202-Threatening threat

 I gave Zelseas and the others detailed orders about the future activities of the imperial faction.

 Ostensibly, they would be playing the imperial faction as before, while converting those who rebelled against the tyrannical demon king behind the scenes, so it would be quite difficult, why, it would be a difficult thing to do.

 Well, there are many seeds that he has sown himself.
 I'm sure you'll have to take responsibility for that at least.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work. It seems that he suddenly contacted the royalists and handed over the emaciated dragon to them.

 I'm not sure how you can acquire a dragon that is beyond your control from a man whose identity you don't know, but that's not going to get you anywhere.

 I don't know what he is after, but there is a possibility that he will contact Zelseus again. As for this man, we must wait and see.

 We have come to a settlement with the Resistance.

 I decided to leave their hiding place and moved to the Delzogade throne room in the Transference (Gatom).

'Ah, welcome back, Anos-kun.

 As my blank vision regained color, the area around me was the throne room.
 Eleonor was smiling at me with a smile.

 Zesia looks back at me, happy.
 However, when she saw my face, she showed a dejected expression.

''It's not Anosh..........''

Sorry about that. I've been doing a little doggy-dogging for a while now.

 Giggling, Eleonor laughed.

'Don't worry about it. Zecia wanted to do something a bit sissy, you know.'

 Nodding with a chuckle, Zesia says

'........magic, practiced.......a lot............... .....

Oh. What's the magic?

"....the magic of the mirror....

 Hmm. So you tried to improve on the strengths that Miguelonov the Great War Tree told you about?

"I've been working on my own cheering magic. I've been practicing it every day in secret, just to surprise people.

So that's why you were in the throne room.

Yeah. See, no one comes here except when Anos-kun has an audience.

 It's not every person who visits the Demon King's throne without an audience.
 I don't usually have to come here either.

Where are the others?

We had tea at the café and then went home. So I came back to the academy because I was bored. I thought you might be coming back, Anos.

What can I do for you?

 As he said it, he moved to the throne and sat there.

Hmmm, I just wanted to see your face. You see, it's the Demon King's magic.

I'm not supposed to have any such restrictions.

Chuckle. Even the Demon Lord's evil eye, which sees everything, has something he can't see.

 Eleonor says teasingly, and holds up his index finger.

'Then, the problem. Anos, you set me free by making me your own magic, but in return, I was bound to something. What's that?

 Eleonor is humanoid magic.
 When I rewrote that sorcerer into me, I removed all restrictions.

 In theory, there is nowhere else to bind her anymore.

'Why, that's a conundrum, isn't it? Is this some kind of riddle?

Maybe. But the next thing you know, it's very simple.

Well, let's think about it.

Hmmm. You don't have to know.

 Eleonor approaches me as I sit on the throne.



 Giggling, Eleonor leans forward and turns her gaze to me.
 She peeked at me with a smile like a flower blooming.

'I'm not going to tell you the right answer!

 Hmm. You're in a good mood.

 Well, if you think it's better not to know, I wouldn't ask.
 Everyone has a secret or two.

 But the fact that you dare to mention it, although you don't want to talk about it, it may mean that you want me to notice it.

 I'd like to understand the thoughts of my men, but what do you want to say?
 He says he is tied up, but he is not really tied up.

 So it must be a metaphor of some sort, but I have no idea at the moment.

"Eleonor. It's not as irreversible as it once was, is it?

 She smiles happily after a big look of puzzlement.

No, I'm not. I will always be magic for you as long as you are alive, Anos.


 I looked into her eyes and said.

'I'll guess the right answer to that eventually. Be prepared to wait.

Hmm, really? I wonder if you can do it, Anos?

 He turned his two magical eyes to Eleonor and looked into its depths.

"Did you think you could hide the truth from me?

"giggle, giggle, ha ha ha ha ha!

 Holding his stomach, Eleonor laughs.

'You'll never know if you look that horrible, will you?

You can't tell by the look on your face.

 Perhaps that's a hint, too.

'I see. But is it good? Don't be so careless, or you might get the idea.


 Eleanor puts her hand on my head and pats me good-naturedly.

'I love it when you're cute like that, Demon King.

 What a tongue-in-cheek line of dialogue.

''Zecia will also........talk to you.......''

 A lumbering Zecia comes to the front of the throne.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Zecia. Look, why don't you talk to Anos?

 I nodded and Zesia stood in front of me.
 She stared at the throne.

''Do you want to ... sit down?''

"...Zecia, I want to be a demon king........

All right.

 I stand up and give the throne to Zesia.
 She looks at it, then shifts her gaze to me again.

'You should try sitting down.'

 Nodding, Zecia sits on her throne.

'Chuckle, it's the Demon King Zesia. He's a great guy.

 Eleonor says as he fusses over the child.

''.........Zesia is the Demon King Zesia.......''

Well, let's get some orders out of the way.

 Zecia stared and thought, then said.

''I'll make studying at the academy ... easier ...''

''Wow, Demon King Zesia, you're more self-interested than I thought...''

"...I'd like to have half a month off and the other half to play...

Well, the Demon Lord is outrageous!

'Anos is ... has always been Anosh. All along, Zesia has been my sister....

I'm all for it. It's a great bill.

 With a snap, Eleonor clapped his hands.
 Zesia looked happy and crossed her arms.

'Just because you're Zecia.......you thought you weren't the Demon King.......'

 What a lovely thing.

'.........Anos........sit with me.......

 Zecia taps next to herself with a thump, by the edge of the throne.
 She's petite, so they could sit together.

''.......Won't you.......sit......?''


 I sat down next to Zecia.
 She smiled with satisfaction.

Hmm, you can't do this, Mum. There's nowhere else to sit.

 Zesia's head was bothered, and this time she tapped her own knee with a thump.


Well, that's where I think Zetia will go down.

 Zecia makes a troubled expression.
 However, after a while, her face flashes.

''........I had an idea.......''

What? What are you going to do?

If you do your best you won't go under...............

 Zesia says with a serious look on her face.
 Eleonor couldn't help but chuckle.

''Hmmm, as expected, you can't do it even if you try your best.......''

 Then Zesia looked down sadly.

''Wow, I get it. Well, then.........

 Eleonor turns to me.

'Anos, may I ask you to be Anosh?'


 <Using the reverse growth spell, I shrunk my body.
 In the blink of an eye, I became a six-year-old Anosh.

Is this what you want?

Yeah. Thanks. I'm sorry.

 Eleonor put his hands on either side of me and hugged me tightly.
 As it was, he sat down on the throne and placed me on his lap.

'There, now we can sit three.

You'd think that because it's so small we wouldn't be able to sit together....

Yeah, yeah, that's the Demon King Zesia. It's unreasonable to make three people sit in a single chair!

 While saying this, Eleonor squeezes me and pats my head.
 What a frustrating thing.

Hmmm, I feel like I have one more child.

'....Zesia....is your sister....

 Saying that, Zesia held my hand.

'.........Anosh.......I will protect........'

That's encouraging.

 When she said that, Zesia's cheeks broke out in happiness.

''Hey, Anos-kun,''

 Eleonor whispers in his ear.

'Thank you. Ten thousand Zecia will be allowed to study at the Great Tree of Enyeunien, and she seems to be having fun playing with the fairies. I'm sure that the grandfather of Enyeunien also said that Zecia will be able to learn to speak. I'm so happy!

What? This is just the beginning. I told you I'd make them all happy together.

 Huh, Eleonor smiles.

"You're a cool little thing," she says. I love you, Anosu!

 As she said it, she hugged my body tightly.


 Eleonor suddenly looked at the ceiling.
 A lone falcon jumps in through the high window.

 It slowly swooped down in front of us.

''Demon King-sama.''

 A "thought transmission (leaks)" is emitted from a hayabusa.
 It is a familiar voice.

"What is it, Igareth?

Let me ask you something. A dragon has been spotted in the Azegion.

 Igareth had joined my crew after that Avos Dilhevia affair and was committed to peace.
 And with his experience as a human two thousand years ago, he went to Azation to see what was going on in his homeland.
 The main purpose was to investigate the feelings of humans towards the demon race and the demon king.

 But with a dragon.
 The fact that the imperialist faction had captured it, and that it was not a coincidence.

"Are you sure?

"I haven't been able to see it in person, but based on its appearance and the story of its return to the earth, it's almost certain.

 The dragon's nest is in the ground.
 Most of the giant creatures that live in the earth are dragons.

''And a few people from the city near where the dragon appeared have gone missing.

He ate you.

'There is a possibility. There's no one in Azation right now who knows how to defeat a dragon. There are books about it, but no one has experience in actual combat. It's the same for me.''

''Ah, it might be a bit too much for the humans to handle right now. Brave people had wards specifically for dragons as a countermeasure, just like the wards against the demon race, but they weren't taught at the heroic academy.

 Eleonor says.

 It's probably because Jelga made it a priority to destroy the demon race.
 The dragons were even thought to be extinct in the first place.

''How's Azation's reaction?''

''We have received reports of the dragon's presence from the people, and it seems that they will now begin discussing measures to deal with it, although I half believe that they are skeptical. Before I told Anos-sama about this, I spoke with Melhayth-sama, and it seems that Azation does not intend to ask Dirheid for help at this time.

 I guess I'm underestimating the power of the dragon.
 If it has survived for two thousand years, then it is nothing short of a pretty smart and powerful individual.

''Hm. Well, it would be best to send out the men from 2,000 years ago.

''We might be able to defeat the dragon, but we might have problems later. Humans are very fussy about procedures and laws. Especially after the war.''

 It's illegal for the regular Demon King's army to engage in combat in Azation without a call for help.
 Even if it's to protect humans.

 The other side owes a debt to Dillhade for the war.
 It is no wonder that those who want to pay it back are so eager to do so, no matter how hard they try.

But if we wait for a request for help, how many people will be eaten? It's a heroic academy for times like these, but right now their authority and strength are considerably weakened. Besides, there's no one who can judge.

 Worryingly, Eleonor hugs me tightly in his chest.

 In the past, Dean Diego was heavily influenced by the will of Gerga, and although his ideology was problematic, he was reasonably competent at eliminating threats to humans.

 But now it means that there are only those who are comfortable with peace.

'The dragon's presence would be a threat to the people of Dirheid as well.

 I said, reassuring Eleonor and Igareth.
 This is their home. You can't abandon them just because they are harmless to us.

I'm going to request an exchange of schools between the Demon King's Academy and the Brave Academy right away. I'm not going to be able to say that it's not a problem for a student to kill a dragon that they happen to encounter.

 In fact, if they couldn't guarantee the safety of the Demon King Academy's side, they would be at fault.

''It may be said that they aren't ready to accept it, but...''

I will send a flexible teacher to the other side. I won't make excuses. Well, I'm sure Melhäus will be able to work out the details.

Okay, I will continue to gather information on the dragon. I'll continue to gather information on the dragon.

 The falcon flew away from the high window in the direction of Azation.