266-Fall of god

 The Dragon Landing at Geolhaize. The Underground Demon King's Castle.
 We were back in the back room at the lowest level of the castle.

Hmm. So those knights you dealt with were demons too?

 I ask Ray so.

'I was strangely wary of the Spirit God Man Sword. I confirmed it by destroying the armor. It was definitely the magic of the demon race. I'm not sure if it was all of them.

 He replied, smiling coolly.
 Mass, who was beside him, opened her mouth.

''And he was very strong, wasn't he? I was pretty serious about it, but he escaped before he was destroyed.

 Even though it wasn't his goal to destroy them, he was still no ordinary demon race to be able to escape safely against the true body of Mass and Rey.

'I wonder if they are under the control of the Four Evil Royal Clan? Or that demon tribe called Seris?

 Sasha nods her head.

'Both possibilities are possible, though.

Is it true that this demon tribe called Seris claimed to be Anos' father?

 Ray said, as if it was hard to believe.

'I've never heard of the Demon King having a father, though. If Anos's memory is incomplete, I don't think it will affect my memory as well. If so, it's quite a situation.'

'Well, he wasn't born from a tree crotch. He must have had a father. If he wasn't in the public eye, I wouldn't be surprised if humans didn't know about it. A demonic eye is something that can easily be passed on to your offspring.

 However, it is not always inherited.
 A particularly powerful magic eye can only appear in an appropriate source.

 That's why in this era, I have many descendants, but only Sasha has the Magic Eye of Doom.
 However, in Sasha's case, it doesn't seem to be inherited from me.

It's not just a matter of time before you find yourself in the middle of the night.

 Misha nodded.

''The Demon Eye of Creation is the Demon Eye of Betrayal,''

 I knew it was a possibility when I spoke with Arcana before.
 Apparently, it was starting to become a reality.

'Misha, you've seen his mind, haven't you?'

 She nodded with a chuckle.

'I saw it. But I couldn't see. His mind is empty. Nothing, an empty person.

 Misha says, as if remembering the abyss of the mind he looked into.
 But she quickly shakes her head.

''Maybe I just didn't see it...''

Well, I don't like it much.

 Eleonor says.

'I don't think it's about likes and dislikes...'

 Sasha blurted out.

'What do you call it? Look, I know you said we should hold hands, but it's kind of ungainly and a little scary.

'I agree with you that it's unobtainable. If you belong to Gadaishiola, it may be true that you have been hostile to the gods, but that is not necessarily your true purpose.

The Dark Lord, at least, has always hated God, though.

 Smiling, Ray said.

'It seems that Ceris has no intention of relenting to the gods, given that she tried to destroy the sleeping trace god. That's where he and the Dark Lord must have had horses.

 However, he didn't look like the type of man that the Dark Lord would serve, though.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.

''And that guy was in Anos and Arcana's dream, wasn't he?

 He nodded at Sasha's question.

 In the dream, Arcana had been targeted by a dragon.
 I seemed to be hiding it, but it looked like that man was trying to reveal that fact to her without it.

 If we don't know what happens next, we can't be sure of anything yet.

'He didn't sound like the father of Anos and Arcana at all.

That's true, but they're not always the right kind of parents. Not all children are born out of love, especially 2,000 years ago. Not all children are born out of love, especially 2,000 years ago. There is no denying the blood relationship.

"...well that's the thing...

 Sasha pondered.
 The look on her face was filled with disgust for Cerys.

'Do I dream again? If I can remember Cerise, it may be the key to talking to him. I'm sure he thinks I've forgotten all about it.

 If you lie without knowing what you remember, then you can understand what Celis has in mind.
 Or it could be that that guy stole my memory.

 Zesia said happily, looking at Arcana.
 However, her eyes were staring into the void.

 That usually transparent expression seems to be dark and stagnant now.
 She seems to have lost her mind.

 Misha came over to me and whispered in my ear.

Let her rest.

 Hmm. That's good.
 It's not like I have anything pressing to do.

'I'll go talk to Cerise, but first I'll give it some thought. You guys have the day off.


 Misha said and left the room with Sasha.
 Ray, Eleonor and the others also got up and went back to their rooms.

 The only two people left are me and Arcana.
 She still keeps her mouth shut.

''Are you tired of using too much magic?''

 I walked over to her and called out to her.

'I've used too much magic. But it doesn't matter.'

 Well, it's the god race.
 They wouldn't run out of magic power unless they were in a very bad situation.

Then why are you so depressed?

 I asked, and finally Arcana turned to me.

'Am I depressed?'

That's how I see it.


 Looking down, Arcana is still thinking about something.
 I decided to just wait until she opened her mouth.

'We had time.'

 Sotto voce, Arcana said.

'I was in the dream of the trace god. You woke up from your dream and made time for me to regain my memory. There was a small amount of time before the trace god was targeted by Ceris's magic and that god escaped.

 As if to warn himself, Arcana repeats.

'A book of traces that danced in my dreams. Among the many traces of that world, I could not find a page of my memory. I must have turned away.

 Unconcerned, Arcana continues his words.

'Remembering is my atonement, and yet I had fear. In that moment, I must have been terrified that I would no longer be me. I was afraid that I would not be who I am now. I have sinned again.

I wouldn't have turned away from it on purpose.

 Without denying or affirming, Arcana stares at me intently.

'Was it the right decision to let the trace gods go? You are second to none. Then I should have believed in you and I should have continued to dream. Maybe I escaped under the guise of saving that god.

 He held his tongue for a moment, then Arcana said it again.

'Use salvation as an excuse.'

Well. My magic is somewhat unsuited to protect anything. I can't say you've made a mistake since you haven't seen the depths of Cerys' power.

 She tried to open her mouth, but Arcana stifled her, "I will not tell you not to be afraid," she said.

I do not tell you not to be afraid. If you have renounced your name, you may have wanted to renounce it. Then you have every right to be afraid of remembering it.

"When God is afraid, people are anxious.

What do you know of a god who does not understand fear? If you don't know people's hearts, you can't save them.

 Just slightly, the light returns to Arcana's eyes.

'You said the same thing yesterday.

 Nodding, he asks Arcana.

'You wanted kindness, didn't you?'

Yeah. That much is certain.

That's what you wanted. You didn't do anything wrong.

 Arcana's gaze is quickly sucked into my eyes.

'Is fear a kindness?'

People are weak. And it is kindness to reach out to that weakness. Then you must know weakness.

 I laughed at her as she gave me a transparent, untainted look.

'I'm very comfortable with you talking about people's weaknesses.

"...what does that mean?

It's a relief to me, too.

 Arcana looked back at me in surprise.

''Well what am I supposed to do?''

If you're afraid, just say so. Don't mend your ways, take this hand.

 Arcana stared at my face, still thinking about what was going on.
 Then, after how long, she spilled out the words.

'....Sleep is far from me now...'

 'But,' said Arcana.

'I'm sure that if my brother would just tuck me in like he did then, sleep would come to me.

 I remember the first time I had a dream with my sister.

"It's my weakness.

I can't help it.

 I said the same thing as I did then, and reached out my hand to Arcana.
 She takes the hand and we go into the bedroom.

 I lie down on the bed and Arcana comes under the covers, just like in my dream.

'I've learned to be greedy,'

 She hugs my body as she squirms against me.

'I've learned to be weak.'

 Arcana murmurs to herself as she hides her face in my chest.

'Though I am in God's body, I will be corrupted.'

Did you ever think that just because you're a god doesn't mean you're incorruptible?

"I think I know what it means to be called the Demon King. Tyrannical, you wipe away all fear.

 With a tight hug, Arcana draws a magic circle around me and herself.

'If you were my brother, you would have nothing to fear. I'm sure.

 With the light, the clothes disappear, and we are left with a blank slate.
 Bringing our faces close together, Arcana says

''Can I call you ... like a dream?''

Do what you will.

 With just a little bit of a scowl, Arcana emits a transparent voice.


What's going on?

Can I be corrupted just a little more today?

I forgive you.

 Then she looked into my eyes and said.

'I want a spell to put you to sleep.'

 I put my hand around Arcana's head and kissed her gently on the forehead, just like in that dream.
 The transparent light enveloped our bodies, and an inviting sleep came over us.

'Goodnight, Arcana.'

"...Good night my brother....