265-Those with equal magical eyes

 The place was unfamiliar to me.

 It was a wilderness. An endless expanse of earth with no smell of living things.
 There is a canopy in the sky, and the time is the polar night, and it is probably the depths of the earth, closed in darkness.

 Next to me is Arcana.
 She and I were both dressed.

 In other words, are we in the dream of a trace god?

"My dream and her dream. I am Lieberschneid, the God of Traces. I am Lieberschneid, the God of Traces, and the order of traces I carve into my body all the records and memories of the world.

 With a resounding voice, the ground in the wilderness rises up.
 It's a huge bookcase that reaches the canopy.

 A tremendous number of bookshelves appeared endlessly in the endless wilderness.

 Before you know it, a man is standing in front of you.
 He is a god, holding a pure white book in his hand and wearing solemn clothes.

I await the day to come, and at the end of this time I sleep in the depths of Regalondror. What do you want, nonconformist, and nameless god Arcana?

 Arcana stepped forward and said to Lieberschneid.

'I want my lost memories and the name of my god back. It should be etched into your order.

Memory is pain and forgetting is salvation. I am the God who bears the pain of this world. Reclaimed memories shall torment, torment and hurt thee.

'The sin I have committed is mine. If you say it is pain, it should not have been healed. I want my scars on my body again.

'This is the place where all memories and records are found. Now a nameless god, O Arcana. Gaze into the abyss of memory, and you will find it. If thou wilt not turn away from it, but truly desire it, thou shalt get it back.

 Countless books fall without a sound from the vast number of bookshelves that stretch out into the wilderness.
 As it opens in the air, the pages of the book are torn off one by one and, like confetti, flutter in the wilderness sky.

 Hundreds of billions of pages of books, countless pages of books, must be the memories and records of this world, the traces of this world that have gathered here.

 One of those pages is the memory she seeks.
 Arcana gazed at the countless pages that fluttered in the air.

 That's when it happened.

 A thunderclap rang out as if it pierced her ears.

 Purple lightning fell in countless numbers and shot through the books that were flying in the air.

 With a gurgling sound, countless pages began to burn.
 The fire spread to the bookshelves and in the blink of an eye, the dream world burst into flames.


 Lieberschneid furrows his eyebrows in confusion.
 Purple lightning clings to his body as well.

'Uninvited, unshrinking god-worshipping fools, they sleep and send lightning bolts into my body.

'Hmm. You've been looking for a way to distract the trace gods.

 This magic power of the Purple Electric is not Yeges' or Caihiram's.
 I thought it wouldn't be just the two of them, but it looks like there was still a group of Phantom Name Knights.

''Wake up?''

No, I'll put a stop to this fire. You will search your memory as long as time permits.

I'll do what you say.

 Arcana drew a magic circle on my body.

'A drop of snow wakes him from his dream and he returns to the present.

 A flake of snow and moonflower falls on my cheek.
 A moment later, the wilderness disappeared from before my eyes.

 In his arms, there is a streakless Arcana.
 Countless purple electricity runs in the water, consuming the trace god.

 I drew a magic circle, put on the demon king's outfit, and wrapped Arcana in a thin cloth.

 Then, I stared at the lightning bolt with my Demon Eye of Doom.

 I was able to eliminate about 30 percent of them with a single glance. That's a lot of magic.
 <He continued to stare at it with his Demon Eye of Doom, extinguishing the purple lightning further.

 When I had roughly finished cleaning up, I searched my surroundings.
 My demon eyes caught a shadow lurking in the darkness like the deep sea.

I've found it. Who are you?

 He drew a multi-layered magic circle and passed his hand through it.
 He grabbed the figure with his pale
 Then I felt a resistance in my left shoulder.
 An invisible hand grabbed at it.

 <The "Forest of the Earth" (Lee Guneas)?
 It's an earthly magic. It's ground magic. Perhaps this guy is also a demon.

"I'm sorry, but we can't let them get away with it here.

 <With that guy in my hand, I jumped up at once, aiming for the surface of the water.

 With a bang, the sound of water rang out and I returned to the room where the waterfall flowed.
 For a moment, the people in the room turned their gazes in my direction.

 The current situation was in the midst of a melee between two of the four evil royal families and my men. 

''...Who is that, Jiste. The one who trapped you in this place........

 An angry murmur escapes.
 It was from Jiste's body, trapped in an ice cage.

 The magic power that overflows from the root source was leaping up.
 A peculiar constitution that changes even its root source as the personality switches.

 The guy right now is a true Four Evil Royal Race, Cursed King Kaihiram.

''I see........''

 A black haze gathered in front of him, drawing a magic circle.

''I will not allow...''

 Hatred overflowed.
 The ice cage shattered with the force of the rising magic power.

''I won't forgive you, you guys!

 I put my hand into the magic circle and he took out the evil bow.

"Hmm. I'm sure you'll be able to find it. It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with them. You are already cursed when you mess with Jiste.

 A moment later, Ygess, who was confronting Sasha, moved.


 Dhiid Atem flashed and gouged Sasha's abdomen.
 <Surrounded by the flames of the , she jumped back and reached out to Misha while healing her wounds.



 They connect the half-circle magic circles they've drawn to each other.

"Separation Fusion Reincarnation (Dino Dixie).

 Their bodies melted and mingled, returning to one.
 The silver-haired girl, Aisha, turned her demonic eyes to the Cursed King Kahihiram.

''Let it fade away!

 With Kaihiram's angry voice, an arrow was released from the magic bow Netero Auvus.
 A moment later, it disappeared from Aisha's sight and was impaled on her left chest.

''You deserve what you get for messing with my Jiste. Be d*mned.''

 The moment the Curse King uttered that, the arrows in Aisha turned to ice and shattered.

''Sorry to say, dual-identity freak?''
"Icework arrows don't care if they hit you.

 Sasha and Misha say, "The moment the arrow pierced his skin, he must have been able to remake the fragile ice sculpture in an instant with the magical eye of annihilation.
 The moment the arrows pierced his skin, he must have used the to instantly reshape it into brittle ice work.

 Kaihiram stared at them, eyes peeled back, hatred burning in his eyes.

 He's got a temper when Jiste is involved.
 You can't even talk to him properly now.

'I'll finish him off in one fell swoop.
The Eye of Annihilation.

 Aisha glares at Yeejus and Kaihiram.
 That breaks through their anti-magic and interferes with the Demon Bow and Demon Spear.


"A fierce, evil eye that does not go unnoticed...

 Dichid Atem and Netero Auvus turned into ice crystals in the blink of an eye.
 As if to escape its demonic eye, the Dark Lord and the Cursed King jumped back.

''I won't let you escape.
No matter how far away you are, as long as you're in sight, it's the same.

 As Aisha chased after him, she poured her magic power into the and glared at the two of them.
 At that time, the response of the
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

''Just as I thought.''

 A light voice rang out.
 It's not Yeges' or Caihiram's.

'It's the , isn't it?

 A figure can be seen in the center of the purple lightning.
 Suddenly, when that purple thunderbolt fizzles out, it's a single gentleman who was there.

 He has purple hair and blue eyes. He is wearing a cloak.

 I know him. 
 I saw him in a dream. I saw him in my dream. He's the demon tribe that spoke with Arcana.

 He was a shady-looking guy.
 His name was Cerise, I think.

It's been a while, GennuDunub, the god of treason. You are reborn, but do you remember me?

 Aisha glares at him with a snap.

'I have no idea!'

 The man, however, stared straight back at the Demon Eyes of Creation that was released.
 The blue eyes turned into a magical eye dyed in keshi-murasaki (purple).

''Doesn't work...?
"....resembles the magic eye of Anos...?

 Surprised, Sasha and Misha muttered.

'That's a misnomer, apostate god,'

 He smiled his good-natured smile and said, "He looks like me.

"He has the same evil eye as me," he said. I'm Cerise Voldigord. In short, yes, I'm his father.


 Stepping in front of Aisha, I looked at Celis with my demon eyes, which were also tinted with annihilation purple, and looked at her.

''That's a new one for me.''

 Softly, Cerys laughed and then said.

'You've just forgotten, Anos. It was all the work of Militia, the god of creation. She took my memories away from you. And then she created a false memory.

 'You're saying that Militia is the enemy,' he said.

"Hmm. Hm. It's not impossible. What's the point?

'I don't think you'd believe me if I said it. Otherwise, I would have appeared to you a long time ago and told you everything.

 It sounds plausible, but that doesn't mean it's true.

It doesn't make sense. If you want me to remember, why did you try to destroy the trace god?

'If you wait until your memory returns, the trace gods are going to get away with it.

 Celis raised her hand and drew a multiple magic circle on it.

 Instantly, the air changed to something different.
 The calm surface of the water rippled violently.

 This is the beginning of time.
 Every drop of water in the pool is a trace that has been carved into this world.

 That order was violently distorted by Celis' magic, which hadn't even been activated yet.

'Quite why, it's a tremendous great magic.

You should get out of there. It won't kill you, but it might hurt you.

 She turned her evil eye on me and said very kindly, "Let's get it out of here.

'Let's move it.'

Yeah. Are you trying to defy me, huh?

If you're my parent, it should be easy.

Oh, man, you are so deaf.

 The multiple magic circles built in front of Ceris turned into a sphere.
 I'm not going to be able to get it right.

 The aftermath of the magic, the surface of the water that had been surging violently rippled became gentle, and even the ripples disappeared.
 The water quickly becomes transparent, and then it disappears.

 Along with the enormous amount of magical power that existed in this place.

'Looks like it's the work of your god. It seems you've awakened the trace god.

 With a huff, Celis relaxes and erases the spherical magic circle.
 The trembling of the underground ruins stopped with a snap.

 When I turned around, I saw Arcana standing there, wrapped in a thin cloth.
 It must have run out of water and surfaced to this point.

''We let Lieberschneid escape. That demon tribe will not be someone you can fight while sheltering something.

 Hmm. Well, it's true, if it hadn't been for that, I would have had to protect not only Lieberschneid, but also the sleeping Arcana.

'That didn't bother me. Just the right handicap.

'I cannot be a fetter. I am God.

 I knew he would say that.

'Do you remember?'

 She turned her gaze to Arcana, wary of Ceris.
 She made a dark expression.


 Squeezing, Arcana bites her lip.
 Then, as if squeezing out, she mumbles in a muffled voice.

''........I couldn't remember.......''

 Hmm. It's unavoidable.

Don't be so gloomy. You've put your own wishes before your own to help others. That's the God I chose.

 Arcana dropped the thin cloth to her feet with a stone-like motion and drew a magic circle around herself and put on her usual clothes.
 Then he looked at Ceris and the others in front of him.

 The man laughed with an innocent face.

''Can we talk?''


'I'm the Knight Commander of the Knights of the Phantom Name. Gadeisiola is fighting against the God Clan. You don't care much for the Gods, either. Besides, I'm your father. I guess our interests didn't align this time, but there's no reason for us to fight in the first place.

 He said with a carefree look on his face.

'They should be able to join hands.'

 I'm sure there's nothing better than that if we can avoid a fight.
 You can't help but think that it's better for the world if you destroy it here.

 If you look at Aisha, she is shaking her head slightly.

''I can't see........''

 It was Misha who muttered.
 Perhaps it means that you can't see into Cerise's mind as if you can't see into her mind.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make the most out of this. I'm sure there are many fools who will use force before they can speak.

Really, there are so many bad people in the world. I know exactly what you mean. If it were possible, it would be better to end it all by talking. Peace is the best thing in the world.

 He flashes a good-natured grin.

He's right. But, you know, it's all pretty much the same to be a common villain.

Yeah, why?

'The ugliest lowlifes come to us looking like good people, you know.

That's scary. I'll be careful.

 He didn't show any signs of movement, he just said it.

'I'm not in a hurry to answer your questions. If you want to talk to me, you can come to Gaela Hesta. I'll be there for a while. I'll be waiting for you in the Sanctuary Room at Aebelast Anzeta.

 Ceris draws a magic circle.
 The Dark Lord and the Cursed King lined up beside him.


 Right before they shifted on the Gatom, I said to them.

I said, "Keep in mind. Whether you're my real father or not, you'll get away with it if you pull something like that.

 He just responded to my warning with a smile and shifted from this place.