.

No problem. Everything is just this Regalondror. This is the only place where time stands still and time does not lose its order. Only here, in the bosom of Lieberschneid, does the order of traces abound.

 Running a hand over her head, Sasha says, as if she were concerned.

'If the Pope is right and we wake up the trace gods and piss them off, it's not too dangerous in these ruins, is it?

"Hahaha. Hahaha, we are dealing with an order that can travel back in time so easily while asleep. I can't help but wonder if it's enough to turn everything into a mere trace.

"...why are you laughing at the situation? Besides, there's also the matter of the Knights of the Phantom Name who went earlier.

 Worryingly, Sasha's head is bothering her.

'It's okay,'

 Misha says.

'Because Anos is here,'

I know that, but it's not hard to avoid Anos' stray bullets if he's strong. In fact, it's more difficult.

 I couldn't help but chuckle at Sasha's words.

'Don't worry. My men won't die from that much.

 Sasha looked at me with a dumbfounded expression on her face as she realized that she meant to avoid it well.

''Yes, yes, as you wish,''

Brace for impact. We're almost at the end of the line.

 I could see the end of the water flow in my evil eye.
 And then, as I thought, the canoe increased in speed and went through the hole. 

 Instantly the fountain was cut off and the canoe was thrown into the air.
 The area around us was a vast expanse of space, with an endless stream of blue, thin water stretched across the floor.

 Around the room, several waterfalls rose upward, as if in reverse.
 But the surface of the water didn't rage, only one great ripple that wavered.

 Then the canoe dropped into the water.
 It didn't have as much of a jolt as I had hoped, and the water absorbed the momentum of the canoe as it came to a halt.

Hmm. I guess this is the deepest part of the water.

 Once we got out of the canoe, the water was shallow and easy to get our feet on.

 I didn't have to look for it, but an order of magnitude more magical power flooded the room.
 Its source was a single point, the center of a huge ripple that stood on the water's surface.

 I headed straight for it and walked straight to it--

As usual, you make an unexpected entrance.

 A familiar voice tapped my earbuds.
 A black haze began to drift faintly in front of their eyes, and two demon clans appeared from there.

 One of them held a crimson demon spear in his hand and wore an eye patch that covered about half of his face.
 One of the four evil royalty clans was the Underworld King Yeejus.

 The other is a man with six horns growing out of his head.
 The same four evil royalty is one, Caihiram Jiste, the Spelled King.

'Ho. ''The Dark Lord, the Cursed King. Another unusual place to meet. Since when did you guys join the Knights of Vision?

 The question was answered by the Dark Lord Aegis with his spear at the ready.

You may leave, Demon King. It is a waste of time to argue with you.

Same for you, Caihiram? Or is it still giste now?

 The Curse King opens his mouth quietly.

'I'm sorry, Lord Anos. I'm doing you a favor, Kaihiram-sama. He helped me last time...''

 The Curse King has two personalities.
 He has two personalities: Kaehiram, the King of Spells, and Dyste, his lover.

 It seems to be Jiste now, but by the looks of it, it's only a matter of time before Kaihiram comes out.


 Misha said and stared at the center of the huge ripples standing on the surface of the water.
 It may not be impossible to pass through with all the force you can muster, but if you flaunt it here, the trace gods might wake up.

'I know,'

 I stepped out and headed straight for the center of the ripples.
 Yggess and Jiste stood in front of me.

'What do you want?'

It is known. The trace gods will be destroyed here. Before he wakes up.

I'm sorry, but I have to get to work. Until then, you may wait.

 I'm not going to be able to get my hands on any of them.
 You can find a lot of people who have been in the market for a long time.

You've forgotten my advice. "I'm not going to let you underestimate the gods, or you'll end up doing the same thing as Avos Dilhevia.

Hmm. What's wrong with her, now that she's out there dealing with your people?

It's too late for that. It's better to nip this in the bud before it happens.

What a waste. It could be a beautiful flower.

 Yggeth's ship's eyes glinted.

'It's still a futile question and answer.

 The dhid-atem gleams and is thrust out.
 The front half of the spear disappears as space is distorted in a squishy manner.

 It crosses the dimension and appears in front of me.
 <I grab the hilt of that spear with my hand.


 My body is lifted up into the air with the handle of the spear.

"Ho. You've been gaining strength for some time now.

I told you we weren't playing around!

 Dichid Atem crossed further dimensions and pushed me far upwards.
 As soon as I could, I let go of my hand, but the blood that overflowed from the Red Blood Demon Spear covered my body in a sphere.

''To the end of the dimension, you should fly.

 A great deal of blood gushes out of Dhiid Atem.
 It emits an evil, magical power that interferes with my body.

 Just as the words say, to the end of the dimension, they want to send me flying.

 A moment later, Yeejus drew his spear and flew backwards.
 Eleanor's landed where he was, causing a splash of water to rise.

''Little wise.''

If you move, you will die.

 Sasha was thrusting the fingertips of at the back of Yeejus as he landed.

'The Ice Cage.'

 With the ice she created, Misha traps Jiste in the ice.
 She releases a black haze and swallows the ice as it appears, but the speed at which Misha creates is faster.

 One after another, ice was created, and ten or twenty layers of cages were piled on top of each other.
 Misha said.


Oh, come on, Arcana. We'll get to the traces first.

 The blood sphere bounced off and disappeared as Yggess drew his spear.

  controls the fall and aims straight for the center of the ripples.
 Arcana, who has turned into a snow and moon flower, appears next to me in the next moment.

 As it is, the two of us jump into the place where the trace god sits.

 In the middle, a voice resounds.

''You're the one who looked up. Are you planning to stall for time against two of the Four Evil Royalty Clans, risking death?''

 Even though the fingertips of the are placed on his back, the Dark Lord is looking at me and Arcana as if he doesn't care about it.

 Sasha is just saying that he can do whatever he wants.

''The latter is correct, but the former is out of line.

 <With her floating on her face, Sasha speaks proudly.

'I don't know how many of the Four Evil Kings are in the Four Evil Kings, but I'm under the Lord Demon King.

 Yeejus's eyes were sharp and he unleashed a killing blow at me.
 A moment later, he turned himself around and like a flash of light, he ran a crimson magic spear.

 Sensing its breathing, Sasha tries to pierce the arm of the dark lord holding the spear with the fingertips of
 Both of them intersect. The released dhid atem misses its aim slightly and grazes my cheek.

''Well done, Sasha.''

 Our feet hit the center of the ripples.

 There was a zapping sound of water and we sank into the water.
 It should have been a shallow puddle, but before we knew it, everything around us had turned to water.

 No matter how much we looked into it, we couldn't see the bottom of the water.


'I feel the magic of the gods. Perhaps this is the trace god Lieberschneid. Now that he is asleep, he must be formless.

 So all this water is a trace god.

You said you wouldn't get up until you convinced the trace gods to do so.

If he's in a dream, we can talk to him without waking him up. If they can talk to you, won't that just jog your memory?

'That is correct. However, the trace god is a wider order of memory than the dream guard god. Dropping that god into a dream requires a great deal of magical power. Even if you succeed, it will be a short time.

I'll have to try. Use my magic.

 Arcana nods and touches my body.
 I draw a magic circle and my clothes turn into light and disappear.

 She placed her forehead on mine.

Night comes and lulls you to sleep, fluttering memories float on the surface of the water in layers of dreams.

 Sinking into the traces of the past, we are quietly falling into a dream--